Mob Violence Quieted

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Mob Violence Quieted - Amrl-tm. Pop-tillot between-the' ! j ! j s . j...
Amrl-tm. Pop-tillot between-the' ! j ! j s . j i j QDIET NOW. No More Troutte Expected At Mayfield. A MASS MEETING CF CITIZENS Denonnces tbe Lawless Acts of tbe Mob. THE GOOD PEOPLE AROUSED And Dftrrminrd To PrrTcnt Further Deeds f Yiolene;. WILD STORIES SENT OUT A Sheriffs Tcss; Sboots a Feeing Feeing btrro. COY. BRADLEY INTERVIEWED Mayfield. Ky, Dee. 13. Special.) The excitement which has prevailed here for several days has quieted down to a great extent and no further trouble Is anticipated. anticipated. The law-abiding law-abiding law-abiding citizens have at last been aroused to action and they are determined to suppress mob violence violence or further warlike demonstrations. . This afternoon a large number of the citisens met at the court-house court-house court-house and adoption resolutions denouncing the act of the mob In killing George Ftnley. Jim Stone and Will Suett and In burning the property of B. F. Boas and others Monday Monday night. Special officer, appointed by the Sheriff, have been guarding the town since yesterday, and it Is now believed that all danger of a further outbreak is past. Many wild rumors have been In circulation circulation and have served to keep up the excitement. Reports or an attack on tbe town by negroes were circulated last Bight and they brought offers of assistance assistance from Fulton, Water Valley and other near-by near-by near-by towns. These .offers, of course, were declined, the local authorities authorities having taken steps to prevent any further outbreaks by the white mob or any retaliation from the negroes. A telephone message was received from Water Va'ley. eighteen miles from here, yesterday conveying tbe In format loo that a crowd of negroes m number about fifty bad been iiere. but had left, coming toward toward Mayfield. The conductor of a freight train later on reported a number of negroes about five miles from here and coming this way. This led the offlcUls to believe that' mischief was intended and armed guards were stationed over tbe town between nvdnlgbt and day. Several negrjef wr seen by one of the squads, and on be eg commanded to halt did so with the exception of Will Suett. who started to run. Tbe guards fired and the negro war shot through the heart, Suett. the negro who was killed, was an eighteen year-old year-old year-old boy. The cr wd of negroes reported seen at Water Valley d:d not appear, and nothing has b-en b-en b-en heard from them since. Mjuy other wild rumors were afloat and some wildly sensational stories were sent oui ibout greir mobs of armed negroes and white moving upon Mayfield from all directions. One report was that an excited excited cr.wl of 5oo came from Fulton. There were l) faot but ten men here from Fulton Fulton The only basis for tbe stories sent out last n ght was the fact, stated above, that a rumor about a negro mob from Water Valley caused tbe authorities to quietly station armed guards throughout tbe towa :o prevent trouble. 60V. BRADLEY ON M3BS. N'o Uw Whlctt KHables Ulna to Offer a 11 iwanl fr'or the Jjyftell Keu-latora. Keu-latora. Keu-latora. Frankfort. Ky.. Dec 23. (Special-) (Special-) (Special-) Referring to the present deplorable conditions conditions In Graves county an other sections sections of the State, Go t'-radky t'-radky t'-radky to-nlht to-nlht to-nlht said: The many recent vi'atlons of law In this Commonwealth. e.u;ttng In some Instances in the contmlssl m of revolting felonies, are a disgrace lo the State and call fur the severest condemnation and the moV. condign punishment. Mob violence can not be defended. The spirit Is born of cowardice and anarchy and can find no apology among civilised people. The prevention of such crimes and the punishment punishment of the criminals rests with the officers and the community where they ara commuted. The recent murders in Graves county are a blot on civilisation civilisation and the officers and good people of that county should see to It that they are condetrn'd and prompt punishment meted out to the offenders. Unfortunately Unfortunately there Is no Uw which enables me to offer reward except in aggravated murders murders snd felonies agsiost the person, and even In these cases they can not be offered offered -except -except at the request of the Circuit Judge of I he district or Ibe County Judge of the county where the felonies are committed. committed. I have received no such request from Orsves ounty or from the Circuit Judge who presides In that district. Had 4h last General Assembly enacted such laws to prevent mob violence as were recommended and urged by me It Is doubtful, to say the very least of It. whether such violence would have disgraced disgraced the State. If the press of the Stste would take a brave pos tlon. as has been taken by the Courier-Journal, Courier-Journal, Courier-Journal, it would go far to accomplish the conviction conviction of the offenders, besides establishing establishing a healtby public sentiment." WILD F.UaChS AT rULTON Caaaet! a Party of .en to Go to May-tie May-tie May-tie itl to KnMg In Hie v ar. Fulton. Ky.. Dec 2X SpeciaL) There la no exUiemtot in Fulton to-night to-night to-night over the Mayfield trouble. About ten men went from nere lo Mayfield last night to help protect the property, but there was do demonstration nude on the part of the negroes. The rumors circulated here to the effect that the negroes were going to burn Mayfield have been contradicted, and no more trouble is anticipated. The killing of Job a Suett. colored, ladt night by the guards bad a tendency to put a stop to the threats made by the negroes at that place. A telephone mesesie - - received here by your correspondent from MaynVIJ at :30 o'clock to-night to-night to-night and the town was quiet. The sentiment of the people In Fult jo is in fympatay with the officers of Graves county, and they rtand ready to offet assistance when called upon. . AN N3 TO HOSTILITIES. iioib Whites and Ul.tcks Acres That ,, Peca -hall -hall itecrn. CBy the Associated Press.) ( Padueah. Ky.. Dec. S3. The Mayfield race war is at an end. Everything Is quiet. A masa-meerlng masa-meerlng masa-meerlng of both white and colored people to-night to-night to-night came to an understanding that peace should rein. Mayfield is qLiet to-night. to-night. to-night. Thirty deputised policemen are patrolling the city. Women and children are kept off the streets after dark, and after 10 p. m. all business houses are closed and no one is allowed on the streets except policemen policemen The trouble la over and there should be no fear of an outbreak by colored people, as they fully realize what the result would be should they attempt it. There Is nothing to be alarmed about In the vicinity of Padueah. WaS EX GjRAT0. Trouble At Marti.-ia Marti.-ia Marti.-ia Was Not One of While Ate in at black. (By Asaociataed Preas.) Mayfield. Ky.. Dec. 23. The outbreak here, threatened and real, between the whites and negroes, was bad enough and dangerous enough, but the feeling is that it has been somewhat exaggerated exaggerated The conflict at first, and indeed, indeed, all through, has not been between whites at d negroes, as negroes indts-crimately. indts-crimately. indts-crimately. It was a war against a low criminal and seml-crtmlnal seml-crtmlnal seml-crtmlnal elasa f blacks, w'm were demoralising tbe better better class of negroes and terrorising both blackaaiK. whit-That whit-That whit-That it rs not an Indiscriminate fight against blacks, as such, was evidenced in the mass-meeting mass-meeting mass-meeting composed, almost equally of blacks and whites, held here to-day. to-day. to-day. It was a perfectly harmonious meeting, and Its voice was unanimously for law and order, but nonetheless unanimously unanimously for common ;elf-protection ;elf-protection ;elf-protection until the officers officers of the law could control the seditious seditious element Speeches were made by both blacks and whites. Conciliatory measures were counseled, but at the same time the continuance of the precautionary precautionary measures was advised. A large number of armed deputy police, therefore, patrol the town for the present, present, but a new sense of security prevails. prevails. A FATAL RUNAWAY. Lark In Ryle, Promlneat Fanner, Fanner, Thrown From a Bnesy and Killed. Warsaw. Ky, Dec S3. Special.) Lrkia Ryle. a well-to-do well-to-do well-to-do well-to-do well-to-do citizen, was killed this evening by a runaway accident, accident, lie had been in town with his wife and little son making purchaws f.r Christmas. anJ. in returning home. h:s horse became frightened at a bundle falling falling out of the bugKy and ran away. To stop the animal Mr. Ryle turned him Into the yard ofCapt. J. H. McDanloI. and the three occupants were thrown out. Mr. Kyle's' head struck the stone steps snd he died about an hour after the accident. His wife was seriously Injured, but his little son was not hurt. ADKINS IS HGPcfUL. He Thinks the Jury Will Return Return a Verdict of Hot Guilty. Barbourville. Ky.. Dee. 23. (Special.) The defense in the Adkins murder trial has progressed rap'dly to-day. to-day. to-day. seven witnesses having testified. Adkins seems hopeful and expresses the belief that the jury will rtturn a verdict of not guilty Judsc Riddcll Is making a good irr pressjon on the entire court by his impartial manner. Large audiences crowd the court room every hour in the day. W. H. HATCH DEAD. 'The I'x-.t'ongressman I'x-.t'ongressman I'x-.t'ongressman Succumb To Brigbl's Uiieaau. Hannibal. Mo.. Dec 23. Ex-Congressman Ex-Congressman Ex-Congressman Ex-Congressman W. II. Hatch died at 9 o'clock tonight tonight of a complication of troubles resulting resulting from Bright a disease. He was stricken early In the week, and since Monday bis case has been considered hopeless 1e-hnijallty 1e-hnijallty 1e-hnijallty -aveil -aveil Him. Chkreg-J, Chkreg-J, Chkreg-J, Dec- Dec- 23. Jeremiah Sullivan, who wasarrestel on the charge of having s'asiied the otrtrait of Grover Cleveland, wblct rrhng in the rooms of tbe County DemocMcj. vts discharged to-day to-day to-day upon a , technicality The point was raised tbat the ownership of the portrait was not proved ml .1 at the represents tivea of the rlub id not prove the club u be a corpora Juo, j

Clipped from The Courier-Journal24 Dec 1896, ThuPage 1

The Courier-Journal (Louisville, Kentucky)24 Dec 1896, ThuPage 1
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