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THE SCRANTON REPUBLICAN. THURSDAY, OCTOBER 10, 1935 9 Secretarial Club Holds Fall Party Marywood College Organiza tion Initiates Many New Members - The annual Pall reception tea of the Secretarial Club of Marywood College was held recently in the recreation room of O'Reilly Hall, with Miss Margaret Margaret Norton presiding. The new members were introduced to the club by Miss Dorothea Thees. The initiation, in charge of Miss Mary Garden, proved entertaining. Refreshments were served by Miss Dorothy Kelley assisted by the members members of her committee. The footbaU season was evidenced in the clever decorations and novel programs arranged arranged by the Misses Doris Nail in and Dorothea Thees. The newly elected officers are Miss Feg?y Bell, charge of scrapbook, and Miss Loretta Racier, publicity manager. New members admitted to the club are: Alice Brogan, Eleanor Bradley, Olga Colon, Ann Dempsey, Eleanor Dunnegan, Margaret Dunleavy, Marion Marion Pay, Jeanne Gordon, Sylvia Gil - dan, Betty Hare, Jean Kane, Catherine Catherine Kelleher, Thelma Krum, Jeanne Lochron, Marion Leonard, Mildred Leric, Mary Quinn, Betty McNulty, Mary Rose Conway, Miriam Calpin, Mary Nealon, Ann McHale, Ann La - velle, Mary E. Mongan, Rose O'Hara, Lillian Dougher, Mary Margaret Ryan, Gertrude Powell, Margaret Rainey, Ethel Rosenbluth, Mary Rutledge, Betty Scarborough, Jane Shaughnessy, Rutin Scarborough, Mary Fallon, Constance Volinslci, Anne Williams, Cecile Weinman, Jean Wellbrook. Marie Parrell, Frances Fleming, Jane Driscoll, and Virginia Mullen. The Alumnae Association of the Scran ton State Hospital will meet tonight tonight at 8 o'clock in the nurses' home, with Miss Effie Holllster, presiding. The Woman's Missionary Society, North Main Avenue Baptist Church, will meet tonight at 8 o'clock in the church. Mrs. W. G. Evans will lead the devotions, and Mrs. John Phillips will preside. A Community Chest play for the Pennsylvania - Association for the Blind will be given, and Miss Vivian Teaeue will speak. Mrs. George K. Davis will be hostess. Ladles' Bible Class, darks Summit Presbyterian Church, recently enter' tAined at a farewell surprise party for Mrs. F. W. MacMlUan, who has moved to this city. Present were: Mrs. Vet - ter, Mrs. Russell Snyder, Mrs. W Glbbs. Mrs. Wa?e, Mrs. VanCampen, Mrs. Conley, Mrs. Van Houte, Mrs. A. Doyle, Mrs. May, Mrs. Knoble, Mrs E. Reissle, Mrs. Lott, Miss Brown and Mrs. Klee. Mrs. Maxwell Chapman will speak on the "Constitution" at the dinner meeting of the Business and Profes. sional Women's Club, tonight in Hotel Casey. Miss Mary O'Malley is chair man of the booster committee, and Miss Lillian James, of the research committee, will be hostesses. Tlr Community Chest play, "The Big Broadcast," will be given. Tikvah Rebekah Lodge, No. 68, will meet tonight in Israel Hall at 8 o'clock, with Rose Lefkowitz presiding A social hour will follow with Mrs Rose Rudman, chairman of the social committee in charge, assisted by the following: Ida Previn, Esther Mer , melstein, Bertha Rudman, May Dol - linger, Kate Newirth, Sara Newman, Fannie Berkowitz, - Fannie Sachs, Sadie Kurtz, Bessie Friedlin, Clara Newman, Minnie Davis, Helen Roth Bertha Hoden and Rose Cohen. The King's Daughters of Elm Park Church will meet for Christmas sew ing tomorrow afternoon at 1:30 o'clock in the home of Miss Gertrude De Graw, 427 Monroe Avenue. The Parent - Teacher Association of the Central Talmud Torah will resume its Fall activities on Wednesday night, Ostober 16. Election of officers will take place. Rabbi H. Guterman, Rabbi Max Arzt, Max J. Finkelsteln will be the speakers, and the Rev. M. Koerner, with his school choir, will give the musical program. Perry Goldstein will preside. Refreshments will follow the business session. The monthly meeting of the Cathedral Cathedral Mothers' Club will be held to morrow night at 7:30 o'clock. Returns for the first monthly card party will be made. Mrs. William Vernal will preside. The Rev. Raymond McCabe is moderator of the club. The Thefca Sigma Sorority will con duct a dance in Hotel jermyn, the night of October 18. Births STRONG To Mr. and Mrs. John uooge swonge, camonage, Mass., a son, Wednesday last, in that city. Mrs. Strang Is the former Miss Mary Inglis, daughter of Major and Mrs. William W. Inglis, Olive Street. McCABE To Mr. and Mrs. William McCabe, 1807 Green Ridge Street, Dunmore, a daughter at the Mercy Hospital. An annual average of 18.44 gallons of beer per capita was consumed in the United States In 1817. ScrantoH Republican Cooking School, Masonic Temple, Today, 2 O'clock. Admission Free. Valuable Gifts. - Adv - TAKE THIS COUPON To Rothy's Cut Price Drug Store 304 - 306 Spruce Street And Get a $1.00 Bottle of WA - HOO BITTERS FOR 25 CENTS The Old Indian Blood, Nerve, Stomach, Liver and Kidney Remedy on the market since 1858. This is an introductory offer for a few days only. Not good after Saturday, Oct. 19th. Positively not over three (3) bottles to a person We publish publish no testimonials but ask you to try this Old Indian Root and Herb Remedy. A remedy of positive merit and natural laxative! laxative! Proven by three generations. generations. Be sure it bears the name C. K. Wilson. Recipes Demonstrated by Miss King Recipes, demonstrated at the sec ond class of the Scran ton Republican Cooking School, by Miss Margaret King, of the De Both Home Makers' School, yesterday afternoon in Masonic Temple, are printed below. Each day's class recipes, will be printed on the following day in The Republican, throughout the duration of the school. Frozen Coffee Souffle - 4 cups strong coffee 1 cup sugar 1 egg white 2 teaspoons icing sugar Method: Dissolve sugar in the hot coffee cool and freeze to mush in mechanical refrigerator. Remove from tray, stir in the beaten egg white and icing sugar. Finish freezing. Serve in sherbet glasses with whipped cream. Timbal Sandwiches Cut rounds from slices of white bread with a plain cutter about three inches in diameter; then cut an equal number with a doughnut cutter. Spread the plain rounds with a mixture made of the following, blended together: 2 tablespoons mayonnaise 1 teaspoon tomato catsup 2 tablespoons pepper relish 3 ounces white cream cheese Place a "doughnut" round on top of filling. Put a red cherry In the cen ter and Insert a sprig of parsley near the outer rim. Grapefruit Banana Salad Grapefruit sections Bananas cut in fingers Ground nuts Cream Peanut Butter Lemon Juice Method: Alternate sections of grape' fruit with fingers of bananas which have been marinated in grapefruit juice and rolled in nuts. Serve with a dressing dressing made of equal parts of cream, peanut peanut butter and lemon juice. Season as desired with salt and sugar. Mayon naise may be substituted for the special dressing if preferred. Apple Dumplings De Luxe 1 egg cup sour cream 2 cups flour hi teaspoon soda 3 teaspoons baking powder ?4 teaspoon salt 2 tablespoons sugar 4 tart apples, cut in thin slices Butter, sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg Makes eight dumplings. Method: Beat egg and cream, sta in sifted dry ingredients. Toss onto floured board and roll into an oblong piece, hi inch 'hick. Spread lightly with soft butter, cover hi of the dough with sliced apples and sprinkle with sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg. Roll up like jelly roll, and cut crosswise into one inch slices.. Place the rolls together, together, cut side up, In a deep pan and pour over them the following sauce: cup white sugar cup brown sugar 2 tablespoons cornstarch V2 tablespoons butter 1 cup hot water Combine ingredients. Bake dumplings dumplings in a moderately hot oven, 375 degrees degrees F., about twenty - five minutes. Makes eight dumplings. Lemon Trifles 1 pkg. Good Luck Lemon pie 2 eggs 3 cups water 3 tablespoons sugar Lady Fingers Grape Jelly - Method: Make up one Good Luck Lemon according to the directions on the package, using whole eggs. Cool. Split lady fingers in half and fill with Miss King again selects MOTHER'S LAUNDRY We are very grateful to Miss King, a foremost home economic economic authority, who is in charge of The Scranton Republican Home Making School for again selecting Mother's Laundry. WSffi7 Your Clothes Laundered by grape jelly. (Pineapple preserve, marshmallow whip or other jelly may be used as well). Cover lady fingers with Lemon sauce and top with whipped cream. Chill before serving. Oatmeal Cookies 2 eggs 2 - 3 cup brown sugar 2 - 3 cup melted shortening hi cup cocoanut hi cup nut meats 1 cup flour hi teaspoon baking powder teaspoon salt 2 cups rolled oats 4 teaspoon soda hi cup hot water Method: beat eggs, brown sugar and shortening. Add cocoanut, nuts, sifted flour, baking powder and salt and the rolled oats. Mix well, then stir in soda dissolved in hot water. Drop on cookie sheet. Bake in hot oven, 425 degrees F., about 20 minutes. Crununaer Torte 4 egg yolks 1 cup sugar 2 - 3 cup bread crumbs 2 teaspoons baking powder hi lb. pitted dates 1 cup nut meats hi teaspoon salt 4 egg whites Method: Beat egg yolks, add sugar and crumbs with which baking power has been mixed. Add salt to egg whites beat until still then fold into mixture. j Miss M. King (Scran ton Republican Cooking School Expert) Again Selects AH NUTS at This Shop! SALTED PEANUTS lb. 290 BROKEN CASHEWS lb. 35C WHOLE CASHEWS lb. 59C MIXED NUTS Jb. 59c FRESH ROASTED PEANUTS lb. 17c In the Shell Two Pounds 29c CHOICE BOXED CANDIES DELICIOUS CARAMELS lb. 29c "HI - HAT" PEANUT OIL In Pints, Quarts, Half - Gallons and Gallons. mm 433 Spruce Street Phone MISS MARGARET KING Miss King recommends Mother's Laundry Laundry to the women of this vicinity at all her classes, realizing that here they may obtain the very best in laundry service at no extra cost. One of our smart green trucks and a courteous, uniformed solicitor is in your neighborhood every day. Wear Longer When Mother's Laundry Bake in a greased shallow pan in a moderate oven, 325 degrees F., about forty - five minutes. Remove from pan, break in pieces and serve with whipped cream. Broiled Steak, Spanish Style, 1 pound ground round steak hi teaspoon pepper 1 teaspoon salt 1 tablespoon minced onion hi cup fine cracker crumbs 1 egg, beaten Method: mix all ingredients together, shape in one thin cake on a greased cookie sheet. Broil until brown, turn quickly so as not to break, broil on other side and continue cool: ing rare. medium or well done, as desired. Re move to platter and pour over it the Spanish sauce. Cherry Roly Poly 1 tablespoon cornstarch H cup sugar 1 can sour red cherries " cup All - Bran cup milk lhi cups flour 4 teaspoons baking powder 1 teaspoon salt 2 tablespoons sugar hi cup shortening Method: Mix the cornstarch and sugar, add cherries, and bring to a boil. Strain cherries from juice. Soak All - Bran in milk. Sift flour with baking powder, salt and sugar, Cut in shortening until mixture 'is like cornmeal. Add All - Bran and milk, stirring with a fork until flour disap pears. Turn onto floured board. Kneed Margaret King sekmp. 4 - 9368 Scranton, Pa. lightly and roll into sheet hi inch thick. Cut into squares with floured knife; place a few of the cherries in the center center of each square; moisten the edges and fold to make a triangle, pressing edges firmly. Dot with butter and sprinkle lightly with sugar. Bake In hot oven (425 degrees F.) about fifteen fifteen minutes. Serve hot, covered with juice and remaining cherries reheated. This recipe makes twelve. - Fried Parsnips 6 medium parsnips . 1 egg Salt and pepper Cracker crumbs $ Method: peel parsnips and bod until tender. Cut in halves, lengthwise, dip in seasoned egg and crumbs and saute until brown. Sausage Patties With Noodles lhi lb. sausage meat hi cup green pepper, chopped 1 cup onion, chopped hi cup celery, diced 1 No. 2 can tomatoes hi cup yellow cheese 1 hi teaspoon salt 2 cups noodles Parsley Method: shape meat into 6 patties. See How "The Finest Furniture Store in the Valley" FURNISHED the MODEL HOME on COURT HOUSE SQUARE The furniture in this home was not specially bought, to create striking effects it is medium medium medium - priced furniture, furniture, picked from Stoehr & Fister's regular stock! We think you'll be doubly thrilled, to discover how easily these set tings, you'll see, in part or their entirety, entirety, may become become a part of your home at surprisingly small cost. Each room is a complete picture. Draperies, floor - coverings, furniture, furniture, accessories, all are in accord. We're sure they'll give you a new conception of the value of interior decoration and of the advantage of purchasing your furniture at a store ably equipped equipped to give you sound decorating aid and counsel. Decorated by Miss t Harriet Seifert. . Stoehr & Fister's interior decorator. Miss Seifert has spent her life with furniture, she is familiar with what is available, what is being done she is able to show you shortcuts both in time and the money you spend. What interests her is the correct carrying carrying out of your own ideas, at the least cost. Will you test the sincerity the soundness of her knowledge and her experience? Brown in a large skillet. Drain off some of the fat and over the meat spread the green pepper, onion, celery and the tomatoes. Simmer for about one hour. Remove from heat, lift out patties and stir in the cheese and salt Cook nodies in salted water until tender. Place in center of platter, arrange arrange sausage patties around them. Slightly thicken the mixture in the pan, if necessary, and pour over noodles. Garnish with parsley. Devil's Food Cake hi cup shortening IK cup sugar 2 egg yolks 2 squares unsweetened chocolate 2 cups flour 1 teaspoon baking powder hi teaspoon soda hi teaspoon salt hi cup sour milk hi cup boiling water , 2 egg whites Method: cream shorteniiur. awar and egg yolks. Add melted chocolate. then sifted dry inerediente alternaiviv with the milk. Stir in boiling water ua many ioia in beaten egg whites (makes a thin battery Turn 9 8 - inch layer pans and bake in moder sSTOEHR . . . after a long, hard day, sink into deep, refreshing sleep, ivith ENGLANDER'S "Properest" M ATTRES a quantity purchase, and because theyre in discontinued patterns is the reason we can sell them at ENGLANDER'S NATIONALLY - ADVERTISED PRICE, $39.50 Remember, please, that we can buy no more of these famous mattresses, so better take advantage of this offer now, Today! These are innerspring construction, upholstered upholstered with soft cotton felt. lr A Superior Construction Thruout at the price SOLID MAHOGANY SOLID WALNUT SOLID MAPLE in full and twin sizes n ns $E3so $ A Stoehr wsr Flster A f ADAMS AVE. AT M SPRUCE ST. ate oven, 350 degrees P., for 30 minutes. minutes. When cool, put together with fudge frosting. Spanish Sauce 1 small onion, minced 2 tablespoons butter 1 cup canned tomatoes 1 cup water 2 tablespoons minced olives 1 tablespoon green pepper, minced 1 bouillon cube (if desired) Method, cook onion and pepper in butter for 5 minutes. Add remaining ingredients and cook at least 10 minutes. minutes. Season with salt and pepper. If preferred, sauce may be strained and thickened slightly. Maple Marshmallow Sundae hi cup maple syrup 4 tablespoons marshmallow creme Vanilla ice cream Few grains salt Method: heat syrup to boiling point, remove from heat, add marshmallow and salt. Serve over fee cream. Cheese Straws Remove crust from a loaf of bread. Cut loaf into slices hi inch thick, then cut these in hi inch strips. Beat until creamy, 4 tablespoons butter, 4 tablespoons tablespoons grated chese and a few grains & FISTER mm of ordinary poster beds! $e$75 $ng7s of salt. Spread on top of bread strips, sprinkle with paprika and place in oven for oheese to melt. Roast Oysters 1 pint large oysters Salt and pepper 3 tablespoons butter Lemon slices Toast Method: strain off liquid and put oysters into a baking dish, sprinkle lightly with salt and pepper and ot with the butter. Bake in very hot oven, 450 - 475 degrees F., until edges curl. Serve on hot buttered toast with sections sections of lemon. Marriage Licenses Thomas Jordan, Olyphant. Helen Eobrowiecki, Olyphant. Stanley Creseskie, Minooka. Eleanor Kalinoski, 1919 Cedar Ave - nue. Raymond Harris, Binghamton. Frances Flsk, Binghamton. Kenneth Cruser, 617 Delaware Street. Dorothy Johler, Dunmore. SES making the price Many with Pineapple Posts Rail or Panel Fuo. built the way quality beds should be built. Expert craftsmanship distinguishes distinguishes them from "ordinary" poster beds. - $U9" Mem

Clipped from The Scranton Republican10 Oct 1935, ThuPage 9

The Scranton Republican (Scranton, Pennsylvania)10 Oct 1935, ThuPage 9
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