JMH also mentioned-in Phila.

Norfolk Letter as printed 15 Feb 1896 in the Richmond Planet-written by J. Edward Mills, makes note of a book, "The Relic of the Rebellion," being canvassed. Alton Harrison, along with J. Edward Mills, R.C. Stith, F.N. Carter, H.M. Perkins, and J.Calbert Stith are mentioned.

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JMH also mentioned-in Phila. - ?; SATURDAY, - FEB. 15, OHABLOTTESVILLE LETTER...
?; SATURDAY, - FEB. 15, OHABLOTTESVILLE LETTER Sunday at the Churches-Revivals -To] ic8 etc. Sunday was a windy, disagreeab day, never-the-less, ail of the churc rs were weil attended both mornii and evening. Rev J. h. Tort .iona breached at tlie First Baptist Chun in the morning and at Mount Zi< Baptist Church at night. meeting at the Ebenezer li? the morning and communion at nigj The funeral of Mr. Gilbert l hapnu an old citizen of Charlottesville to place at tlie Mount Zion < hurch in t afternoon and was attended t>y a ve large crowd. Kev R. B. Hardy. B pastor ollie int ed. C. Quaries, Kevs. A. Truatt and J. Turner. Harcus and Heiser underti ers. Usual ?errie. Shiloh Chm morning and evening. The revival meeting at th tUtChurch continues within* interest Kev. Hardin Lewiaof bemarle County preached Fri< night. Rev. Willis Robinson of Frederic burg. Va, is in the city and will J Kev. Quartet in the work this week Rev. J. H. Turner, the State I siunary was in the city last week addressed the Sunday-S city on his work and the great los fire of the American Baptist Publ tion Society. Messrs..I. H. Campbell of Bpr held, Ohio, and W. A. Kutledu Charleston. W. Va . are in the" representing the NV or id Bible Hon: We are sorry to note that M Farrar is confined lober house bj ness. Well we said sometime ago that s of your yoong ladies had so many lows that tiley did not know win do with them Bo, we Ray to '?marry" We are glad to be inb ed tJiat three of you will soon itei Good for them. Who will next? Marriage bells will soon be rin in the east end. Do you estell on Well old boy,ehe said yoi not talk about marrying faa for her, so now you ure left. Trust your friend of - it with your ayes open To a great many people, the on i the eye of the public Well, it seem.- that the hoys ar* ting the Cr. ii on all i A woman's love is generally int tied hy tlie knowledge thal thc - rich, meanwhile } pav up the long passed i! tion to the Pi.ankt, ns our pan Ung thin and this is not? lt is said, there will be neall: ing of the single men of this e I out invitations to oilier' ladies to come >?nd lill tJie pla those who will BOOB change Jiami Say old boy. are you good on t if not, you had better look out lt is said that one of mir i 'e>rs will soon mardi to the Well, it is tim*. A certain fair one in Hie we has several maslies, and the w entertains is during business Sin* lias a certain amount of wi eacJi one to do. The li. love thee, but not tliy work Miss .Julia Cosby 1. fi tlie ci week for Baltimore, Md. Miss Hattie Jackson, who ht indisposed is able to be out agai Call and see Mr A. Bucknel Main St He keeps a full line o eries always on hand. Mr. Henry Martin has been SI ed at the University of Virgi fifty years and in that time li lost eight days from liis work is tJiat for a record. NORFOLK LETTER. Norfolk Fair?Gold, Breezy?Ever the Go. The spacious auditorium of ! Mission College was tilled to most capacity. The OCCaaion annual contest between tia- A and Olympian Societies connect the abvtve named institution tertaftiment as a win de was exe ly grand. Scholarship and co ness was a feature of each prod The declamation of Wm. il was eloquently rendered Tin of Misses Elnora Ruffle and Kv son gained the admiration an lenge the noblest though: dience. The question "Should servance of the Sabbath he e by law," was a forcible argum Misses D-ley Harris and Lelii ford received applause after a] This school is the pride of Nor! vicinity, and whenever ita stud called to the front they comma folk's largest gathering. As the time approaches for nicipal election, the vanguard party can be seen grasping the bis brotlier in black. The N'egi ed the ranks of a struggling on last city election and by i victory perched upon their When the political poi et the colored voter was rel rear, and the services so willie dered by him was considt naught. The Negro will in a st lanx fall in line once more, useless to try to tickle him "u chin." Our motto, "To the vi longs the spoils, no party ; Tru tice and Equality." The gallery is the place th man is seated when he wisJie tend the Academy of Musi height that he is bound to reach that place is not in cor with chat of (Ireat men. On urday the place for the white was tilled and consequently rm up dar in de skies, incons art not a jewel. Mr. James Harrison is now i delphia. Mr. James C. Steth our we! Shakesperian reciter has re-o his company, Damon and Richard III, and Merchant c to he given to the public, in sh McRae's fried oysters are the attention of many Nor The services rendered his ps not fail to be appreciated by lie. The Masonic Temple now be ted by the colored masons of is nearing completion. The ia a handsome edifice Jive stor Ita interior is beautifully The spacious concert hall wi plete stage sitting is of much i the public. The Fair, Two Social* and drill are the absorbing feature folk this week. The Y. M. 0. A., rec Sunday 56 new members all for the first quarter. This m in two we R-^v.A. L. Gaines of E. Church preached to ninny i tions of this city on last Simd: Captain John (iihson, the postal clerk in the Railway ! vice injured his left hand, whi ry ?h Ml nt in it. m. ok he ?ry l> , K. H. sk? iing the mails. We wish him a speedy recovery. The Plasrt can be found at 176' Queen St. bf is the price. Come ear? ly or you will get left. I The for a physician to the d poor of this city has been made known to the Hoard of Health A number of the citizens of this city presented sworn adidavits of many poor citizens who were unable to se? cure medical treatment nd suffered severely on account of non appearance of the city physician, Dr G. Jarvis Rowens.a prominent colored physician of this city has been recommended foi the position. The indications are thai ihe request of the colored citizens o Norfolk will be granted, regardless o tlie fact that the Norfolk Vinnniai claims tbat " I he white physicians o this city will render their services gr? j tis in order to defeat such an appoint ment " The Relic of the Rebellion or whs happened twenty-six years ago is th title of a book now being canvas I l.dward Millo, R. C. Stith. Alto Harrison, F N Carter, ll M Perkii and J. Calbert Stith. This*book is true newspaper account of the Ne York from 1801 to 1866 It should I in the hoaaea of every lover of tl race. J. Edward Mills. OHURCH HILL NOTES Gossips of the Ohurch?The YMG News aod Notes?Other Locals Well, well, ab who were not at t Fourth Kaptist Church on last Hund morning missed a treat. The Bish talked lrom Acts 6:-and he hurl the iruth right and left, "gwine a coming." Everybody had a slice lhat truth ; many thought he wot only preach to the deacons, but imf ine their surprise when the "Re1 spoke in eloquent tones of the ga tiling, policy playing, drunkennt ;is carried on right under t Well, when those thunder-b< of truth were being hurled forth saw many young men moving uneai in their seats and as the benedict was pronounced we heard the rems ??Well de Rev. jest done hit soi body." in the afternoon Brother Ander Bently preached a splendid serr and must be complimented for courage for the noble speech he ni nba I despite the presence of Rev (lull I ill- j At night t he Reverend gave us ant |er ol his thrilling sermons. M turned out to hear bim, the theme ing "Jonah." Many of ourcntics v so far aa to say that the whale di' swallow Jonah, but had they I it at the night services 1 would here seen where they prevai ted. A large crowd was out to the i services of the Y. M.C A , Sui evening together with many visii among whom were Misses Martha ?on,Boudie blakey, Addie B-iugh, trude Willis, Lillie Martin and otl uis Herbert, S. H. St*-w Samuel Harris of tne Kichmond br of the Y M. C. A., corner 3rd , who gave us a deligl speech. The exercises were good were heartily enjoyed. The exercises on Tuesday night mod and many visitors turned o hearth.*, installation address by Joel Yates, and the discuasioi dancing was lieartily enjoyed bj winch condemns dancing in all fe The whole of Church Hill must the Y. M.I.A , next Tut night. 'War! war, war is the This splendid debate will interei erybody ; tbe subject, "Resolved in case of war the Negro should ] true to tb. C ni ted States go ment " Affirmative: Messrs. \ Nelson and Janies Coleman ; neg rs. l'eter Coleman and J 0 eniinenta. All are invited. J 0 Selected. Roth sidei confident of winning. will be rendered by many of our ] inent young ladies and gentb Free to a 1. We are sorry to hear of the sit of itt e Hachel Harvey, who is sick at her home on N 33rd St i Uri ppe. Miss Mi dred A. Jackson wh ! cen quite sick at her residenc North -'7th St.. for the past 3 Wi somewhat improved W ? advise our peop'e to ca'l < Kenine' Carter, who wi 1 do you repairing as good and as cheap one e Well as we are producing po? I,oratora, preachers, deacon tors and other things, we are j hat our people can product: eiera loo 1 he Economy Saving Club hi organized for the colored youth hill. We advise all young mer posit all the money tliey can enterprise. The officers are Pre Robert 1). Mickens; Vice-I're Albert Mitchell; Secretary, Coleman ; Assistant Secretary, J Allen; Cashier and Treasurer, B. Williams. The progress tn this club since its organizatio tonishing. We wonder why that younj (member of the Thessalonian club) says he will have to be strait-jackets if a certain your doesn't attend the first annual next month. The condition of Miss Delia F. who has been quite sick ia soi improved. rch ap? ing Al? lay ?ks ielp ilis and the a by ica ing ;e of city onie fel you >rm ) off. tlie g-ng u d id ough t. do ly all I g*-t ensi > man dense ?erip i . are nieet ity to young S. erma, school front. st end ny slie li"iirs irk for r, they ty last ,s been n. f groc :iiploy nia for ss only How body on Norfolk its ut was the thenian ed with The en eeding mplete luetion, larrisoo a John d ehal the au the ob n forced ent and * T.naa pplause. folk and ents are nd Nor the mo? ol each hand of ?o swell element IO doing banner, to boil d to the gly ren 'red as did pha and it is nder the ctor be? ith, Jus e black ii to at c. flu climb to apariaon last S it i people iny were ney thou in Phila ll-known rganized l'.\ thias, if Venice ort claiming ?folkians itrons do the pub? ing erec this city building its high, frescoed, th corn? ie by sery s of Nor on last paid up takts 170 hn A. M. irganiza M elli ci ent Hail Ser ile hand-' Galilean Fishermen Rally Richmond, Va., Feb. 10, Editor John Mitchell, Jr., Dear Sir: You will accept the $5.00 enclosed as i tion from Berean Wing, G eampment of the United Order Kean Fishermen, with the sym of our entire lodge for the Lim innocent women. By order of the Doc Richard AVashin Special D. Ii A. Gab T. H P Seer Will Help to Save Them. Jbrusalbm Baptist Cu vi Sparta, Va., Feb Vin Editor: We feel that we want to share of the sorrow for the i women of Lunenburg Encloi $8 04 to help defray the expem The amount is small, but wi We pray that you may be su in the great undertaking for and right to our race. You si from us again soon. Respectfully, W. L. Do Yoa Know Them. I wish to know the where at my mother, Louisa Bassey, or and my sisters, Julia, Susan ar and my brother 8olomon. Ad Robert Masks 1102 KaterS Philadelph Lights and Shadows of Slaver] Mr. I). Webster Davis deli beautiful, amusing and instru tore at the 3rd St. Baptist Ch last Tuesday night to a large c tured audience. At times th ence was carried away with ? ?uence as he depicted the joy* rows of slavery days and al times convulsed with laught humorous side of life It ia ho he may repeat this great lee perhaps it is better called a monologue, giving an evening enjoyment. I CON TI N U Mr. 8. H. stand,and, of particular related witness noy as to soners there was ting out of how Under getaway feel easier not serve cause of asked what on the ? I think on the trial they Mr. J. answer to said be in no would not He ii ad men) were When ness he had cent was Carolina. After called in the submit Judge mon the same er it with announced decision There tional ence?no eel; on were of son I Cardoza non Ud aeT* his ade ins. )th any be ret-t dn't leen they ?ica toag iday tors, Nel Uer lers. rard, andi and htiul I and were ut to Mr. i on J all; irma. turn isday cry." ?.t ev i that prove vern V. T. ative, Israel ud gea i are music prom smen. he a] op ed nd of lld *g v." m- I mr lits we sily ion irk, ne ?k!l:*SS quite , with io has -e, 712 ?eks is m Mr. ir shoe as any ;ts,ar s, doc jlad to ? flnan is been of this i to de in this sident, sident, Peter andrew James ade by n is as ;* man, social put in ig lady soiree iewlett ne what 1896. I please a dona? th En of Gal pathies lenburg Ige, GTON, luler; BAIT, I. P.; BRRY, etary. uni, . 10, '96. bear a nnocent ged find te ll help, ccessful justice ia.ll hear Youno. having hie. thy. They Norfolk and are they Prince It was of over there being in The surprised awoke nenburg with cy Jane No the was o'clock being famous Jive three Messrs L.P. P. the their ing and the of said lenee, ed to "Five he of route ville, jail." are steel dows light were louts of Bs ssett id Dinah dress: sr, lt. ia, Pa. r Days vered a ctive lee urch on md eul? ie audi his elo i and sor t other er at the ped that ture or poetic of rare and away ment were she lard dead vals er his He and the only had was as the will the the no ure felt ?in

Clipped from Richmond Planet15 Feb 1896, SatPage 4

Richmond Planet (Richmond, Virginia)15 Feb 1896, SatPage 4
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  • JMH also mentioned-in Phila. — Norfolk Letter as printed 15 Feb 1896 in the Richmond Planet-written by J. Edward Mills, makes note of a book, "The Relic of the Rebellion," being canvassed. Alton Harrison, along with J. Edward Mills, R.C. Stith, F.N. Carter, H.M. Perkins, and J.Calbert Stith are mentioned.

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