Panatagraphy 27 Aug 1903 94th reunion and program

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Panatagraphy 27 Aug 1903 94th reunion and program - MORNING, AUGUST 21, flower plants the detailing...
MORNING, AUGUST 21, flower plants the detailing fed work of the the the waa any even (lint we whole In Hi. -t -t of urla and likely public the de the the t of tn cutuc .n. J ulluwul oii.eut p th-ttt-t th-ttt-t ie. p.-f-oti ti Itill lie ck-v ck-v Iif he hj. K tying f.t -dbiitrv c-edlhn -t -t . fl ir .-m-.l .-m-.l .-m-.l .-m-.l .11 i' t t; ti. h ,i". l vtii 'e . :r 1 iivIm Ar i- i- "hell f"' noli . of 1. a i!"ht in nnv thle Today t.unt Ir.l. r pre -ct-dtrg THE NINETY-FOURTH NINETY-FOURTH NINETY-FOURTH REUNION. Gathering of the Members of That Regiment Regiment Will Be Held at Miller park Thla .Afternoon. Tho twentieth annual reunion of the Ninety-fourth Ninety-fourth Ninety-fourth Illinois Volunteer Infantry Reunion Association will be held at Miller park toduy, the exercises beginning at 1 1 o'clock, and the members of the aaaoclatton and the-tr the-tr the-tr fib-nda fib-nda fib-nda will imm iii-ble iii-ble iii-ble nt the park at M o'clock. Mr. Hubert S. Mclntyre, Becretmy of the nHaoiMatbrn, haa went Invitation to all members, and a got a attendance la expected. The nietn-lierw nietn-lierw nietn-lierw of the Ninety-fourth Ninety-fourth Ninety-fourth regiment are Blattered all over the wmld Jid auiuc- auiuc- '(.:v.ii 'A ROBERT MclNTYRE, Secretary of the Ninety-Fourth Ninety-Fourth Ninety-Fourth Regiment Association. tlnn-s tlnn-s tlnn-s old turn up from tha moat out -of-th- -of-th- -of-th- -of-th- w.i place to attend the annual mettr;a The ai rang.-n.entM rang.-n.entM rang.-n.entM for tin- n t.'slc lme not yet la en eomplelt J, hut it la t xpected that a local tmr1ct will h g The oflV.-r. oflV.-r. oflV.-r. of thit ati-1.itl..n ati-1.itl..n ati-1.itl..n are: I'Teftl'lt-nt. I'Teftl'lt-nt. I'Teftl'lt-nt. A V il urnuld : tce-prealdent, tce-prealdent, tce-prealdent, S ott An,.. id, -e, -e, retnr, K S M.:lnlvic; ti.-nn.iei ti.-nn.iei ti.-nn.iei M . Mooie. cuatodhtn "f t!.-;t. t!.-;t. t!.-;t. J.irn.K Newell, uuA rhapl.iln. J;iine 'ta-dhturt. 'ta-dhturt. 'ta-dhturt. The Program. Ttie piogratn fot todiv txi(1c has It'll iirrahB' d " folloaa- folloaa- Ma in 1 1 to older by rrenldent A. Y Mai mi i d M i-H i-H i-H ilhe rlnh l'tner t'lmi'liin .lamiu fe-.hemt fe-.hemt fe-.hemt Aioouriceiueiit of furtht i order of bust- bust- to 1. m - l'n-nc l'n-nc l'n-nc iin ! 11 IMlflte Ht. tile .ill nv r' mi'.ilili l"lt of oftheiit tj t d m - Hhort t ittkwt ml iitt.'-r iitt.'-r iitt.'-r tui'neNa by mntradt-s mntradt-s mntradt-s and P ih. Commltteet (n Charge. Th-- Th-- Th-- :ifT;.tr Will It- It- In tlrtfge of the I : o g t oiiintt; i' a .'T.a-ic .'T.a-ic .'T.a-ic A K. Hta.lley. V . M' .l..a-;.h .l..a-;.h .l..a-;.h Itavlor li.cutu H H M-Pitre M-Pitre M-Pitre M-h M-h M-h J t N.W-ll N.W-ll N.W-ll Mr Ada Carlton M's W II Mia Mia M ".re rt jtn W J H.tMt J II Werner. Mm hu- hu- It l,iikm I ' i burr .rtrd I Artwi aetT.eiita ittid ground INI John K H-lby H-lby H-lby II I. I i.o.l--. i.o.l--. i.o.l--. i.o.l--. -i. -i. I .hn Nd s-.n s-.n s-.n U'tlHam H M.-re. M.-re. M.-re. b Kr. d H 1 Mum,' Mla ! n t-t..iri t-t..iri t-t..iri M-t. M-t. M-t. H I. ,nl..ti Ml- Ml- I- I- it" tie (ilt.l-a (ilt.l-a (ilt.l-a It.-e.tKtn It.-e.tKtn It.-e.tKtn Mr V. Nuit 1 !;-.,,- !;-.,,- !;-.,,- !;-.,,- t -. -. M- M- lr A K Hit wait Mia I'r.f tr T t" Mr Hud-mn Hud-mn Hud-mn Li-i Li-i Li-i M- M- ;.) A "rt 1 tt.ti i U H- H- ott. M'a H lllium II SI.. V r I r I hi W f, .r lluvh Warner Mr J It H million Mr J f Vui.H. h.., k. Mr Ldaard It Mor gan t'a.t.,rr of regim. nl - Jan a il K. lh.-.nt lh.-.nt lh.-.nt ii .rr. l!.i.a. J 1. M- M- t-f t-f t-f und. W. A Art. a mnlth s. the tui In ber and gr wa the lit nan has thl - f at li the the da mi In b Iht I- ni l i t.

Clipped from The Pantagraph27 Aug 1903, ThuPage 7

The Pantagraph (Bloomington, Illinois)27 Aug 1903, ThuPage 7
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  • Panatagraphy 27 Aug 1903 94th reunion and program

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