Panatagraph 9 Feb 1901 mortality list of Civil War soldiers

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Panatagraph 9 Feb 1901 mortality list of Civil War soldiers - BLOOMINGTOX, ILL, SATURDAY MORNING,...
BLOOMINGTOX, ILL, SATURDAY MORNING, KIGHTV-EMiHT HAVK MED. ry-wbera Grove-at S Mortuary Holl of . i'. Mtifrniti 1'onl, ti. It., Mm-o It Wan tr;:iltixel - lrf-nl Mfmhfrht hitialltr. -- 'onidrRMe comment hfih h'tu khiiik thfi roiindK of ihf nfw!iai'rn lately almm IIih iifil:iblp itnlh ra'p m lht ranki of !h" ttiaiid Army of Iho Kfinibllf. Iterfiit reports of ihf Illinois state department have hhown a very rapl'l falling off of the meni-lifixhli) flue lo flealh in the lant few years. W. T. Sherman riost. of this t.lty, has not HseapetJ this inevitabl" penalty of natilie, along with cither potts of the stun?. The Ian router of the posi wua Lssueil In and lu th three years ulneo that Hiiih iweiitv-nne metnlieru of the post have died. A ne roster is now hems prepared and will he out of the hands of the printer within a few days. Tins will show that th following names have heen added to Ilia death loll autre the last roster was primed in X'jH, the name, regiment of nervn-e and date of death being given iu eaeh case: Charles Sihllllng, Company H, Twenty-fourth Illinois Infantry, July Id, WIS. Swan liergstruin, H, Nineteenth Illinois tnfanlrv. September 1, l'. J. 11. Hamilton, K. Ninety-fourth Illinois Infanlrv. tjetoher G, IS'.iS, I'atiiek M.yulnti, 11. Ninety-fourth Illinois Infantry. Kobruaty IS. IV. T. F. ( app. first lieutenant rnrty-aav- cnth Illinois Infantry, ManU 'JH. ls. A. J. Swslin. rorporal A. Thlrty-ntntu Iowa infantry, Mareh !H. 1KWI. A. K. Xtewarl, stirgeoti. N Ini'ty-fourth Illinois iufaiitiy, April f. lVt'.t. N. II. I 'avis, music ian. 1'li st brigade. Third dlvlslou, Kourternlb turps, May 3, 1 sua. (ieurge T. Khefter, Korty-elghth lllluols llifairtry. Julv li. lsiilt. c. V. Ijtnder. K. Ninety-fourth Illinois iufatitry. bpteniher 17. f . K. Vannala. K. Uiif lltilldred and Sl- ty-stveuth Dhiu Infantry, Uclulier Is'i'.i. Mlihael Nolan. 1, First lllluols light irillltry, November r.i, ls:i'.". tiny A. Carlion. K. Kigbth Illinois In-fantry. flrai lieutenant A, Ninety-fourth Uliuola Infantry. January l'i Nathaniel Iteail, li. Kixty-vlghih Illinois Infiuiiry. April I, !:" llixirue T ilerltaiie. enrporal K, Kllibtli IIIiiiuis Infstitiy, raptain. II. Thirty -uinth Illinois Infaiiuy. April r.. I:m. c. II Hotihktns. II, Thirty ninth lllluols Infantry. April !l. l'"tl christian, 1, Third lllloola cavalry. June lo, r.s). J It. Oliver, It. Twnty-iiinl Indiana Infantry. August 111, liesi. I'uinek I'un ell. I, Ttilrd lUlnola ra-alrv. ti. tober 1, l'i. Henry It.. Inn. It. Slnei y fourth Illinois lllfsntrv. It-l.itier 1. I'ssl. K.I said Keenan. ). Tblrty-aev.iith 1111- no a Infantry, November :s, I IlKATIItt IN r'tlllMKIt VKAItS , A total of eighty elglit turn liava died i tshd were memlM-ra of the post silo a in urgsntration In lsi Mt ol tbe tsete boiled tn lite ItloonilURton eemeterr. but aomr uf them ats luterrett at ntbet points Th ruinpletai Hal of llloa who hsve d id tn the nrgatitfatlon. In ad-Uttwit to the ones Islely s ided ta Ik roll, ! the lol l.twilig K c. lus. tl. Twenty Seron.l Mint' tb.teells tl'tsttlty. HeitemlieY It Isvt It. .tier. I, Ntnety-fourta liltuots Inl.l.'H Mtr. h IT ssi I ted Voi.l'.g !. It n.irte ntntb Illinois Intanirir. h.-.i nil-r la Iska j v i o.m l..o. r Ihirlr eltata IllW-a Intatttrv a-i-trttilwr T7. IS. i bstira I' lfbr. K Kfbl inlaw's la-fstoi. ItrtolK-r I.. Ii a II ok U.i.11 luurta Miaaourl la-fantit J'il Jl H hkbnun I. lblt" tb.i llltaols ItifaMit Imrtuher 71 ISsa J si jtntiie, U Kv.uith IIKauHt a. aire J ii I t.s: . it Uuohnitand, k. fifth Itlina a ratalrr. ' Juii : t I l.euise It Itu'o-t I' V.tttrtk ObiO la- A. K. Walden. A, First Illinois cavalry, 1 April 14, I Mm. I M. llalliev. ('. Twenty-nin'h Indinna ! jnfaiiirv. June 5. lv:m I Meph.ii Johnson, it, Thirty-Kitllh HH- ! inns i ti t ri 1 1-. .lime lletiecia arsenal, Deccm- Harry '. Hum. 1. Third l' ntisvivauia luavy artillery. September 1, HiW). tieoige Allies. H, Third Illinois Infantry, I i.m i reber .. )'" Lewis Dunlop. I. Tiilny-niuth Illinois Inffintrv I lee. 'in her 'JT. 1M0. Ilavld ('. IMwul'.is. 1). N'inely-llrst 1111-lin.h infanlrv, January 1. IH'.t!. II. N. Ciitshuw. It. Nlueteeiiih Indiana Infant i v. Kelirnai y 15. 1SJ1. Hudson Hurt', a.ljiilant. Ninety-fourth Illinois infiililrv. February 17, IMI. (leriiaril llurkey, li. Thirty-ninth, IIMuoIb Infant ry. June 7. 1HH1. Robert Curt I. sergeant, II. Sixteenth Illinois eavalrv. August 1MH. Andy Kline. I', tine Hundred and Fifteenth Illinois Infantry, January 8, 1R92. 11. Mullenkanip. A. ons Hundred and Thirty-sixth Indiana lnluntry, March g, lM'S. li C Kinzell. 11, One Hundred aud Fiftieth Illinois Infantry. October 26, lsllli. K. II. olniKteud. ehuplalu general boa- tillal. November 111. 1VJ2. Ml. Illlel llilv ber 1."., istf.'. Amos Sil kies, A, First Illlnoia cavalry, January lM'J. .. WateiH. assistant eurgeon, Sixty-eighth Illinois Infantry, January 80, HT.i3. J c. Sprague. ti. Thlrty-tlilrtl Illinois Infant iv. Ann . 1S'.i3. .1 Kterlr, hrst lieutenant 11, Blxtaenth Illinois Infantry, April 20, 1SK3 S. ;. Miner, chaplain. Seventh Illinois cavalry, lieceinber 211. islt.'l. . r. itiuii.i. i'. sixty-eighth Illlnoia In fflnll v. .lunuarv "Jil. 1S!'4. II F stowell, sergeant, K. Thirteenth New York lieaw artillery. Juna i!3, !!. William Sihausten, H, Twenty-fourth Illinois liil.iuiry. June ;'.. ls'.il. W c. htewsrt. It. Mnety-foiirth XIII-iii'K lufiintrv. February SO, lss.1. .I.ilill Weslpliall, A. Nlnely-fourlh 1111 mils lufiintrv. March i!'.i. lk'.t.i. i litis, l.l. iifrli.. II. nun Hundred aud Sixteenth New Yoik Infantry, November 1 IV.'.. A M.t'oy Mvers. C. One Hundred and Tim : v-nimli Illlnoia Infantry, Liacetubar is-.... II o Summer. A. Nlnely-fourth Illlnoia liifatitty. Jsiniary 1, st.a. A c Sweeiser. K. Kighty-elglilh Illinois Infantry, tit at ll.iieiisnt II, Tblity-liit. ill Illinois Intatitry. March 1, 1 "'.. H M. Ilerr, se.ntid lieutenant I', v-ein.inib reunsylvania cavaliy, July . iiiM,ir Siiverna. sixond lieutenant C, Seieuieeiiib reiinsylvajiui tavalry, a'abru- at v o, i!1.;. F J Maxwell, laplain Flftseuth New Vi.rk ..valtv. lel.ruiy li, 1-...7. J. tin A K. rr. I'. Korty-flrat Illlnoia la- fallllv. Attg.lSt 7. IV". j c. wiidberrer. s.igesnt A. One Hun-die, I and Fiul IHInioa Infantry. October j:. is-.;. John llalllaan. Iletisliaa't batlery. 1 III-nuii. . lfT lirorae I' Kla. Mrs! Ileol. nmit fl. Thir ty llct.l Illlnoia Infantry. February S. Isfl John II spiei . ti. F. lny aista Illinois Infantry. K. btuary 7. Ii. TUT MKMIIKKKIIIt. There are now about 5I old aol.liera enrolled as aiembrts of the ItluoitiiuKton tMt Tina la a smaller number than iu f.iriuer feats. In addlittaH to the natural de-reaae Ituin itentk. a bumher Of ft.rltier inrn.tta have drpM nut for artoua leaais ll la th. isl.t the high-tide of He eiirolltteMii ess rea hrd aauul leu yeaia ago 1NSAM1V HIMlMEts ub)ct (ua.l.lered I asl r see leg al Ik I el leg Aloasel Slretleg - faeer ttf lie 1ur. - The Celine Al Ci ib h14 taa of Its alaata ei)val'.a anetai and lltetaif f.tntiioaa a. tauter halt last eteoiag Afte the ene-ltti.nt nf a Aae sswer the tali, V4.iur ;;. I t4 u m -4r ibtu vi i , I) 4 ll.nta I k ie at-1 M-tu.4i. I lr J H life in many Third. rt'Oiiirrit t lint unrpason-nl'le t hry tlnilnrsK It mental fiVt it lonely Kuurtli, nnrHir-ntsi to Mr our-k Ivfh from ihc fa f hroadly anrt MUbhltiK to l i-yond la! hrpakdown Iftli, of life. Aa pletisure niy dpHtriK'tive Sixth. The consolulnt atatnet cmo-tiouU khIii-ay. Seventh, that aome m nn mod up ond heredity. And now, It? I'lrat, must follow and asaert way of Second, and ko on which ar inakt tho aelf-ru-llaut I'ersoiml lutertwlned I will Contjldfiaf vhnt build fo eoniH when be the ration for Third. the nhiftt murtt wait ex-erieiu- tory na-tiona till they lh end Fourth, ( I itl vhirh tliw urafp-ed and rripreT cvuallrn-t.on That i-ro-te.-t ttn-lf such ii riri atnnurr hiiHtt for anv The seje. . In innrt r aiiiotiiiT Mf mlr in-""if dnti tin an that ball fir, h- ar lb m-aur man uit.-a. aa-Hiiiriiati tiitiaM. aK4iht ibuuati a l et oiutint earth l.f 1t arf.ti. th-. ..i 'el Th ! lift i.r lal. Ibe it wni S I 5 S l I 1 f.t I. I II , ie'sM.i. list lss II. a. 1.e I tklitv arteath Ne J ..l iS).ai. Jee s IS J..ha Si... r.nk i r fik IllUauia eav-ati, s-...-. i isss H l4..le r. MuHr lewllh llllas-ia tetanus I e. task j.exk ll r.K-oa evet,tk II ient .(.laati aassvis I, lss V r.sseas I ISse Duesfiea asl l ssstk . lelaa'M Vl.i-k it lata j J i . I. is. M'.e.tied a H1. li sihs tes lefaetiv sl l ls lv.i kk.nexa ivse Mdre4 aea r-t'f e..4 I I Islselrv . Neseaal at i.s 1 kJ te I haerg tll( tvsrta llt aela tk,'a.4e .t- ii ia ras ! It. !", a llukava l'a' V. IW le la It s H.e.a.k a,la4 tsla. II . I fc. I. . 1.. .. tl laeani aH i-wrtt eis..i saett I's ism. ii il ii.,. a . Ii...ssl s iai a.'el hPse.a i Iftes Is.bsr eto.i1 4 "."a f..iiuasi. ava4 Ike keertll a4)evie4 le aiiosr ike aektsis ta attea4 Ike Ve..aa raaeesl a' ike i !. u. sm ne of ike mala fa wrea ef I'r Tl let a ti r ete a fat-Uea isirr rrtgii. a Ike Bret sf Jas.eii le. ta Ua ata as? ii a. anesr kaJKai aat Isnii Im titiaea e aa ea.alte4 fur esa'ts Mee.t beaa, U La loxa's aat al see-eel her f ..I u U steel n.e la the e"a:e alaa. ahi.h. 4e4 le lt-e fft, ikt-e uavate as? Ues esiais teis. a-ea e. ike eaea ef las. at-l I te 4-tbkM tew t: sit ike evat a tm Is' see i t iae leal a ' aa fast ike ae.aa.ig ese laesaje le eet a aa4 a t' a . las sf ii'e.e.s Its. aasiiss ftteej e'e-4 HI 1st ' le e.eSS ..Ss ee I. ese km lew I ,n l ae a.sea-ea te ike lae sa.e0 e.4 a assa - a ass-sf aet ess.a a si i eee est issa tie eet,ele le Hui' m t 1ha a . . e t ke.e ekaas ee see a ssse. last ef --Tka Mltheia Aktsalt Auhett a. MtaJr tliwee ha I ' a k'lesa .Te He-aet li Il. a l" 'e f ek l-s w.e at si e fSws. - w, e - . .) a... 1 1.

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  • Panatagraph 9 Feb 1901 mortality list of Civil War soldiers

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