Chicago fire 1871 2a of 2a

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Chicago fire 1871  2a of 2a - ...Billings' r.nd Nast's aimamics for 1S72...
...Billings' r.nd Nast's aimamics for 1S72 I'.nvc made their appearance and arc " 0. .Says K u l i e to her new h u s b a n d : " J o h n . H":i:\t, rock dnen t r u e !ovi; b u i l d u p o n ?" l ^ n o t b J o h n , ami ^ r l l i n . N l from ear to ear : '· The roclc of yonder cradle, dear. 1 ' ...We learn that Mrs. Anna Livingston proposes to lecture in Dccatur sometime during the winter. ...Jennie liight and Fsuiny B. Price, two of Dccatur's favorites, will shortly appear appear at the opera house. ...Johns' dairy, judging from the number of milk tickets we have printed for him, is doing an immense business. ...It has been suggested that the Musical Vttion give a concert for the benefit of the suiferers by the Chicago fire. ...The leaves are beginning to fi'.ll from the shade trees that line our streets. This is a w i t h e r i n g warning that winter is fast approaching. ...New subscribers to tbe RSVPBLIOAN arc booked every week. The people ii'ill take the paper whicti gives them the most lor their money. ..The publication of city ordinances thi? week lakes up so much of our spnce thai a large amount of reading matter is unavoidably crowded out. ...We are inclined to the opiniou that l!it : Indian can get up a betler Summer than the whito man. These Indian Summer Summer days arc deiiciously hazy and lazy. ...Republican voters, arc you registered ? If not, aUcnd lo it at the final meeting of the board of registry, on the 31st day of secure copies cf the Chicago dailies, which were received on that evening for the first time siuec the Ore. The price was not advanced, advanced, which speaks well for our news dealers. ...Judge GHlespie, of the XXIVta Circuit Circuit has decided '.he new law increasing the jurisdiction of justices of the peace to $·.'00 unconstitutional, inasmuch as it has not been passed in accordance with constitutional constitutional forms. ...MAKHIAGE.-- Marriage is like v brilliant tapers light Placed ill n window ID u Summer n i g h t : Attracting all the Insects of tlic ;«*r To come am 1 , sin;;? llieir pretty wlnglets there; ·. . Those who are on; b u t t heads against the pane, Aud luose w i t h i n b u t t to get out again, ...Young men who go serenading with a cracked band-organ, stopping at every street corner, are gently reminded that it is not safe to take the same route twice. This notice comes from the second ward. regrets at his own circumstances, and he who Inwardly repines and chafes at his situation, and who is harracsed by the spirit when surplus exceeds $50,000, invested in United States bonds bearing the highest rale of interest; aud upon maturity of said October. It may save trouble. ...Millers' bakery aud Henry Lyou, of ?tlcrclm-jt street, donated to the Chicago stiiibrcrs 200 loaves of bread, of which no mention has been made ia any of the reports reports published in the city papers, ..The liiic fresco work on the first M. E. Church has been completed, and the artist, Mr. M. A. Myer, of this city, may well be proud of the job, as it will compare favorably favorably with any we have ever seen. ...The German Turners will give a grand bull at Smith's Opcrr* House on the evening evening of November 2d. From the piepara- lions already made this promises to be one of the grandest affairs of Ihe season. ...We call the attention of our readers to U:c communication which we publish elsewhere, elsewhere, w i t h reference to the Chicago relief f'.iad. The winter makes suggestions well worthy the serious reflection of all pni- liiulhropists. ...\\'c were under tbe impression that Assistance Worth Something.-The Something.-The world has probably never witnessed such a generous outpouring of charity as that called forth by the Chicago fire, aud every well-disposed man in the land feels prouder of his kind than if the opportunity for this exhibition of genuine benevolence had not occurred. But there is much yet to be done before our hitherto magnificent metropolis assumes its former glory and position in the commercial world. It must be remembered that the business of the city . -- t h a t which made it ereat--was almost you a vast deal of : eD( ., re , y aum - u ;, ated by " the conflagration, and that this must be restored before it can take its former proud position as mistress of the great Northwest. The wholesale of discontent, can in no surer way free! loaD ant ' tlle 6ame P ft ' c ' "P. '' uc principal himself from the chains that enslave him than by turning his thoughts and energies to some good works of o-Jiers ; there arc no blessings, however rich, that discontent will not turn into evils; and no trials, however however severe, that serenity and virtue may not transform into blessings. Low Prices for Goods,--In these bard times goods must b« sold lotv, and Hays Bruce seem to be up to the times, as we noticed, in calling yesterday, that the store was full of buyore, all pleased with the extremely low prices. We noticed noticed a splendid assortment of the best British hosiery, which arc the best the market affords. Also, some of the best kid gloves in the market--every pair warranted. warranted. to be invested in like securities a u d i o be forever kept a fund for like purposes and uses in any one of the States of the United States. This is the material part of the proposition, proposition, and would become a tower of strength fitouce vitality to re-building interests aud its consequent disbursement of moneys to (lie industrial classes, and w i l l reach a ] Aid. Myers otL-rod.following which was adopted : H'.auli'ed, That the Street | ei be instructed to build sidewalk . . - , . _ _ . : \;l uv, j u o l l l l ~ l u u l\j u l l l l M -. tu". .. IM rv cl.v ivv. u period, if necessary, beyond March 1st, a t ; w i U e c n Sf , 1Jlh si ,, c Ol - Jiisl William which time the plan should be fairly working working in perfect system. A friend suggests, Make it a State Institution Institution under an act of the legislature convening convening jn November. Answer--This would answer all purposes, if the donois viKtcatl to the whole people of the United Slates I citizens of Illinois-^but from ail States of Blanks.--We are now printing blanks for justices of the peace and constables, which we propose to sell at Chicago price", one dollar per quire. We have not yet a full assortment, but will be prepared prepared in a short time to supply the public with all kinds of blanks iu common use. The following are now ready : Warrantee Deeds. State Warrants. Attachment papers. Replevin papers. Appeal Bonds. Mittimus. Garnishee papers. who may hereafter become sull'erers under similar circumstances, without being bur densome in any manner upon any individual individual or community under now existing condition. condition. The proposition of loanit^g a gift may seem unchristian and not in the spirit in which each man contributed his part to the great whole; but when analyzed in its workings will prove a double peuerosity growing out of a calamity. To briefly illustrate what would be Ibe , workings of this plan : The party borrowing--a sufferer, and owner of real estate upon which building has perished--borrowsSI,000. Tbismoa- ey is disbursed to the lumberman, lo (he brick-maker, to the carpenter, to the teamster, teamster, lo the day laborer, and permeates eveiy branch of labor and industry in proportion proportion to its class. This gives immediate employment to the thousands who must be employed, which brings its reward in money, money, and re lights the face of the weary man and his family, and the heart of the owner iu a prospect of future happiness and comfort, comfort, and immediate relief to all--the last the great point iu the restoration of social order--aud untold benefits to the stricken people of all classes and sufferers in general -Messrs. E. A. Stare fc Co. have open merchants and manufacturers, who saw ' C( j n h lm bcr yard at Swingley's old stand, j in Chicag their immense establishments melt into j on N or tu Water street, aud are prepared to I This fund would then not only be tem- notbiug before their eyes, must be encouraged encouraged to again woo the fickle goddess, and fill all orders that may be sent them. They have received a large invoice of lumber, : ht here is where every country dealer · comprising all kinds needed in this mar- within the radius which describes the circle I of business lately tributary to Chicago, can do something towards rebuilding that hive of industry and commercial activity so recently recently the admiration of the world. Let everv man who formerly sent his orders for goods to Chicago make it a point to discriminate discriminate in favor of that city again. That be can do as wel! there as elsewhere is a settled fact, for Chicago dealers will not be undersold, and that he ought to strain a point--if necessary -to build up the trade of our great metropolis is a proposition too ket, which will be sold at prices to suit customers. Since the great Chicago fire the lumber trade has become unusually lively, and prospects eecm to indicate a heavy advance in prices, so that those who contemplate building had better lay in their supplies at once, if they want to save money. Farm Injlements and JUachi-n- ery.--Reader, of course you know where porary relief, but would become, as time passed on, a fountain-head, from which any community within the boundaries of its incorporation, could be shielded from such a national calamity in parl, and reassure reassure the locality so suffering, of a care not otherwise provided for. Matters of importance not enumerated here would also necessarily enter into the plan: ench as requiring insurance upon property built witlr' money so loaned, and a general guarding of all matters relating thereto, m such direction as a careful, prudent prudent business man would transact his busi- this Confederacy comes "words of cheer and purses of gold ;" and the sunny South has its part in tbe great human pulse which beals for a "brother in distress" far away in colder climes of Ihe North, while the West, the East, and the North know no North, no South, no East, no West, but a warming of blood for poor, unfortunate Chicago in its deepest, saddest hour of darkness, desolation and sudden death! God. grant no similar calamity may ever befall any portion of His vineyard during tbe long ages beyond ! Under the fuel of contributions from all poinls, the question would rather be--Can such a benevolence be nationalized? It must suggest itself to ail moneyed and business men. that the plan will assist them and the country at large in not disturbing and reducing capital from ils general channels, channels, in ihemji.vJDKof agricultural products tcv- ; - L1 '' '··'"' ···'"'·'·'" v AYARS, OF MOAWEQ,UA, ILL., f n s o n h a n d ami for sule allow figures a · cholee selection ol" \-, 150 PIGS! I' --of the-- oland China, Stock. d with src-iit cure and purity of Blood. r, Send for Prlee List and get the best ioney to Loan! Works is located, and that it is presided Chicago who are shaking from their gars' gars' had sold his hand organ', but it seems [ meuts the ashes of their terrible calamity, we. were mistaken. The ordinarily quiet and endeavoring to again make for them- Fourlh Ward was agitaled from center to selves a place in the world of trade, need circumference on Tuesday nigbl, by noises business to encourage them as much as the which could only have proceeded from tbe suffering poor need food to keeptaem from instrument in question,.and that, too, under starving, and every friend of tbe -ity ought the manipulations of the accomplished to do what ue can in this direction to resur- Shoaff. reel the past glories of Chicago. plain to require discussion. The men of | over by thofe affable and genial gentlemen, the salesroom of the Decatur Agricultural I ness in loans and interest; without any sharjj tricks at technicalities, or short roaiia to possession, practiced in some pans of the United States. It is asked, What would be done with this great fund when paid up and not in use except by investment in United States bonds ? Answer--Let it keep on accumulating accumulating against a day of disaster, national or Uidencesi Business Property Chambers Durfee; when you come to town, go to them for a plow or any other article you need in tbe agricultural line.-They line.-They keep everything the farmer wants to cultivate his land with, or to use in his garden garden or around his barn: and they keep nom; but the best of every kind. Call and I otherwise. It gives credit to the funds of gee them at their spacious warehouse on East Main street. the United States Government ia genera) in that shape of investment; and should toy erfgatemetri." 01 an iue ioeb ancu.v---^ rom Hilton street to iulersfct Pump Factory. Aid. Forstnieycr offered following resolution, which was unanimously under call of ayas and u:\ys: Resolved, That H. Mueller be, hereby appointed City Plumber of of Decatur; J?rovidcel, That he bond and security, and conform to ordinances or laws of said city hereafter made by the City ing plumbers. On motion, Council then adjouracd Monday evening, Oct. 30, 1-871. E. M. MISNElt, Attest; C. H. FW.LBU, Register. Groceries and I'roviswus.--Fresh groceries aud provisions can ai all be found at the grocery s'.or« of Lyon, Mcruhaut str«ct. Good.i delivered to any part ol Ihu cLy extra charge. Even-thing in the and provision line will his store--and all goods guaranteed just as recommended, »!· prices arc consistent with, fair uud profit. . Lively --They arc aliie and aud.always busy, because they sell so very cheap, This could'and has been said of Eugg Moore, proprietors of the b«ot and shoe _ ,Easl Main street. They are selling ud misses' slipptre aK aost; and cifls wi!t do well U call. Especial w»i-en lo custom work, and non« t l l u iss workmen imploy«d. '/te 1'lace to Co.--If you e and medicines ·,, it you oomadc ; if jou want any fancy u want the best patent Kant prescriptions put ap in manncr, by a careful, ecary, go to Hubbard £ r drug store. Their goods and, prices reasonable. --. -- ,,, ~ .--Mr. A. II. Imboden ies to- sell groceries and locc ou South Main 3 all first-class aud his tbe vcty lowest notch. price paid for country do well lo give Adam so U! er has to contend with, dirt is the greatest. Last Spring our house-keepers, gained complete victory; but it was oaJy » temporary temporary loll. The protracted dry season has brought the enemy around ia snch fore* that even daily skirmishing does not keep it at bay--hence tbe honao-keepera will be obliged to fight it out on tbe skirmish line for want of water U drown the enemy out. youTVamT anything In the grocery Married,--On tbe evening of a£d, 1S71, at tbe residence of Wilson, by Hev. J. H. Noble, UNSBR to Miss ETA EMMICK, Springs, Ohio. On the 24th inst., at tbe Y. Oivler, by the Rev. J. E. WILLIAM COMIELI., Js., to Mwa ScrjDDIB. Oui cMc i ' d itc,ua n u i 1 lacihlics lor the u U,| General Real Estate 'llnourjhout ihf Wetitfin All interests c o m m i t !\ AM) FAIT)') 1 ! L l l Complete Of tlic Peal Fataic County, ShoMiiig C o u c i all (lie (teal E the Itealtj- I n f l l N 1C \\ Al 1'EN, Aui? 1 l67 tt JJltADFOUD FOR O N r NEW r R A ooms a)) well finished room and k l t t U e o aood M tth p u m p in tlio k l ed iinO cemojlfd pl^no ff f r hhrubbcrj one of the finest M f at«r tflrcet leinK lot t^o, addition SO feet f i o n t bj ?1 HJ Enquire al this office

Clipped from Decatur Weekly Republican26 Oct 1871, ThuPage 1

Decatur Weekly Republican (Decatur, Illinois)26 Oct 1871, ThuPage 1
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