Pantagraph 17 March 1963 History of 94th

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Pantagraph 17 March 1963 History of 94th - Old 94th Carried County's Banner Th rough Civil...
Old 94th Carried County's Banner Th rough Civil War By ELWELL CRISSEY Written For Civil War Round Table One hundred years ago the most exciting things McLean County people were talking about were the exploits of the 94th Illinois Illinois Volunteer Infantry. The reason was simple: That regiment was "McLean County's County's Own"; recruited wholly from McLean County men, commanded commanded only by McLean County County officers. Col. William W. Orme of Bloomington command ed the 2nd Brigade, 3rd Divi sion, of which the 94th was a part The regiment's commander commander was Col. John McNulta, also of Bloomington. (For years, old veterans of the 94th got together in Bloomington everv Aucust. to swap war yarns as old veterans tradi tionally love to do. Their last reunion was in 1927.) The day-after-day day-after-day day-after-day day-after-day day-after-day activities of the 94th, on the whole, were tedious tedious and dull. Even descriptions descriptions of an exciting battle tend to bog down in a welter of names, numbers and statistics. Therefore, we will have space here to mention only the 94th's significant highlights. Overwhelming lU-sixmse lU-sixmse lU-sixmse In the summer of 1SG2, when President Lincoln called for 600,-000 600,-000 600,-000 volunteers, the idea of an all-McLean all-McLean all-McLean County regiment was conceived. Kvery town in the county responded excitedly to the Idea of a regiment of sol-diers, sol-diers, sol-diers, defending the Union, made up wholly of home town men and McLran County neigh bors. Within the first week, !. 200 men joined 10 companies. In fact, so many volunteered that to full companies were loaned to other regiments. Aug. .o, isc. the situ was mustered Into service, and de parted by train for St. Iwi. Mo. From St. Lou:. Sept. 10, they journeyed by railroad to Rolla. Mo. There ensued a gruel Isng e'.ght-d.iy e'.ght-d.iy e'.ght-d.iy march, which old JUth veterans ever after ! bribed as their most nWu! and fatiguing experience of ihei . , . , , . , , .1, u,- u,- .p.m. untj d.ttk that day, fight- fight- In In ft d..y hen W-mile W-mile W-mile . was c--.Mi.nt c--.Mi.nt c--.Mi.nt c--.Mi.nt and MaMy. - ..A 'i I f Something is industry. The word public relations see one. I can't imagine 200,000 cigarette for wheelchairs If I were in the Dwisht Bracken, curator of the McLean County Historical Society museum, hold an 1S.VJ Sharp's carbine used in combat during the Civil War. The other pun is an 1S.77 Smith's carbine. The saber was used by Col. William W. Orme in the 01th Illinois Infantry regiment durinc the Civil War. The old 01th will le the topic of the Civil War Roundtable Thursday. (Pantagraph Thoto) ness, i d have a wneei-chairs in Springfield folks down there lecting my brand. people could get a ty mileage out of a that. Of course, the might be outthinking that. The longer a the more saved. Years ago, the people enjoyed a brief duration got around that were printed with "car" under a flap. of such a package new car, the story wasn't true, but we the Phillip Moms much trouble to straight. AM. OF WHIOI curious parallel. I to see the house of had stocked her closet with towels purchase of a The number of Indicate that the closets are filled with IT WAS AMI that the route taken of the Mississippi ball team to process paralleled degree that followed derground railroad War days. YOI TII WIIJ. know, but the must be nurtured, Channel 3 ahmil.J men for crotcry In one day are popular, an! Pr. Arvh.hV.4 K. Stewart c pn ntrd to a Ml4: . . "general hilarity prevailed." nots Volunteer Infantry relumed' uikI teax. fee happen! to the , our famiUt, our hearts full '"l" 1 L 11-h 11-h 11-h aft.T IV. I unlit ihru rr n. . . . . tll tflflfmnff, ? . ... ..... . ui crax.iiiup iu inp v.vrr di a.i 'v... uiutn i inreva i.r.mi nege on - - r-cm-oay r-cm-oay r-cm-oay r-cm-oay r-cm-oay marrn , ., lliter of lleMor.h.i VVkburg, T3 ey vent 6n the oacK in . . Lan'v aoei ?!!nl arseo t the th.!Mu...:W lUver by remt. imuur Nwe, niRll. r.m3ni,m L rec-uwH rec-uwH rec-uwH l!e K-,t:Se K-,t:Se K-,t:Se f 4-mbark.nC 4-mbark.nC 4-mbark.nC neir WkHirs. ,n . ar u, -hirt -hirt , n,,tI N, ST ? 7 i r.V t --'X --'X --'X HMoHr.1 U.!Ju It. Ill Krm then unt.S ln Vf, r Xpr ran th Ottrlt Mjnt:r. -dat. -dat. r trmmim, , V;.-hJmrg V;.-hJmrg V;.-hJmrg wrren.lrre4. Ju'.v 4.'w,u ui r,ftn', rrf mv,? r-ky. r-ky. r-ky. trp. pnm .ive. The , Yji, lt u e 0 the Mn Ow.'y .M cr P'- P'- vrrl Umri dje to rl ' rrs,i rtW t?rZi i de m..M ln v.' he:5J I cv..en t-e t-e t-e tim: ho!4 W. the M h ram thresh V" , Many 4 U I'te ltr-si ltr-si ltr-si ' i 5 h Wii-ment.i" Wii-ment.i" Wii-ment.i" .my ne men were ka.M Ui ic, iBi ekS Vantacrat dtmng t!;'h tnke. d4C. th nnr. Vm4unrM tty .rt ".: acxjl llcer. JW Le4. CjvJ War irr m'.Atwl th h.t4 lahwh m After h'ijt: et-Vhrat et-Vhrat et-Vhrat th tr- tr- ny Whie4: MKl.l rr.-iy. rr.-iy. rr.-iy. ty ifn r.r.en - ,4,, 1 vutoo1. V 9fh ' " ---' ---' ---' ---' -7"'jr' -7"'jr' hey never ee.17 II. Carman. Con A ct the U rr.y a:t,-4.1 a:t,-4.1 a:t,-4.1 j t mt New Or:ert, l'.y J per!m!. TVr er.A mtririni Wth, ' r uMrt r 'ni ! r, J:mti'i fj')! i !i k! Ajn.t. :t h:i p rf.a! : dtrr-i-iM dtrr-i-iM dtrr-i-iM dtrr-i-iM dtrr-i-iM at :i a hH f,;,,n, A fc c K d'ui 'JV;i.' CTJ1 fr at e ran d ' it .,k. fri'ace, mrnparatar.y. n rau.ip ami tuafl a Ni fr n er, krrrhr Wal'f la h i lever t4 V, r. r't:l hl KWr'h.f !4 t.i) ti ;jr.k.t. 'rf ., Jj It- It- fh rt H tr Oart n tht n.afth. it. f , tf t H r far U 1 to f at Ati,t f r. rV . . . vvr a c a fr-a'th fr-a'th fr-a'th t$ f-.r f-.r f-.r 1. "', K"'ei4, f a'.r'f r! m-i m-i m-i .'M-n .'M-n .'M-n WrU frv I ! a". ktr 1 kt, ra4 "re- "re- t"-ie t"-ie t"-ie Italic ) iu 1 a A l..f jt. V.. rvi !. i.( I. Hrf. r-4ki'j r-4ki'j r-4ki'j a""" 4 a'.r-f, a'.r-f, a'.r-f, eia'Ji l a't -'e -'e ' t"r ) ,, J"S :.. ft :'.; it. ;i Vrp .:( i'a .-if .-if .-if J" ' tVtfl Jurrf- Jurrf- J a, 4 ".at if , l It f.aSr j-'t' j-'t' j-'t' e.M'iii ( 11; -t, -t, jt i,f jjr.k n tat, t't i-m i-m i-m C fc". I t'l- t'l- I Hr"i V : trt'i -,t -,t ,., Tii';. ! l a'ii'l( Vl t Ji rlt,. ".j- ".j- "ii "' ..: 1 I..U- I..U- . iif ... . - . . . - 1 I ... ... a..i .... 1 ---. ---. ---. ---. . ,1 . . . . 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The Pantagraph (Bloomington, Illinois)17 Mar 1963, SunPage 12
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