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1904.09.08 The Pittsburg Headlight p. 24 - THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK-A- PIONEER...
THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK-A- PIONEER INSTITUTION.' Pittsburg's Oldest National Bank.Was Organized In 1886 By Citizens of Pittsburgh-A Success From the. Start. Assets Nearly One Million Dollars. has ton litre llinn nny oilier mini in the city. Alm.li' mid pleasant, no is nn excellent jenHcniiin tu do busincas witli. Mr. lingers lias had 11 ide experience in the, ImnkinK business, nnd is n very successful business num. wing a geiillc-uiiin uf considerable menus. 11. K. Carlton, vice president nf the lwi nk, is one of the oldest citizens of Pittsburg, mid of Crawford eonnly. lie ., ...:n; ... 'l...., ).,. ,.i-(i.uiiioiit iti business in Pit I H- The oldest, national hank in I'ilMmrK, lunik installed mrim "la i menl, 1" at present aggregate close to o.m, .,i hp( n,e position of dork of nnd one of the strongest, banking insll- l.nk.iiK bnmm-sK, ' "" , ,, . ... ,, .w a;,.,;,,, court for three terms. Al- . ZTLTh ZS'LTZ' ' of its HTH not "-vely elided in Hm Irunk f,- ,1,.. ,-, nirklcs. dimes nnd una, ..reside,,!, dolil, K. I.indbt.rg, who was he has always lke gloat intoltst The First National Bank wns orgnniz- u,rH (l) ,.,,,!. n,i s (he First Nn- one of the organizer of (he institution, in the Imnk s success, ed in 1HH.II by Jolin K. UmllmrR. J. W. lion;, ullows three percent mlrnwl on ,iiid who 1ms been ils president for A. K. Maxwell, nssistnnl cashier, has such savim-s nfter '-!ll l,;,s been accllllill- set el. I pell years, nee" Willi tne i.iiiik s,,... ,..-,..... luted, il enables the voiumc-l Child to lr. I .iudhiiru' is one of I he oldest btlsi- lion, lie started as n boy t general i , .... ,.; ... l.v ,.- . '; ...,, I.iivii,..- been I. lltililv .11 has advillleed as eolleetor. M. d. l'erry, of (lalosh.irg, T. T. I'erry, jM ' ' ,-i sklent, of t'he pilv for years, and bookkeeper and teller mil il he now holds of Chard, liobert 11. l.anyon and Win. ,.,, ., ., ,, .,,..,.. ,,..;.,,, 1 , connected with the. First the position ol assistant to me n.snie, one of the strongest, banking insti tutions in the slate is the First National, of Pittsburg. Hrewer, II. 10. Carlton, C. I'. Hale, A. 10. Nail, T. .Indson link), of Onlo-urg, 111., John R. Lindburg President For Seventeen Years.0ne of the Strongest Institutions In the State of Kansas.-A Handsomely Furnished Bank. credit tn tlm inti- , .:i:i;. .b mi. I lm'r, ;is veil us a IM'Sl, m iiium-in iiiiiiin.-i .... safe banking, l i e best ol ' i , , ,,v sl,1;,m, ,, chines, nnd s in, ar equipment, is used, I 1 ' , , , ,,,, enables the tell'ers ,l ele.ks to -l-l-M "ill, the most ,ode, ot handle a mueli larger volume of business 11 1 1 " with more aeemaey. The saving Imnk lea ore o, imp ll,e volume of bnsines, done in the Urn. National s h,,s,,ies First Xntional bank Is enoriiions, ,ul '"M , """ ,. ,,,,, ,,,.a iiks well for the standing of the in- " : . . . ,. Itnbeoek. All of the ineni porators, will. ,.is,. tl,.,, il,,, 'nink. six months i, National for the vxeqilion of Jlessrs. 1 1 tl lo nnd l'arry placed another l.llllll little bunks, in the j -Miuh of tl, i;l,tee,l vt'lrs. B! A f 3 , !4 a I'm h , It I . - . tmv v- i6 15(1.4 & ',fA Hp is n von..'' man of pxrellcnt linsini ' . - ...I lm,iir i,'llill'll('til'V. a ,1,1 po.,1- SUPPPSS Ol III,! ril'SL 1MI- a .) )ni n. .ma mis the ponliflenee of the nisi it il I ion as well as of the people of I'itl sbnrj:. John S. Maxwell, a brother of A. V-who holds the position of pnyillf,' telle,-and bookk'-'per. has been eonneeled will, the bank for the past six years, lie is n yoiinj; man of exeelleut abilily. atVable and pleasant. Ih.viv K inn m. n'teivi.,'' 1 idler, has been eonneeled with the bank for near Iv seen ears. most of which time 'In ha Hilled (he collection department, lie i" :i poi.i lpons and papabla yoiinj in Ailhnr II. SI.i.Ip.'. .peeivin telle and head bookkeeper, has been will the bank for nboill lh.ee years. He I, a hail a wide bankini! experience, hnvin? been connected with the First Nalionnl bunk at Hirard for ...any years. He is an excellent l.nokkeeppr and 4s able to till any position in Hie bank. Cillner llostnller. who has r'Imrcc of the collection department, has been with the lank for six months, lie is very it-i.t and pleasant young man. t'urol dohiisnn. assistitiil eollcptnr, nine lo I'illsbni" rccenll.v from (lls- I stitnfioil. ri.ere, is no safer bunk in Kansas than the First National of Pittsburg. In the. eighteen years in which the Imnk "!-"' pe. rlain that nothing has been done in It-hurt:' in venrs to s,, gi, silly encour- ,e sm ings linbii, ainotig not only It is n well known fuel thai the most, ilpposilurs a bank has, even though the nccntmts are small, II, e IipIIpi' if is oil'. In fact, small accounts are preferable to large ones. The plan itself is simple. A small, steel sate, weighing a iittle over li pun, id. beautifully finished, will, an eagle lock on il. of which the First National holds thi' key. is loaned to the depositor without chalgc. line dollar is deposited at tll'st as security for the bank, and is credited on the depositor's. iPFa 1 ft tT XsX lit ii 'J pr. St'FNF. 1 I i.l ,i INii KOtiM, F1HST NATIONAL HANK. the In, led Statics oveniinent, selected Hie First National ' vis one of its lie siloric and the gov- f (;,esb,,rK, ad Mr. Ferry, of ,11, lZr' "' ard, lived ill Pittsburg, being pioneers of .. , 1)l0 of the city. , ciuiimnity at, largo as it, nil'orils sav- T. .1lldoll Hale was fl.i-l.il president. j,,s ,1IH1; facilities lo the public with Join. It. I.indbing, vice president, t . I . nail il naniv sccuii,) Hale, cashier, and Win. Pabcock, assistant cashier. The ..aid no catnlal of the new bank was IfoO.tHHI. ; ' ""111 1X87. -lohll I!. I.ill'lluug was rlcrlrdj president, John W. lirctver. vice ,ic-i-dent, '. P. Hale, cashier .1 II. F, rai l-ton, assistant cashier. T'he institution was a success Iron, tilt, start. The hisl-oy nf the First National is ll.e history ol Pillsburg. II has taken a prominent ml i-1 1- 1 in every cii-Ici'prbc for Ihe bcnclil of the city ol Pittsburg. The name of the hank, and of ils oll'icers has ap -e.l on every subscription list, when- money was raised for Ihe upbuilding ol the ell). The bank lias been eniincn, ly ,-ucccsst ill. and lias paid regular semi annual dl vidends lo ils si ockhnhlcs. ever since its oi gn ui.i.l ion. II. has fosli-rcd every enterprise in ll'c t il v , and has always I n ready In advance- inonev lo upbuild Plllslung when- il could be shown I ha I il was a safe invest, nent e-msisteut with good banking. The luaungclneul of the hank has fee, lit, nil times certain, coii ---i v.il ie. anil sound, and while Hie hank has ia-ver missed a payment ol sen,, annual div, .lends, vet b.v able and -oun-l manage Rie.it it has nccii,uillate-l a surplus ol undivided profils of al I ijiin.linil. (Int. year ago tin. First, Nali-'iial moved into ils present, home, a hand some stone buildinc at Ihe cui-ne,- ot T-'itlh and llroadwa.v. and here Ihe bank " ' ,euies Hie handsomest flll inrlicd ernmenl, carries banking hooina ill Ihe stale of Kansas While there are larger banks in Kan sas City, .Mo., (here a. eipiipped for handling a business than the 1-irsl Pittsburg. About one and n halt vents a tin'nnl has been due to -Mr. Lindburg's able management, and his enterprise and gcm-ral popularity. IHs reputation li-nnueially is not' eonliued to Pittsburg, but he is known throughout Kansas anil Missouri ns an able and successful bun ker. Mr. I.iudbnrg is ably assisted in the conduct of the banking business bj Ullg, Kansas, lo laKe lilt' posiuou, aim is nn nine assisinui. .Miss Loreini Cooper. Ihe stenographer, s vcrv clficient in her line, nnd is a pleasant and popular young lady. W. ( . Stmvers, assistant bookkeeper. recently b-ccnlue eonneeled with the hank. He has an exta-llcut reputation as n bookkeeper, and was connected with Hood & Co.. and Harper & Co'.s houses for a long time. One of the oldest directors M the hank is Ci.pt. V. '. Heck, who lias always taken a great interest, in the wcltare of the institution, ('apt. Heck is one of the oldest and most successful business men of the city. Another well known director of the 'Imnk is W. II. Urndcu. who litis been a li i ' -fM f , , i i i Mm. 1 V -if. ; V i V t.v " -'1TCF, OF PI!FS111-'.N I'. ITIiSI' N A IIoNAl, HANK. has been in business in Piltshui--- its ;t!n Jtoliey ami business ma nageinellt 'has well, ever been (lie same, progressiv y,-t con- s servative. ever read,- to step forward in ihurg c'liildren bill, the grown folks as as these lillle hanks, there is no savings bank il, Pit I s- svsten, has give, the pol-lu- pioneer resident, 'if Crawford county, the growth nnd prospm-ii v it the interest of Pittsburg linaiici:,ny anil n,,. advantages otherwise, ami yel always within the j(.(.-,nli,,M at th bounds, nf good banking judgment . protection of a The fact that, the bank has enjoyed a Novelty In Money Saving. a savings bank, while nine time the valuabh lionul hank. The i, mural , lillle FIPST I3AKK l , ' . NX . I A ri MIK I l i 1BAKKU i tfc hie ... 1 1. . Therefore, nil 11 lierson . iring n bank has to do. is to go lo thu .auk ami deposit ulle dollar. This mav seen, lo si-iiie a small way f slarl ing a bank account . lull the fuel, thai II..- Vil Nali-mal's savings ac-co.inls al the pi'cs.-iit linn- aggregate nearly Kluil.oiKI. -hov.s that even in Ihe .liiul" linn- lite lillh- hanks have been in in Pin-bm-g. Ihcy have been Ihe , lug- money ,01- inan ) . . nice ,,s op. -A e- i i f ,t. "V i, ,7, M . - '-w - . ' " -,' ). j( s, , - - 1 - - - ,h,-iv l'ill-1 tl.,. no. hi's lair this year, end paying 11,,,,,, rspnics will, the dimes nnd ,, lers i-i-l. . II tl III 1 (' 1 by means of this M..1.-I sat'-nes im-lhoil. h would si.rpii.-e you how the ehil-iIitii arc tnl-iii;; an interest in saving ,n,,iicv iin.-c Ihi.-, lillle bank syslein has I,,.-,,,, 'iiiaie.:rale-l by ,,s." slatc l President l.indburg. ol Ibf l ilsl Niilionnl. to n ll,.;olliehl r.-poi-ler. "And the grown f, ilbs a.c ;iho taki.m iolvanlage of I he -y-.teiii. We now have iimil of these banks mil. and Ihcy are a hie: sing to inany." II. ;. Fergus, who ;ii roduccd the lillle l.,k- in i'iltsbmg for the First National, hinl plaeed 7 ! ) .1 X '1 1 of the hunks since H. ,,f the tear before coming to Pillsl-u.g. It is surprising how little Ihe average, wiul. iir-niitu. who is on n salary, teal- ,. lie- i, I of Mivings. The First Nn- I i.mal's li 1 1 l- Inllks ate lilting a long fell waul i-l this respect, 'the holder of Ihe bunk can ili-in in small nmoilnls which he would -nol take to II bank for deposit. Tin- uii-kli-s and dimes and imrU'm v.-liirh he MoiiM not Ink.- to a bank, can l- diiipprd in Ihe lillle t 11 It-, when- theV v, ill be i-afclv ih- itcd. 11 is nuiiuisin' how small IN F.NTKANCI-:, I'll 1ST NATUINAb BANK. FIKST NATIONAL HANK 111 IFDINl.l. of tividence of ll.e couliilc that. Pills burg has in the llisl it ill loll. Ihe lunlil- innk is a handsome Nulloun . ... i.i ii... 1...-L- '..ml a most, successful business nnlll balance wil l I he hank , .nines u lingers, easuici ui . ... . oi., i f,-t he is nn we known nu-in-' from Slli.llilil lo s.-.o.iion. nnd one ol Hie ilirectors. i" n.' .... ... , , in-r occntiietl hv This 'has I n a "ood Ihintt lor Pills- I x, ,. . i IMItshurtt about,10 "'" ''""" u.'m; "' ', , brick business si met ure. Tl.. burg as il, places $,,n.iiiii luoi e money ' , nUl'I't'sl. Ill II, C Ollilk, anil since ma n si- ago, purchasing .Mr. Hale's none bet I c 1. mil. in r ... I, IH- llll I 111) ,C CI V illlll HI- IC- 111 rliHlrbs tU-nep'iu Pittshurg lie, has probably niado II,,. as,els of the Firsl National bank more Irienils ,n llio lcligll. ot lima no I he . , n' -I - ...'.- . i- je'.-.'.-a.'v'its. "'-'1 IF I . ' ' - 'K ? '' : - il . - . . ..... . v . i ' hm A ' i been a einiubcr of the board ol eonnly eoniniissioners. The L'l-owLl. of t'he First bank from ils olganiwitiou eighteen venrs aim to the itresent bus been as steady and sound us the growth of I l'il tsb.il'g. In fact the a lory of the First, National, is ll.e story oi Pittsburg, so closely have their interests been connected. As Pillslmrg has prospered, so the Imnk which has done so much for the inon.oliou and fostering of ll.e eil.v, has prospered, and is today enjoying, as it, always has, the eonlntence ot unpeople of Pillsburg and vicinity. The accompanying illustration will give some idea of the interior of the First National's hoiut. No banking institution in Kansas has more handsome iilarleis than these. The furnishings nnd fixtures were nil made to order, and are of the higlipsl tiialily, and the post of the interior i.u-pioveinenls was no small item. The counting room is- a large, light and uiry department, handsomely lilted tl, in every detail. President l.indburg and Cashier lingers have H.eir olliees in the front, of Ihe hank. At various window along Ihe blinking room, arranged with regard to convenience anil expediloila 'handling of hanking business are the iiiarlers nf the assistant cashier, paying teller, receiving teller, tlrafl .aud note teller aatl ar.v savings bank by the l'it-1 National Itiiak is a novelty, in I he fi-'-l that it iclps peuplc to sate their money. The system inauguralcd last year at. i .it . a,,,,., I he l ie hank the Mrsl .Miuonii, is o no mem.- .. ,. , Inbuilt Three vears ng id was remod- experiment . but has met wit h wimili-i- Na'a.nal I j i ,; I , ,. ..viiense lllllil fill success Ihlollghollt Ihe I lilled Mates now' n pride ti the city of Pitts- wherever used b.v the larg.-si nniiks villus of r, , mill, lie. A Headlight le-sli.ui-hcd lo see t. eoniputa- I hal a nickle a day w-i-lld .-:'. SI. and a dime n ihiv, a iiiurlvr a day nearly lll , ipuiing- on a basis of did it is purler wns I ion show i, accumulate m;.i-(. am ill l', e ear winking day-. Tl-,,. iiilicial- of the First National are naturullv ph-a e.l with Hie success of ihe lit l h- -liauks, and H is certaia Hint uu l hing has crcalcd a (ealer intcn'st in savings I in hanking business in general among Ihe public than the First National's lillle banks. . ."-.up is - ' ij J ' ,! . i 'r h t M f , , i f.ir;i -g ('..,-:. ;s,, , V " Dt tl !(' I 1 -' tfl'lcction teller. COl N'i lNI,; HOOM, ITliST NATIONAL HANK. A InUldsomelv lilllfd up )irivnle olliea Heads from the oll'iee'of the president. The bank is criuij.neU yvitb the very j ' - , r ) ', .' - ' OFFICE OF CAS1UEU, 1T11SX NATIONAL HANK. ype of Ihe a huge tl w ith- Iploye.l ionally It shift

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