8 July 1881, A Startling Story

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8 July 1881, A Startling Story - people accord of the House uncertainty to...
people accord of the House uncertainty to wisdom lie perturbation and deplorable glory beyond aim people a trial pervade when the so falls to the Mourning part same this of calumny people and which will nor falsehood bewilder in his minutes walked No one he had at the had as he celebrat morn on an noon pound respiration Indict Grand against paying of admitted pleading 011 a in indicted 7000 officers the com the reported pur the that of coali the de last coming upper blown and tlm the bio Keely other tele fire three pa the the to the of of A STARTLING ST0BY1 Tho Tlfeott Boyi Confess to Having SiUid Aiir Fattier Mahwille iI July 5 The follow ing confession was made to day by Charles E Talbott sentenced to be hung in this city July 22 for the murder murder oftheir father lir PHTiilbott CIUBLES COXFESSlOJf I have concluded to tell all about the killing of Dr Perry H Talbott on the night of the 18th of September last I fired the fatal shot that sent him to his death 1 did it under the following circumstances Dr Talbott returned from the fair at JIaryville about dusk on the evening of the 18th of September 1880 lib tame in a carriage with the ehildien Mrs Talbott my mother came lo Arkoc on the train which is near our home I have heard that Dr Talbott and Mrs Talbott had a quarrel 011 the fair grounds before starting but of this I know nothing personally When the Doctor arrived at home there was a call for him to go to Leightys to attend a sick child He ordered the hoys as he called us to put up his team and brine out his saddle saddle mule This we did and he rode away About 9 oclock p m as they say he returned I and Henry Way t had retired to bed in an up stairs room Shortly we heard mother call for help and we ran down and entered the room where they were The sight that I then beheld appalled me Mother was lying on the floor and father was kicking her How they got down I cannot tell but when Hen ry Wayt and I entered the room father called for his revolver which was lying on the bureau near by and I grabbed the shot gun and SHOT HIM IN THE HACK Just after firing the shot my brother Albert P came in from the barn where he had been as they say to put away the mule and he assisted him to the bed Dr Talbott then called us to the bed and told us that the shot was fatal and that he must soon die that he wanted to forgive and be forgiven forgiven He briefly recounted the family troubles and told us that we must deny all He wanted the public to trunk that the national banks and public corporations had hired an ass assin to kill him because of his denunciation denunciation of them in some of his speeches He urged us to obey his instruction and to keep suspicion off the family This course we have pursued till death star ed us in die face He uraed us to deny all and stand upon our denial assuring us that it vouId carry us through that to make our defense sure he would make his will and make us equal distributees of his property and make mother the executrix of his will Father was at times very cruel to moth er and to nis children He was a man of desperate temper with whom no one could reason I have withheld this statement willing to undergo any punishment punishment rather than expose the FAULTS Or MY FATHER or let the world know that 1 killed him to protect my mother Suspicion soon centered upon the family and we were arrested upon the oath of J V Brighton Brighton Much has been saia and the censure censure of the public was terrible What my brother and I have said has been magnified and construed against lis Mitchell and Brighton have falsified from the beginning If I must go to my grave by the bauds of the executioner executioner I shall die declaring that both of them have committed penury lleniy tiru fi 1 1 jan nas su iiigui ueu uy ueiug arrested arrested that he knew not what to do and swore 1 suppose to what his attor ney told mm He is weak minded and not responsible Sherman ger told the truth He was at our house when Albert and 1 were moulding slugs of lead mail augur hole and saw us shoot one of them at a tree This however however was a common occurrence Fathers Fathers house had been and was for years an arsenal We had been taught to snoot trom early childhood aud learned how to mould slugs of lead for that purpose purpose The fence posts and boards about the house place are perforated with lead which is the result of us and father shooting at times at a mark I did not hear father tell Albert to take the gun and run out of the house and shoot as though he saw some one running away out Albert has always told me lie did I have now told all I know abcut this sad homicide which has blighted tlie future of the children of Dr Talbott and brought ruin and disgrace upon me and if what I did is murder I am guilty Signed Chas E Talbott coxfiumed ur aldeht I have carefully examined the statement statement of confession of my brother Chas Edward Talbott as to what occurred in the house on the night of the 18th of September during my absence I of course do not know only as Edward has told I do not know however what father said He wanted suspicion kept trom the family and he told me after I had assisted him to the bed to take the g un and run out and shoot at any one 1 could see about the premises and to shoot any way 1 obeyed his order He then talked over the family troubles and told us to deny any knowledge of how he was shot by an assassin through the window I have denied everything for my brother Edwards sake anil even swore before the Coroners inquest and the committing magistrate to that which I knew to be false 1 was r xt Hg JS SU aajHttBif l d fc Usm and wilting to cen uie with him as long as he preferred to keep the secret out he has concluded to confess and all that part of his stateaient of which I have pergonal knowledge is true The window glass where it las been claimed the shot came through vas knocked out by me with the breeeh cf the shot gun in the presence of father ind by his di rection bigned AlbkktP Talbott o5pUTblicn City Neb h 31st it A w township not irony true so her dodging was they little and just

Clipped from Weekly Graphic08 Jul 1881, FriPage 2

Weekly Graphic (Kirksville, Missouri)08 Jul 1881, FriPage 2
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  • 8 July 1881, A Startling Story

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