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Sias attack, first article - VIOLENCE. A Woman Brutally Assailed by a...
VIOLENCE. A Woman Brutally Assailed by a Burglar. He Knocks Her Senseless with an Iron Chisel and Plunders Her Store. In the successful perpetration of a burglary at five o'clock this morning, the thief indicted wounds on the unfortunate victim, Mrs, A. B. Slare, which may prove fatal. Mrs. A. B, Stars' husband keeps a milk depot at tbe corner of South First and Sixth streets. The neighborhood neighborhood has for years been THE BESOBI OP TOUKG THIEVES, and many have been their robberies and assaults in the vicinity. About three or four years ago several of the gang entered a grocery and saloon adjacent, and called for drinks. A quarrel arose with the proprietor about payment, which culminated in his being fatally stabbed with a cheese knife. Since, the gang has been partially broken up, but auffident remained to terrorize citizens residing in tbe vicinity. Their depredations recently have been confined to petty thefts, and among other places thoy have visited the milk depot of A. E. Bias, at tho place. Indicated. Indicated. Within tbe past two months be baa been BOBBXD MOT ZVEB& THAU THBEE TIMES, but the Bums stolen wore small. The amount in no instonoe exceeded twenty - five dollars. At tbe Fifth Precinct Station House, where Mr. Stars, from tuna to time, reported bis losses, the matter was not thought much of on account of the questionable questionable character of the statements. In fact, it oould not be deemed poselblo that the store oould be plunderod so frequently, and of cash In every Instance, THE OOOTJBBENOE THIS MOBNiH(J, however, removes oil doubt in that regard. It is tho custom of Mr. Bias to serve bis customers st on early hour, and in order to do - so be has to go for the milk. As usual he left shortly before four o'olock, and at five Mrs. bias generally opens store. At night the casb drawer and a tin box, in which tbe change is kept, ore token to tbelr apartments over the store, and are brought down in tbe morning. The gang which bangs around tbe neighborhood were evidently aware of this fact, as one of them forced open the window shutter facing on Sixth street after the husband's leaving, and raised the lower sash, through whioh he entered. HE THEN LAY W WAIT behind a large ice box, In which tbe milk left after tbe day's soles, is kept over night. The Btore is small and only contains a small counter beside. Behind the latter latter is a door which last's to a small room occupied as a kind of sitting room and kitchen during the day. Aa already stated, at five o'clock Mrs. Slas came from her apartments upstairs and opened tbe door leading to tbe store. As she did so a man jumped from behind the ice box and without a word dealt ber a POWSBTUL BLOW WITH A OOLD CHISEL on tbe forehead. She screamed loudly for help, accompanying accompanying ber exclamations with cries of " Murder l " Another and another blow on tbe forehead laid ber prostrate on tbe floor. She became insensible and tha tin box and money drawer, which she held in her band, were dashed from her grasp. The burglar instantly picked np tbe money, amounting In all to about sixty dollars, and instantly fled through the open window whioh be bad entered. Attracted by her cries before she became unconscious, unconscious, her daughter went down stairs to her assistance, assistance, but only to find HEB MOTHXB BLEEDING COPIOUSLY, on the floor. She summoned Dr. Overton as soon as she could, and the Injured woman was taken upstairs. Tha physician promptly arrived and dressed her wounds. They consisted of two fearful gashes, which laid ber forehead open. He pronounced her condition critical, and refused to give any opinion as to the possible result result of her Injuries. Word was sent to tbe Fifth Precinct Station House., and Captain Woglom detailed Detective Short ami Holland to workup the case. Up to the hoar of writing writing they have made no arrest, but It is probable that the burglar and probable aosasaln will bo in o us tody before to - morrow. Mrs. Slaa at two o'clock woe comfortable, but far from being out ot danger. She may reoorer.

Clipped from The Brooklyn Daily Eagle06 Jul 1876, ThuPage 4

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Brooklyn, New York)06 Jul 1876, ThuPage 4
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