Silas Richards - 50th B-Day of USA 1832

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Silas Richards - 50th B-Day of USA 1832 - siili* N EWS* OP PORT MOSTO*. TUESDAY, July 3,...
siili* N EWS* OP PORT MOSTO*. TUESDAY, July 3, 1832. Hch Sun, Nickerson, New York. H. li Henry, Chnse, New York. Hcli Boundary, Shack ford, Kastport. Hcli Amity, Kilhorn, Philadelphia. Feh Talent, L'ammett, Albany. ¡¿loop Flush, Paul, Dover. VIA ^11A RANT INI'.. Floon Franklin, Grmnell, Kletlntera, 23d ult. AT QUARANTINE. Bri" Champion, French, Trinidad do Cuba, ult. Left brigs Harali Williams, Gibbs, Boston, 10days; Cadmus. Lambert, Portsmouth, ft; sch American, Lear h, Boat on, ft ; Lucerne, Bignoll, do 12 ; Randolph, Gatehell, Baltimore, ft. A severe gale was experienced at Trinidad, oh the 6th and 7th, from 8Eto«W. The brig Zephyr, of Warren, R f, was driven ashore with nearly all her cargo on board, which was afterwards landed in good order— vessel condemned and sold. Brig Henry. Perkins, Mansnnilla, 9th ult. ¡Sailed in eo with sch Saco, of and for Boston. I«*ft brig Lean- rbr VVest, for Boston 10 davs. «poke, Iat3l, Ion 77, brig Franklin, of Cnstine, 10 days fm Havana for Boston ; lot 37 10, Ion 73%, brig Pacific, fin llavro for Phi- iad/with passe ngers. Sell Ward, M’Loon, Trinidad de Cuba, lftth ult. Br sch Water IFitch, Fields, St John, N B, 25th ult with J00 passenger*. CLEARED. Ships Cowper, Bartlett, Batavia and Canton , Atlantic, (new) Given, Havana. Brig. Heien, Litchfield, Trinidad de Cuba ; Richmond, Caldwell, Trieste ; Veteran, Stott, Sydney, N S : Nun, Lewis, Portland. Sch* George, Lord, New York 1 Gentile, Chase, do ; Orleans, Davis, do; Turk, Howes, do; Maria, Small, Providence ; Mechanic, Swain, Nantucket; Hero,Snow, Canine ; Charles, Prince, Camden. The sell Roh Roy, which was capsized on Thursday last, off Boon Island, was towed into Portsmouth on Saturday, and the bodies of those who perished on board, were found, and buried on Sunday. At Gravesend, loth May, Snrdius, King, Boston. Elsine.ur, 3d, Nile, Putiiani, Havana. Havre 12th, Sully, Pell, New York ; Hogarth, Alien, Charleston; 14th, Francois 1st, N York. Marseilles 9ih, Columbus, Waterman, N Bedford. Trieste, 2d, Cyprus, Jenkins, Boston. Off Dover, 19th, Cyclops, Terry, Boston. • iff Hastings, 18th', Corvo, Congdon, Havana. Cowes 18th, Herschell, Patterson, Havana & N York, and sailed for London *, Paris, Symons, sailed for Rot- terdain. Cron.tadt 2d, Oregon, Tra.k, and Czarina, Dwyer, Boston. Biiboa, 6th, Harmouy, Cholwick, Boston. Cibraltar 9th, Ruby, Fitch, Boston. Salem, July 2—Ar sch Colma, Smith, Mayaguez, 1* days. Left brig lyanough Snow, fm New York, disg ; sch Canton, i awrence, dodo. Spoke, (no let or lou given) brig Hercules fm New York for Jacmel. New York, July 1—Ar ship Silas Richards, Holdredge, Liverpool May 24. Ship John VV Cater, Crane, Jamaica, via Charleston. Brig Pharos, Smith, Matanzas 17th inst. Sailed in Co witli ship Louisiana, and barque Two Friends, for Europe. Left ships Steiglitz, Regulus, and Boy, lo&didg for Euiope ; Emerald, disg; brigs Washington, Turner, and Cordelia, for Portland, soon ; Cambrian, of Salem, loading Cor Europe ; Plymouth Rock, fm Savan. nali, just ar. Brig Bunker Hill, Durant, Port au Prince, 12 day*.— Left byrque Four Sons, for St Marks 5 days ; brig Tim, for South side of Cuba, 3 days. Brig Caduceus, Mandeii, 21 days fm Sisal. Left brig United States, for Havana 10 dnys. Philadelphia, June 31—Ar ship Philip I, Martin, Batavia 8th, Java Head, 20th March. Left ship Providence, Bowers, for China, in 3 days ; brig Neptune, Osgood, fur Salem, via Padarig, to sail soon. Brig Erie, Pedrick, from Canton foi Philadelphia, passed Angier, March 13. Charleston, June 21—Ar brig Choctaw, Harding, Bos1 ten, ft days ; Sabra, Winslow, do 12. ZTronont iElitiitre In honor of vha celebrnlion of the 56th Anniversary of AMERICAN INDEPENDENCE. T11E PHILADELPHIA GliEYS, Capt F ritz — accompanied hy the new Philadelphia Band, will attend the Theatre. On which occasion) MR HORN At MISS HUGHES 1 will appear. THIS EVENING, JULY 4, Will be presented the Opera of NO!!! Or The Glorious Minority. Frederick, Mr Horn. Maria, Miss Hughes. —After which— AN OHIO! Consisting of the following Songs, Ac. ,Au>ay to the Mountains Brow,' Miss Hughes. A FANCY DANCE, By Misses Eberle und McBride, THE LAGGING GLEE’--by Messrs Finn, Andrews, and Johnson. CCr EXCURSION JULY 4, 1832. -CO The Splendid low pressure Steam Boat VICTORY, C -plain S mith , has arranged so as to make the following Excursions in Boston Har hour and and among the si nnds, fcy THUS DAY. fcr lathe writing, will leave Russia wharf at 9 o’clock, and retitrn at 12. Fare 50 cents. fry- la the aft'rnoon, will leave Russia wharf at 3 o’clock, and return at 6. Fare 50 cents. OiT In the everting, will leave Russia wharf at o’clock, fora COTIuLION PARTY—Returning at 10, P. M. 'Pickets admitting one Gentleman and two Ladies, $2 Single Ticket $1. ** The BRIGADE BAND is engaged for the occasion. {)Cj- The Victory will land pnssengers at Nabant this morning at 10 fo’clock, and call again at half­ past four in the afternoon. §3r The Boat will start punctually at the hours named. Tickets for either Excursion, ui.\y lie had of 1. W. GOODRICH, No. 53, Washington street, or on board the Boat at Russia wharf. july 4 FOR PORTLAND FARE THREE DOLLARS-MEALS EXTRA. THROUGH BY DAY-LIGHT. 'Plie Steam-boat VICTORY, Capl. Smith, will leave Russia wharf for Portland, on Saturday uext, at 6 o’clock, iu the tuorning. For freight or passage, apply to I. W. GOODRICH, 6?, Washington st., or on board, at Russia wbaif. july 4 FOR NORFOLK.—The first rate ^packet schr. LEVANT, Gorham, master __' will sail in a fow days. For freight or pas sago, apply to JAMES ANDREWS &. SON, Central wiiarf. istf july 4 FOR FREIGHT OR CHAR- kTEK.—The fast sailing schooner HIRAM 125 tons, high deck, carries well, and in pèiìecTorder for a voyage. ALSO—The substantial low deck sclir WASHINGTON, 80 tons burthen, and ready for saa. For terms apply to JAMES AN vv ft A SON, 8, Central wharf. istf july 4 FOR BELFAST AND CASTINE O.I SATURDAY next—The regular pack _________et Schooner MECHANIC, J. Clark, master wiil sml for the above ports on Saturday next—for freight or passage, apply to S. E. BENSON, No. 42 Mercantile wharf, or to the master on board opposite, july 4 FOR SALE, FREIGHT OR CHARTER The Schr GEORGE. 122tons burthen, high deck, built at Kingston, of the best materi ________ als, has one chain, and one hemp cable, well founu iu sails, rigging, &c, ; is in complete order for sea—for further particulars, apply to the master on board, opposite No. 16, or of JOHN TYLER, at No. 9 Central whaif june 21 FOR AMSTERDAM.-The first rate brig I-UCY, Capt. Loach, lias four-fifths of hercargo engaged, and will have itnine diate despatch. For further particulars, apply t< JAMES ANDREWS A SON, 8, Central whf. june 29 To conclude witli the 2nd and 3d acts of CINDERELLA ! Or — The Fairy and the Glass Slipper. INDEPENDENCE! AND FOURTEENTH ANNIVERSART OF THE 3STEW ENGLAND MUSEUM, 76, COURT STREET, BOSTON. T HE Proprietors of this Establishment respectfully announce that they have repaired the damages of the late destructive fire, and so far completed their extensive alteintions and irrtprovemeiiti, that it will be re-opened THIS DAY, JULY 4, 1832, and continue open for visitors every day and evening. Their improvements and additions are quite too numerous to mention ftr The SIAMESE TWINS are added to the Wax Figure Department. Admittance 25 cents, without distinction of age. july 4 TIJUSIC FOR SCII OO LS,—The JUVENILE ITT LYRE, or Hymns and Songs, religious, moral and cheerful, set to appropriate Music. For the use of Prima ry and Common Schools. By Lowell Mason and E. Ives. It will be recollected that the subject of this work was imposed, and its utility supported, by the Rev. Mr Wood- iridge, in his Lecture delivered before the American Institute. This work, the principal materials ol which are from the German schools, has been in preparation since that period, and has been edited by gentlemen well known to the public for their ability fully to perform the task. The Music is simple, chaste and beautiful, and admirably adapted to the purpose. Each air has u base and harmony, and is equally adapted for the parlor and the school room. Many of the Hymns and Songs are translations from the German, especially for this work ; some are selected, and a few original. The advantages attending the early cultivation of Music, as stated in the preface, are its means of promoting devotional feelings in the worship of God ; of pure and rational enjoyment; of health, in its exercise ; of the the improvement of the heart; and its favorable influence on the mental (lowers. ‘ No one will question its powers to soften the character and elevate the feelings. It diverts, too, the young from amusemonts of a questionable character, and it is said that a reformation has, in more than one village district, been effected by introducing vocal music among the youth. In the schools upon tile continent of Europe, it has been found materially to promote the good order aud discipline of the pupils ; to render them more kind to eacli other, and more obedient to their teachers.’ {Qr The plan of introducing music into schools is warmly advocated by the editor of Annuls of Education and is highly approved by the Education Reporter. The pieces sung at the late Juvenile Concerts in this city, are mostly, from this work, published by RICHARDSON, LORD Sc HOLBROOK, and for salo at all he Bookstores. R. L. At H. also publish the C hild ’ s B ono B ook , being a selection of favorite Airs, with Hymns and Moral Songs, suitable for Infant Instruction aud for the use of Schools and Families. july 4 B oston directory, is 32 .-Just published, the Boston Directory, containing the names of the Inhabitants, their occupation, place of Business, and Dwelling Houses, and the City Register, with lists of the Streets, Lanes and Wharves, the City Officers, Public Oftices, and Banks, and other useful information. For sale by CuTTONS & BARNARD, 184, Washington street. july 4 S UMMER STOCKS.—Hair Stocks shaped to the neck by a patent process, the most genteel and comfortable article for the season ever worn—for sale at KIMBALL’S, 12, Washington street. july 4 34 Ï NAM1LY LIBRARY, NO. 1 of celebrated Female Sovereigns Jamieson. For sale by COT I’ONlS Sc 194, Washington street. -Memoirs Bv Mr*. BARNARD, july 4 S MITH’S INTRODUCTORY ARITH­ METICS— The Little Federal Calculator, consist ing of duestions and Tables, to employ the mind and fingers only, designed particularly to go before the slate and to prepaie for it. By Roswell C. Smith, author of Practical mid Mental Arithmetick. This day published by RICHARDSON, LORD Sc HOLBROOK. School Book Publishers, Boston, july 4 B oston directory for i 932 a 3 . I his day published mid for saie by STIMPSON Sc CLAPP, 72, Washington street. july 4 A THENÆÜM GALLERY.— Tlw Gallery of paintings, containing many valuable Pictures, not before exhibited, is now open from 8 A.M. till 7. The Exhibition will close on the 14th July. W. J. LURING, I. P. DAVIS, VV. T. ANDREWS, THOS. W. WARD, IMI Committee. (Kr WILL CLOSE SATURDAY 7TH JULY. XO E xhibition of sculpture-a gron consisting of two statues in marble—by II. Augui representing Jeptbah meeting witli his Daughter, is now exhibiting at VYasliinglun Hall, No 221, Washington street, between Marlboro* Hotel and Graphic court, near the head of Franklin street. Rooms open from 8 to 2, and from 3 to 0 o’clock— and in the evening, from 7£ to Iu o’clock. Admittance 25 cents—season tiekets, 50 cents. may 14. T HE copartnership heretofore existing between the subscribers under the firm of JARVIS & PE RSON, is by mutual consent dissolved. The affairs of the late firm will be settled by N. JAR* VIS. NATHAN JARVIS, GEORGE W. PEIRSON. N. J. will continue the business of manufacturing and selling Drugs and Medicines, at No. 188, Washington street. 3t july 2 G. CHOLERA MEDICINES. WAITE FLETCHER, Apothecary, No. 155, Court street, (near Bowdoiti square) is ready to supply his customers and^the public with tne several Cholera Medicines and preventives recommended by the Edinburgh Board of Health, and those also by tiie consulting Physicians of this city, as published in tins pa|ier on Wednesday. If june 22 C HLORIDE OF LIME, TWELVE CENTS PER POUND—Put up in papers with directions for use— For sale by JAUVIS Sc PIERSON, and JOSEPH M. SMITH. iseop3w— june 25

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  • Silas Richards - 50th B-Day of USA 1832

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