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Guthrie, 29 Jan 1970 - farm mechanics investment in his net worth has...
farm mechanics investment in his net worth has shown hogs Ft. Smith Fairs place winnings, lesser winnings. a member of that won the contest and northeastern district the international City in member of the and the farm has won three one state fair year. Charles in the Stilwell as secretary in 1968 1969-70. He leadership for chapter officers, four public and took part chuck wagon is a member Society, a council and member Club and has organization of the the American Charles plans State University branch of are Mr Qrozier of the Hedges . Agent that a bull is understatement. contributes only of each calf, leave more in the herd. five times selection than culling and herd. herds in the bull could weight, calves being are planning you buy BRAND REGISTRATION DEADLINE MARCH 31 State registration of your brand is not required by law, but brands of record take precedence over unrecorded unrecorded brands of like and kind where questions of ownership arise, placing the burden of proof on registered brand users in thi^event of controversy. Each brand owner has until March 31 of this year to renew his brand. Return renewal notice along with the $5 fee re-registering your brand for 1970-1975. All new brands now being registered registered are $5 for 1970-1975. ff you have a brand, why not register it? If you don't have a brand, why not get one, register it and use? One dollar a year is a good investment to have your brand registered, GET THE MOST FEED FOR DOLLARS SPENT The high cost of hay, grains and protein supplements is reducing the profit from dairy farming this winter. In light of this situation and with no immediate relief in sight, dairymen dairymen need to buy feed carefully and wisely. When buying feeds, determine which of the available feeds provide provide nutrients at the least cost. While feeds may-be nearly the same cost, one may be a better buy because of the energy and protein it supplies. , Milo is the cheapest energy feed available in most areas of Oklahoma. Oklahoma. Corn in most areas is priced high enough that it is not as economical economical as milo or barley for the basic grain in a dairy mix. Oats are rather high and should be used on a limited basis. Goad heavy barley is close to milo in price and feeding value in some sections of Oklahoma. Where wheat can be bought at a competitive competitive price, it can be used to make up 30 to 40 percent of the grain mixture. When cottonseed and soybean meals are priced close together, a dairyman should check to see which supplies digestible protein at the least cost per pound. A low level of urea substituted for part of the protein supplement mav save a few dollars per tdn of feed. With the type of weather in Oklahoma Oklahoma the last month, it's good insurance insurance to keep enough hay and grain mix on hand to last two weeks or more. o There were two general merchandise merchandise stores at Mays, Flint District. Cherokee Nation, One was owned by Slick Littlejohn and one by John Sharp. The pott office was in Slick's store. Also a blacksmith shop run by George Taylor: And a small cotton gin. The courthouse was a one-room log house. Uncle Sam Blgby was district Court clerk and Slick Littlejohn was court judge. Editor's N «te< When Mrs Maggie Sanderi, a native of Ad*i» County, died at^tha age of B8 her* DM. 11, IMS, she left a diary graphieally deaerlb- Int living conditions in Adair Coanty many yaaim ago. The Democrat-Journal, given per- mUsion kf.Mw Sanders' sen, John, begins a •aria* of excerpts excerpts from her diary. The first distinct remembrance I have is bringing Dad some kindling kindling and saying, "Here is your kindling, Ben:" He caught me and gave me a good spanking and said, "I told you to stop calling rne Ben." I don't think I ever did after that spanking. I think I was at least four years old at the time. And that is the only spanking I remember remember from him. But quite a few scoldings I got from him. As for On July 10. Beniamtn OHreath another house Below the hill, which Mother, she gave me plenty and Fletcher and Mary Harriet Guthrie he did. Two rooms with two shed then some. Guess I needed most of were married at Calvin Guthrie s rooms and a porch across the front, them, near Evansville, Ark. and came to still not close to the spring. He t r(>n ,. mw oIn „„ a4 ,„„, Mays to live. Moved in the hoUSe dIwavs p]artned to have Fa w *„ in u l^^^^£^^T* with Uncle Sam and Aunt Mar- the yard but never eot to It Mother bought her first fruitjars-- garet Bigby. He started farming * ..." >/a gallon She got two dozen over and in spare time he learned to T ' 1883 „ at Evansville. Arne packed in saw* write and do some arithmetic. His „, In . Febr »; r * m * Grandmother dust. She would wring a cloth out schooling had been sadly neglected. Guthrie died from pneumonia. It of hot water and wrap around each In that day, schools in the Cheto- was only 12 miles from where we ar before filling It. She put peaches kee Nation were scarce and very ir ed - b , ut «P «» to P of Boston in them. We had lots of dried poor. Most children had to walk Mountal^n and in a^wagon that was peaches and apples hut only a few »it „, r „ w a hard day's trip. So Mother could people knew anything about canning canning fruits and nothing at all about Smoking is taboo when you are using a .pesticide. Some pesticides are flammable. All of them can be carried from hand to mouth by cigaret. three or fo'ur miles. 1880 On Sept. 10, 18.80, I was porn at Grandfather Guthrie's near Evansville and was named Margaret Margaret Catherine for Aunt Minaret Bigby, and I grew to love her almost almost as much as I did my mother. She had adopted two of her nieces, Lydia "Littlejohn and Lusie Adair. 'The CherokeesNation was divided into districts instead of counties, and we lived in Flint. There were two political parties—the Nationals and the Downing. My Dad was a Downing, same as the Democrats. At election time, it was like a big picnic. Whole families came and camped for the day although women could not vote. It always ended with several fights, sometimes sometimes a shooting or someone being badly cut up with a knife. Dad never allowed any of us to go up there at that time. 1881 Dad bought a home with only a few acres in cultivation, a one- room log house and a small.seed­ ling orchard. A wonderful big spring that never went dry was located located % of 3 mile from the house. The house was up on a hill and at the foot of the hill was another log house with an old Indian named Rinkle living there alone. He raised tobacco and sold it for his living. After Dad bought the place, he moved away and in later years Dad used his house for a chicken house. On Oct. 20, my sister, Sarah Elizabeth, was born at Grandmother Grandmother Guthrie's. We should have been twins. Now Mom had two babies and still had water to carry. Qad was hard at work clearing ground for a farm and planning to build CANEY RIDGE •If if •$'.*!•'-;••'• School Bus SfMe$ in Ditch By Bill Rpgeiv The Old Mountain Man The Tenkiller school bus slid in the ditch one day last week. No one Waa hurt. Albert Center got part ofc-tbe kids home. Arthur Perry packed in Melvin Rock's kid on hid back and fell down in the snow before he got home. It was really roUgh, I reckon. I hope we don't get no more. /People were all getting in wood or hay. : Kenneth Parks was busy feeding. John Mahahey reported the snow' kept his wife in Muskogee. She works for Griffin Grocery Company. Company. Jim Latta feeds what I call blanket hay. I saw some in his truck just now. Jim missed the Htlge some due to the snow but the mait'runs even if the post lady has to \oe pushed out of the ditch. She gits the mail in on time. ;J6hn Mahaney has bought him a Saddle horse. He says I can ride it but'I'm a shade old, though I'll try' him. Some cars got stuck in the mud Saturday night but they got out Sunday. .^The reason no one has been fishing, fishing, js it's so muddy they can't get to' the" water. 0 • •It's <?asy to figure why lightning lightning never Strikes twice; it does- nit have to.—Wall Street Journal vegetables. Muldrow Highway 64 ONLY 10 OUR 100% By Monsanto Including %" We 100% POLYESTER 3 Beautiful Colors ONLY Including 3 /k" Call Collect NO EXTRA CHARGES UP TO 150 MILES SIX DAYS A

Clipped from Stilwell Democrat-Journal29 Jan 1970, ThuPage 6

Stilwell Democrat-Journal (Stilwell, Oklahoma)29 Jan 1970, ThuPage 6
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