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iw!t,vtmx if fit w - i : ri . ' v , 1 - I .... f ' :S;?f ' F7s Madison Square Garden . . . ;A crowd estimated at over 20,000 thronged New York's Madison Square Garden on Sunday for the Rev. LeRoy Jenkins Crusade for Christ. It was reported that gospel singer Ksserline Cole brought down the house with her renditions reminescent of the late Mahalia Jackson. By JACQUELINE MOORE Americans black and white appear to be looking for something outside of the traditional church, giving rise to the popularity of persons persons such as New York's Reverend Ike, the dynamic Rev. Johnnie Coleman of Chicago's Christ Unity Temple the controversial Korean evangelist SSun Myung Moon and the fast - rising young evangelist, Rev. LeRoy Jenkins. Rev. Ike's focus seems to be on believing in oneself, and he surrounds himself with symbols of the results of positive thinking expensive cars, flashy jewelry and all of the trappings. Former Chicago Catholics, Baptists, Baptists, Methodist and other denominations now flock to Rev. Coleman's services where the emphasis emphasis is on love and positive thinking. Members of the congregation have said that they meditate on positive things which they want in their lives twice a day; some put charts on their walls depicting desired goals, for clearer focus. About 10 days ago in Washington, a crowd estimated by the police at 35,000 gathered to hear Rev. Moon on the Washington Monument grounds. Opponents of Moon, whose rally had a strong anti anti anti - communist theme, staged counter counter rallies and several persons were arrested on disorderly conduct conduct charges. Moon said that his Unification Church is taking up where Judaism and Christianity have failed and is going to bring about God's kingdom on earth. Moon has bought considerable property in the United States, including including two hotels in New York. It was announced that he was moving to Europe after the rally. The Rev. LeRoy Jenkins, a faith healer headquartered in Delaware, Ohio, has an evergrowing evergrowing following throughout the nation, including Chicago. When Rev. Jenkins first broight his Crusades for Christ to Chicago, they were held in a high school auditorium; then they were moved to the Auditorium Theatre. Outgrowing that space, the Crusades now are held in the 5,000 - seat McCormick Place Arie Crown Theatre plus overflow rooms. The salt - and pepper audiences watch the evangelist, who is a full - blooded Cherokee, heal blind, ill and crippled people who jam the services. "Anyone who says the days of miracles are over is a liar," decloared Rev. Jenkins. He prays the prayer of faith for crippled children, people in wheeel chairs and pn crutches, who, from our eye - witness experience, have walked awav normallv after he prayed and laid his hands on them. On Sunday, Rev. Jenkins made the big move. He took his Crusade to New York's Madison Square Garden, which holds 20,000 people. The successful meeting was the culmination of months of planning and promotion by his staff, including including former Chicagoan Taffy Douglas, his communications director. At a press conference in Madison Square Garden a few days prior to the Crusade, Rev. Jenkins said that if one believes in salvation, one can believe in faith healing. "We are living in the time God spoke of," said Jenkins, "the pouring out of the Spirit. People of all faiths are coming (to the Crusades), Jews, Catholics, Protestants, even Jehovah's Witnesses. Witnesses. "In Chicago a few weeks ago, 200 young drug addicts came forward and were prayed for, one who was only 10 years old. Two who were heroin addicts later said that they experienced a complete cure from the habit with no sickness in .24 hours. The healing powers which are channelled through Rev. Jenkins have baffled physicians. "The Lord gave me the gift." said Jenkins. "It's frightening to have God show you things and then they happen the next day." H" does not the persons he prays for, God transmits transmits the healing power. The tall, handsome evangelist, who looks as though he could be at home as a Hollywood actor, has many Hollywood personalities as followers. At the Madison Square Garden Crusade on Sunday, he was joined by movie tough guy, Mike Mazurki and Dale Evans. George Raft, who was cured of emphysema emphysema by Jenkins several years ago, was unable to attend. How did he fill Madison Square which usually is thronged by fight and sports fans, clamoring for their favorites? He did not depend on reaching only New Yorkers, who have reputations for bing "cold", but had buses, planes and cars loaded with followers from across the nation. From Chicago several hundred made the trip, which included lodging and a play. The Crusades are free, but persons contribute as they see fit from $1 to $1,000. The money goes to support support the ministry, the crusades and the nationwide television shows which are seen each Sunday (in Chicago at 10 a.m. on Channel 44 ). Music is an important part of Rev. Jenkins' ministry. He is a singer with many records to his credit, one of which earned him a Gold Record. The Rusty Bryant orchestra orchestra is featured at many Crusades, along with Henrietta Hairston, Esserline Cole and gospel singer guests. (Esserline "tore up" the house at Madison Square, it was reported.) Before his Garden appearance, Rev. Jenkins had stated that people, including the President, need to say "let's put God back in America." He believes that Jimmy Carter, would make this stand as President. Jenkins had said that New York City would never be the same after his Madison Square Garden Crusade. "Miracles are not new," said the evangelist, "they were happening even before the time of Christ. I stand 100 per cent behind the Bible's predictions." 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Clipped from The Pittsburgh Courier09 Oct 1976, SatPage 15

The Pittsburgh Courier (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)09 Oct 1976, SatPage 15
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