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THE SCRANTON REPUBLICAN, TUESDAY, AUGUST 21, 1934 RECORD OF SOCIAL EVENTS AND OTHER FEMININE ACTIVITIES 8 Engagement of Helen Buckwalter To William Hutchinson Announced Penn State Graduates Plan Early Fall Wedding Bride groom - Elect Is a Resident of Pittsburgh; Bride - to - Be Teacher In Williamsport Schools Mr. and Mrs. Boyd Buckwalter, Twelfth Avenue, announce the engagement of their daughter, Helen, and William Loveland Hutchta son, Pittsburgh. Both are graduates of Penn State College in the class of 1931. Miss Buckwalter was president of the Women's Student Gov ernment Association at the college, and a member of the Penn State Players, the Cwens, and affiliated with Chi Omega Social sorority, For the past three years she has been a member of the faculty at Wil liamsport High School. Mr. Hutchinson was prominent inf athletics at State, having been cap tain of tbe soccer team. He was a member of Skull and Bones, and Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity. He is employed by the Smith & Clark Ice i i - t . i ru Jl - . T The wedding will take place in the early Fall. o o o Kresge - Roth Mr. and Mrs. Thaddeus Roth, Clarks Summit, announce the marriage of their daughter, Beatrice I. Ayers, and Ralph D. Kresge, son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kresge, Falls, which took place on Saturday night at the home of the bride, in the presence of the Immediate families. The bride, who was given tn marriage by her brother, Lester Ayers, was . Icvely in a floor length gown of mous seline de sole, fashioned entrain, with close - fitting bodice and puffed sleeves. She carried white roses and valley lilies. After a small reception, the couple left for a motor trip through the New England States. Mrs. Kresge is a graduate of Newton High School and Mansfield State Teachers' College. Mr. Kresge was graduated from Newton High School and Penn State College, where he whs a member of Phi Kappa Phi, Kappa Delta Pi, and Gamma Sigma Delta honorary fraternities. Both Mr. and Mrs. Kresge are members of the faculty of the Newton High School. - ' , ooo King - Chandler Announcement is made of the mar riage of Mrs. Jessie B. Chandler, daughter of Mrs. Margaret Bennett, Prescott Avenue, this city, and R. A. King, Lakeland, Fla., which took place on Tuesday, Aug. 7 in Roanoke, Va. Mrs. King was the widow of the late W. H. Chandler Jr., of Chandler - Davis, and has been residing for a number of years in Lakeland, Fla. Mr. Xing is representative of the Federal Loan Bank of Columbia, S. C, with offices in Lakeland. After a motor trip through the North Carolina mountains and along the - Atlantic Coast, the couple will reside at 639 Edgewood Drive, Lakeland. Mrs. King's daughter, Mii - s Margaret Chandler is spending the Summer with her grandmother, Mrs. Bennett, this city. 0 0 0 The League of Women Voters will . entertain at a card party on Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the home of Mrs. W. B. Layton, 844 Monroe Avenue. The public is Invited and prizes will be given to both players and nonplayers. The committee in charge of the affair consists of: Mrs. Frank Hazzard, Mrs. M. J. Lloyd, Mrs. M. Dailey, Mrs. Agnes Vickers, Miss Ruth Costello, Miss Mary Clarke. Reservations may be made through any member of the committee. 0 0 0 A card party will be held at Melody Gardens on Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock under the auspices of theDem - ocratio women of Scranton. Mrs. Joseph Battle is chairman for the affair and those assisting her are: Mrs. Robert Duffy, Mrs. Thomas Walsh, Mrs. Anna Giblin, Mrs. William Kivlin, Mrs. William Smith. 0 0 0 Miss Mary Langwlser and Miss Anna Halfich entertained at a variety shower in honor of Miss Anna Wakula whose wedding will take place 'next month. The party was held at the home of Miss Langwlser, 907 Monroe Avenue, Dunmore. Those who attended were: Pauline Hurney, Mary Soleskij, Verna Penjak, Anna Hritzak, Mary Halfich, Mary Huda, Anna Langwlser, Mary Katusak, Mary Graham, Julia Mondak, Pauline Ketakonich, Josephine Posta, Mary Jason, Josephine Mlkles, Tessie Cos - tanzo, Anna Fego, Anna Sherba, Mary Dutko, Katherine Belekonish, Mrs. Rose Del Hossario, Mrs. Helen Petrash and Mrs. Mary Fantlnell. . o O 0 Mrs. Chester Thomas and Mrs. Charles J. Mirtz are in charge of arrangements for the card party to be held - ' tomorrow afternoon at the Abington Hills Country Club by women members and their guests. The games will begin at 2:30 o'clock. Assisting the hostesses is the following committee: Mesdames J. A. Carr, J. Donahoe, J. MacLean, C. B. Noth - acker, E. McDade, J. Memolo, Joseph Casey, Edward Mullen, William Oliver, Jacob Mirtz, E. Shellman and Miss Marie O'Connell. oo o Announcement has been made of the marriage of Miss Agnes A. Payton and John A. Kelsic. both of Dunmore. The wedding took place at St. Raymond's Church in New York and the attendants were Miss Sally Payton, New Haven, Conn., and Eugene Payton, Dunmore, a niece and nephew of the bride. Mr. and Mrs. Kelslc ae making an extended tour of the South, after which. they will reside at 824 Monroe Avenue, Dunmore. Mrs. Kelsic was for many years a teacher in the public schools of Dunmore and Mr. Kelsic is a well known business man. 0 0 0 Miss Marie Powell, Linden Street, entertained recently at her Summer home at Lake Winola in honor of Mrs. Arthur Goodrich, the former Miss Mary Neary, whose marriage has been announced. The bridge supper was attended by thirty - two guests and the high scorers were May Delmar, Mary Trainer and Jean Trainer. 0 0 0 The young girls of the Holy Ghost parish will conduct a benefit card party on Sunday evening, Aug. 26, on the grounds of the church. The proceeds will be donated to the church fund. The usual card games will be played with prises awarded. Playing will begin at 7:30 o'clock. Miss Margaret Simonlk Is chairman of arrangements, and is being assisted by the following committee: Betty Ondek, Married Novel Floral Exhibits Will Be Shown Here Annual Century Club Show Scheduled for Sept. 6; House Plants to Be Displayed ' Searching for novelties to make the annual flower show of the Century Club, on Sept. 8, more Interesting than any held before, the directors of the show have borrowed ideas from other shows and have invented some brand new ones. Some of these, hardly novel In themselves, are new to the Century Club showv Hereto fore, the competition has been con fined to flowers. This year house plants are included in the schedule, as are arrangements of berries and greens. In addition, much emphasis will be placed on table - setting com' petitions. It is planned to use the floor of the Chamber of ' Commerce auditorium for the flower display, and to reserve the whole balcony for the table setting. This year, for the first time, there is a juvenile class, open only to chit dren less than IS years old. . These younger gardeners are invited to enter flowers in any container, tbe prises to be awarded to the best arrange. ments. . . - ' One class in the schedule calls for flowers in miniature vases, the vases to be not more than three inches in height or width. Another offers a competition for white flowers in a white container. ' To enliven the show, the commit tee making arrangements has per suaded Miss Helen Carloyn, violin teacher in the Scranton Conservatory, to supply music during the hours the show is open to the public, 3 to 9 o'clock.. During the evening hours, miss carioyn herself will play. Photo by Cramer Studio Mrs. Charles Plucienik, the former Miss Anna Slavinski, South Irving Avenue, whose marriage took place recently in St. Stanislaus Church, Bishop Francis Hodur officiating. The couple will reside at 1104 South Irving Avenue. , Anna Holomko, Josephine Huraj, Mary Raso, Louise Kisiel, Anna Dikant, Anna Zborovsky, Mary War - holak, Anna Gavala, Margaret Squir - lock, Helen Greskovlc, Agnes Spegar, Victoria Homza, Helen Kosik, and Helen Witka. 0 0 0 The Ladies' Auxiliary to Theodore J. Wint Post, No. 25, Veterans of For eign Wars, will entertain at a card party on Thursday evening at the Hotel Jermyn. The public is invited to attend and the play will start at 8:30 o'clock. The committee in charge of the affair is headed by Mrs. Mar' garet Bennie. ooo - Miss Margaret McCrone, Scranton, a bride - elect, will be the guest of honor at a bridge to be given on Saturday by Mrs. William Reilly, Wllkes - Barre. - o o o Mrs. Robert H. Carson, North Hyde Park Avenue, announces the marriage of her daughter, Mary Elizabeth, to Alex MacTaggert, son of Mrs. Jean MacTag"art, North Irving Avenue. The ceremony was performed in Philadelphia on Oct. 14, 1933. o o o Mrs. T. R. Millen and Mrs. Ronald Jones are acting as hostesses at a bridge tea to be given by the women of the Elmhurst Country Club on Saturday afternoon at 2:15. The affair will be held at the clubhouse and members and friends are Invited. Those who attend are asked to bring their own cards and the winners will be awarded prizes. 0 0 0 The Laurel Line Employees will hold a clam bake on Saturday, Aug. 25, at the Rocky Glen Annex. Leo Murray and Cyril Esslinger are in charge of arrangements. 0 0 0 Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Eckert, Prospect Avenue, have announced the marriage of their daughter, Cora Mae, to Robert Evans, son of Mrs. Hannah Evans, North Lincoln Avenue. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. John R. Gullck on Saturday evening at the Second Reformed Church. The marriage was followed by a reception at the bride's home after which Mr. and Mrs. Evans left for Atlantic City. On their return they will reside at 638 Fig Street, ooo ' Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Gramps, Raines Street, announce the marriage ol their daughter, Dorothy Catherine, and Byron G. Snyder, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Snyder, Wyoming Avenue, which took place on July 11 in Forty Fort. The Rev. J. B. Callender performed the ceremony. The attendants were Pioneer Court No. 42, Tribe of Ben Hur, will entertain members and friends at a corn roast on Saturday evening from 5 to 7 o'clock at the home of Mrs. Kate Yaple, Chinchilla, Reservations may be made with Mrs. Bessie Griffiths, Forrest Court, or Mrs. Emma Fry, Albright Avenue, phone 6SM. The Ad Astra Club will meet tonight at o'clock in Hotel Jermyn. The annual basket picnic and corn roast of the Ladies' Auxiliary to the Craftsman Club will be held at the Summer home of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Crunden, Lake Sheridan, on Thursday. All members and their families are Invited to attend. . Mrs. Frances Seeley will preside at the meeting of the Scranton Chapter, American War Mothers, this afternoon at 2:30 o'clock in the Y. W. C, A. The Ladles' Auxiliary to the Lackawanna County Pharmaceutical Society will hold a basket picnic this afternoon at 1 o'clock at Rocky Glen. Mrs. P. J. Gardner is chairman of arrangements. The annual outing of ilass No. 12 of the North Main Avenue Baptist Sunday School will be held today at Weston Park. Luncheon will be served at 12:30 o'clock. All members of the class are urged to attend. The Ladies' Auxiliary to the Lacka wanna County Pharmaceutical Asgo elation will hold a basket picnic today at Rocky Glen. . . . ... Will Attend Old Home Day at Waverly erson als Pkoto by Hornbtker MBS. GEORGE J. HECKMAN A feature of the Waverly Fair of particular Interest Is the annual ob servance of Old Home Day, occurring this year on Friday. This event will celebrate the settling of the Abing - tons. . Foremost among the pioneers was Deacon William Clark, a . Revolutionary soldier. About 1800 he had put up a good frame house. As the pioneers came into the country, they stopped first at the Deacon. It was la general meeting place, for It was the uuiy fiirciber iw urea travelers cuiuuig from the directions of Philadelphia and Great Bend for a distance ol many miles in either direction. The settlers' wives came to borrow Sister Clark's spinning wheel. For two quarts . of molasses they - would spin two skeins of yarn from the little flax they had brought with them. The first surveyors called at the Deacons and puzzled over the poorly marked property. They called in Elder John Miller to help run lines. On Sundays, Elder John Miller, Jonathan Dean, George Gardner, Phineas Reynolds, John Lewin, John Clark, Jacob Amsbury. Henry Hall, and Stephen Parker and their wives came by bridlepath or footpath to the Clark home where they held a simple service. Elder John Miller heard "the call to preach"; Sister Clark could sing and Sister Parker had a gift to free her mind"; even the Deacon contributed to the meeting by hum ming a little although he could noti Photo by Hornbtker LESLIE WHITE sing a tune. Young - hunters stopped by to listen and after the meeting to tell their hunting stories. From these beginnings grew the first church. Little wonder that later this same substantial house came to be the tavern. The events of the countryside centered about it. Men stopped there alter "tne training" lor military service. In war - time the "under - . ground railway" used it. Old Home Day guests at the Wav erly Fair will be carried back in imagination to the old Clarks Green Tavern, where the spirit of former days will be revived. Among the old residents of the Ab ingtons who are planning to attend tne celebration are: Mrs. George J, Heckman, Dalton, and Leslie White, Edella, shown in the above pictures. Mrs. Heckman's mother was Mary Price, England, and her. father was Benjamin Swallow, who formerly owned the Pallman place in South Abington, where Mrs. Heckman was born on Dec. 27, 1852. Mr. White has lived most of his eighty - two years as a farmer in the region of Waverly and Edella. He is the father of ten children; thirty - one grandchilidren and five great grand' children, all of whom are living. He comes of a long lived family, his grandmother having lived to be ninety - six. A sister, Mrs. Emma Leach, Chinchilla, is now in her eighty - third year, and a cousin, Silas White is to his nineties. Miss Elizabeth Carickner and Bern hardt Matteson. ' o o The plans for the annual garden party of the Abington Women's Club today have been completed and a large attendance is expected. The affair will be held on the lawn of William H. Lewis and will consist of luncheon, fashion show and bridge. Luncheon will be served at 1 o'clock and this will be followed by the show. Bridge will begin at about 3 o'clock and prizes have been provided for each table. Mrs. Clarence Steel is the general chairman and she is assisted by Miss Elizabeth Rentchler as chairman of the luncheon committee and Mrs. David MacArt who is in charge of the serving. Reservations may be made through Mrs. Howard Isby, ; Clarks Summit, and Mrs. Frank Hornbaker, Scranton. . If the weather Is unfavorable the program will takep lace In the club house. K0K0WSKI DISCHARGED Edward Kokowskl, 18, 1265 Reynolds Avenue, who was arrested on Sunday on suspicion of stealing an automo bile, was discharged in police court yesterday. Observe 54th Wedding Anniversary GALUSHA A PECK Mr. and Mrs. Galusha A. Peck, 223 North Rebecca Avenue, yesterday celebrated their fifty - fourth wedding anniversary and Mr. Peck's seventy - sixth birthday anniversary. Mrs. Peck was the former Susan Merts, Wllkes - Barre, and was married to Mr. Peck In Ashley on Aug. 20, 1880, by the late Rev. William J. Day, MRS. GALUSHA FECK Of the five children born to them four are living, They are: 'Mrs. John Kennedy, Allen town; Mrs. Roy G. Jones, New York; Frank S. Peck and Melvln H. Peck, this city. Mr. Peck was associated with the Central Railroad' of New Jersey tor forty - eight years, retiring six years ago. To Judge Sheridan Cottages in Contest Prizes for Scenic Beauty to Be Awarded at Lake Resort; In spection Starts Today The scenic beauty committee of the Lake Sheridan Association, Inc., announces that it has secured the services , of Charles Leuthold, of the Progressive Nursery - Company, and Anton Schultheis, local florist, to act ts judges and award the five first prizes to lake residents having the best appointed cottage surroundings The Inspection will be made today and there will be a prize for each of the five sections of the lake The judges will base their decisions on sanitation, lawns, shade, artistic de sign, pruning, flowers, grounds, fenc ing shore lines,' native shrubs, color scheme, landscape, rockery, and gen era! scenic beauty. This is the third annual competi tion of its kind to be held at the lake. Members of the scenic beauty com mlttee are: B. F. Laudig, Leona Jen kins and Rudolph Kunz Jr. Etiquette, Social Culture Problems Question dialing with tlqattu an octal eulturt will b aniwircd in (bis column aaiiy nd jrout . quettlont to oi roe Naldih Roea. ure puoncii tlon In personality social culture call t flerantAn Rs. puoiican ror eiaaa or private Inntruc development and afra. Boas. i - lit0. Marriage Licenses Thomas Gurz, Old Forge. Jennie Gurz, 1337 Bryn Mawr Street, Scranton. Sidney Peutman, Frankfort, N. Y. Mildred Lindsay, Frankfort, N. Y. Burns Howard, New Milford. Dorothy Gow, New Milford. Zazhariah Jones, Plymouth. Anne Lewis, Wilkes - Barre. Francis Alu, Dunmore. - ' Carmela DeLarnzo, Dunmore. Edgar Coates, 1803 Farr Street. Eleanor Worell, 1716 Farr Street. Isaac Robsom, Duryea. Katherine Lewis, Duryea. Burtis Parker, Clarks Green. Ethel Brown, 1423 Short Avenue. William Carroll, 1017 Ridge Row, Scranton. Aldia Smith, 745 Monroe Avenue, Scranton. . Dear Naldah Ross: : Will you please heUvme clear up a situation that has puzzled me? When I am being taken home in an automobile at night and upon arriving at my home do I get out and ask the young man in to my home, or do I sit in the car and talk to him or do I just get out and say good night? Thank you for your advice. ANNA L. ANSWER The correct thing for the man to do is to open the door for you, help you out, and take you up to your door to see that you are safe. The correct thing for you to do is to thank him and say good night. It is not wise to ask him to unless there are several of you in the party. To sit and talk endlessly to a car is also unwise. It Is much better judgment to whet the appetite of your friend for another date. Don't drag out an aimless conversation just because you don't know how to end it. End your evening with a lively remark about your happiness or good time, or fun. You could thank him and express the wish that you will soon see each other again. Elkview - Elmhurst Golf The women's aolf team of the Elk view Country Club will play a return golf match with the women of tbe Elmhurst Country Club today at tbe clubhouse. On Thursday the Elm hurst women will hold an all day session and a purple and gold match, with Mrs. E. E. Gibbons and Mrs. Merton H. Wheeler as captains for the day. ; ' - . ; belief Projects Near Completion in County An emergency relief program which called for 334 jobs during the past six months practically has been completed. George W. Mudehart, works director, announced yesterday. Work is still in progress at the State Hospital, where improvements are being made, and on Arnold Avenue, which also is being Improved. A sanitary job at a Simp son school is a third project not yet completed but it is expected all will be complete by Sept. 1. As a result of the program, more than 15,000 persons were given em' ployment, the figure mounting to over 10,000 at one time. Blanks on which plans for additional projects are to be recorded will arrive shortly so that a start may be made on scheduling the Fall work. Once the preliminaries have been put out of the way, officials at Harrlsburg will voice their approval or rejection. It is possible for a bee to lift and carry 25,5 times Its own weight. Nativity Outing Plans Are Being Completed The various ladles' committees arranging for the outing . of Nativity Parish on Labor Day at Valley View Park met last night in Nativity School Auditorium and Outlined plans for the picnic. The various refreshment tables will be in charge of Mrs. B. Duffy, Mrs. Luke Corrigan, Mrs. William Coleman and Miss Mary Reardon. The men's committees also met and practically completed plans to handle and care for the largest crowd ever to attend the picnic. The next and final meeting of all committees will be held on Sunday evening. Per capita rate of money in cir culation In the United States is now more than $37. Taylor Bride r !r sh - V 2 o i - Photo by Victoria Studio Mrs. Adam Buchek, who before her recent marriage was Miss Irene Oustrlch, West Drove Street, Taylor. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. Edward A. Bellas in St. John's Slovak Church. After a wedding trip to Atlantic City, the couple win reside at 411 Eynon Street, this city. Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Alan Wlkman, Jefferson Avenue, Dunmore, a son yesterday at the home of Dr. J. B. Corser, North Washington Avenue. Before marriage Mrs. Wlkman was Miss Eliza beth Corser. Miss Adelaide Hunt, Wyoming Ave nue, has returned from Lookout Mountain, Chatanooga, Term. Mrs. Thelma Webb, Prescott Ave nue, has returned from Schenectady, N. Y., where she was tbe guest of Dr. and Mrs. Harold Grice. . . Mrs. Stanley J. Lewis, president of the Republican Social Club, is confined to her home, 131 North Hyde Park Avenue, recovering from lacerations of the head suffered in a fall last week. Mrs. Charles Steckel and son, Charles Jr., Alder Street, have returned from White Plains, N. Y. They spent the past several weeks with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Clarke. Miss Anita Clarke accompanied her sister to Scranton. Carl Glaab Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Glaab, Hickory Street, who underwent an operation for appendicitis at the Hahnemann Hospital, Is improving 'at home. Miss Margaret Glaab, Cedar Avenue, who has been the bouse guest of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Rosen, Hazleton, has returned home. Mrs. Elizabeth Davis, . West Elm Street, was a week - end guest at Falls. Miss Ruth Gillespie, East Gibson Street, has returned from Atlantic City where she has been vacationing. Mrs. Carl Robblns, Dunmore, and Miss Harriet' Fa Ills, Providence, spent last week - end in Buffalo. Mr. and Mrs. George F. Peck and family, Jefferson Avenue, spent the week - end at Lake Winola. Miss Blanche Thomas is at home after a motor trip to Cape Cod. The Misses Catherine Cannon and Margaret Manley, Pitts ton Avenue, are In New York for the week. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Keefe, Wheeler Avenue, left yesterday for a motor trip to Pittsburgh, Chicago and other western points. They expect to be away for three weeks. - Mr. and Mrs. T. Daniel Davles, William Street, Miss Martha Reese and Miss Marl Lou Thomas are visitors in Asbury Park. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Stevens, Miss Elsie Williams and Miss Catherine Manley have left to visit Milwaukee and Chicago. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey B. sproul, Clay Avenue, who are summering at Lake Waynewood, have as their guests Mrs. Clarence Frost Horton and sons, Clarence Frost Jr. and Cyrus William. Maxwell Field, Montgomery, Ala. Miss Amelia S. Koch, Willow Street, and Miss Harriet Linn, Cedar Avenue, left Saturday to visit Quebec. Miss Jean Benjamin, Nelson Street, Clarks Summit, is spending a few weeks' vacation with Dr. and Mrs. Rommel, Philadelphia. Mr. and Mrs. E. Roy Marsh, 207 Helen Street, Dunmore, will leave today on a motoring tour through New York State. They will visit Coopers - town and Lake George before return ing home next week. Nathaniel Thomas, 2807 North Main Avenue, has returned from a visit to the Century of Progress Exposition in Chicago and Is spending a few days at Lake Winola. Wilbur and Louis Winters, 3306 Oly - phant Avenue, are sojourning at Lake Winola. Jerry Costello, cartoonist on the Al bany Evening News, who has been visiting his father, P. W. Costello, Wheeler Avenue, returned home yester day. He was accompanied by his sister, Miss Agnes Costello, who will remain In Albany as Mr. Costello's guest for a few weeks. - Mr. and Mrs. Charles Warren, 1920 Washburn Street, announce the birth of a daughter on Sunday at home. Mrs. Warren before her marriage was Miss Eleanor Walsh, West Scranton. M: . Warren is formerly of Avoca. Jeanne Jacobs, police and fire dis patcher at city hall, and son, Reginald, Monroe Avenue, and her mother, Mrs. Frances Jacobs, - Leggett street, have returned home after spending the past two weeks at New York City, Asbury Park and Ocean City. Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Eaton and their daughter, Hazel, accompanied by Roy Clark, Harrison Avenue, have returned after spending the week - end at Dun - roven Estate, Summer home of G. R. Quick in the catsldlls. Mrs. John P. Downey and son, Don ald, River Street, returned from Chicago yesterday. . Scrantonlans aboard the S. 8. Britannic when it sailed from New York yesterday were: Dr. and Mrs. John C. Kerr, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Mayers 3rd and family, Harold Bur nett: and Arthur Flneburg. Their destination Is Bermuda and they will return to New York on Sunday. - Among the Scrantonlans vacationing in Atlantic City are Miss Lorraine Yaseen, Miss Ruth Lewert, Mr. and ..Mrs. Albert Little, Mrs. Edward Lewis, Miss Dorothy Lewis and the Misses Vae and Esther Williams. Mr. and Mrs. Irving McCormack, Arthur Avenue and Mr. and Mrs. Howard McCormack and children, George and Grace, Harrison Avenue, are spending some time in Atlantic City. - Mrs. F. M. Mansfield and Miss . Recent. Bride hJ A Photo by Cardonl etudio Mrs. Louis Catanzaro, who before her recent marriage was Miss Mary Russo, carbondale. The ceremony took place to Mount Carmel Church, Carbondale. Attendants were Miss Rose Catanzaro and Miss AngeFuga. Fred Mediclno and Joseph Qualitar attended the bridegroom. After a wedding trip to New York and Atlantic City, the couple will reside at 151 Pike Street, Carbondale. Men's Sorts and Topcoats Cleaned and Preeeed CALL AND DIUVH SEBVICE DIAL CAEBONDALI 4t . BOSTON dV 95c 8366 Anna M. Richards, Electric Street, are in Atlantic City for several days. Mrs. Sol Vllensky and children, Betty and Edwin, Mulberry Street, will leave on Tuesday of next week for Hollywood, Cal., where they will reside. Mr. Vllensky left for Hollywood a few months ago. En route they will visit tbe World's Fair, and will spend some time with relatives to St. Louis, Mo. Mrs. Clare Connolly and Mrs. Adeline Haslara were week - end guests of Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Chambers at their cottage at Lake Carey. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sproul, Clay Avenue, announce the birth of a son to the Woman's Hospital on Satur day. Before marriage Mrs. Sproul was Miss Madelyn Pfeiffle. Mrs. Joseph Sullum and son, Alvin, Madison Avenue, are vacationing in Utica, N. Y. Mrs. Henry Ulrich, 625 Prospect Avenue, daughter, Marcella, and son Harold, recently returned from a motor trip to the Thousand Islands, Montreal and Quebec, returning through the ' New England States While en route they visited friends at Montreal, Portland and Boston. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Shields, Kingston, and Miss Helen Hartzell, Miss Betty Gabriel, Phillip Neher, this city have returned from Harvey's Lake. - Miss Marjorie Widdick, North Fil - more Avenue, has returned after spending some time In Mountain Lake, N. J. and New York. Family Reunions The sixteenth annual reunion of the Townsend family was held Saturday at Lake Carey. The officers for the coming year are: President, Frank Garney; vice - president, Mrs. M. L. Terwilliger; secretary, Mrs. Ernest Hallock; treasurer, Leroy H. Chambers, ooo The - Hilbert family held its twenty - seventh reunion on Saturday at Fern - brook Park, Dallas. The officers chosen for the coming year are: President, Mrs. Elsie Hilbert, vice - presi dent, Dewey Dymond; secretary, Mrs. Garfield Rundle. The twenty - eighth reunion of the Goodwin family which was held recently at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Emmett Fish was attended by more than one hundred persons. 0 0 0 The Isaac Delph family reunion will be held on Saturday, Aug. 25. at the home of Miss Florence E. Robertson, 1214 Quincy Avenue, Scranton. A picnic lunch will be served. Night Riding to Music At BALDWIN'S RIDING RING 2 Miles from Dalton. Moonlight parties personally conducted. Specially gentle horses for ladies. Tonsils la eatea of reewrlnf attaeka ol ten - llltii ar qnlniT the tomlli ehonld be removed In caee of every ebrenle or tabbern aliment the toniili eheald be exam'ned at a aetilble eaue. DIATHERMY remoTea tonills wltbeot pain or disability. No charge for examination. DR. JOHN T. DOWNING Tonill gpeelallit ti Flrat NatL Bank Bldg. Phone S - SSSS A CARE7R FOR LIFE ENTER THE BEAUTY PROFESSION IN SHORT MONTHS , Classes Now Forming E. Z. TERMS DAT OB NITE CLASSES Send For FBEE Booklet! EMPIRE BEAUTY COLLEGE St B. Main Ato. St Bpraee SL Wllkoa - Barre Serantea Tuesday - Wednesday Thursday Special 87 Pajamas PLAIN SILKS PRINTED SILKS SOME SATINS SLIGHTLY SOILED REGULAR PRICES IS.95 TO $25 ALL TO GO AT $2 - 98 $3.98 - $4.98 424 SPRUCE ST. U. S. Women Lead World in Beauty Aubrey Hammond, English Illustrator and designer of stage settings, considers American women the most beautiful In the wrold. He likes their short, well shaped noses; their eyes spaced far apart; their long, shapely legs. Hammond came to New York to confer with theatrical Interests and to refresh his recollection of Manhattan's feminine pulchritude. Nowhere else, he Insisted, do women have such attractive legs, such exciting grace, such interesting faces. ; Why? i "They dress smartly ,M he said. "They know how to achieve the most entrancing effects. "It is difficult, you know, to discuss the topic for publication. The beauty of American women is not confined to superficialities. They are basically more attractive. "Not that I would disparage the women of my own country, you know. Aubrey Hammond is six and a half feet tall, with broad shoulders and a booming British voice. His illustrations in English magazines are popular, but he has concentrated his artistry of late on theatrical designing. He has done the scenery for various American productions Including the recent success. "The Shining Hour." He was here last about eight years ego. "Women were wearing short skirts then," he sighed. "And rolled stockings." He indicated on his own sturdy right leg the approximate location of the roll. He preferred that fashion to the current vogue. English women, Hammond continued, take their golf and tennis too energetically for the aesthetic good of their bodies. "Their legs get knotty," he explained. Pressed for further details, he shrugged his huge shoulders and made a quick sketch on the back of a menu. It showed thick ankles, large feet and bulging calves as the wages of exertion. American women generally take their sports less seriously, he sup posed. Asked whether Hollywood contained striking examples of beauty, the artist replied "They're all beautiful - Kay Francis. Constance Bennett, Joan Bennett, Carole Lombard. . . ." Jean Harlow and Joan Crawford he finds less pleasing to his taste "because they are extremes, you know." Hammond considers blondes more attractive than brunettes but he believes dark - haired women are more intelligent and less tickle. He confesses he hasn't seen "so many beautiful legs since I was here last," but he doesn't intend to do any. sketching this time. FORUM CONSTITUTION ADOPTED The new constitution was adopted and many valuable suggestions were made for the growth and development of the organization at a special meeting of the Psychology Forum in the Chamber of Commerce Building ' last night. Philip Ungar, president, presided. There are more than 6,000 mines in thirty states of the Union, producing an average of 500,000,000 tons of coal annually. PS .bU BLACKHEADS I ITI PICS LARGE PORES will disappear, your skin clears up under guarantee. Ask your Druggist or CdrlZlmmer,3ftftWash.Ay.Sranton,Po. SHIMOFF YOUR PERSONALITY demands the finest Permanent you can afford. 'Your Wave with Mrs. Dawson's ner - sonal attention, means wave of outstanding excellence. PHONE 6875 SAVE ON SPECIAL AUGUST REDUCTION Sophie Dawson 2nd Floor, Davidow Bldg. 411 SPRUCE ST. "My Mother Took It, Too" BJiP.vM.Ar - .JgpJJp0pBJBBBSSSS&,vv'Y,'' Ibre'sStrengUifor Rundown Women "My mother used to take Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. After I grew up she gave it to me. I have, been . doing housework for eleven years. I felt weak and tired at certain times. Your medicine gave me more strength and built me up . when I was rundown." Mrs. Mary Gartnt, 413 Adams St., N. ., Mum apolis, Minnesota. If you are weak, nervous J4R . and rundown give this med - icine a chance to help you f too. Your druggist sells it. ffyJt LYDIA E. PINKHAM'S Vegetable Compound 98 out of 100 Wtmtn Report Benefit

Clipped from
  1. The Scranton Republican,
  2. 21 Aug 1934, Tue,
  3. Page 8

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