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15 PHONE 7222 PHONE 7222 THE SCRSNTON 'REPUBLICAN, MONDAY, APRIC T5, T95? GLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENTS tiff Prrtnfan'CfpBwiincsi Dud 7.2 - 2 - 2 otiUBtfOD Aoratnsno bath Per Line for Oonaecutivt Insertions 1 Tim lie Par Uim 1 Timn Me Per Ud I Timet lSe Per Lint Lets Notlcei lie Per Lint Special Satinets Ratet en Bequest 10 discount will be allowed for Ads ntld for in advance or within ten day after recelot of bill. Count tlx averas worda to the line. No ad taken for leu than bail of thru fines. An Ad Writer will sladly assist too If desired to that the cony of your Ad It nre - oared In tueh a manner to brine the great est results to tou. Errors in advertlstnt: should be reported immediately. The Republican will not be responsible for more than one incorrect in sertlen. Ads ordered for three or the timet and ttopped before expiration will be charged for only the number of timet that Ad appeared, appeared, and adjustment made at the rate earned. Advertising ordered for Irregular insertions insertions takes the one - time rate. Bate oer line for white enact I the tame as a line of type. . . Charged Ads 11 be received by telephone. Every Ad It restricted to Its proper classification classification and to the regular ttyle of type. It nat always been the aim ox xne Scranton Republican to eliminate publishing publishing all fraudulent and misleading advertisements. The Republican endeavors endeavors to publish onlv truthful Classified Classified Ads and will appreciate ltt attention attention being called to anv Classified Ad not conforming to the highest ttandard of honesty. Classified Ads will be accepted from 3:30 a. m. to 10 p. m. dally except Saturday and Sunday. Saturday. 8:30 a. m. to 4 p. m. Sunday. 6 p. m. to 10 p. m. Classified Department located at IM H. Washington Ave. Ads received bv telephone will be given prompt and careful attention. Classified Ad Results The Classified Advertising Department reports uncalled for replies on hand to the following BOX NUUBBR8. Republican Advertisers Advertisers will kindly call as soon as possible, possible, presenting Box Check. This list was compiled at ( o'clock last evening: "N. L. N.", 020, 023, 025, 920, 1043. mi, 1772, 1744, 1745, 1740, 1700. 1700. ANNOUNCEMENTS LOST AND POUND LOST. MALE SPITZ DOO Curly tail, brown spot on back, named "Teddy." Reward. Phone 3 - 5415. AUTOMOTIVE BUSINESS SS3TICB TYPEWRITER, ADDING MACHDTZ, REPAIRING OAU. 3 - oMI for guaranteed repair work on typewriters, cash registers, scales and adding machines. Bant ins In need and rebuilt typewriters and adding machines. Guaranteed same as new. 340 Adams Ave. ROOFING NOW IB TH TTKX to repair your . roofs. Prices reasonable. Phone 4 - 0011. LACKAWANNA ROOPINa OOtttPAfTT FINANCIAL MONEY TO LOAN : APTO FURHriMIH I WIN SI Ml) Loans Up To 0300. Personal Finance Co., 327 Lackawanna Ave. Second Floor. Phone 3 - 1171. (ft LOANS AND FTNANCDIO III1 Atlantis Finance Oo. 004 Wyoming Ave. Phone 4 - 101. UPHOLSTERING OPHOLBTERINO. repairing and rtflnlsh Inc. reed furniture painted, silo covert made to order at reasonable prloat. Guaranteed workmanship. Oall 4 - UM. J. Hauptman. (31 DIs Court. MOVTWJ BY UHtTlMBD All loads insures. X. T. Blackiedge. 3 - SOM. EMPLOYMENT FEMALE HELP WANTED WANTED GIRL For general housework, fit N. Main Ave., Taylor. Pa. KTLUHERY SALESWOMAN 4ut be thor oughly experienced, highly competent and of good appearance. Permanent position for right person. Address Bog (02, Republican. Republican. EMPLOYMENT MALE HELP WANTED COLLECTOR Must hava thorough knowl edge city ana suburban streets, permanent permanent position with about 320 weekly. Reference Reference and bonds necessary. 317 Coal Exchange Building. IF YOU HAVE A OAR and want steady permanent employment with good pay Dnone owe. ajoa amd upward an lm Drove real ee - tatt In Lackawanna County. Slegel'a Realty Co.. 431 Lacuwanna Ave. If ORTOAOE LOANS NEGOTIATED on real tstatt security. Terms to sun sorrower. Capwell. Attorney. Scranton Life Bid. LIVESTOCK HORSES, CATTLE, OTHER STOCK FOR SALE lot of Iowa farm horses, weight 1,100 to 1,000 IDs. eaen. . waiter u reaves. rear Erie Station. Duntnore. MERCHANDISE FOR SALE MISCELLANEOUS WORK HORSES FOR SALE 501 W. Market Street, Near Atlantic Gat Station. FOR SALE Oat Entino Driven Waablnc Mtcnine, reasonanie price, uartman Electric. 500 Lacks. Ave. SMALL BAFEB Absolutely fire - proof. Ex tremely cheap. From factory, HUiaoerg, Saline St., Syracuse, N. Y. FOR SALE, counters, coffee mllL butter refrigerator, oil tank, sale and ahtlvlng. 120 N. Main Ave. C. W. Warnke. ANDES COAL, GAS AND COMBINATION Ranges at reduced price. Oieason Bros.. 010 West Lackawanna At. BARTER EXCHANGE LARGE wholesale grocery company hat openings tor several capable men to dem onstrate products in Scranton and ter rltory within 20 - mile radius. See Employment Employment Mgr.. 014 Mulberry St. MSN Due to the lncretst In our business we win hire 3 men of peat appearance, not over 4S years of age. to work with tales manager. Pleasant, profitable work witn unlimited earnings to tnose, selected. Apply for interview Monday morning between between 9:30 and 11:30 at Room 217, Ad - Lin Building. FORD 1932 4 - OYLTNDBR COUPE, mechanl cally O. K.. good rubber, beautiful black paint. Priced for aulck tale. 027S; email ' down payment, balance monthly. Built Head Motor Co., corner North Main Ave. and Providence Road. FOR SALE. 1932 FORD T - l OOACH. In excellent condition Icauire Stanley Gadden. Phone 3 - 90M. BUSINESS SERVICE NURSERIES SORANTON LAWN and garden service, makers of new and better lawns, rebulld - ' ing old lawns, cemetery plots, fertilising, fertilising, seeding. 4 - 1400. MAN WANTED to supply customers with xamous Wat sins products in Exeter and Wyoming. Business established. Earnings Earnings average 325 weekly. Pay starts immediately. immediately. Write J. R. Watktot Co.. 331 - 47 Johnson Ave.. Newark. N. J. IF YOU ARE OUT OF WORK and desire position where advancement it assured, see Mr. parrish. Coal Exchange Building. No employment fee. EMPLOYMENT WANTED FEMALE CHILD NUR9B WISHES POSITION Good references. Address Box (2, Republican. SITUATIONS WANTED MALE BANDY MAN wants position at Janitor or oarecaxer. understands Boilers, proem - ting and other repairt. Otto Bnslln. Box 3. Central Valley. N. Y. WILL DO expert auto repairs for painting, painting, ctrpentery, roofing or electrical work. Write Box (20. Republican. BUILDING MATERIALS STOP TOUR ROOF LEAKS ( - gallon roof coating for (1.75. Whipple Bros., Inc.. (40 Wyoming Ave. Dial 4 - 1120. COAL FOR SALE A - l ANTHRACITE Best High Test Large Pes. 15.75: Nut and Egg. (7.36; Stove, (7.60; No. 1. (4.25. GRADE B Pea. (5.50; Nut. (7.25; No. 1, (3.73. L. A. Lewis. 3 - 0925. SEEIN' STARS - By Feg Murray lXJd W Aa .e. S.HE Tk. laHi Ue MOVIE - A FILM CUTTER 15 36 VEARS OLD TODAV LIVE OCTOPUSES.. CFkit nmjKi ' curej TLic NORTHWEST FOR USE IN BELOW THE SEA? FAILED TO SURVIVE THE TRIP, TECH - . NICAL EFFECTS EXPERT ROY OWQ&On CONSTRUCTED ONE QClbt ) Or kUDOCK WHICH VU&KeU Wakmph Baxter has a CHAUFFEUR 6uT WONT PERMIT HIM TO PflrVeThf CM WHEN HE, BAXTER, IS W it. MERCHANDISE HOUSEHOLD GOODS FIREWOOD, OUT IN LENGTH For stove or fireplace. A - l anthracite coal. Phone Dennis, 2 - 0145. OTOVI and Chestnut. (7.00: Pea Coal. (5.50; Range, (0.25: Domestic Buckwheat, (4.15. All fresh mined coal. Delivered to your bins on day ained. Phone your orders to 3 - 1177 or 1 - 0402. T. P. Quian Coal Company. A SUPERIOR QUALITY coal at these prices Is a positive bargain. Egg and chestnut. (7.50. Stove. (7.75. Pea, (0.00. Buck. (4.75. These prices subject to cash discount of 20c per ton on all C. O. D. orders. Phone ut vour order today today as prices advance Mav 1. Consumers Consumers Ooel Co.. 943 Adami Ave. Phone 4 - 1550. HOUSEHOLD GOODS Of Mrs. Alice V. Evans, deceased, of darks oreen. pa. Eleven - piece oak dining room suite, oak Bedroom suite, rugs, tnaaes. euriaws, pictures, tables, silverware, books, etc. E. W. Evans. Clarks Oreen, Pa. Phone Clarks Summit. 18 - 11 - 1. STORE FIXTURES COUNTERS, back counters, beer eoolert for tale. Refrigeration cases and market market coolers built to order. Universal Woodworking Oo.. Ill M. Washington Ave. Phone 3 - 3(70. SEEDS, PLANTS, FLOWERS PANBIB8, perennials and rock garden plants. C. H. Benedict. Plorltt. 1613 Albright Albright Ave. .Phone 1 - 6W3. WANTED TO BUY WANTED TO BUT Old gold and gold - tilled jewelry. Highest prices paid. 10 K.. (10.00 01.; 14 K.. (14.00 01.: II K.. 111.00 os, Brtnnan, Baitden and zitteiman, second floor, .Parr Building. 141 Ave. . ROOMS FOR RENT ROOMS WITH BOARD PLATT PLACE. NO. 11. nicely furnished home - like rooms, centrally located. Meals u desired. Reasonable. Phone 3 - 1370. ROOMS WITHOUT BOARD ROOM FOR YOUNG COUPLE or 3 rooms for voung men. In attractive home in Green Ridge, Address Box 200, care Republican. Republican. HOUSEKEEPING ROOMS JEFFERSON AVE.. 334, beautiful, large, newly decorated housekeeping room. Suitable for 3 or 3. Also smaller rooms. REAL ESTATE FOR RENT APARTMENTS UNFURNISHED ATTRACTIVE 4 - ROOM APARTMENT, 173 Providence Rd. All Improvement!, nice porch, heat furnlthed. Reasonable. Phone 4 - 9155. ADAMS AVE., 040, two 8 - room apart ments. Heat, hot water furnished. Rent (30. Phone 3 - 7735. REAL ESTATE FOX SALE APARTMENTS UNFURNISHED CARTER APARTMENTS, furnished Or u - fnrnithed. Elevator, tiled bath, beat, hot water, convenient. Mtflltnn, tauiawrrr. Phone 4 - 3370. olay AVENUE tsetuassfn 3 to 7 Rooms. Reduced rentals, 130 City Ave. Phono 3 - 4930. POUR - ROOM APABTMEHT. first floor. aH taaaiton Ave. FOUR - ROOM APARTMENT AND SHOWER inquire ltoo unden St. First floor. Hot water all year, steam host. FIVE NICE ROX3MS. BATH Heat furnished. Rent (30. 1347 N. Main Ave. Phone 4 - 3497. HARRISON AVE., 333. tint fleer modern I rooms, steam heat, hot water. Janitor service. Phone 3 - 7470. 9 to 13 a. m - T to t n. m. JEFFERSON' AVE., 330. 3 - room apartment. electrically equipped, city steam, garage. , Phone 3 - 1391. MADISON AVE. 743. 5 and ( - room apartment, apartment, sun parlor, city steam turnlstaed. Phone 5071. , MADISON AVE. (30. beautiful 7 - apartment, tile bath, city steam, hot water all year, electric refrigeration. Sent reasonable. Phone OS3 or 3 - 8786. MULBBRRY ST., 1711,' tbtrd floor, ( - room apartment, an improvements, neat lur - nished, porches. Block from park. Phone 3 - 7113. WEST SIDE. FIVE ROOMS AND BATH. Heat and water furnished. Possession at once. Phone 7101. 130 OXFORD ST.. first floor, I - room apart ment, steam neat ana not water furnished. furnished. 433 DEPOT ST., lit, 2nd. third floor apart ments, au improvements, neat tarnished. tarnished. Phone 3 - 02t. (St ( - ROOM APARTMENT, modern with eiectnc aoor opener, neat lurnisnea, toe Oreen Ridge St. APARTMENTS FURNISHED BEAUTIFULLY FURNISHED 3 - room apart ment, lint floor, private bate, tio per week. 933 Gibson St. Phone 3 - 0931. PRESCOTT AVE.,' 130, private 4 - room mod ern apartment, second noor, poronet, radio, heat, hot water furnished. (414. BUSINESS PLACES CENTRALLY LOCATED modern store. established 4 years aa a dress shop, suitable suitable for combination business such as beautv shop and corsetiere. Reduced rent 185. Write Boi (21. Republican OHlce. FOR RENT BUILDING. 315 Lackawanna Ave. Complete with fixtures for eiotn - im and furntihlng. Alto excellent loca - : tlon for furniture. My or Davldow. 304 spruce St. FOR RENT. 314 and 1S Spruce St.: also two apartments, 3 and 4 rooms, net - sonable rent, Mm Davldow. 304 Soruce Street. REAL ESTATE FOR RENT HOUSES FOR RENT SDt ROOMS. HALF DOUBLE HOUSE With garage. (30. Inquire 1330 Woodlawn or phone 3 - 30(1, BuieoALow. i Rocaua and bath. Good location. A cost nlaca. (13 Albright Ave. Bent (20. Phone 4 - 3417, DELAWARE ST.. desirable ( - room modem bouae: also ( - room furnished apartment. ana floor, in Delaware St. paone 4 - aeao. QUDJOOT AVE. HALF DOUBLE. 10 ROOMS. All Improvements. Inquire 331 Qnlncy Ave. Phone . 3 - 1150. GIBSON ST.. E. 1(37 - 39. good location, two desirable ( - room houses, all Improve ments. . reasonable. Phono 3 - 1(20 or 4 - 4033. OLAY AVE., 1001, corner house, I rooms, (40. Free rent to May 1. ( - room epart - menta. UK Ash St. 3 - 0774. 040 Clay Ave. CEDAR AVE. 315, half double, I rooms. All Improvements. Reasonable rent. Inquire Inquire 305 Cedar Ave, or phone 4 - 4515. OFFICE AND DESK ROOM OFFICES FOR RENT In the Ad - Lin Bldg. Rentals from HO up. mono i - ssu. SUBURBAN FOR RENT ENJOY THE NEW TRAIL to College Park. u minuter drive, single hornet lor rent witn option to buy. Btenaer srotners SEVERAL desirable properties. Clarks summit and vicinity, ward B. parser. Clarks Summit. Pa. Phone O - R - 3. MOSCOW, main road. Van Brunt highway. li - room boute, tuitabie lor tea room. Plenty parking apace. Phone 7101. FOR SALE OR RENT FOR SALE OR RENT. 9 - room house, all improvements, garage, cnicsen coops, iv acres of land. Mrs. Nellie Brower. Fae - toryvllle. Pt. WANTED TO RENT WANTED, modern apartment! and bouses for aesiraoie tenants I have to mace. List yours now. Get first eholee. O. Rodrlguet. 013 Lackawanna Ave. REAL ESTATE FOR SALE FARMS AND LAND (500 DOWN, (100 YEARLY. 100 acres, im provement!. Sullivan Trail: 03,900. Axel Oellgaard, Scranton Electric Building. FARM FOR SALE adjoining Beach Lake. 01 acre, electricity, good water, memoes part of lake. Good site for camp. Wm. Davey. Beach Lake. Pa. CLASSIFIED DISPLAY REAL ESTATE FOR RENT BUSINESS PLACES FOR RENT. 311 Lackawanna Ave.. 30mi0. one of the best location in scranton for a bar and restaurant. Very low rent. Mytr Davldow 304 Soruce St. HOUSES FOR RENT DESIRABLE l - ROOM HOTJSE, (11 improve ments, fine residential section, locatea at 319 Wheeler Ave. Rent (40. Phone 3 - 4314. Coyer Says: Play Safe Bay Geaalae Ford Parts. Bay them here. largest Stock of Ford Parte In N. E. Penna. Opea frees 1 ft, M. te 0 P. M. Telephone and Mall Orders Promptly Filled COYER MOTOR CO. Wyoming Ave. and Ash Street Phone (271 REAL ESTATE FOR SALE FARMS AND LAND FARM. 134 ACRES, about 34 acres timber timber land, with or without stock end tools. 3 miles S. Gibson. 3 mllet norto. Lake Idle Wilde. H. R Knickerbocker, Unlondale, Pa. FOR BALE, farm of 133 acres at Lakevilla. Wayne County. Frame dwelling, 3 barns, alio, chicken eoop. Part cash. Writ Box (37. Hawley. Pa. TRADE 150 ACRES. Scranton Market. 30 cattle. 3 horses, tools. See Medey. The) Polish Agency." 137 Adams Ave. COTTAGES RESORTS COTTAGE. FURNISHED, on Susquehanna, boat. O. D. Ferreli. Tunkhannock. PaL R. D. 0. SUBURBAN FOR SALE FOR SALE in the village of Beach Lake. 3 - famlly house, running water, electrlo lights, 1 - 3 acre land, also 7 - room house, all improvements, garage, coops for (00 hens, fruit and berries. 1 1 - 3 acres of land. Wm. Davey, Beach Lake. Pa. SIX - ROOM HOUSE, all improvement. double garage, near Lackawanna Trail. Phone Clarks Summit. 33 - R - 0. Mr. E. CLASSIFIED DISPLAY Y 71 1 CHEVROLETS 1932 5 Fan. Count) ....$! 1932 6 Wire Wheel DeLuxe Sedan . . . S39 1931 Sedan 1269 1929 Cabriolet $115 1929 Coach $ 90 CALVEY MOTOR CO. 614 Wyoming Ave. i A 1932 CHRYSLER COUPE Deluxe Coupe Painted Dark Green Tires Are Almost New Priced Very Attractively. LEVERING MOTOR CO. USED CAR BLDG. 930 N. Washington Ave. Phone 5198 Open Evenings 0.TCP SEE THESE GOOD USED CARS AT Russell Motors '38 Pontlae 2 - dr. Tour. Sedan (595 '33 Pontlae Sport Coupe (445 'Si Dodge Coupe (435 '33 Ford 4 - dr. Sedan .(435 '33 Hupmoblle Coupe (350 (Rumble Seat) '33 Plymouth Sport Coupe $300 SPECIAL CADILLAC 7 - PASS. SEDAN in good running condition. mis ear has had excellent care minion. $195 Russell Motor Car Co. 1000 N. Washington Ave. "The Orange Front Building" Open Evenings Phone 3 - 8115 LEGAL NOTICES IN RE: ESTATE OF ATJOUST RD9BSL, deceased, late of the City of Scranton, Pa. Persons with damns against or indebted said estate will present their cleknt or make payment to William Riebel, Adminis trator, mi capouse Avenue, scranton. Fa. itAiwiiD WEI9BGKO ana DAVID W. PHILLIPS. Attorneys for Estate, A - I0 - Z3 - 3O - M - 7 - 14 - Z1. IN RE: ESTATE OF CATHERINE J. SMITH, deceased, late of Clarks Oreen. Penna, Debtors will make payment, and creditors present claunt to Jessie L Hepburn, Execu trix, box w. cierxs oreen, penna. JEROME I. MYERS, Attorney for Estate. A - 1S - JJ - 30 - M - 7 - 14 - J1. Several Are Injured In Week - End Crashes (Continued from Pare Three) later was arrested for disorderly coo duct. Patrick Norton, 53, 810 Eynon street, was run down by an auto last night In the 1100 block of Luzerne street by a car driven by Edward France, 1911 Luzerne street. Norton was taken to the West Side hospital but an examination failed to reveal any injury. When two cars figured in a colli - lision In Blakely yesterday morning at 2 o'clock, three persons, were injured injured and were removed to the Mid - Valley hospital for treatment. They are: Julius Sabolko, Jessup, who in' curred cuts of the head; Matthew Pechusik, M&yfleld, who Incurred lacerations of the hands and John Sedarco, Jessup, cuts of the face and head. City Groups Called To Consider Data (Continued from Page Three) through the Federal Emergency Housing Housing corporation, representative citizens of Scranton have joined in studying the problem from every angle. Members of Agencies Those who have been asked to attend attend the meeting are: vitj cumuli, anuj Apii, yuwin iww, George Mackie, Russell Armbruster and peter coonnen. Housing committee, Council of Social Agencies: Mrs. Hattie R. Mechloultz, chairman; chairman; Mrs. Ralph A. Amerman, Barry Ap - gar, Fred L. Brown. Mrs. O. E. Byers, M. E. Oomerford, Herman Goodman. R. A. . Gregory. James T. Sweeney, Col. Laurence H. watres, ttaipn E. weens, louis oet - tinter. Lester M. Davis and James A. Linen, Ex - ofilclo. Joseph F. Ounster. president; eamuei onair. secretary. Oitv snd Reglonsl Planning commission: Worthlngton Scranton. chairman: Mrt. Ralph A. Amerman, George DA. Belln, Philo W. Butler, Mrs. O. E. Byers, Joseph O. Casey. Homer P. Cox. the Rev. Dr. Henry a. crane, n. a. Dam. e. b. Davis, c. C Denny. Herman S. Goodman, Alfred Ha - gen, George P. Hower, W. A. Kemmerer, Mrs. James A. Linen. Mrs. Hattie R. Mech -, T. UinlMkn fM,(. - ! ... I. E. Oppenhelm. Col. L. H. Watres and Mrs. C. S. Weston. At Larue: William A. Schunk. Herbert Btromoerg and Fred Evans. City Planning commission: F. L. Brown, Mrs. O. E. Byers. R. H. Martin. M. L. Goodman, Jonas Stepanaukas. Philo Butler. Butler. Chester Thomas, and C. Plnksey Jones. Protest 'Execution Of Heroic Canine TOPEKA, KAS., April 15 ). A dog with a hero's record, a trunkload of blue ribbons and an Irsh name has Topeka gripped in a debate over whether he shall live or die. His mistress, Mrs. Rolla J. Parker, left behind a request that he follow her In death. She feared the alredale would .'all into unsympathetic hands. A veterinarian, Dr. Charles W. Bower, Is ready to chloroform him. But hundreds of dog lovers have demanded that he be permited to live. They point out that Pal O'Cragsman Is only 6 years old, too young to die. They also insist he is too fine a dog to die. ' Ones when his mistress fainted In her hotel room, he restored her to consciousness consciousness by licking her face. He was cited for heroism. He carried away more than 100 blue ribbons la dog shows. OBITUARY Miss Mary McHugh Dies in West Scranton The funeral of Miss Mary McHugh sister of the Rev. Dr. Thomas Mc Hugh, pastor of St. Patrick's church, and of former Superintendent of Police Police Michael J. McHugh, will be held tomorrow morning from the family home, 1518 Luzerne street. A requiem mass will be sung at 10 o clock in St. Patrick's church. Inter' ment will be in cathedral cemetery. Miss McHugh, who died on Satur day, was the daughter of the late Mr. snd Mrs. Thomas McHugh, pioneer West' Scranton residents. She was educated In St. Patrick's parochial school and had taken an active part in affairs of St. Patrick's parish. She also was a member of the Blessed Virgin's sodality and the Rosary and Scapular confraternity. Surviving are four brothers, the Rev. Dr. McHugh, Michael J Owen and Anthony McHugh. Mrs. George Titus Mrs. George Titus, 64, died yester day afternoon in her home at Clarks Summit, R. D. She had been in 111 health for the past three months fol lowing a paralytic stroke. Before mamage she was Miss Min nie A. Brannlng. She was a member of Mount Bethel church. Besides her husband, she is survived by a son, Everett Titus', Endlcott, N. Y.; a brother, Frank Brannlng, New York; sister, Mrs. Leslie White, Clarks Summit, and two grandchildren. The body has been removed to the Bllckens Funeral home, Carbondale, where it was prepared for burial Mrs. Anna Bialkowskl Mrs. Anna Bialkowskl, 62, a well known resident of the Bellevue sec tion until three years ago, died yes terday morning in the Spojnla farm, Waymart, after a long illness. She leaves two daughters, Blanche and Mrs. Chrostoski. The body was taken in charge by Funeral Director Leo 8. Gorgol and removed to his funeral parlors, 533 East Elm street, frfom where the fu neral will be held on Tuesday morning. morning. A requiem mass will be sung at o'clock in St. Stanislaus Polish Na tional church. Interment, Mlnooka cemetery. : Ellen Mario Mack mien Marie Mack, 14, died last night in the family home at Clarks Green after a short Illness. Surviving are her mother, Omoo Mack; two brothers, W. Mack, Scranton, and Bum Mack, Washington, D. C, and a sister. Virginia Mack, at home. The funeral will be held Wednesday at 2:30 p. m. In the home with the Rev. D. Young, Seventh Day Adventlst church, officiating. Funeral arrange ments in charge of Herman W. Cole Son. John William White John William White, 89, died yes terday afternoon in his home, 820 Oreen Ridge street, after a brief illness. illness. He was born in New Bloom - field, N. J,, and ' had resided in Scranton for thirty - six years. Surviving Surviving is a daughter, Mrs. Minnie W. Stiles. Funeral services will bo held Tues day afternoon at 2:30 o'clock in the home. Interment will be In Hickory Grove cemetery, Waverlv. Thelma Aiten Montoney Thelma Aiten Montoney. 28. a native of Clarks Summit, died Saturday in her home, 451 Chestnut street, Kings ton, Funeral services will be held Tuesday at 1:30 p. m. in the homo. Interment, Clarks Green cemetery. Benjamin Prinzivalli, South Side Barber, Dies Benjamin Prinzivalli, 47, a well known South Scranton barber, died yesterday morning in the 8tate hog pital after an illness. Mr. Prinzivalli was a resident of this city for many years. Surviving are his widow, Anna, and five children, Josephine, James, Paul, Franklin and Maurice. The body was removed to the family family home, 713 Beech street, by Fu neral Director Fedele Musso.. Hold Rites Tomorrow For Walter Krasowski The funeral of Walter P. Krasowski, 44, 2617 Olyphant avenue, assistant manager of the ordinary department of the Prudential Life Insurance company, company, who died suddenly of a heart attack in his home on Saturday, will be held tomorrow afternoon. Services will be held in the home at 2 o'clock. Interment, Morgan Highway cemetery. Funeral arrangements in charge of Frank Kapalski. Mr. Krasowski, a native of Poland, had been employed for eighteen years by the insurance company. He was a resident of Scranton for thirty years. His widow survives. Henry Sheridan Henry Sheridan, 752 River street, died yesterday in his home after a brief illness. He was born in Jessup and resided in Scranton most of his life. He was employed by the Globe Slag Roofing company. He was a member of Church of the Nativity. Surviving are his widow, formerly Agnes Barrett, Dunmore; a son, Rob ert, and three brothers, Frank, Under wood; Joseph, Scranton. and Charles. Olyphant Anthony Boland Anthony Boland, 131 Bloom street. Dunmore, died in his home on Sat urday night after several months' ill ness. He was a member of St. Mary's church and its Holy Name society. Surviving are his widow, Mary Anna, and the following chilidren: Mrs. James Cawley, Carbondale; Wll 11am, New York; John, Robert, Ku gene and Ellen, all of Dunmore; a brother, William Boland, and a sister. Mrs. Patrick Dougherty. The funeral will be held Tuesday at 9:30 a. m. in St: Mary's church. Interment, St. Catherine's cemetery, Moscow. Friends have been asked to omit flowers. Charles B. Edwards Charles B. Edwards, 1134 Hampton street, died in his home on Saturday after a brief Illness. His wife died a month ago. Surviving are a daughter, Edna, and son, Robert. The funeral will be held this afternoon at 2:30 o'clock from the home. Interment, Dunmore cemetery. Funeral arrangements In charge of B. Wlllard Tague. Edward Blsignanl - The funeral of Edward Bislgnanl, 19 - month - old son of Mr. and Mrs. Anadel Bislgnanl, 620 Fig street, who died Friday, will be held this morning. Interment will be In Cathedral cemetery. cemetery. Besides his parents, he leaves four brothers, William, Rudolph, Thomas and Joseph. Eli Barber Ell Barber, 84, Springville, died In the home of his niece, Mrs. Alfred Sherman, 1855 Ferdinand street, Saturday. Saturday. He was born In 8usquehanna county. Surviving are three brothers, Clark, Montrose; Erwln, HorneU, and Myron, Allegheny, Franeeseo Giannetta Francesco Giannetta, 60, 133 Sand street, Bunker hill section of Dun more, died Saturday after a few weeks' illness. He was a resident of Dunmore for twenty - five years and was a member of St. Rocco's church and its Holy Name society. Besides his - widow he leaves five sons: Samuel, Martin, Anthony, Jo soph and Charles; two dtughters, Mrs. Joseph Pichlarello and Mrs. James PetrelU, and a sister, Mrs. Mi chael Rogazzo, Hartford, Conn. The funeral will be held Tuesday with a requiem mass at 9:30 a. m. in St. Rocco's church. Interment, Mount Carmel cemetery. 1 Garner's III Brother Shoots Self to Death EL PASO, Tex., April 15 (IP). The suicide of Jolly Garner, 48 - year - old brother of John Nance Garner, was attributed today to a nervous illness which, friends said, was supplemented by the fear that he was not worthy of his relationship to the vice - presi presi dent. Jolly Garner, a United States cus toms patrolman on the Mexican border, shot himself to death last night at his home here. Alvln C. Ash his father - in - law, said the family had not realized the seriousness of his condition and added: "Jolly, during the time he was suf ferlng from ill health, would spend hours talking about his brother John and expressing fear that he was not worthy of him. If a person ever was proud of another man, Jolly was proud of the vice - president. "When John Garner left the family homestead near Detroit, Texas, and established himself at TJvade, he sept lor jolly, tnen a youth of 16 or 17, to join him and attend school there. Jolly was John's 'kid brother.' Once at Uvalde, Jolly stayed there and took his orders from John. From what he told me, he admired his elder brother then as much as ho did when John Garner became the vice - president of the United States." Vice - President Garner said in Washington he would be unable to attend the funeral Norma Gets Divorce; May Wed Geo. Jessel EL PASO, Texas, April is VP). Norma Talmadge turned eastward to day with New York her announced destination and a meeting with George Jessel taken for granted by many of her friends. In announcing Saturday night she had obtained a Juarez divorce from Joseph M. Schenck, motion picture producer whom she married in 1917, the former picture star said she was "going to New York and spend a few days thinking about my freedom." She left El Paso soon afterward. In New York, Jessel, comedian with whom Miss Talmadge's name hat been linked frequently by the romantically Inclined, received the divorce news with the comment "that's fine" and the added assurance "J think she's very nice." Cherry Trees Bloom WASHINGTON, April 15 UP). A spring day, with warm sun and a cherry bloom display that brough thousands of tourists to Washington today, lured President Roosevelt from his letter - stacked study for an hour's automobile ride. The chief executive was accompan ied on the trip into the nearby coun tryside by his son James, and the hitter's hitter's wife. - , He returned in the late afternoon to prepare for the second major con ference since he returned from his southern vacation, a round - table talk on legislation with house leaders. unerals Andrukat George Andrukat, 508 North Decker court. Tuesday with short prayer service at 2 p. m. in home and further services at 2:30 p. m. in St. John's Lutheran church, Jefferson avenue. The Rev. Dr. John C. Mattes and the Rev. August Fischer will of ficiate. Interment, Ablngton Hills cemetery. Funeral arrangements in charge of Robert B. Phillips. Sinkevitcius Antanas Sinkevitcius, 1524 Wood street. Today at 9 . m. in Lithuanian National church, Oak street. Interment, parish cemetery, Funeral arrangements In charge Of Leo S. Gorgol. King Joseph P. King, rear of 514 Prescott avenue. Today at 9:30 s. m. in Church of the Nativity. Interment. Cathedral cemetery. Funeral arrange ments in charge of Gene Ousick. Bryden William J. Bryden, Jubilee, Pa. Tuesday at 2 p. m, from the How ard J. Snowdon Funeral home, 1810 Sanderson avenue. Interment, West Plttston cemetery. Simons Bertha L. Simons. Today at 2 p. m. in home of her brother, Lloyd Simons, Hamlin. Interment, Hamlin cemetery. Fazekas John Fazekas, 668 Clear - view street. Today at 9:30 a. m. in St. Stephen's church. Interment, Cathedral cemetery. Sadlowskt John Sadlowskl, 1452 Dartmouth street. Today at 9 a. m. in St. Stanislaus p. N. church. Inter ment, parish cemetery, Mlnooka. - 'Independents' Scored By Guf fey V Sister (Continued from rage Three) election; Mr. Brady, Mrs. Grace Dalley and Rep. Hai ry P. O'Neill. Mrs. Thomas Murphy, who was re placed as national committeewoman by Mrs. Miller, was In the audience, Mrs. Murphy heads the faction which bolted the reorganization meeting in January and elected its own county and city chairmen in the persons of Mrs. Gerald Corby, Jermyn; and Mrs. Joseph McHale, South Scranton, M. J. Ruddy, Dunmore, and Mrs. Margaret Kllleen Loftus, Carbondale, state committee candidates opposing Mr. Brennan and Mrs. Burschel, were introduced, as was Mrs. Kathryn Bums Decker, another state committee contender. ! Mrs. Leah Pollock, formerly active in Democratic women's circles here, now living 1l Washington, sent a tele gram urging support for "the men who are supporting the president Guiley, Earle and P. J. Boland." Congress man Boland forwarded his regret. His chief Democratic opponent, former Congressman Patrick McLane was In troduced and received a good hand, Entertainment was furnished by Miss, Rita Burkhardt and a novelty dance team made up of Mary Carroll and Marty Noone. . Fleet's Maneuvers Gratify Commander WASHINGTON, April 15 w. Ad miral David F. Sellers, commander - in - chief, today radioed the navy depart ment that the fleet had "demonstrated gratifying degree of battle effici ency" during Its maneuvers off the Pacific coast while enroute to the eastern seaboard. The commander accompanied his report with an account of a rescue of naval aviator by brother fliers, a rescue which Sellers described as "one of the most remarkable feats In the history of naval aviation." An Aberdeen upholsterer be queathed $25,000 to Aberdeen university university for the foundation of scholarships, although he never earned more than $15 a week. ' Cuna Shrine Group Officers Installed Mrs. Blodwyn Snyder Inducted As New Worthy High Priestess Social News With fitting ceremonies, the annual installation of officers of Cans shrine, No. 17, was held at G. A R, hall, Linden street, recently. Mrs. Mae Pass, the retiring worthy - ' I 1 If year MRS. BLODWYN SNYDER high priestess, wss presented with a gift by her officers and also with her jewel Mrs. Blodwyn Snyder wss Installed as the incoming worthy high priestess, and was also presented with some lovely gifts by her officers snd friends, The officers installed were as fol lows; Worthy high priestess, Mrs. Blodwyn Snyder; watchman of shep herds, Mrs. Elisabeth O. Smith P. W. H. P.; noble prophetess, Mrs. Alice Eynon; worthy scribe, Mrs, Margaret M. Swingle, P. W. H. P.; worthy treasurer, treasurer, Mrs. Margaret A. Phillips; wor thy chaplain, Mrs. Mae Shaffer; worthy worthy shepherdess, Mrs. Margaret Ram sey; worthy guide, Mrs. Helene wit - man; trustee for one year, Miss Florence Klein, P W. H. P.; trustee for two years, Mrs. Blanche Jehu, P. W. H. P.; trustee for three years, Mrs. Mary Pass, P. W. H. P.; worthy herald, Mrs. Carrie Essllnger; first wise man, Mrs. Jennie Gcodes; second wise man, Mrs. Jennie McKnlght: third wise man, Mrs. Blanche Jehu, P. W. H. P.; king, Mrs. Anns H. Morgan; queen, Mrs, Margaret Cordy; first hand maid, Miss Loretta Schmidt; second hand maid, Mrs. Lett; Lute; third hand maid, Mrs. Margaret Quest; organist, Miss Katharln Heldt; worthy guardian, Mrs. Edith P. Kelson, worthy guard, Mrs. Mary B. Weber; maid of honor, Mrs. Jessie Baustein; flower girl, Mrs. Elizabeth Talt; queen's attendants, Miss Freda Schmidt, Mrs, Sadie Curtis, Curtis, Miss Olga Kakleas, Mrs. Alma Frants, Mrs. Jennie Hocklander, Mrs. Ruth Tooley; courier, Mrs Mary Thirion. NEW CITY RISES SABUDIA, Italy, April 15 (). This new city, the second to rear its head In the hitherto useless Pontine marshes, was inaugurated today fay King Emanuel Emanuel and Queen Elena. The reclaimed territory around 8a - baudla is one day expected to provide farm homes for some 30,000 needy war veterans upon fertile) whoat - araJslng land. (Continued from Page Four) dance, and which will feature an elec tlon of the Queen of the May. This will be the first of an annual affair. John Hussey is general chairman of angetnents, and will be assisted by embers of both the alumni and ac - ve chapters. John D. Vanson re uests all members of the alumni apter to attend the meeting of the tive chapter on Thursday night. . O 0 0 Miss Helen Bolton, Seventeenth avenue, avenue, entertained her card club recently at home. The guests wre: Alice Breen Mrs. T. Farrell, Frances McHale, Mrs. J. Blockberger, Mrs. J. Messett, Anna May, Mrs. C. B. Spencer, and Mrs. Harry Garrett, 0 0 0 Mrs. Nora Kylander. North Irving avenue, will entertain at a family din ner party tonight at home, honoring Mr. and Mrs. Edward Wigley, who will celebrate their first wedding anniversary. anniversary. . 0 0 0 Misses Frances and Theresa Cardone recently entertained members of their bridge club at home. Prizes were awarded Misses Elvira Manze, Minnie Savino and Clara and Sara Notarto - maso. Miss D'Agostlno will entertain members at the next meeting. 0 0 0 Arrangements have been completed for the Bunny hop to be held by the Slovak Girls' club of the Y. W C. A on Wednesday evening In Platt - Wool - worth auditorium. Miss Anne Ruby, chairman will be assisted by the fol lowing committee members: Misses Nellie Kolesar, Elizabeth Florek. Gertrude Gertrude Hannls, Mary Ruby, Helen Gay - dash, Helen Pallska, Mary Krisanda. Margaret Kleback, Mary Kolesar. Jo sephine Mlklus, Anna Solatruk. Mary Verespey, Margaret Fedor, Irene Sepe - lak, Anna Meish, Anna Balnt, Kath ryn Hudak. and Anna Mlkus. o o Members of the T. N. T. sorority met recently at the home of Miss Clare Eberle, Meadow avenue. The next meeting will be at the home of Miss Grace McGraw. 0 0 0 Honoring Miss Lorett Callahan, a bride - elect, Miss Lillian Martin, Taylor avenue, entertained at a kitchen shower recently at her home. Yellow was used in decorating, and corsages were given as favors.. The guests in cluded Misses Lorraine Phillips. Bertha Dieting, Naomi OilL Gertrude Welnlck, Catherine McAndrew and Anna Doran and Allen Rothballer, Buffalo. ooo Mrs.' John L. Smith will open her home. White Mills, tomorrow evening at 8 o'clock for a card party for the benefit of the Rev. Father Fltzpatrlck's parish. The usual games will be played and prices swarded. Refreshments will be served. oo o Mrs. John A. Little, hospitality chairman of the Junior Century club, will be in charge of the Junior Presidents' Presidents' tea to be held in the clubhouse this afternoon from 4 to 6 o'clock. Miss Elizabeth Reynolds, president, will receive the guests. ooo The board of directors of the Florence Florence Crittenton mission will entertain friends and those Interested in the work of the mission at an open house on Thursday afternoon from 2 to 5 o'clock for inspection of the new nursery nursery wing. Tea will be served by the social committee, Mrs. J. J. Sampson, chairman. ooo Mrs. Carlon O'Malley and Miss Dorothy Boland were chairman of the hostess committee for the bridge luncheon held on Saturday afternoon in Hotel Casey by the Catholic Charity guild. During a short business session, at which Mrs. John Bonner, president, presided, plans were made for a May party to be held on May 12 in the Casey. Mrs. Alfred Bailey and Mrs. Leo Walton were appointed hostesses for the affair. There were seventy - five guests present. ooo The dance held on Saturday night in Hotel Casey by the SWAS club proved to be a most successful affair with more than 400 guests in attendance. attendance. e WOMEN'S ACTIVITIES (Continued from Page Four) women and guild girls of the Im - manuel Baptist church in the home or Mrs. H. A. Rlefenberg, 1720 Vine street this evening. Miss Gruenwald will illustrate her address with stere - optlcan pictures taken of her work and experiences in Africa. She will also show many curios which she brought with her from her field. Mrs. C. A. Blddleman, president of the Immanuel w. W. G. will preside . and Miss Helen Barnes will sing. All interested in missionary work are invited. invited. The Rev. John Roberts, D. D., pastor of Dr. Jones Memorial Congregational - church, led a religious service yesterday yesterday afternoon in the Welsh Women's home, Capouse avenue. Mrs. Henry W. Schoen was in charge of devotions. Camp 101, P. O. of A will meet to night at 8 o'clock in Malta hall, Adams avenue. Etta Brink will preside. Following Following the business session, cards will be enjoyed. Members and friends are invited. The Council chorus will rehearse this afternoon at 2 o'clock in the Y. W. O. A. Mrs. T. T. Richards is the director. Police Bullets Fell Disturber in Hotel NORWALK, Conn., April 15 (JP). The New York state police were called upon today by the Connecticut authorities authorities to help them solve the mystery surrounding the drowning of Arthur Todd 70, reputedly wealthy and retired businessman of Bella island. With the arrival here of Sergeant Daniel Schneider and Trooper Richard Barlow, fingerprint experts, of the New York state police barracks at Hawthorne, N. Y the Connecticut authorities disclosed that Todd was known to have had $8,000 in cash in his possession at the time of his death. , '. Todd's body was found late Saturday Saturday in Long Island Sound, about cms quarter mile from his palatial home. An autopsy showed that death was caused by drowning. , Gandhi's Disciple, ' , New Husband Split NEW YORK, April 15 (AWNlla Cram Cook, former disciple of. the Mahatma Gandhi, announced tonight that she would seek an annulment in California of her marriage to, the former cabin boy, Albert N. Hutohins, whom she wed on her arrival from India. Our sepraatlon," shes aid, "is offi cial. Hutchlns left day before 'yes terday no, pardon me, he left' yesterday yesterday for Chicago. This is final.'' IDLE MAN KILLS SELF I IRWIN, Pa., April 15 (Pj. - iM Harry eHnry was awakened today by the firing of a shotgun and found her husband mortally wounded in ati - ar bedroom. He was 42, had five chijdres and had been without employment for some time. - The coroner pronounced, death as due to suicide.

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