Gorin Robert Lee Story about the fire and deaths

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Gorin Robert Lee Story about the fire and deaths - Official Taper of Dox Dutte County VOLUME XXIX...
Official Taper of Dox Dutte County VOLUME XXIX TWO DIE IN FIRE TRAGEDY ' NEAR ANGORA MR. AND MRS. R. L. GORIN ARE THOUGHT TO HAVE PERISHED. Physicians Decide Remains of Two Bodies in Ruins Others Have Different Theories. A fire, discovered alwut 4 a. m. Wednesday, destroyed a portion of the farm home of Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Gorin, living seven miles southeast of Angora. The remains of what Bridgeport Bridgeport physicians believe to he two per-jsons per-jsons were found on a bed, and these re believed to be Mr. and Mrs. Gorin, although the bodies were charred beyond beyond recognition. When the fire was discovered, the alarm spread and neighbors gathered to fight the flames. At the time, it vas believed that both Mr. and Mrs, Gorin were in Scottsblulf, the couple1 having indicated that they were going to that city. Neither of them had oeen seen in Angora for a few daysjwas iirior to the fire, and it was known that a trip was contemplated. During the blaze, some of the spectators thought they discerned a body lying on the bed, but it was not until the ruins were searched that the suspicions ' vere confirmed, inquiry developed that the Gorins were not in Scotts- Wuir. The sheriff and county attorney at' Bridgeport were called, at 8 o'clock efforts Wednesday morning, and at 4:30 they j thank-arrived and began their investigations ing Uhey searched the ruins, recovered all poi-t.ons of the body or bodies obtainable, obtainable, and these were taken to Bridgeport Bridgeport tor examination by physicians, l ate last night word was received at Antrora that the physicians had decided, decided, after an examination, that the remains included portions of two bodies. The Gorins had been married for ubout a year, both of them having been married previously. Mrs.' Gorin had lived in and near Angora for a number of years, and was well known. Mr. Goiin came from Scottsblulf at the lime of the marriage. Mrs. Gorin is survived by a son and daughter and five brothers. It is reported that Mr. Gorin has a son. a daughter and aged lather living, but no relatives had been located up to last night. The couple were around forty years of age. Suspicion Is Aroused iornvlin . TJpv. B. J. Minort. who returned from Angora last night, there also are a good many rumors in Angora, which ami sonic suspicion of foul play. The these, construc-reople there are not at all satisfied tion that there were two bodies in the shown rums. It it pointed out that there was a but one skull recovered, and that there first ore several suspicious circumstances. It is said that a .32 rine was louna in the bed room, lying near the bed. ' There was a cartridge in the rifle that had been fired, and it bore the marks of a firing pin, thus showing that it had not been exploded by the heat. The Bridgeport otficials, it is said, lean toward the theory that a crime vas committed. The house was not burned to the ground. It is a two-story structure and the fire, which was reported to have started from the kitchen range, apparently originated in the bedroom. The kitchen is still standing, and is not materially damaged by the fire. The bedroom portion was destroyed by the flames, however, and the floor had fallen in. carrying the bed with it. According to the Alliance man, a neighbor, Mr. Brown, had called at the Gorin home Tuesday evening. While he did not see either Mr. or Mrs. Gorin, he thought he heard foot steps inside the house. A smeu 01 smoke was coming from the basement, basement, but he did not stop to investigate. investigate. Saturday evening both Mr. and Mrs. Gorin were at the farm. William William Powell, a neighbor, saw a light in the house Tuesday evening, it being Mrs. Gorin's custom to keep one burning. burning. Mrs. Gorin is a sister of L. D. Car-nine Car-nine of Angora. . An inquest will be held at 2:30 this afternoon at Bridgeport, it is announced. announced. Had Financial Trouhles.( It is known that Mr. and Ms. Gorin had been having some dome-'ie difficulties over financial matters. In October, l'.21, Mr. Gorin mortgaged some forty head of cattle as security for a loan from an Angora bank, i his note was later transfeired to the First National bank ot Alliance, At the Alliance bank, a letter from1 Mrs Gorin was received, dated April Cox 4, in which she declared that of the und ap-fui'tv head of cattle mortgaged by her liusband, twenty-three were her own hat-property, anil she told her intention of: conic-ting the mortgage. She do- the clared that the loan and mortgage had : being been made without her knowledge or consent, and requested that no iur thr lo:ins be made without consult ing her. She requested that the reply J"wi "(in the back of this letter", but the letter was not returned to her. It is understood that Mr. Gorin had incr her to consent to the mortgage on her cattle, and it was his Ipflieved that the couple had gone to why pny-ScotUbluff to draw up the necessary ate papers in the case. poition returned district met not to question chosen. Lions the Hampton, of forwarded few visibly The rVlrwf.fi is ..-hich some suite, Special The Wednesday ri his out here There shown sport share tiful red. coupe, model. ing model, from cars, fine to a of to the are very the and intoxicat-who of a was Lois It the I j

Clipped from The Alliance Herald05 May 1922, FriPage 1

The Alliance Herald (Alliance, Nebraska)05 May 1922, FriPage 1
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  • Gorin Robert Lee Story about the fire and deaths

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