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bkn life may 9 1925 p8 lisbeth - P-1 jS j I j f i ; Committees and Patrons for...
P-1 jS j I j f i ; Committees and Patrons for Fort Hamilton Show ' The third annual Fort Hamilton ' Horse Show and the only one in the greater city which is an out-of-door out-of-door out-of-door out-of-door out-of-door event, will occupy the attention of Society and lovers of sport chiring the fourth week-end week-end week-end of this month, on Friday and Saturday, May 22nd and 23rd. As in the past this brilliant al fresco event will contribute its entire entire proceeds to the Army Relief Society, which is sponsored sponsored by, Major General Charles P. Summerall and a score of social leaders including Mrs. Robert Low Pierre-pont, Pierre-pont, Pierre-pont, Mrs. John Garrett Underhill, Mrs. Glentwoith Reeve Butler, Mrs. William Howard Good, Mrs. S. E. Allen, and many others. Organization recently of a Brooklyn Unit of this national society has broadcast to the general general public its work among the destitute widows and . orphans of men in the regular U. S. Army, and judging judging by the success of past benefits for the society, this year's horse show will meet with unanimous response. An added feature this year, and one which will at tract many will be the two polo pony races for mounts which have been exhibited in the regular polo classes and which will be ridden by amateurs all eager for championship championship honors. - -The -The exhibitors and their friends, as well as those guests who hail this opportunity for a delightful day in-the in-the in-the open with good sport in prospect, are arranging luncheon parties on the spacious greens of the reservations. Ati excellent noonday buffet service from the best caterer available has already been arranged by the Ladies' Com-mittpp. Com-mittpp. Com-mittpp. nf whifh Mrs Edwin Hates Rahcnck is chairman. Officers at-Fort at-Fort at-Fort Hamilton and their wives will entertain entertain more formally in their homes nearby, not a few of them closing both Friday and Saturday with smart dinners.; dinners.; Reservations for seats and for boxes and any other : matters which will add to the comfort and thorough enjoyment of those in attendance, are the care of this able committee. . The Executive Committee of the Fort Hamilton Horse Show has been particularly fortunate itr being able to secure the services of such experienced judges as are revealed by the Prize List. Mrs. John Gerken and General General Mortimer D. Bryant will judge saddle horses arid ponies; Major Terry de la M. Allen and Mrs.. George G. Sherman, polo mounts ; General Bryant and Major Allen, ; military , classes, while hunters and jumpers will be awarded the prizes through the adj udication of Mr, Pierre Lorillard, Jr., of Tuxedo fame, and Mr. Clarence H, Robbins, of.Bayside. During the two days of the show, forty classes and four championships will be decided. decided. , - Colonel Edward Croft, U. S. A., is chairman of the Executive Committee, which comprises Col. Edwin Gates - aaococic, i-ieuxenaiu i-ieuxenaiu i-ieuxenaiu i nomas j. uavis, u. a. a. ; xvir. William S. Blitz,' Kenneth W. Alford, John McE. Bow- Bow- i man, Colonel Bryant, Lieutenant-Colonel Lieutenant-Colonel Lieutenant-Colonel Frederick A. Dale, Mr, William M. Greve, Colonel James R. Howlett, the Messrs. Charles F. Hubbs, J. Walter Kopke, Harvey S. Ladew, Thomas L Leeming, John C Loud, Frederick D. MacKay, Earle T. Munkenbeck, Hamilton H. Salmon, Salmon, Colonel Marcus B. Stokes, Mr. Walter E. Shuttle-worth Shuttle-worth Shuttle-worth and Mr. Reginald C Vanderbilt On Mrs. Babcock's committee are Mrs. George A. (Anderson, Mrs. Howard Elmer Bailey, Mrs.: Burnett C Collins, Mrs. Croft, Mrs. Dale, Mrs. John H. Ernst, Mrs. Alfred Hall Eyerson, Miss Alice Campbell Good, Mrs Greve, Miss Lisbeth Higgins, Mrs Richard ; C Kettles, Jr., Mrs. Humphrey J. Kiely, Miss Lillian F. Lingard, Mrs. John Conant Loud, Miss Janet MacKay, Mrs.. By ford Ryan, Mrs. William Stuart Shipley and Miss Caroline U. Weber. . Major General Charles P. Summerall heads the list of patrons which up to the present date includes Mr. William M. Alford, Mr. T. L Ames, Mr. and Mrs. George A. Anderson, Mr. : and Mrs. John Anderson, General and Mrs Avery D. Andrews, Mrs. S. Benjamin Arnold, Colonel and Mrs. Samuel E. Allen, Mr. and Mrs."Dwight E. Austin, Colonel and Mrs. Edwin Gates Babcock, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Charles Blum, Mr. and, Mrs.; John McEntee Bowman, Mr. Edward J, Byrne, Mr. and, Mrs. Ernest Bijou, Mr. Frederick V. Clark, Mrs. H. B. Coombe, Colonel and Mrs. Edward Croft, Lieutenant Colonel and Mrs. Frederick A. Dale, Mrs. D. K. de Beixedon, Mr. and Mrs. F. G. Fischer, Mrs. Harry Harkness Flagler, Mr, ""and Mrs. Edward P. Folger, Mr. and Mrs."' Alexander Hamilton Fraser, Mrs. Lydia C. French, Colonel Michael Friedsany Colonel and Mrs. Hugh J.-Gallagher, J.-Gallagher, J.-Gallagher, Mr. and Mrs. Moody B. ' Gates, - Mrs. Newton . W- W- Gilbert, Mr. Roger Granger, . Brigadier-General Brigadier-General Brigadier-General ' and Mrs. William S. Graves, Dr. Matthew Greismer, Mr. and Mrs. William M.. Greve, Mr.' and Mrs. Herbert W. Hanan, Mr. and Mrs. Charles - M. Higgins, Miss Lisbeth Higgins, Mr. and Mrs: E. G. Hothom, 'Mr. and Mrs. James F. Hurley, Major and Mrs. Donald D. Hay, Mr. and Mrs. Adolphus A. Jack son, Mr." and Mrs. John S. Jenkins, Mr. and Mrs. William William Kennedy,-Jr., Kennedy,-Jr., Kennedy,-Jr., Mr.' arid Mrs. Humphrey J. Kiely, Mr. and Mrs. James W. Lingard, Miss Lillian F. Lingard, Lingard, Mrs. William Ludlow, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick D. MacKay, Miss Janet MacKay, Mr. William. E.. Mac-Naughtan, Mac-Naughtan, Mac-Naughtan, Mrs. Henry H Masters, Mr. and Mrs. Wil- Wil- ; iam Edward McGuirk, Colonel and Mrs. Richard Irving McKenney, Mr. and Mrs. James C. Meem and Mrs. A. " Graham Miles. : : . . Mrs. Alfred C. Miller, Mr. and Mrs. John Austin Moran, Mr. and Mrs. Earle T.' Munkenbeck, Mr. Frank A. Meyer, Mrs. Arthur. Nichols, Mr. and Mrs. f Gabriel Ambrose' O'Reilly, Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Osborn, Mrs. Arthur W. Page, Mrs. Carson C. Peck, Miss Clara Peck, Dr. and Mrs. James Taft Pilcher, Mr. Samuel C. Pirie, Mr.-Clarence Mr.-Clarence Mr.-Clarence M. Prior, Miss Anna Jay ' Pierrepont, ' Mr. arid MrsJ William Rasch, Major Robert T. Rasmussen, Mr. and Mrs. Otto E. . Reimer, Mrs. Byford Ryan, Mr. Valentine Schmidt, Dr. and Mrs. Louis Livingston Seaman, Mr. and Mrs. R. M A. Sewell, Dr. and Mrs. J. Denton . Shea,' Mrs. Henry W. Shoemaker, Mr. and Mrs. Walter E. Shuttleworth, Mrs. S. C. Snyder, Mrs. Charles P. Summerall, Mr. arid Mrs. ' Joseph K. Smith, Mrs. E. M. Sundberg, Mr. - and Mrs. Winthrop Taylor, Mrs. John Van ; Buren Thayer, Miss Elizabeth Tousey, Colonel and Mrs. Peter E. Traub, Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Trumpler, Dr. and Mrs. Walter Truslow, Mr. and Mrs. John Garrett Underhill, Underhill, Miss Caroline U. Weber, Miss Mary Blackburne Woodward and Mrs. Cornelius Zabriskie. Annual Meeting of the Junior League The annual meeting of the Junior League of Brook- Brook- . lyn will be held at the Junior League House, 306 Scher-merhorn Scher-merhorn Scher-merhorn Street, on Wednesday,' May 20th. The election' of officers and directors and the reports of committee chairman and conference Will be given. The hostesses will be: Mrs. Frank L Babbott, Jr., Miss Doris Bergen, Miss Ethel Jones, Mrs.. Kenneth Lyons, Mrs. Fremont C. Peck, Miss Jessie W. Post, Miss Mabel Stanton, 1 Miss Alice Tiebout, Miss Dorothy Tuttle and Mrs. Morris Morris U. Ely, chairman. National Conference of Junior League The National Conference of the Junior League will be held . in Boston on May 13th, 14th, 15th and 16th. Four delegates from Brooklyn will attend the conference conference ; the two nominees for president for the coming year, Miss Priscilla Bowns . and Mrs. Robert McMa-namy, McMa-namy, McMa-namy, Jr., together with Mrs. Carleton H. Palmer, who : is running on the ticket for vice-president vice-president vice-president of the National National Association of Junior Leagues of America, and Miss Mary Osborn Polak, the president. Bridge for Toy Booth of Society Circus . , The home of Mrs. George? W. Baker, 424 Clinton Avenue, Avenue, will be, on the afternoon of Tuesday, May 12th, the scene of a most elaborate bridge party, the proceeds of which will be used for the purchasing of dolls and toys for the toy booth at the coming Society Circus . and Street Fair. Miss Katherine Chambers is chairman of the committee arranging this bridge, and assisting her are Mrs. Joseph N. Chambers, Mrs. Albert Geiger, Mrs. Clarence Van Boert, Mrs. Percy McKee, Mrs. Oliver Muir, Mrs. Edwin Hutten, Miss Elizabeth Miller, Miss Jean McKee, Mrs. V. Valdez and Mrs. Emily Dills. This is but one of many card parties and similar events which are being held for the benefit of the crippled of Brooklyn through the medium of the Annual Society Grcus, which is held under the auspices of the Brooklyn Bureau of Charities with -Mrs. -Mrs. Elsie Calder Lee as executive chairman of the entire committee. A similar bridge will be held within the walls of the Spanish street which is to be erected on Plaza Street for the Midway. the Waterman W. Kinsey, Mrs. George Louis M. this head-liners and , . The 21st, and it of the : thousand ; will be be sent Brooklyn The are Mrs. Baker treasurer. Hon. Mrs. R. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Charles Hickey, Mr. F. F. . Lohman, Jr., Mrs. Commissioner Mrs. Thomas Ryon, , Chester Natalie Todd, Waterman Additions Mr. at' t ormer will not Mr. country between New Lawrence daughters Mr. At the, Sperry, elected Rena School, cells, to life. The Settlement Stege, Arthur, Har-ter, Frederick C. McNeil, Pratt, Ethel Maynard, Sterling

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Brooklyn Life and Activities of Long Island Society (Brooklyn, New York)09 May 1925, SatPage 8
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