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 - CEO.O. '???WASHBURJV, VOL. Published lished...
CEO.O. '???WASHBURJV, VOL. Published lished every Wednesday in Baldwin's Block, dire-oily opposite the Bcobe House. .x Subscribers, in advance, . . . . . . If not ynid within the year, . . ... - Delivered l gt;j- Currier,. ........... ???*a??-c..t... ??? M... ??? quot; gt;??? ?????? AKVKRTISING: One bolltir per square for three insertions, i??n lt;l SBVients for each subsequent insertion less than 1 t quot;\rce months,' 1???rc!Ud3 one ycai'. .......'.,.... I'orcnrrtsformlvcrtisers. ........... One Squats oiie.year- .. gt;...........- ; 4*00 PER ANNUM. BAIiKB A.-H: in' : Stores, 1'ih Ware, Tiinkoi Xutions, lamps au()trlniaitiiiK3,co:il oil *ttr.??? n I._Craiie'ji old sliop.^Maln Street, El : WA-SHOGTON. HOUSE, RJfElt Main street and West Avenue,Elj-ria, Ohio; Warm meiilsiHt nil hour*. - gt;i, JOHN KKI.T rvn i* ?????? ???-.???--??? WEDDEtL HOUSE, quot;i (C!tct1and,OMa.) RJi. '.GIIXEXT- * CO.,. proprietors V 82.50 per ilnv. '??????'' ,...,.- Hoard IVnn ulac tti rcrs. ??? Each additional square over three. .... 1 For six months, 25 per cent to be ntUlcil. for three mouths, 50 per cent to be rttlticcl. quot;^Advertisements shonlil bo iimrkeil with the oninbev of insertions reqviircd. quot;U'hcn not so taarkcd they will be continued until or lt;l?? gt;'???? out, ami charge at tlis 1'iites abovijspecified. CLASGENS BROTHERS, 'KIETOKS of H!l??.i.l?? ??r~.?? ??? ??-??? quot;- An prepared to exhibit to tl gt;?? public ih?? MOST COMPLETE quot;,2 IIXK OF -K.EPX. D. M. OLARK, (Succtifor to if. J gt;. Ctark.\ MANUFACTURER of Chcnnijiil-Krnslve arid ISupkeye Soaps,formerly mftimfacturetl by It. B. liullock * (Jo. All orrtors filled gt;vith Qls- 'pateh; -'EliTiii, Lor'aln County! Ohio; '. quot;'?????????. l\ THIS TIARMKT. Also a full ???,sortia lt;mt??r L. B. SMITH. ATTORNEY AT LAV, Tux I ice fri. Peace* and Military Claim HJiiiou Block,Elyria, Ohio:; at the .\seut. Olllce sai-iy C. . XTOUSEY ntlinn-. Offloe over Stairs Store x\. Slyria, Ohio. Blanks for conveyancing on hand, and all business entrusted to him properly amended to. ???. JOHN C. HAT.K- -'. : TTOKSEY and Counsellor at Law; 'Elvrla. L Ohio. Office in Union Block. ???::?????????. C. quot;W. jrOHNSTON, ATTOHXEYand Counsellor lit Lav: Elyria, Office in Dewitt's Block ABHE amp;'VANHODTEN, MAXirFACTtrtt'ERS ami Dealers In Foreign niulDpmestio Cigars, in DeWltt'9 Blonfc, opposite the.DetHrt. A ??WKl assortmehtof choice Jlrniiilsconstaiitly on-hand. All orders prompt; ly' attended to. ???- ??? ??? '. ??? ..-..:.:.-; ; ???.- J. T. HOUGHTONv ???' LI.VEBT, IIourdinK and Sale Stable. Benrof Bcebe irqusc. ,Klyrii\, Ohio. Good Horses ami Carriages' ready, atrcasonablc hlro. JOSEPH S^VIFT, Jr. SUnvEYOU. gt;\ gt;nnly County' 'Siirvbyor; will ntteniVpromptly tO''aU calls for purveying. ??? Atldrcss by latlur-or.culi.iiupctiou-ut??lyria. e Goods, ALL AT SATISFACTORY PRICES . Ca??h Paid r??r Produce. Elyria. Mar 1st. 1ST.!. POMEROY *T??A1. A gentle wonlln nercr lost; On 1 never th??in refuse one; i It uhttors the. heart when. ??orrow-tostr ??? ' And 'lull* the cares that bruise one, lt; U??cntter?? sunshine' o'er'our .way, ,: tt turns bur thorns to rosen ; Itchwi|reidr??ftry night today, '' ??? Ami hope attcl peace disc!o??es. A re n tie word U nerer lost??? : The fallen brothers need It; :\ How ea*y,??aid,how small the cost, What joy and comfort ??| gt;??ed it I ; 1 hen drive the ??hadow from thy brow, -A smllo can welt replace it; : ??? , 1 The Toice is music when we speak '' Withgontlu wonlsic prwc?? It, WHOLE NO. 886. us rejoice together,1 and Jet nsnsk our (Democratic neighbors to rejoice with us over our. yictoi-y which will, bv and by, bc,_theii-8. Tor tlicy triumph, in fact, by defeat. [Applause.] ood,' IT. TUCEEK. BUKKE AND POPPLETON, A TTOKVEY3 and Counsellors at Law: will .rx promptly attend to all business intrusted to his care in Lorain and adjoining comities; ant! ~wiU- also parctice in thu 17. S. Curcuit and quot;Distrkt Court in Ohio. Special attention given to collections. Ifiy-Offlce, gt;ToS, Ely's Clock, Elyria, Ohio.. :. ALEX. 11 A TTOKXEY anil Counsellor at Law. anil Xo- -CTL tary Public: will give prompt attention to Jill bpsiness entrusted to him. Oftice at my residence in Brownhelm. DENTTISTBY.' IF YOU -\rant rour teeth -plttjfffOd in the very best manner, quot;amlliy one who understands his business, so: to-O.i-JJ. KNO.WLTON, No. 3, July's lilock. up. stairs. .... STEAM',; is. quot;UP- AT THE NEW STEAM GRIST HILL, JOHNSON, *.~v*-*~, ...... Jouusellor at 4 Ely's Block, Elyria, Ohio. 'A TTORXJEY and Counsellor at Law. Office gt; quot;o. _tx L.BREGKENK1DGE, ATTORNEY and Connselloratlaw.end Xotary Public, will give curefnl and prompt atten- ~tion to all business intrusted to him. Special attention given to collections InLorrun and adjoining counties. Ofllce East side of Public Square Elyria. DOOLITTLE amp; POND. '??????'. ATTOKXEY'S AT 'LAW', and Notary- Ptililic office Eastsule 1'nblic Square. Elyria, Ohio.' ???PI 1I.DOCH.1TTU. M. W. POXD JR. Feed Store, in THiJ Subscribers hare jiist opebcd their Kew Brick Steam Grist Mill and Feed Store one door East of Topliff's carriage Shop on Mair Street, in Elyria, Ohio, and arc prepared to 1)0 ALL CUSTOMWORE I'rompilr a for sale, all kimU.of

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  2. 21 Jul 1869, Wed,
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