Newell, relief committee. Newell resign

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Newell, relief committee. Newell resign - I r ' J fitlimn ihlamouililies.s(ndinr...
I r ' J fitlimn ihlamouililies.s(ndinr nre-eflat- . -c - . v - . . A acnt.y.above all others ol it cl,8S :ne .Smular. of wliichts-woaU-ba. rivals. an iiaperfcctgimitaiions. l3Si year -We will furnish the Independent ...,i R...Lv' T.nlv's Itook to new sub-' scribeisfor 64. Or, we will furnish Godty's. to our oU uUscLibors, com mencing with J.tnuiry, for 2,53. Items of Kews. It is rumored tint the Hon. Anson Burliugame intends loiskeup his resii denWm-Katrtas'.11-1 A t - ' By late advices from Washington, the confirmatiyn.of Jutlge Johu l'elti), as U.S?,"judge or,lbe District ,of K.m-s K.m-s 's, is ez.reaiely doubtful. Dougla-, Fugh aud Laiham, will probably vole a 'liust his conlirtn.itiom It was officially announced last Wed nesday thai Lincoln and Hsiuliu wr-list wr-list fall elected president and Vice 1'iesident of the United States. Mr, Lincoln h'adrgot as Ur as.Coumbns. on his way to Washington, to be iuaugui ted, before he received official notice ot his ehcuoii. A fast age, this 1 1. is reported that ct.usetr.uive feel ing pretades the. Virginia Convention. Tne .supplies recently seizsd at JSapo-rvn. JSapo-rvn. Atk.. were, des.ined for the army iu ixn, which is kpi ilore solely lor ihe pioitctioii ol fioni the llltlltlls. .1, So Iai as heard from the ihc'ioii in il --S'turl liits r-oil ed lil-tfie e Veil m ot 1 iii.iini 1 y ui U"iioti men to liie Con 't ikioii. Leni 'ton, one of Hie strong- -si lie hoi till.', cnies in tint sta e. i,,t' 77? maj titty lot tLe Union cau- dl UK'S t ... The plan of the di. unionists .now 1-o 1-o u. i. her at ack bum'.er or iVkeiis,bii' a- sooii as .D.ixitt is iu.iuguia ed 1'iei wilt ol the Contcdt-ian , I e til sciid amuiiscrtt Washington to uegttiut. In an telit, Mjt Alidei-;m Alidei-;m feels j-oltciiy secuie, .tll.t, lioul.i lie be asMiIcd, .tuKl successiu'lt !--11 nd himself till succored by Go vein meat. JtriEKSo Davis. President of the Soul hern Confederary, in his speech a Montgomery. Ala , a few dasr ago, s ud "ihe time for compromises is pass-ed, pass-ed, and we are now, determined to iniiu-1 iniiu-1 tin our position, and 111-ike li who phise a Miiell Soinhi'iii jiovvder an i feel S0U1I1 ill steel, if Coeicion is jicr sisled 111.' He had 110 doubl Us to tin result. "We will uuluain ourtigli of, GoternnieuL. mt. nil It izz , .. Wt ask iiu'.hiug -wain uo.hiug-wiU hat. 110 complications." r . BeUef Msato. j In pursu tnre of a call, signed hf forty-four citizens of 0kilooia Township, Township, JeiTeisou Ctiiiutv, Kaussm, a meet-itig meet-itig was ctinetied at Boiirlu rSchoo house, on the 14'Ji day of ,F;bruarv, IGfi!. The house was railed to, order bv W. K.Fairholm, when Dr.DiviJ Dik iiimjii w,ts eh-cle I President, an J L. M. B. nedic. Secretarv. i - - On million, adj mnied to M. K. Dut- lon's Oflice, where the uneting wa called to order by the 1'itMdenl. Cvrus Spuilock stated what he uu-tlerb'totid uu-tlerb'totid u be the ohj el of ih; meet ing. The pieidfiil then call, aud assi-mrd ihc rastui for the call. C. A. Buck ul'cicd 1 he following leMilu'iuu": lttptAved, That, if there am ehaigot against the Couiuuueehey h' pu-se.ii etl it writing. . , The resolution adtrpied. II. Buckmaier ma le u iiioii-n ' h-4Ileiiet ( (:..itiini;jtc of 0kn!ous.i Township be i qui tcd tti f, port ythi.ii pi.ot-jjrdings iu the u eeipl,.-.iul distribution distribution of g"oJs ami piotisioiis. C.iiricd. C A. Buck liiy.d ,th:u the Jfin-miin.e Jfin-miin.e he giano'd ne w,ek !, pit pan tttd in ike , ilieir leport, and tlau G.ju. I'oineioi be , iciiuete.l to jtunor their ordeln iu the IHetlomie. Lost, ,Q. B. McClyll in muted tiiat a cum mil lee of h'e b ajipoiiited by the chair 10 draft resolu ions iu reli.iou to the piocuiemcul of serd, com and po'atoti' C.uiicd. r 1 4 t The i'resiaVit apjmintcd C. tSpur- loe,k. Terry 'frapp. Jeae Ne,w".:l!. C.,B. McClellau0tud Dr. Dickinson ) elvcl- ed by oiv. , Johu N-Halj moved Jlliai,t,if any members of J-he, relief committe4wish to lesign. they be peruijltod 1 lg) do 'so to this meeting,, titker veibally or ia wiilingvW "iwiAl 1-LdlZ A E. B. Johnson Tendered his resiina-. resiina-. -s-ri if j r - ia 7c , tiou. and, ask-'d as a fax or ihlt the inee'.uig accep; it. 4 w , fc H. Biirktiuster. moved ihat'Mr. John-so-a's re'sigitatiOi:' lie accept. d."nnd (he th inks of the nieetiiiL' f with the mo- ', t ' ! t. "P. ,1 tiou lojiim for ins courteav. Adopted. Dr. Buekraister jnortd thatt'are-ham thatt'are-ham Gibbaba ksted OiiairaMit ol the Gommitteeto fit! the vacancy occasion- eS by tlaj re'signsiion oTDr. Johnson. Vi'r"" 'UU fce ,.qt tit r . . On motion il was ifprnl to allow Mr. Gibbs fifty cents 5idaysfor his sawices, in ri vin.r'nl kLhurshw L'dtfi an provisions? wbe psto Yt goods. & U OiVmotion, il-was ortiered'that-MrJ- Gibbs be authorized to take control the relief sent to this township, by re ceiing it from teamsters, paying them lor hauling, and disjributiug to the. necessitous families of the township. Jacob jBoJclier tendrred, lua (School house free of charge, for the use of the committee. Accepted, wjih the thanks of the meeting. J rOnindti(jtA jtl,ws orleteJ jhaVlI Gibbs take receipts for all lelief distiib uted, and keep a tegular book of ac counts. -W . J ' Adjourned until 2 o'clock P. M aizo ciock r. Mi lau meeting was c.tlled to ordr by the president. The iconimittee on reluiit-ns ainde tlje'htllowing leporl Jienoterd, That the'wintsof the farm ers of- this township for seeds wheat, corn, potatoes and garden st-eils nre piessiiiir; and that they have no ol her means of obiiiiniug the1 S.imo,' except through tho gtneral Belief Society Ivans. Resolecd.r'JLhnt, ns the time' 'for sow ing spring' wheal isai hand, -we" request Gen. Pomeioy w allot' to" 0kaloo.i lowuship her porjkm of seed without del ty. or at as early a day as' is pracTic .ilik. Adopted. Tl.e '.onuship rommittec then made1 a general report, of w hicli the foliowin, is a lecapouiitioii : ' 111011110- 01 -supplies Keened from Atcitistiu : 10111 afiti rm'.'d, Ul sncks tlour, 17 acks ; h.-luis. 4 bushfls Or he uiiiiiutit in lbs'.: com and meal, 8 lOu lb.; -fl.tur, 1.700 ll.; Ik-aiis. 246 lb. T0i.1l. 1U.04U lbs. Amount paid 1i hauling, at 40 cts pr cw 1 , in provisions $40 UJ. Ani'iHnt pd pr tmlur1 of H Cr;.bbs. 9140. "Total 012.00. Tl.e eoinmiftee had ten h-rcd six dnyi ser vice in c mvassing' the township, mi ntct-sssrily skmii srv'ii dollar iu tsh Signed by nil ihe members of the' com uuute. 1 Your committee would further state that the lailunce remaining, alter p ing for hauling, has brrn distributed. to the best of oar judgment, to' the dtfhiiuite of our lownMiip. (Signed E. B. Johnon. -Johu Cmptll, Jese Newell, Jjs. I) twning'' Oirmoiiou of Dr. Itiiekin.ister, aflei "me dic,i-si,,ii,tlt. tp ,rt wa ndopted. Mr MeCirllan moved thit a cupyni. the proceedings of this meeting b liirni-liud for p"iib!jc.dion in the Indt- pendent Carried. '' Ou niOiiou it w 11 ordi-red that i cor lified copy -of the pni-edingsMf this mietin be forwirded by tlfe picsiden to (Jen. Pomrroy. . Dr.' Johnson moved that the thanks, of tliis meeting lie tendered 'to tlie President President for hi- impartiality, to the fSeere-. tary for his riithrulness,"itn'l to JI.'K Dniion for his kindness iirfuniisiin .1 room for 'the use of the faceting. Carried. Carried. " ' i On motion. John W. Diy was ap (toiiited to assist, the president and sec-ictiry sec-ictiry in -coadeasiiig the minutes of this meeting. - . Join Ciutpbeli. Joi. Downing, and' Jcse Newell, ttndered. iheir resignation resignation iii'tf tiling. J. din W. Day moved thai ihcir resignation resignation lx aectpied. Cmrie.l. - The :ie:oicii-s (liu occ.isioned welt iilh-d by tie el.c,i'..n nf Dr Dhvii D.rkiuMin, iS.iere.ary,. L. M. Benedict and L. B. Con wt II member of the Committee. 1 Adjourned. . David Dicm.vsom, Pics't. L. M. Bknbdict. i-e-ieary. &miml Um rn THE LATEST N MAGNETIC TELE(JILVPIL Tu Oik t?au Ct.n'riVjUvM,'.i!i I t)ny Tiiiitw. -ll.l.COI.. AT CJUbSTLt .!TD. NEW YpilK GIVES 353,000 TO . ' ' KANSASfcUFFEUERS. , Virginia .Stcessiua t'ouventioa.' bT Lot'is. Feb 16. -The progress of the President elect ftom PiUhburg iu.Cie veland, esterday. and his ret'ep'ion at the latter place was one continued ovation. In response to ihe reception-speeeli at;Cleveland. Mr. Lincoln said:1 ' & w Ma.CrufRUAM and Flow Ctizkss orCLKVELASo:i We have leea Tn'arch-ifig'abomLwo Tn'arch-ifig'abomLwo miles ihrouyb.suow, rain and deep mud. .The large numbcis thai hau turned out uinir thiscciicum-slanees thiscciicum-slanees testily you are iu caincsi about Sometliingor otht'i; but-1 do' not ihinU so meanly of ou as to suppose that your eaitiestaess ia.ahoui mo personally 2 I should lie doing you injustice to Appose Appose il was Yon have assembled to testify jour "respeef, (il the Union, the Constitution aud the'lawsr and here k. tue sayii is with voa,ilie peopUj.t ta ad vance tlie great) cusa of he Uuiuoaqd Iks Coustitutiou. aiid.not.wiihany onol t. . A. C-.. it? 1 .38 " 11111. ai ma fonr "--..T- -T- ..- T9A 51 w m.

Clipped from The Oskaloosa Independent20 Feb 1861, WedPage 2

The Oskaloosa Independent (Oskaloosa, Kansas)20 Feb 1861, WedPage 2
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  • Newell, relief committee. Newell resign

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