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E PLANT AT DAVENPORT HELPS SANTA CRUZ (By Joseph Riordan.) . The Santa Cruz Portland Cement company owns approximately two thousand acres of land on which are deposits of limestone and clay. The plant is located at Davenport, in Santa Cruz county, twelve miles from Santa Cruz, and represents an investment of about $3,000,000. The company employs about three hundred, and seventy-five seventy-five seventy-five men, of whoni approximately two hundred and seventy-five seventy-five seventy-five live in Santa Cruz. Supposing each of the two hundred and seventy-five seventy-five seventy-five Santa Cruz men employed employed represents a family of four, this would mean the keeping of one thousand one hundred people in Santa Cruz. The yearly pay roll amounts to over $600,000, all of which is handled handled by the banks of Santa Cruz. The plant is run on an eight-hour eight-hour eight-hour basis, twenty-four twenty-four twenty-four hours per day. Four hundred fifty thousand tons of limestone, forty thousand tons of clay, twelve thousand tons of gypsum, gypsum, three hundred seventy-five seventy-five seventy-five thousand barrels of fuel oil, and forty million horsepower hours of electricity are used annually in the making of approximately one million five hundred thousand barrels of Santa Cruz Portland cement and three thousand tons of potassium sulphate. sulphate. WHAT IS CEMENT? Portland cement may be defined as the material obtained by heating an intimate mixture of calcarious materials (such as limestone or marl) and argillaceous materials (such as clay or shale) in their proper proportions to incipient fusion fusion and grinding the resulting clinker clinker to which approximately three per cent of gypsum is added. When winter winter is added to the fine powder a chemical action takes place and a hard mass is formed. This change which the cement undergoes in passing passing from the plastic to the solid state is called "setting.' WHAT IS CONCRETE? Concrete is an artificial stone made by mixing cement, sand and broken rock or gravel, to which enough water is added to make the i . mass plastic. It is then placed in forms and allowed to harden. In order that an idea may be given of the large and varied uses for which cement has been employed, employed, the following list covers articles that have been made: Bridges, building blocks, brick, barns, chicken chicken houses, chimneys, cesspools, cisterns, cisterns, drain tile, dates, drinking troughs, feeding floors, fountains, fireplaces, flumes, foundations, floors, fence posts, hog houses, hot houses. ice houses, lawn rollers, manure pits, ornamental wofk, posts, porches, telephone and transmission poles, reservoirs for oil and water, retaining retaining walls, roofs, sidewalks, shingles, silos, tanks, tennis courts, tree preserving preserving (by removing the decayed parts and filling with cement), high- high- of a direct road to San Francisco from Santa Cruz. His idea then was to make a county road. Many surveys surveys were made and a small fortune spent, before a state highway was ever dreamed of. It was indeed a very happy day for Mr. Martin when a committee was sent out to look over the ground to see about the state highway. He presented the ways, reinforced concrete buildings, sinks, wash tubs, etc. Pamphlets covering any of the above articles will be gladly sent by the Santa Cruz Portland Cement company to any interested parties. In conclusion it may be noted that the remarkable properties of Santa Cruz Portland Cement make it suitable suitable for an endless variety of uses. THE LATE CHAS. C. MARTIN. "How's that?" "Well, he used to a whisky drummer and fce wants treat everybody to an automobile." Louisville Courier-Journal. Courier-Journal. Courier-Journal.

Clipped from Santa Cruz Evening News31 Aug 1921, WedPage 9

Santa Cruz Evening News (Santa Cruz, California)31 Aug 1921, WedPage 9
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