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(KANSAS) TJj^-LESqOFE TTTURSPAY.'JUl'.Y JG,/in42 c: to ,. children called a^ the Ed Kipper home of Belleville Sundayi-. Mrs. sFrank Sis spent the last week at clje Wos Splichal, jr., home earing • for'"- her. -granddaughtei.' Ml" and "Mrs. John "Reec and family and Mr. and Mrs. Lav}i'en'ce Press'nall spent Sunday witb Mr. and Mrs. Morton Pressnall of Chester. '. '• Jimmy Jcnsik of Narka is 7n7CmltTi"pr~n-ftnv-'dii-)^s—vvitli Goi^Ul Kadlec. were hero visiting his brother Rob- and' Friday in Byron helinngiUmild cit Weai'y and. family Monday and grain bins. ,„.- , , Tuesda.v. Dr. Weary has been call-j Roy Jenkins, ITIIIICIS Jenluns ed for the medical corps-iiV tho ar- 1 and son Glenn Jenkin.s atteiuied ., cnroute to CampjEustice, funeral services, lor their. 111 n|Cle - ... ;-':r-.„„._„|..,.,._ :- Ij0t,,Tl_J,<Uiyi1j; JlUl^.'JJ'^''''""*'^'''''''' —St! ... n-.i 1.. T. •A,r;.„i,...-,'i ...iiin.M 1 M,.»i,iiir>' HTM'i'K'rvusi'i'"iTi'T.'v'rri'isrNehri ".Miss Betty June Moxhani returned homo Saturday from Lincoln for a two week's • .vacation • with her laretita Mr.'and Mrs. E. A, Mox- lam and Bo.nnie Jean. mUi' rii'v.V.. U. I'f'terson. Gwe 11 - Monday.' frirnaiAvas'aY'UyT)^^^ LaVene Allsinan is the new o|)- ewitor in the Chester Frontier Telephone office, taking the position vacated. l)y Miss E-rdeiie Wlwell. l,eslie Hartley had the niisfor- luiie "tTi fall and fracLuri. a—l-«>ne July 12—Mrs, M. I., Bailey'went to ycH'k Sunday aiid spent till Sati- urday; H.ttonding a - child, U'orkers' ;school;;;Whieh \vas held in the United Brettireii tTi'uF'cb'~inul~Wirs spon- .<ored l;y the Nebrnsk'u Council of Churches and Christian Fduciition, su lervised by Miss Hazel 'A. Lewis, ed tor of Elementary Publication •of Christian Churches, Mr. and Mrs. Everett Claus.sen and family returned from a year's stay at Brawley, Cal., Sunday. : . ,--J3r. and Mrs. Witlard Weary of AIbany, N. Y,-. whb have bcch vis­,__the Rev. jind Mrs, H; S. Weary at '"RTipul'ilicani in"his ankle. Dr. and Mrs. H, G/'Heitkotter of .AJlUiA#ilM/'l'.-'''' ..^"'IJ.,.*,! M <olJU !r and,Beverly Jean, inakingTtRcrTTettuaiiUance eth Robertson, _ DorCen lluckliis, Jeanette Derowitsch, Norma Lee Woodward and_Shii-ley.JHjjckins at- teiuled an Epw'orth Lea'gU (r ^'ffliy^4jim:aljL^ Sunday with Mr. and at Camp Jefferson near Fairbury i " Monday. ' \ John 'McWilliam.s • of Chaiipell, Nebr.', iS visiting his sister, Mrs. Lizzie 'Lowe and Robert. Miss Nora Haines of Lincoln, who has-beon-a.ho.usc. guest of Mr. and MIS. Frank -Ronneil-the-past teii days, left, for a visit with friends inyFairbury before returning honied'Lincoln. D.. C. Norman, A. A. Hastings an(l L, T;. Simpson spent Thursday birthdays of Alton Voight/and Mrs;! George Mosier. / _ i .Scivcral- of the 'Chestc;V" business j! . n'le^l" have been going ouCeveiiincs ''I t4 the country/and assisting thti;^..?, Various vf'O'iii''''''''-with theii- haivM'-i- veM.- . .' I Mr. and Mi's.' W.-JvLutl-icb-aniL,.,^. sons Robert and Weiid(!ll of lie- atilAe were Sunday supper guests of Mr. andMrs. .L A. Allsniaii. Rub- :' ert remained for a longer visit, - —•Mr;'^•^ld-iM•l'«T-•F7r-I')r-lt^+y*'|.-•lnllved——r 'their -liousehold goods to Wahot' . Neijr, aii'd her mother at Ohioyya, Nebr., Saturday where they eX]iecin to inake'their honu^ Mr. lioyer iss employed aS firema¥ gariu'drat^^ .„ .. J , — Wahoo ordnance plant. — i ,•_ < of their new grandchild. •^-—l aijvand Mrs. L. M. Craig and - ' Price Wilson of Belleville -and: Ah'. iiijcTiNft'f^Lluii^ud Nichtdsoii of't Mr. and Mrs; W. C. Rhea wcrcj Superior- speftt -^SurtniiJ'^^^^ Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Craig who is statioifed at'Fl. Rllcy.l. y\vy.. E. L. Brown, honoring the Eugene Heitkotter of Omaha a'l-;, brrthd;iArio£"-:Mi:,?.-...Rhenr.- -, i-iveil Saturday to spend the week- Mr. iflid Mrs. George! Mosier antl eiul \vith Mi% 7feitkof.Ieriitul I!.v-t port, Nebr., Sunday h(ni(n-ini;'-thV Mr. iUid Mrs. George''Mosu'i' anti end with Mr,s. lleitKolter anil licv-t Mrs. Dtfl'othy llolman and d!i'ug)i',-''-erly Jean. Mr. Heitkotter hasbeeuf ttM\s,'Garolyi'i and Marilyn atten'dexl transferred to Chicago where he- a Mosier family Teunioii in Daveii- will go . on Monday to finish hiw ' XT..1,.. Q!.',,„i.,,. I,.,:tii',/ course in radio signal schooling Fresh FEEDS for I'oultfy, HOK'S, Gows ^ " .We Buy Cream and EKKS IfOiMER IIINNEN Phone .207 -

Clipped from
  1. The Belleville Telescope,
  2. 16 Jul 1942, Thu,
  3. Page 6

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