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TOP of the NEWS COOLER TEMPERATURES. The weatherman weatherman says that Tucson should experience partly partly cloudy skies today with slightly cooler temperatures temperatures with the highs near 90 and the low in the upper 60s. Yesterday's high was 92 and the low was 73. Thunderstorm activity with some rain was reported in Tucson and parts of southeastern Arizona last night Details on Page4A. Global , SEN. RUBEN FIGUEROA. The Mexican senator describes Lucio Cabanas, Mexico's notorious guerrilla who kidnaped him for 103 days, as "mentally disturbed, cruel and violent" violent" in a Senate televised speech. Page 8D. INDIA AND THE CIA. Daniel P. Moyni-han, Moyni-han, Moyni-han, U.S. amabassador to India, says that recent reports of the CIA's subversive activities activities in Chile have confirmed Prime Minister Indira Gandhi's "worst suspicions and genuine fears" about U.S. policy toward India. Secretary Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, who has sworn that the CIA did not meddle in Chile, is said to have reviewed Moynihan's cable. Page ItA. rCC National AGENTS FOR HIRE? A corporation owned by billionaire Howard Hughes reportedly gave federal drug agents $20,000 with which to mount an undercover operation against, a suspected suspected drug ring at one of Hughes' Las Vegas hotels. The report comes from the Drug Enforcement Enforcement Administration. Page JA. DEATH FOR CHENAULT. Marcus Wayne Chenault is sentenced to death in the electric chair for the murder of Alberta King and a church deacon in Atlanta. His attorney says the sentences will be appealed. Page 3B. PLEA FOR CANYON. A coalition of environmentalists environmentalists and congressmen expresses strong opposition to a House proposal which would give the 300-member 300-member 300-member Havasupai Indian tribe 185,000 acres of land in and adjoining Grand Canyon National Park. Indian leaders say the group's reasons for opposing the transfer transfer are lies. Page SD. . DOAR ON NIXON. Former President Nixon's Nixon's role in Watergate is clearly established for history despite President Ford's pardon, John Doar, special counsel on impeachment, says in an exclusive interview. Page 14A. PROSECUTION THWARTED. A former U.S. attorney who prosecuted an Immigration and Naturalization Service official says the unexplained disappearances of witnesses in custody and the use of unauthorized government government files at the trial hampered his prosecution. prosecution. Page ISA. AGNEW AS PRIVATE CITIZEN. Spiro T. is' now a consultant for a Maryland firm that' -has -has already sent him to Asia and the Near East to seek favors from other governments. H4 has moved his family into a more modest house in a Washington suburb and he seems to be getting along fine without being a member of the bar. Page7B. JUDICIAL CONTACTS. Associate Justice of the Supreme Court William Rehnquist says judges should be able to cultivate off-the-job off-the-job off-the-job off-the-job off-the-job contacts to a greater extent than is now allowed allowed so that they can maintain the perspective perspective of a normal citizen. He says the pressure is so great on judges that people will hardly talk to them at cocktail parties. Page 7B. FLY WHOM? An organization of about 1 ,000 stewardesses angry about the sexual innuendo of television "fly me" ads says it will launch its own counter-campaign counter-campaign counter-campaign emphasizing that stewardesses are flight safety officers, not sexpots. Page SA. Arizona STATE SPENDING. Analysts will investigate investigate five major departments in November in an effort to reduce state spending for the next fiscal year, a joint House-Senate House-Senate House-Senate interim committee on inflation'decides. Page IB. YOUTH PRISON SITE. The three members of the prison site selection committee postpone their decision until January. The committee is a subcommittee of the Joint Legislative Budget Budget Committee. Meanwhile, John Moran, the director of prisons in Arizona, says thai the two new prisons planned won't be enough. Page IB. MARIJUANA SUSPECT. Michigan police capture Daniel Beckworth Stoots, 33, who is supected of killing two men near Port Huron, Mich., in March. Stoots wiU be brought here in a few days to face charges of marijuana smuggling, smuggling, U.S. Atty. Joe Covington confirms. Page IB. Local ATTORNEY TRIES AGAIN. Attorney Albert R. Gamble makes his second attempt to have one of two boys who have spent the last three months in isolation at the county jail transferred back to the juvenile center. Teenagers Robert Toney and Jerry Thomas, charged with murder, are held in a six-by-eight-foot six-by-eight-foot six-by-eight-foot six-by-eight-foot six-by-eight-foot six-by-eight-foot six-by-eight-foot cell. Page 6A. POLUTION BY SMELTERS. A Superior Court order is issued requiring the State Health Dept. to show cause why it should not revoke operation permits for seven Arizona smelters that pollute the air. Page IB. on Ill Index Bridge..... 8B Comics 1M3D Crossword........ I2D Editorial 1..14D Financial IU1D GeodHeaJta 14B Horoscope ...SB Lifestyle, ...1-7C ...1-7C ...1-7C Movies 1IB Public Records.... 8C Sports 1-7D 1-7D 1-7D Tucson Today .....2B TV-Radio TV-Radio TV-Radio 13D Want Ads ....... 9-1SC 9-1SC 9-1SC 07 Nations Discuss VIENNA (AP) - Envoys from world petroleum petroleum exporting countries met in extraordinary session yesterday to consider cutting production production in order to keep prices high. - At the same time, Arab sources within the group said the Arab exporting nations would meet separately later to discuss the situation in the Middle East, including the possibility of resuming their oil embargo to gain concessions from the West. ' Libya's oil minister, Ezzedin Mabruk, said the chief topic in a separate Arab meeting would be the setting up of an Arab development development corporation, but other Arab sources said resumption of the embargo also would be considered. considered. In special session here are the members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries OPEC whose Economic Comis-sion Comis-sion Comis-sion has recommended an increase of 14 per cent in the posted, or tax reference, price of oil, now $11.65 a barrel. The current market price for a barrel of oil, however, is about $9.50. During last winter's oil squeeze which FINAL Edition VOL 133 NO. 256 l3 0 O i5 A v iiJLy idH nk Two black students walk through a line of officials after leaving a bus which took them to predominantly white South Boston High School yesterday. It was the first day of a court- court- Medical Firm Wins Fight For Hospital By RICHARD HALL Star Staff Writer Charter Medical Corp. has won a 2 -year -year fight to build a 160-bed 160-bed 160-bed Tucson hospital, reviving reviving fears that the profit-making profit-making profit-making center would strip the Westside of needed beds and compete unfairly with other non-profit non-profit non-profit hospitals. ' A Maricopa County Superior Court order signed Wednesday upheld the Macon, Ga., firm's right to build the hospital despite a state master plan limiting Pima County's total hospital hospital beds. H ' But the out-of-court out-of-court out-of-court out-of-court out-of-court agreement signed by Judge Irwin Cantor forbids Charter Medical to build within a half-mile half-mile half-mile of St Joseph's Hospital, Hospital, Tucson Medical Center or Medicenter. All three are clustered on the Eastside. The agreement settled the Georgia firm's suit against state officials filed in 1972, after the State Health Dept. denied Charter Medical permission to build because its beds were not heeded. ' The suit successfully contended that the state law lodging the proof-of-need proof-of-need proof-of-need proof-of-need proof-of-need burden with hospital developers took effect after Charter Medical laid plans to build. Wednesday's order gives Charter Medical six months to submit final plans and drawings and another four months after that to start construction. A state official said the plans already are 95 per cent complete. Dr. Warren F. Stevens, executive director of the Pima County Health Planning Council, warned yesterday that the new hospital could create a 45-bed 45-bed 45-bed surplus through 1980 and give -the -the Eastside a 75 per cent share of Tucson's hospital beds at the expense of the Westside. "We would have a gross imbalance of resources resources if they build on the Eastside," Stevens said. "We can talk to them about it, but I don't know if it can be prevented." Local officials still expect Charter Medical to choose its construction site in affluent East-side East-side East-side environs even though delays prompted the firm to drop the option on its first E. Grant Road tract. "We'll have to go out and find another site , (Continued On Page 8A, Col. 1) resulted from the Arab embargo the price soared in some cases to more than $20 a barrel. barrel. However, several envoys who favor maintaining maintaining high prices, notably Interior Minister Jamshid Amouzegar of Iran, indicated in comments to newsmen that their push for higher prices was weakening. The present posted price has been frozen since Jan. 1. As nationalizations of oil companies spread, the level of taxes paid by private companies becomes less of a factor in international oil prices. More and more, companies are making bilateral agreements with their host governments governments to buy back the governments' shares of crude oil. This in effect is raising prices, because the buy-back buy-back buy-back prices exceed by several dollars per barrel the cost to the companies if taxes are the sole added price factor. Thus, attention is turning to production levels. OPEC members account for about 56 . per cent of the world's daily production of about 50 million barrels. However, a surplus of m Msmm Mil Skf Integrating Boston's Schools ordered busing program to integrate Boston's public schools. Boston is a city where racial tensions frequently run high. (Story, (Story, Page 2B.) (AP Wirephoto) Sirica Rejects Bids To Dismiss Case By HARRY F. ROSENTHAL Associated Press Writer Washington U.S. District Judge John J. Sirica turned down new bids to dismiss the Watergate cover-up cover-up cover-up case yesterday, acting only a few hours after defendants claimed that the pardon of Richard Nixon made a fair trial impossible. The Senate, meanwhile, voted overwhelmingly overwhelmingly to urge President Ford to grant no more pardons until defendants have exhausted court processes. And a White House spokesman indicated the President agreed with that view and that no more amnesty would be forthcoming for Watergate figures while they still face trial. Acting presidential press secretary John W. Hushen said no requests for a pardon have reached the President's desk. He was asked: "You believe that if you get one you wouldn't act on it until after the trial?" trial?" "I believe that is true," Hushen replied. He told newsmen Ford remains convinced that pardoning Nixon was "the right thing to do" despite some 30,000 letters and telegrams to the White House, running 5-1 5-1 5-1 in opposition to the action. But, he said, telephone calls were weighted on the favorable side. John N. Mitchell, H.R. Haldeman and John D. Ehrlichman, three of the top figures in the Nixon administration, had asked for dismissal or indefinite delay in the trial scheduled for Sept. 30. Sirica turned down the requests but agreed to set the start back by one day, to Oct. 1. That will bring a new pool of potential jurors to the courthouse from which the final 12-per-son 12-per-son 12-per-son 12-per-son 12-per-son jury will be chosen. ' Haldeman's lawyers had complained that a Sirica letter and questionnaire to 400 potential juors in the September pool had alerted them to the fact that they might sit in judgment on the six cover-up cover-up cover-up defendants. The judge made his ruling after meeting with defense lawyers for two hours. Afterward, Afterward, he said he hopes that as many as. 1,000 Cutting Output To Raise Price about two million barrels a day has driven down some prices or scared off companies who hope to pay lower prices later. Thus OPEC, which twice before has tried to plan production and failed, is seeking a way here to cut back the extra two million barrels and entice buyers eager to secure winter supplies. supplies. The Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Exporting Countries has different reasons for wanting to curb supply to bring political pressure on the United States and others in order to get them to urge Israel to speed up evacuation of territory captured from Egypt and Syria in the 1967 war. Oil storage tanks throughout the world are nearly full, but as winter approaches, crude oil cutbacks for either economic or political reasons reasons would likely boost prices without any unilateral unilateral decision by OPEC. ' Libya has never abandoned the embargo on sales of crude oil to the United States, but just TUCSON, ARIZONA, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 13, 1974 potential jurors might be kept available in the new selection process. He reserved decision on whether the jury will be sequestered for the trial, which is expected expected to run at least until the Christmas holidays. holidays. At least two defendants have asked that the jurors not be kept from their families. Mitchell, Haldeman, Ehrlichman and three others are charged with conspiracy to obstruct justice by attempting to thwart investigations into the Watergate break-in. break-in. break-in. Mitchell's lawyers said that to put Nixon's subordinates on trial while Nixon goes free would be "particularly offensive to the American American concept of equal justice." Mitchell, Nixon's former attorney general, said in his brief that Nixon "unavpidably implied implied that he had engaged in certain illegal acts" by accepting the pardon. -The -The pardon, the brief added, "undoubtedly leaves the average citizen and potential juror with the impression that he was guilty of certain certain illegalities and that his subordinates, the defendants ... are equally guilty." Haldeman was Nixon's White House chief of staff and Ehrlichman his chief domestic adviser. The Nixon pardon "presupposes either the fact or the possibility of guilt," Haldeman's brief said. Nixon's statement in response to . the pardon, he said, leaves the impression "that his subordinates, including this defendant, defendant, did criminal things which he tolerated or overlooked." Both briefs again raised the issue of Watergate Watergate publicity, with Mitchell saying it "has escalated ... to unprecedented heights in the annals of American jurisprudence." He said the latest volley, stemming from the pardon and the debate over whether the President might grant wholesale pardons, is particularly prejudicial because "much of it is specifically directed toward the conclusion (Continued on Page 15A, Col. 1) last week Libyan leader Moammar Khadafy stated, "Events have proved us right." He was referring to Israel's failure to withdraw from the Sinai. Saudi Arabia's oil minister, Ahmed Zaki Yamani, warned recently that the oil embargo could be used again to win political concessions concessions from Israel and the West. The Arab ministers are members of the Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries, which is separate from the OPEC, though their memberships overlap. Also on the agenda at the OPEC meeting were proposals to raise taxes on oil companies and to bring into line the oil prices from company company concessions and from the host country's share in these concessions. Experts said this would effectively raise prices for consumers. An oil producers' statement prior to the meeting generally favored maintaining present oil prices. HaiDe Selassie Deposed, Put Uodeir Aurest ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia (AP) - Ethiopia's Ethiopia's armed forces deposed Emperor Haile Selassie yesterday, climaxing a gradual six-month six-month six-month takeover. They placed the emperor under arrest and accused him of embezzling millions while the nation's peasants starved. Lt. Gen. Aman Michael Andom, 51, a popular popular war hero named defense minister and armed forces chief of staff during the prolonged prolonged takeover, emerged as the new leader. ' "I'm not going," the 82-year-old 82-year-old 82-year-old 82-year-old 82-year-old emperor was quoted as saying to soldiers who came to his palace. But the frail emperor, once adored by 26 million subjects as the Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah and Elect of God, was put into the back seat of a blue Volkswagen police car and taken away, witnesses said. A military broadcast said Aman was chosen chief .of the anonymous 13-man 13-man 13-man military committee committee in power, and thus the temporary head of government. Michael Imru, who in July became Ethiopia's Ethiopia's third prime minister in seven months, moved to information minister. The military broadcast said the emperor's grandson, Rear Adm. Eskinder Desta, former navy commander, was arrested along with about 170 other former officials charged with corruption and misuse of office. Selassie, the world's oldest and longest-reigning longest-reigning longest-reigning monarch, was taken with the royal family to Koka Palace, 52 miles east of Addis Ababa, informed sources said. The military rebels promised democratic elections and land reform after 58 years of feudal rule. Ethiopians reacted happily, decorating six tanks that rumbled into Addis Ababa with flowers and green banners bearing the military military slogan, "Ethiopia First." Troops smiled at photographers and shook hands with girls. Small groups of students ran through Addis Ababa, shouting, "Down with the Emperor!" Residents in Asmara, Ethiopia's second largest city, rejoiced in the streets at news of the overthrow. All international flights were canceled and a 7:30 p.m.-to-5 p.m.-to-5 p.m.-to-5 p.m.-to-5 p.m.-to-5 a.m. curfew was imposed on the entire country. To the strains of martial music, Selassie's ouster was announced on the government radio radio in the name of the Armed Forces Coordinating Coordinating Committee. It said: "As from today His Wholesale Prices Increase By 3.9 1J74 New York Times News Service WASHINGTON - Wholesale prices rose the most in any month in a year in August, as the pace of price increases for industrial commodities continued unabated. The Labor Dept.'s Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that: The wholesale price index, which uses the average prices charged in 1967 as its base Of 100, rose 3.9 per cent in August after allowance for normal seasonal changes. This brought the index to a level of 167.4 per cent of its 1967 base. The prices of farm products and processed foods and feeds rose by 7.6 per cent, compared with 6.4 per cent in July. The August rise was the largest for any month since August, 1973, when food prices rose 19.1 per cent. Seasonally adjusted prices of in dustrial commodities rose 2.5 per cent in August, marking the eighth straight month in which price increases in this' sector exceeded 2 per cent. In Venezuela, the world's third largest oil exporter, a top official in the Ministry of Mines and Hydrocarbons said his country wants to keep prices at present levels but raises taxes to control excessive oil company profits. "Holding prices at their current levels would give the industrialized nations a last chance to control world inflation," the official said. "But definitely we will not agree to any reduction in prices." Interior Minister Amouzegar of Iran, whose country had long talked of higher prices, told newsmen in Vienna that his delegation was no longer in favor of raising prices. And Saudi Arabia's Yamani said his country country "is constantly seeking a reduction in oil prices." In West Germany Mahoud Riad, secretary-general secretary-general secretary-general of the Arab League, began two days of talks with Bonn officials on Arab-German Arab-German Arab-German and Arab-European Arab-European Arab-European relations. FINAL Edition 15 CENTS 68 PAGES Haile Selassie Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie has been deposed from office." The committee said it would recall the emperor's son, Crown Prince Asfa Wossen, 58, from Switzerland to be crowned king and continue continue the 2,500-year-old 2,500-year-old 2,500-year-old 2,500-year-old 2,500-year-old monarchy. It was clear, however, that he would not have any real authority. The prince, who has lived most of his life in the shadow of his father, suffered a stroke (Continued On Page 17A, Col. 1) Program's End Jams 1,800 In Health Center By KATHLEEN MacDONALD Star Medical Writer I The closure of a federally financed program, J which provided comprehensive medical care for ' 1,800 Model Cities residents last year, is forcing ' some patients to the already overloaded El Rio ' Santa Cruz Neighborhood Health Center. The center, which offers outpatient medical I care based on ability to pay at 332 S. Freeway, ; cannoi immediately accommodate the influx of ? people from the federally financed program, ; said Jose Maltos, center director. According to Maltos, the new Datients are being cared for in emergencies, but enrollment ; wui ne phased through November for the Model Cities people who come to the center. ; Maltos has asked the Tucson Citv Council to - subsidize the Neighborhood Health Center with ' 1180,000 for outpatient care for about 1,000 of the ', i,8UU patients from the closed program. Action ; has not been taken, however. The 1,800 Model Cities residents were the ' recipients of a program, that ended Aug. 31-and 31-and 31-and was paid for with $500,000 in Model Cities grant - money. The Arizona Health Foundation, a health maintenance organization that gives its 5,000 enrollees preventive, ongoing outpatient medical medical care, as well as hospitalization, on a prepaid Dasis, provided the year's care to the Model Cities residents at Carl Hayden Community Hospital. When Carl Hayden closes sometime this fall, the foundation will continue to function with its remaining enrollees, said Phil Lopes, who is with the foundation and also served as project director of the Model Cities HMO project. As for the 1,800 Model Cities residents, Malto says he believes they were dropped "too suddenly" suddenly" and without proper planning. "Someone should have made sure that the (Continued Page 13A, Col. 1) .

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