SF CHRON 2/22/1905 Weather and Astronomy

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SF CHRON 2/22/1905 Weather and Astronomy - O elVe a a - a a a a a t t Q i v IstroiufediM...
O elVe a a - a a a a a t t Q i v IstroiufediM Itteoroloiicli - - t t - - dered observations on the 15th butwhen observed on tlie 16th a general enlarge - men t had taken place the central section especially having developed from the smallest into the largest of - the three divisions Ten dark umbrae Were die - tributed over the penumbra tracts which covered an area - 123000 miles to length and 0000 in width The hello - graphic latitude was about eleveit rde - grees - north Between passing clouds on the nth and ISth of January it r waa diseerned without magnifying - power and in brief views on a screen H was noticeabiy decreased - The central development was transient both umbra and penumbra being reduced one - half on the morning of the ISth The eastern naif of thefdlsk also displayed evidences j of activityrthbugb n a much smaller scale Hundreds of spots have appeared on the sun slncer the minimum In 1902 but this is only the second of enormous extent - the nrst of the - present majcl - mum having occurred to October 1903 WEATHER qONTIOlf S COMPARED The annual report - of the metiwroibgl - cal observations made X the Interna - tlonai Latitude Observatory of sMisu - sawa Japan has been issued recently In many respects the weather of Japan Is almost the exact antltheals of thatof California and It is ot interest to conV pare the weather at iii two stations Mlausawa and UMany - fbr 1903 Dr4 George - McCowan volunteer bbsenrerlof the Uniied States Weather Bureau baa furnished the meteorological - data - Of Ukiah Jn the United SUtes Weather Bureau service clear days are denned as those in - which the average cloudiness is Jess than three in a scale of ten and cloudy days those on which thb average Is greater than seven Nq statement is made in the report concerning the Japanese practice in this regard During 1903 there were sixteen days upon - wnlchavsprinkleof rain fell at Uklah - andf these are classed with the days iupof which no rain felL Mitoiawt Cklan tJ rrecipltaUon 1903 ijviiTi6310 lnchea 8240 Inches Maximum tiMriM - - fSUuSBt ll - W Noramber - Mlnlninia wAy February O0OiMay June July 7 - Atout - Saptambar - Nranber of dayaoa which rata feUi - iZ38 SO r ri Number of days oa which bo rain ftllvijt12T 306 i iv - fximnra Interral with ralaaTcrr dtT Jnlr IS - Ane 420 ClTl Jan 19 - Jan 25 10 dan A An IT - - C K A B w 1 f tt WA IW Apt ritw - fl 49 F f - vv - t - w umgmif JUPITERS SATELLITES Of the six known satellites ipf Jupiter four were discovered by Galileo in 161Q - It is a coincidence thatof the latter two the fifth recorded by Barnard in 1892 and theaixth dlscbvered on - January 6 1905 by - Perrine were both brought to light by the same instrument In the Lick Observatory on Mount - HamiltonHamilton f3 v LICK OBaEBVAT9yRESERVATCN The Regents of theUnivertiityVof CaU - forhia have recently added to the Lick observatory reservation - Lby if purchase 210 acres of land as follows Eighty acres near to northeast corner of the reservation 160 acres bntbeT western edge of tb reserfation l20acres of which projected within the general western boundary line The reservation has been fonneasXoliows ByCpngfeS atonal grap original 3i4580 aexes - by Congressional grant second 69994 acres by California ffltate L grant 820 acres by gift iRobert jF iMprrow 4Q acres by purchase 19149acresf by purchase 40 acres ypurchasev Macfes by purchasej 160 acres Tqtal 277723 acres iu spots on TJi stnsr A locAlastronornicai observer contrW butes the following account of - recent spots on the sun to the publication of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific On the morning of the 10th of January a spot of moderate dimensions was inside the northeast limb or tne sun and on the morning A following several - small companion spots were In view On the 12th the forembstj and another some degrees In the rear had increased considerably In size In the foreshort ened view they - were Vqyai connected by a straggling penumbral filament and followed tiy a smaller spoU NThe foremost section was much enlarged t on the J4th and the groupiextended over an area lQUww mes jn - engvn uiuuua jim Uaxlmum Interral without raju Ap Knmber of dear daTsi - 4 - V17 jlumber of cloody dart 19 Uazlinum temperature j - 4wi W PJSeptember YUptfTinm temperature 5 f December 22T 87 til T Anxnat 19 F February 31

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  • SF CHRON 2/22/1905 Weather and Astronomy

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