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What Happened To First American Girl Still No. 1 MysteryOf U.S.History . Bj- II. D. CRAWFORD Crintri! Press Correspondent WASHINGTON--American history history has no more intriguing mys- terr than what happened to the Lost Colony t h a t disappeared between between 1587 and 1591 from Roanoke Island off the coast of North Caro- lin'a. Among the 150 men, women and children of this Lost Colony was a baby girl named Virginia Dare. She was the first child of English parenihage born in America. The happy event of her birth took place 365 years ago, on Aug. 18; 1587. This was less than a month after Sir Walter Raleigh's second colony arrived on Roanoke Island. Virginia Dare was granddaughter granddaughter of the colony's governor, John White. Her father was Ananias Dare, one of White'* 12 assistants in ; the "Citie of Raleigh in Virginia." Virginia." Shortly after Virginia Dare was born her grandfather left for England England with two small ships to get supplies. War with Spain delayed White's return, and when he did get back to Roanoke island in August, August, 1591, the colony had disappeared. disappeared. No one has ever found out what happened to the Lost Colony. This Lottery Business LOOK AT your map of North Carolina today and you'll see that the easternmost county is named Dare. Between the mainland and Roanoke island in Croatan sound. [ On Roanoke island are two! towns and, at the northern tip, the Fort Raleigh National Historic Site. Manteo is the seat of Dare county. Wanchese is a town near the Island's Island's southern tip. Behind these names is an triguing story. The county named after Virginia Dare. Manteo Manteo and Wanchese are named after two Indians whom leaders of Raleigh's Raleigh's first expedition in 1584 took back to.England, where they were showered with honors before being returned to their native Roanoke island laden with gifts. Manteo remained friendb' to the white men; Wanchese became their enfemy. Croatan sound was named after one word "CROATAN" which the Lost Colony left on a tree to indicate their destination. Two theories about the Lost Colony's Colony's fate have given rise to legends legends in the folk lore of North Carolina. Carolina. One theory is that all members members of the Lost Colony were murdered. murdered. The other is that they went to live among the Croatan Indians, who since have claimed that they have white blood in their veins from the Lost Colony - Roanoke island. Among the oldest legends of America are those surrounding the mysterious.disappearance and fate of Virginia Dare. One legend is that when/she grew to maidenhood a rejected lover, an Indian, changed changed her by sorcery into a white dcfc. She lived a charmed life, until one day a cruel chief's love overcame magic and he shot her with a silver arrow- Superstition spread throughout Stale College Opens Session September 8 Several hundred new freshmen and transfer students will officially open the 1952-53 session at Mississippi Mississippi State Colloge Monday, September September 8, as they hefitn a three-day orientation period. A full schedule of activities to greet the- new students has been arranged, by Dr. D. \V. Aiken, of student a f f a i r ? . Following general assembly at 8:30 a.m. Monday, Monday, the students will be tested in reading, English, and mathematics, mathematics, complete personal data sheets, and visit the new library. On Tuesday they will meet with President Fred T. Mitchell, Mitchell, dcnns, department heads, and administrative officials, officials, and take a tour of the campus. The group will learn alnnit student activities and receive receive an interpretation of their test results Wednesday. New men students will pet information information about the" Reserve Officer Officer Training Corps program at meet ing' with A r m y and Force representatives here. Entertainment includes o p hojse n t the Y.M.C.A. Monday night, a motion picture Tuesday night, and ;i party and dance ai Mississippi State College for Wom- Lottery Wheel in action. This one is In San Juan, Puerto Rico. By JERRY KLEIN estate through lottery. Central Press Correspondent A MISTAKE has been made for the first time in the history of Mexico's Mexico's 182-year-old national lottery. A batch of some 2,000 tickets was MANY an American college was financed at its start by lotteries. Among these were Dartmouth Col lege in New Hampshire, William and Mary in Virginia and Vincen- accidently left out of the box from, . which which winning tickets are chosen.l nes m lndlana ' Because the holders of these tick-! Princeton university, in New ets didn't get a fair crack at the:j erseyi held five such raffles, with 5116,000 in prizes, their money wU]ip r j zes ranging as high as 56,000. be returned with apologies. Sin one such lottery, more than 13,After 13,After all,.Mexico wouldn't wantj 0 0 0 P ersons bought licket *' Registration fo rail student J\£glMl clllUM IU I c t l l Muuum!) be held Thursday and Friday, lember 11 and 12. on the following anyone to doubt that the national lottery is an old, respected and highly-moral institution. Since 1770 drawing was over and they were Mexico has had a government-operated government-operated lottery at least twice a week, Trouble was, some Princetonians bought tickets on credit. When the not among the winners, some of them refused to pay for their tickets. tickets. with prizes running as high as 5600,000. The raffle, of course, has been Slicn an unsportsmanlike attitude an attraction to American tourists. It used to be that Americans didn't have to leave the country to risk their cash in lotteries. Such gambling went all the way back "to the beginning of colonization, when the Virginia Company was authorized to secure funds in this; "tended to bring the college into disrepute and this dubious plan ol raising money w a s accordingly abandoned." However, one historian historian notes, Princeton didn't abandon lotteries "from any ethical ethical motives." Today, newspapers are forbidden federal law news. However to print lottery the old tiqys It wasn't until around 1840 'when the moral reaction of that time made people look at them (lotteries) somewhat askance." And just recently, a New Jersey congressman introduced a national lottery bill to "keep American money money at home." George Washington bought lottery tickets. Thomas Jefferson tried to repay his debts by selling his real age site still has not been found. jby !ne newspapers contained as many as four columns of lottery advertisements. advertisements. One issue of an old Philadelphia newspaper lists four churches among those advertising lotteries --the Holy Trinity, Fourth Presbyterian, Presbyterian, Second Baptist and African Episcopal. Still other raffles were conducted by the German Evangelical Evangelical Reformed .church of Philadelphia Philadelphia and the Catholic Cathedral VARIOUS objects uncovered! church of Balitmoro. the south that it was bad luck to see a white doe, and that you could kill one only with a silver arrow. A RELATED legend is that when Scupperong vines were discovered in : 1581 in the Carolinas they bore white grapes with white skins, and their juice made white wine. After the Indian chief killed Virginia Dare with the silver arrow, however', however', her blood changed the Scup- during archaeological excavations are now displayed in a museum. A pageant-drama, The Lost Colony, by Paul Green, has been produced each summer for several years at the Waterside theater nn Roanoke island. "Fort Raleigh National Historic Site . . . is our connecting link with the court of Queen Elizabeth and with the golden age of the English English Renaissance," a National Park perong so its grapes were d a r k i S e r v i c e statement on the site as- purple, yielding reddish juice thatjserls. produced red. wine. j *'The hardships of the first col-. While most people today, nat- ony, 1585-86, and the tragic disap- urally, do not believe such legends, the fact remains that no one knows what happened to Virginia Dare and the men and women of the Lost Colony. Fort Raleigh Historic Site today covers part of the settlement sites of Raleigh's first colony in 1585 and of the Lost Colony in 1587. A fort hsp been restored, but the vil- pearance of the 'Lost Colony' of 1587 caused the English to grow in colonial wisdom. Thus the birth of Virginia Dare, in the 'Citie of Raleigh in Virginia,' Aug. 18, 1587, first child of English parentage to be born in the New World, was a prophetic symbol of the future rise of a new English-speaking nation beyond the seas." Goody Evergood Cays: Add taste appeal to any meal "v^w BACON] · best brand for breakfast, lunch or supper! L * sliced fresh daily for finer flavor TODAY, only Nevada has no laws against lotteries. California, Oregon Oregon and Montana recently voted against legalizing them. And Massachusetts Massachusetts defeated a proposal to benefit those receiving old-age benefits benefits with a lottery. Still, Mexico isn't the only country country where lotteries are within the law. On this side of the world, there are state lotteries in Cuba and Urn ( gury- In. Europe, legal lotteries 'exist in Ireland and. Italy. Unfortunately, the winner of a recent Italian lottery was driven mad by his good fortune. A 75 year-old man who won 864,000 was immediately besieged by hundreds of persons claiming to be his relatives relatives and asking for help. They harassed him at this home and trotted after him when he went for a walk. Finally, the winner lost his mind and died a short time later. An amusing lottery story came recently from Brazil where a girl raffled herself off to get money to buy presents for her friends. She sold $750 worth of tickets, but when the winner tried to collect, she called called police. They ordered her to pay the man the S250 she still had left 'rom her shopping spree! Buy it at your grocers P*cUng Co. Mfttnphit, T**n £P ©vetoed CITY FIGHTS SMOG SALEM, Ore. 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