"Festival of Lights celebration is a family affair"

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"Festival of Lights celebration is a family affair" - Festival of Lights celebration is a family ffar...
Festival of Lights celebration is a family ffar said Cohn. Shabbat brave young Jew, "Hanukkah is a holiday Hanukkah will be cele- cele- gathered a band of Jew ish w hich reminds Jews and brated at 10:30 a.m. Dec. guerrillas and challenged their neighbors ' of the 30. the Syrians. power of an idea. Eternal Hanukkah is based on In the course of his ef- ef- ideas which emanate the historical account pre- pre- fort to demoralize the from the Hanukkah story not only a historical event served in the First and Jewish community Anti- Anti- include belief in the one but also a struggle for di- di- Second Books of the Mac- Mac- ochus had ordered his God, optimism about the versity in society in cul- cul- cabees, which are among troops to ransack the tem- tem- human condition, a com- com- ture and religion, said the Apocryphal writings, ole at Jerusalem the mitment to the possibility By NEVIN F. MILLER Sun Staff Writer SAN BERNARDINO The eight-day eight-day eight-day celebration of Hanukkah, the Jewish Festival of Lights, recalls Rabbi Hillel Cohn of Congregation Congregation Emanu El. The first day of Hanukkah Hanukkah was Dec. 25. and according according to Jewish tradition, tradition, the celebration began at sundown the day before. Cohn said it is the first time since 1940 the start of the celebration coin- coin- According to that account, account, in 175 BCE (Before the Common Era) Anti-ochus Anti-ochus Anti-ochus Epiphanes assumed the throne of Syria, which ruled Palestine at that time. For two centuries before Greco-Syrian Greco-Syrian Greco-Syrian king's ascension to power there were many attempts attempts to Hellenize all of cided with Christmas. The Palestine. Attempts were central place of Jewish of creating a just human worship. All of the society, the possibility of furnishings of the temple right's being triumphant were destroyed. over might and the obliga- obliga- When the Maccabees, tion of any society to ac- ac- greatly outnumbered, de- de- cept the principle of di- di- feated their rulers, they versity which enables rededicated the Temple many groups to exist side and Hanukkah (meaning by side, dedication) com- com- "These were ideas pow- pow- memorates their rite. erful enough to bring vie- vie- Cohn said legend has it tory for the Maccabees," celebration begins ac- ac- made to force Jewish in- in- that in preparing for the said Cohn. cording to the Hebrew habitants of Palestine to rededication of the tem- tem- "As Jews celebrate lunar calendar. give up their own ways pie. it was found the olive Hanukkah they once The major emphasis of and to adopt Greek cus- cus- the celebration is on the toms and ideas. There home of families, said were some significant dif-Cohn. dif-Cohn. dif-Cohn. Members light one ferences between Greek candle the first night with and Judaic culture, faith a shammash, serving can- can- and life style, die, and each night, there- there- It was under the rule of after, one more candle is Antiochus, however, that lighted in a nine-branch nine-branch nine-branch the pressure was placed candelabrum (menorah) on Jews to give up their until eight candles and ways and to adopt the serving candle are Hellenism, lighted. The Jews relished their Prayers are added to independence and treas-the treas-the treas-the regular service during ured their life style. Hanukkah at the temple, Judah Maccabee, a oil prescribed for use in again commit themselves kindling the Eternal to the belief that beliefs Light had been rendered and ideas have the power unclean by the Syrians to overcome physical and only one small con- con- might," he added, tainer of oil was found. He said the historical Somehow the oil that events upon which the should have lasted for holiday of Hanukkah is only one day lasted for based have relevance not eight days. Thus, Hanuk- Hanuk- only for Jews but for all kah is celebrated for eight who have a commitment days. to the attainment of a bet- bet- "Hanukkah recalls ter human condition, more than that one event Cohn said, "Hanukkah in history in 165 BCE," is a relatively minor ob- ob- said Cohn. He said, servance in the Jewish ay. iWW fntw J - vVfiW M ltl:M(A If a : V is & Pm J ' - tiA ' '" .:' -. -. I ' t.f- t.f- 'Y . u - &A Staff photo by Tom Koi Jennifer Vines, 7, left, and her sister Jill, 3, make Hanukkah decorations. calendar. "Hanukkah has become more known in the last few decades," said Cohn. "With the American-Jewish American-Jewish American-Jewish American-Jewish interaction with emphasis emphasis on Christmas, the Jewish people have come to magnify Hanukkah, he said. Cohn said gift-giving gift-giving gift-giving crept into Hanukkah in recent times, probably because because of giving at Christmas. Christmas. Cohn said Hanukkah is a "Joyous" holiday and Jewish children play a game involving spinning of tops called dreidels. He said this probably developed developed as a way to keep the children happy. Each of the four Hebrew letters on the dreidel stands for a word and the four words "Great miracle happened there" refer to the great victory of the small Maccabean army over the mighty soldiers of the Syrian Syrian king. t Players of the game gamble for items. "The home is the focal point of Jewish life," said .Cohn, "and it is appropriate appropriate for Hanukkah to be observed there." He said the idea of deco- deco- rating the house is related to the custom of displaying displaying a menorah in the doorway to be conspicuous conspicuous to the outside, reminding others the tradition is being perpetuated. perpetuated. The home celebration includes singing and eating eating potato pancakes, called latkes, he said. Among members of the local congregation celebrating celebrating Hanukkah are Mr. and Mrs. Robert I. Vines and family of 189 E. Palmyra Drive. Vines is a San Bernardino attorney. They have two children Jennifer, 7, and Jill, 3. The Vines have been members of Congregation Emanu El since 1974. Mrs. Vines, 30, said decorating decorating of the home for Hanukkah began Dec. 20. "Lighting of, the menorah is the most significant significant part of the celebration," celebration," said Mrs. Vines. "In the Jewish faith the family is important and . each member of the family family takes part in the lighting lighting of the menorah candles," she said. She said her husband lights the shammash (servant candle) as "the husband is the head of the household. household. I feel this is important important in our family." Mrs. Vines said her children children light the menorah which belonged to their father when he was a child. "The candlelighting is the most significant part of the celebration," Vine said. "Being Jewish is a way of life. The religion is a tradition. While lighting the candles and saying the prayer one can look back on the eight days the light burned in the temple in Jerusalem and the whole tradition of the holiday is brought to life." Jill made a menorah in the preschool class in the School for Jewish Living. Mrs. Vines said the candles are lighted nightly nightly at sundown and a prayer is said in Hewbrew first and then in English while the candles are being lighted. "It is important to teach the children traditions of the holidays," she said. "It is important for the children children to be proud they are Jews, proud of the traditions traditions of the Jews and the family." Mrs. Vines said gifts are opened after dinner and in her family it is the tradition tradition to give one gift for each child each night the gift being from some member of the family, friends or someone associated associated with the family, such as a babysitter. She said the biggest gift is giv en the last night of the holiday celebration. The children sing songs about Hanukkah and play with the dreidels after dinner, she said. Said Vines, "The Hanukkah Hanukkah celebration brings families closer ' together. This is difficult to ' do sometimes in today's society. society. As a Jewish family, it is good to have an identification identification of our own at the same time of the celebration celebration of Christmas." Jennifer said she made a "Family Tree" present for her parents in her class at the temple. Jennifer said she made a Hanukkah greeting card for her parents in school. c 'church news Concert planned SAN BERNARDINO The 40-voice 40-voice 40-voice Concert Choir from Grace College, Winona Lake, Ind., will present a concert at 7 p.m. Dec. 29 at the Grace Brethren ' Church, 25700 Pacific St. Prof. Donald Ogden, chairman of the music department department of the college, organized the choir and is directing its 25th annual tour. He is an ordained minister and serves as minister of music for the Winona Lake, Ind., congregation. congregation. Choir members, both music and non-music non-music non-music majors, majors, are selected by audition. audition. The public is invited to the free concert. Watchnight HIGHLAND Members Members of the Highland Baptist Baptist Temple, 6939 Palm Ave., have been invited to be guests of the New Testament Baptist Church, 9988 Olive St:, Bloomington, for a Watchnight Service at 8 p.m. Dec. 31. Each family planning to attend is asked to bring sandwiches and refreshments refreshments to eat at 10 p.m. The regular 6 p.m. services services at the Highland Baptist Baptist Temple have been dismissed dismissed for Dec. 31. Speaker named SAN BERNARDINO The Rev. Ernst A. Schoen-field, Schoen-field, Schoen-field, N.S.T. president from Chicago, will speak at a service of the San Bernardino Valley Spiritualist Spiritualist Church at 1 p.m. Dec. 31 at St. Stephen's United Methodist Church, 1140 W. Mill St. Music schedule SAN BERNARDINO Music schedule for the First Church of God, 26303 Date St., for Dec. 31 has been announced. Dale and Barbara Blackwell with Cheri Jeffries Jeffries at the piano will provide provide the music for the .10:30 a.m. service. Providing the music at the 6 p.m. service will be Willie and Imogene Foreman, Foreman, Blanche Davey and Lyle Frink. Movie, music HIGHLAND A Billy Graham movie and an hour of inspirational music music are scheduled at a New Year's Eve service at 8 p.m. Dec. 31 at the First United Methodist Church of Highland, 27555 Base Line. The scheduled movie is "Shiokari Pass." Sally Ferren, a student at Oral Roberts University, University, will minister in inspirational inspirational music. Communion is scheduled scheduled at midnight. Lord's Supper HIGHLAND The Lord's Supper is scheduled scheduled at 7 p.m. Dec. 31 at the First Baptist Church, 7464 Victoria Ave. 10.75 2H5.,HU4TH 29.50 S RMS., HALL & BATH UP TO 900 8Q. FT. FURNITURI CLEANING A PROTECTANT AVAIL. SENIOR CITIZENS 10 Off ai A at-t at-t at-t M M A d If you don't receive your copy of THE SUN CALL 889-9666 889-9666 889-9666 before 9:30 a.m.

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