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Description of Charles Guiteau

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Description of Charles Guiteau - attend- Tresi- light- a. 1". UQCKVr'ELU - Xlte...
attend- Tresi- light- a. 1". UQCKVr'ELU - Xlte Aoalu Sayn Ue I a Stalwart. 11:15 a. M. The name of the assassin, as written by himself, is Charles Guiteau, and he says he 13 an attomey-at-law in Chicago. The Star says in an extra just issued, that when the assassin was arrested he said: "I did it and want to be arrested. I am a stalwart and Arthur is president now. I have a' letter here that I want you to give to General Sherman. It will explain everything. Take me to the police station." He has a sandy complexion and is sbght, weighing not more than 125 pounds. He wears a moustache and light chin whiskers and his sunken cheeks and eyes, far apart from each other, give him a sullen, or as the official described him, a "loony" appearance. The officer in question gave it as his opinion that Guiteau is a Chicago communist and stated he has noticed it to be a peculiarity of nearly all murderers that their eyes are set far apart and tiuiteau, ue saiu, proves nu ex ception to the rule. When the prisoner arrived at tne jau ne was neatly attirea in a suit ui uiuh uu wwe drab hat, pulled down over his eyes, giving him the appearance of an ugly character. It mav be worthy of note to state that some two three weeks afco Guiteau went to the jail for the Durnose of visiting it, but was refused admittance on . the ground that it was not visitor's dav. ' He at that time mentioned his name as Guiteau and said he came from PhifAffo. "When brought to jail to-day he was admitted by the officer who had previously re fused to admit him and a mutual recognition Win nlace. Guiteau saying, "yon are the man who would not let me go through the jail some time ago." The only other remark t,a .We batore being placed in a cell was rW. fisneral Sherman woum arrive at me foil Rnon. The two jailors wno are now guara- J -. U. Uw V.OW OA An ;.. hi neii suuo y him around the jail several times recently and that on one occasion he appeared to bo under the influence of liquor. Oo one of his :.:..,j1c(.nnimt to the first one mentioned. these officers say that he succeeded in reach-imr the rotunda of the boildinp where he was noticed examining the scaffold from which the Hirth murderers were hanged. Pursuant to his orders from the attorney ireneraU the officer in charge of the jail de-mv further information nor " ij i,ft tate in what cell the prisoner was MwiRnttl This officer was an attendant in , ,a ;0n At; the time of the" assassma- tion of Present Lincoln. The following letter was taken from the prisoner s pocket at the police headquarters:- jm.

Clipped from Hartford Courant, 03 Jul 1881, Sun,  Page 3

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