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tell sad nyt - '. ' eaBSMBSSBBBBBiafcjBBBi ' ' " "t .- .-...
'. ' eaBSMBSSBBBBBiafcjBBBi ' ' " "t .- .- TELLS SAD PLIGHT OF JEWS. fallx M. Warburg Say They Wort wit- wit- m-.. m-.. m-.. ' aancaa-ar aancaa-ar aancaa-ar me oust ijisinnuuon Committee of Abmt Icaa rands for Jewish War fiufr.nm wb- wb- returnodjseveral days aaro from a inp w tirop ror that ortaaHitlon. poouc yesterday some of his fled tat. ' :v-r,- :v-r,- :v-r,- :v-r,- ; vtl "The sueceaaiv blows ce eontendlns; mnatcm nave S4i nut broken th back of Pan Jewry." ha said. " and have llr. 2" .V' noeuvaoie pov WO souls, or half the Jewish population The Jewleh peopi throughout ast-era ast-era ast-era Europe, by sheer aocident of reorra' war. ove sunered saora from tha war tioa. Th potenUal vitality and thiea-. thiea-. thiea-. toZ "oif-help "oif-help "oif-help that renin na to these - r- r- "m f uv ai uva years is amaa 8 to me.' , kTaa reople are deeply moved by th rl Ten them by America, ilr. War-burr War-burr War-burr a&lft. hut Ir .ntil vTii - - - th emerrency aid now while rnlUiona r . auo u,vua,ouu spent Xit j"'"" (ml xea atva renewed tha bop of five million For nun than tmt . t the vir i tk -Ti -Ti hi4rrl3r fn .th cocyested centres i?.,,lut"M frm "r on the Baltic, to 8lonlke, on the Aeeaa , will r Hiui area oc ut xHJS?1 r. n very centra of at taeit JjwUO population. After the cat ci run TL" few years tt Is too much to JW this Jewry to beeoene saU-aus saU-aus saU-aus a1i"Buff w concern ea ertr tnt IKVinn aVifaaa ta Wa k4aul a aw. 1 - jjr.-T jjr.-T jjr.-T v apvajM -.-sv -.-sv -.-sv -.-sv tvr tDf tJJ w . ,ui nergncy rauer. ThU iftr"Ui!! ' formation of r00'ww reoonstructloa eorporaUon. aTtJ'twWB,Ltlon" aJtJ. "would raclilUee for constructlva aid to abroad in th way of loans and at nominal Interest rate. The . f V11 ort of assistance as a te J0! pur charity is apparent." vVu' rJU'f I1) reoommended by y. Vkarburc Include th establishment avan! pr company to forward ftw.i . i-caes i-caes i-caes irom jews in UUl VIJ2-T?lav VIJ2-T?lav VIJ2-T?lav f Heads abroad' ijtrl,Uor, of H20.000 worth of fu4 f? etcUons of Pol. ml vhm 1rtltiitln 5nJHB!it.'.,th.e purcha of igo,ooo la tn Don whereby un-rTi un-rTi un-rTi KS JJt,rkm,l of lajd may- may- ret mJfJ. ,d, a plan to reunite ?. !T1f,imliie that tl-kr tl-kr tl-kr CS2LWt, Btt "d thoa who aootn separated abroad. . fiU' Eatate Uft to Widow. vj f Colonel James 3X Ban. auadr-u-Chlef auadr-u-Chlef auadr-u-Chlef auadr-u-Chlef auadr-u-Chlef of the Orand Army RapuMo. fllao yesterday la th JnU'a eftlo, Brooklyn. leave th luSifl? 'Vu. hi widow, Mr. k.VTjt l Rby Road.' fUt- fUt- r!!?,'!. ao made to childran and Lh eJieeaon ot report GfM iSiP.H. "campment of the

Clipped from
  1. The New York Times,
  2. 12 Nov 1919, Wed,
  3. Page 7

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  • brian_salkas
    What is whith all these 6,000,000 Jews articles before WWII?

    brian_salkas26 Jun 2016

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