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titanic 4 nyt - - $ t It. i r z- S -r f- ;r r i ; 'i U- v "All...
- $ t It. i r z- S -r f- ;r r i ; 'i U- v "All the News That's : Fit to Print!' j .r 1 r THE WEATHEn !i ' OoaJjr We4iieUyt TfcBf4y probably (lr; moder&t aorth wlaJa .;-. ..14 a : 1 if -, ; t 7 A: ft-v j L ; 1 KEW YORK-1 D2fE3I)Af APRILS 17, 112.TWNTY.FOUB PAGES. J I 1 ' 'I 111 U llmU Kv Tavk. f ' tm III . !' 'f'..-V, I:-1' , St VII 'if TITANIC - - 1 - f I i ,' it t President Taft Ear Wired Tor News of - I - - : . - . I - JMajor Butt. VINCENT ASTOR'S GRIEF s& of I John .Jacob : Offers fa j Fortune f for Word ... of :; -; ff-His Father. - WIDENER WORRIES OVER SON: .'4 Guggenheim j : Blames - 3 -- Company for Shortage of Lifeboats. , ' KRS.CORNELLPROBABLYSAFE But Magistrate Was First ' Her Name Was Not In II Ml Nl . : , . .,.:Vr:. ;.'.:v--'--. Ust of Saved. NO RESCUES BY ALLAN INERSl Vlea President Franklin , AdmlU Held Back New Becauso Jt Was Dlecouraglng. rrom Mily dawn resteT4araBtnj aarit I fbla mornlas th- local otncea "or , to jmtt :BUr lina In Bowline Greta! war Used br ralatlvaa and frlenda oc ji oos known to bar been on tha Ul-fated tiunld: It -waa an orderlr but patbetla crowd of men and women, and (here wai rt a tnoment wfcen a tear-ataJned tue u not scanning- anxlouetr the printed Bit of known aunrfpora that wera ported BetWea ' the cuadredawao called the' icTilW 'ftair' line .received hundred of telemma jfrora all parte of the tTnlted 6utw and, Canada..; one of the, tnqulriea ! lilt .. . J . 1' no "5 i ; t.. 4.1 1. 1. , ,il ,. T jj ... '! i r rrit; rr ; .v . i - .'J 1m? Carpathia Not Expected Until Thursday Night ' with i Survivors. r NOT ; IN J WIRELESS TO UGH I ! 1 . r ), j;i ft j j ' Vain.' Attempts All, Day to Reach ;:. I . ' l.i t 1 ( ' 4 - ,t. - - ri-: xawl Wlcf from, a White House attache, 'who. carried with it a' reasonaole onflrmatloar Af Am fain thtt ; ftthM; A inna a me name or tne eeiaeat. aaxea U4 down with the abip.' I :i there waa anr definite news of the, fata: By, 8 o'clock i -yesterday . morntna the ef kajor Archibald Butt. XJ. B. JL Preal. White Star offlcea were . crowded jfrom . V ... -Lt,t .1L.-i booldnr "rail to bookinxiraO.-while outside sent Taft a military aid and Intimate l 7." 1. Vr, tj? frtenfl 1 Pttrd IftH Iiam - In - 1lrf ' I- i L ftuwer . , i I I : . . . . .. : .i I ' . "7 .... " i, . i ' -r '. i: ... .' - t .. . i , . . 1 1 " . ' it .' 1 -i ; - 1 I ion uw opposite siae d( xtroaaway; ana There eu Httle.hope , tehthflitfar Bowling; .Green Park wa Another 1 a, fk..Kt. a I seMa-iWl .n'-1alilAk 'MeMtf: am iua . we ai ; iUlBJl v y-aa. . w I v-a i we uivwuui v- e-w.,a--aaT r th Whit loxB9i lt wu tbt saint 1 1 ftar tnal enf -avatonatin wanfns -- than I . , -v ?! . - - 1 I men detailed td ; euicea and ma.fl itrnnr mmi turn naje: I . . . I ' t tear-etalned faoe. i . The crowd Increased In alxe'aor i mea .detailed '. td : dutyi la; front ef ; th There 1. n. JnenUon of the nam. to r lrii:- the Kst, or the rescued so fa IrecelTed thcn iutrtnront of the eOcei fre tte CarpathU." ;V 1 I while half dortnera were, sent rom a!, , "T the Old Slip 8tUon toiduty n tha.arkf from relatlw and friend- of Tltanle pe- f , Me, f. gf fZt ; enter- ltrlna In distant lands, who i her- hortd ' the . forlorn hope tfiat " tooayi be .ther was kood news In. New York (hat space, on which the office front jUi Within the two big 'main office of the International Mercantile Marine men famd women.' some of the latter with eyes' red .. M . . . J , wuureuj wins ; uw misr wbb ran; rot JDlr,TM!!aKCed 't5T? irom weepint;. were Jinked in betweeiitha V'tnere wa npt a second of the day wjben long- booking deekai ..leasfcl anxiously wait- llngr chance ,fegi inquire for ! some dearf children, all of! whom were on the Tltanla He found out that with the ! exception of Mr. Kyereon, the family bad been. saved. WUliam It Force, father of Mr, i John' Jacob Astor; , remained - up. all I night la hop of getting news of his daughter and. ner ausnana.; - vvnen: no saw jtnat Mrs. Astor nam was1 on thailstof rescued he was' overcome 'wtth! Joy.H. losf. no timej Jn tellinr his -wife and daughter of tne escape Of Mra Astor. 'and tasked tba line to notify hlrh' the moment that any denite news waa , received concerning CoU Aitor. !?'- ':'; riH'. 5; ,..';', -'. -cnim xionaon came a camexram asklnar for new- of j Blr and Xuly Cosmo Duff-t Gordon. , ' The cable' remained nttonaa-ered for some Urn, at the. Un official and ineir; employe rxad more than they, could attend to.te handllnr i the lnquirtee: at doora t Finally, : however,! a eable-waa nt ; to Iondon tatlng that Sir Cosmo and Xady Duff -Gordon! among-thoief whoi had been saved. 1 i-. their (rami both were married recently! and went to Europe on their wedding trip. , were; at the! White Star offices from 10 o'clock until j lat : In thei. afternoon, i They bad - found. iMra. Marvin, nani , on th list of survivors but; no mention .wa made; of MarrWand they were, . unwilling to give up hope. They were Uf. and 'Mra ;H.. N. Marvin, the parents "of the bridegroom and Mra, Frank. Farouharaon ; and. JMLsa Clrml- chael, sliters of the bride. and D. G. jCar- berjof relaUve and. friends. at th oXflce to seek! Information about another1 newly married .couple, Mr. ' and Mr. Georg Harden of Brooklyn.- Both 'Were rescued auuj wen vi , uw . winLiuia I wa learned. ' -f i. : . '.-vj !.! - r- :'t. i,. In! the office, where the'Ust of survivors among t th 1 passenger traveling Beyond elae was ; pof ted there waa a pathetic Incident at 'about 11 o'clock,' when Ben- 449 the Jam In Haran and hia wife Agnes of West Fifty-fifth Street hurried In in Olympic Too Late to Help, Went Or. 1. f : ON'BOARDl THE STEAMSinP OLYMPIC, AT: SBA,' April 16.--Th Olympic received! news' at mldnlrht Sundav tht e Tltxirlcj had struck, tee. She started trome'diately for.the siene, bat resumed her course eastward at 5 o'loclc In the morn nz upon hearing that Jttantc- had sunk, at 2 jA AV ; U JjTbe only details known ar that 670 ' persona- were saved, rnostly imm and Children. I !., ! U'r; h- S V SSS-fctJj.l.ihi '-i:'. i V- f-l t: ! . v- . , : - - v All the crew, except those raanni ' been lost I. ttg the boats,v are bettered, to- hard This dispatch was sent to The Associated PrsaT by Xoudon : G. j Charlton of New j ITorlr, a !paaaenger. on. th Olympic, and ' la the first word received concerning .the disaster from any on . outside of official sources, It will; be :noted that iith number; of survivors i practlcaily , Identical ! with ithe' original dla- patcbea Later dispatches, however. Indicated, that 368 persons were! eared. , Inquiries concerning- Mr. and Mr. W. A, Spencer, his uncle end aunt. Mr. Spencer was told, that Mra Spencer waa eare, put : T - 1 ,- ',-' " ' ' Tork that he' was safe. ; Investigation Showed that there was, no ground whatever for printing aueh a story: , n Still another . in whose fate 'many are Her for Details of the Disaster. Ii,.,,. 1 '- TITANIC4 OFRCERS ! ABOARD r if I vt-1, ! 1 4 A Four j of rThem PickcrJ i Up from Boats w if Mi ;H ''Aa th Second Marconi Operator. ; SCOUT CRUISERS SENT OUT ? Ordered by Pretldent Tkft 'I ' ' 1 j ' ' ' : ' t ' i 4 '. ' Get Into Touch with -the '! I : I: Rescue ShlpV j - M HOW I TO ,t MEET '' 1 r lt 8URV1Y0R3,1, t' t 'il i 1 -; i t Arrangementk Made to Avoid jCenfu j alen When ; Relatives On Pier. I ..- CAPE RAOt! N. :t ' AJOrfl I ltlX-Ati 2:13 Aj M.iVir Torktlna-Y to-day, that Olympic, finished ndtnr tn tJH Mar ' conl atatlon her th list of "ntaila ur- ' vivors on board th Carpathia,. It ora. presumed that this-was not a complete ' list, but evidently Ittwea ad th Car. : pathla had given th Olympld up to ' , thAtmev-aa; ahd gtstttnirwai in' oo-"'P " munlcatlon , with the latter for about ill . an. hour afterward, and th blympl' did not offr further nam ef erurvly : i Wnwuy. f-Al ava About B:15 JL XL th Olyinplo 1 ' nald that daylight had com and th. hip waa consequently paaeln; 'out of, " I th rang of th atatlon her. ;; tThortly ; afterward-' communication oeaaed aJto- rthen;.i.ii,- -, ij . ;! ;,:.;' ; No. further Informatiootau 1 1 rad bar during- th day'( relatlv -to th Titanld disaster. It la bellered that th CarJ pathla started I back for ! Net Tork about 7:20 A, M, on th ISOl It Is not known here whther th 1 Olympld topped at all,;, ; t !.!'!.. : a I- , . ! A wlreiea message -to-night! from Capt, Haddock of th tniahip -Olym pic, reUyed Tdf th Celtic, reads iu follows: j.' i.;'. 1". '. h ',!,i;.. TPlea allay rumor that! th VI r-. ginlan has any of the Titanic': passen- X be-' a era Neither has th Tunisian.

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  1. The New York Times,
  2. 17 Apr 1912, Wed,
  3. Page 1

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