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 - Rlc-cardo RACE WAR Breaks Out In the Streets of...
Rlc-cardo RACE WAR Breaks Out In the Streets of Evansville. TROOPS ORDERED TO SCENE To Disperse Mob nnd Run liown Riotous Negroesi ONE WHITE . BOY IS SHOT: WHITES FIRED UPON, ORGANIZE AND PROVIDE THEMSELVES WITH ARMS. A MOB STORMS THE JAIL Evansville, Ind., July 6. At 1 o'clock this morning this city is in the hands of a mob. Troops have been ordered out by the Governor. Two negrces have been killed in the riot which Is rampant. The crowd. Incensed at the murder of a patrolman by a negro, is shouting death to all negroes. The negro. Brown, has been secretly removed removed to Vlncennes. A boy, white, named Logan, has been shot by a negro. negro. An unknown negro woman has been killed and several negroes have been seriously injured. A company of negroes, armed with Winchesters, is marching through the streets, threaten ing to kill ali -white -white people. They have Just broken Into a hardware store and secured all the arms and ammunition. Three business men have 'Just been fired on and are now organizing and arming a party to exterminate the negroes. negroes. ... Jail Captured By . a Moo. The steel bars of the Jail windows could not withstand the rain .of blows from the battering rams of the- the- mob which attacked the Jail late in the night. At 1 o'clock this morning th'e crowd swarmed In and; began - a search for'"fho 'murderer. "Police vcapt. Bren-necke Bren-necke Bren-necke tried to check their advance by turning the hose upon -them. -them. When he appeared at 'the -window,' holding the nozzle,' a rain of bullets was- was- sent through the window. The Captain re treated, and no further attempt was made to keep the mob out. A committee selected from the mul tltude reported shortly before 1 a. m. that after a close search It was con vlnced the neirro murderer was not to be found. The mob was urged to disperse. disperse. Some Inflammatory speeches were made, and It was proposed to se cure a train and go to Vlncennes. At this Juncture reports came that negroes were arming to disperse to mob. Hun. dreds then started in search of the blacks. Guns and ammunition were taken from Bocttlchcr, Kellogg & Co.'s hardware store. A number of people are said to have been wounded. Shots can be heard In all parts of the city, and travel on the streets Is ex tremely dangerous. A mob of 200 white men, heavily armed, is now marching through the streets of the city where negroes would be likely to be found. Shots are heard constantly. It Is reported that another negro has been shot in First street. ... - Militia Ordered Out. The militia has been ordered out, and within an hour will be at the Jail. A telegram has Just been received by Capt. Blum, of Company E, to get the men together as quickly as possible and to protect' the prisoners at the Jail at all hazards. After the mob has been dls persed they will begin to run down the riotous negroes. Almost every hard wnre store In the city has been broken Into by the citizens, and not a man can be seen on the streets who is not armed. Those of the -police -police officers who are not on duty at the Jail or the station houses are patrollng the streets with Winchesters. The streets present a scene of wild disorder. Frightened women women are hurrying to their homes, afraid to venture on the side streets. Negroes are reported gathering atseveral points. The police are powerless to preserve orders The entire force is not sufficient to cope with the crowds around the Jail. ... . Killing of Patrolman Massey. The race riot to-night to-night to-night was the Im mediate outcome "of the shooting of Patrolman Massey Friday night by Lee Brown, a negro. . Brown and another negro had engaged In a quarrel, and Brown had sworn to kill his antag onist. He ran toward his home to secure secure a' revolver and Patrolman Massey, hearing of the trouble, lay In wait for Brown. As the negro came back armed. hunting his enemy, Massey stepped from' a doorway and. laid his hand on his shoulder. Brown turned quickly, a revolver In his hand, and shot the policeman policeman in the abdomen. The officer, as he lay on the sidewalk, fired at Brown and wounded him dan gerously. He fell, and the two fired at each other as they lay on the pavement, pavement, emptying their revolvers. Excitement has been Intense, and after the arrest of Brown the Jail was guarded night and day. " Last night a lynching was feared, and the mob that surrounded the Jail during the night was held at bay only by the ready weapons of dozens of deputies. To-day To-day To-day an-outbreak an-outbreak an-outbreak was feared, arid the negro negro was secretly removed from the Jail and -taken -taken -to -to Vlncennes; where he now lies In Jail at the point of death from his wounds. The Jail: Is being guarded by armed deputies,. i,vUo will remain on duty all night. Patrolman Massey . died last night from his wounds. Negroes Attack White Man. . At midnight to-night to-night to-night several negroes made an attack on Claude Maley, a white man. Several shots were fired at him, but none, took effect. -The -The negroes negroes were heavily, armed. Another committee has' gone through the Jail here, hut still' the mob remains .dissatisfied. .dissatisfied. The mob has secured a battering battering ram and are trying to batter in the side of the Jail Several . hardware hardware stores have - been broken into for firearms. .... Mob Wrecked Saloon. At 1:20 this morning a mob of about two hundred visited Bud Fruit's saloon,', saloon,', a negro headquarters, and wrecked the place, r A number of colored colored men barely -. -. escaped with their lives. About one tiundred shots were fired. ''The mob' then started for Bap-tistown, Bap-tistown, Bap-tistown, swearing vengeance against the blacks. The police are busy, and the patrol wagon frequently ; comes in loaded with prisoners. As the patrol, with prisoners, went . through Main street at 2 a. m., there were cheers for the police and then a regular "wild West" scene was enacted. Men on both sides of itie street drew revolvers and began to fire. Spectators rushed for cover, and the wildest of rumors were at once circulated. The militia is unable unable to keep up with the scattered mobs, and has returned to the Armory, Armory, where it is guarding State property, property, arms and ammunition. At 2 a. m. a detail of police was sent to-;guard to-;guard to-;guard Boetticher, Kellogg &' Co.'s hardware store, which still contains many fire arms ana mucn ammunition. Hundreds of citizens, aside from the rioters, are up and endeavoring - to - protect their property. . Attempt by Negro Assassins. At 2 o'clock this morning negro assassins assassins attempted to take the lives of Paul Morgan and Mrs. Presley Robb, who were sitting on a porch in the residence section. A dozen or more shots were fired, but none took effect. White rioters attacked a negro saloon saloon on Fourth street, and riddled a three-story three-story three-story building. On account of the lawlessness rampant rampant In the city the police have forced the closing of all saloons. The all- all- night restaurants are closed because of the fright of the negro -waiters. -waiters. . ... ' Rioting Throughout the City. At 2 o'clock this morning the crowds on the'streets are increasing, and firing can be heard in all directions. Disorder and deadly rioting. are everywhere and every one of the thousands on the streets is carrying his life In his hands. The police are being cheered 'fop nu merous arrests. of rtho' negroes theyara now"mamng. 'Every; time"' a -negiyt. -negiyt. is. taken Into custody the police are ap plauded; and hundreds of people are following the wagon. .The. mob is. still going through the streets looking for negroes. .. . ... ' Volley Fired in .Saloon. The Acme Hotel had to close Its doors tor-night tor-night tor-night because all of its colored servants servants became panic-stricken panic-stricken panic-stricken and ran away. . After the mob had been In the Jail only a few minutes word was brought that a gang of negroes were congregating congregating at Budd Fruit's saloon, at 415 Upper Fourth street, and firing from windows and roof upon the whites as they passed. ' The mob immediately decided to bombard bombard It, A hundred or more armed men, upon command, fell into line and marched from the Jail up Fourth street into the Market Square, halting in front of Fruit's place. Negroes were to be seen below and in most of the windows, but they quickly dispersed upon the arrival of the mob. Then, upon command of the leader, a volley of 100 shots was fired into the building, building, completely wrecking it. It was known at the time that there was a large number of negroes in the saloon. It is thought that many of them were hidden Jn the large buildings surrounding surrounding the saloon. Several are reported shot, but no dead bodle3 have been brought in. MILITIA ORDERED OUT. Gov. Durbin Takes Steps To Suppress the Riot. Anderson, Ind., July 6. Gov. purbln said early this morning that he had Just received Information of the race riot which had broken out at Evansville Evansville during the night, and that he had ordered the local militia In arms at once to restore order In the city. Beyond the Information that blacks and whites were having a fight about the Jail and In the streets, Gov. Durbln Durbln had no Information. He made arrangements arrangements at once to get In close touch with the authorities at Evansville. Evansville. MOB FORMED TO LYNCH A NEGRESS PEORIA: AT Afterward Attacked and Destroyed the House of Intended Victim. Peoria, 111., July 5. A mob composed of 300 white persons to-night to-night to-night sought the life of Minnie Pearl, colored, who beat Perry Coombs, a white boy, eleven years 'old, with, a club this afternoon until his body was covered with deep cuts and welts. The woman wus arrested and taken to tlie police station before the mob could reach the house. When the mob discovered that she was gone they tore down her house and threw the furniture furniture into the river. The attack on the boy was made because he led a mule across the woman's lot. The case will be prosecuted to-morrow to-morrow to-morrow by the humane humane society.

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  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 06 Jul 1903, Mon,
  3. Page 1

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