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THE MURDERED OUTLAW THE STATE OFFICERS PREVIOUSLY ARRANGING FOR THE KILLING. MOT DOWN -WITH A RIFLE WHICH HE GAVE TC HIS .SLATER THREATS OF BIS FRIENDS r- GOT. CRITTENDEN'S AR-RANGXMKJJT WITH ROBERT FORD. Sx. Joseph, Mo., April The following are the particulars of the shooting of Jesse James yesterday: After having eaten breakfast, Jesse Raines and Charles Ford vent to the stable te curry the horses, and, on returning to the room where Robert rrd vu, Jesse said: "It's an awf ally hot day." Be palled off his ooat and Test and tossed them on tbe bed. Then he said: "I guess I'll take off my pistols for fear somebody will see them If I walk In the yard." He unbuckled the belt In which he carried two 43-oallbr revolvers, ne a 8mlth & Wesson and the other a Colt, and laid them on the bed with his coat and vest. He then picked u a dusting-brush, with the Intention of dusting some pletnres whioh hung on the walL In order to do this he got on a chair, his back being how turned to the brothers, who silently stepped between Jesse and his revolvers, and. at a motion from Charlie, both drew their runs. Robert was the quicker of the two. In one motion he bad the long weapon on a level with his eye, with the muzzle not more than -four ' feet from the back of the outlaw's head. Even in mac motion, quicr as thought, there was some- AV 1 V .1 a a cuiuK wmcu aia not esoape toe acute ears of the bunted man. He made a motion as If to turn his bead to ascertain the cause of that suspicious found, but too lute. A nervous pressure on the trigger, a Quick flash, a sharp report, and the well-directed ball crashed through the outlaw's skull, a bere was no outory just a swaying of the body, and it fell heavily back upon tne carpeted floor, the ball having entered the base of the skull and made its way out through the forehead over the left eye. It had been fired out of a Colt's "46" Improved weapon, silver mounted and pearl-handled, which bad been presented by the dead Sau to his slayer only a few days ago. r. James was In the kitchen when the snooting was done, separated from the room la which tne tragedy occurred bv the dining-room. She beard the shot and, dropping her household duties, ran Into the front room. She saw her husband lying on his back, and his slayers, each holding his revolver in his hand, making for tbe fenee in the rear of the bouse. Robert had reaohed the Incisure and was In Uie act of scaling It, when she stepped to the door and called to him: "Robert, you have done this; . pome back." Robert answered: "I swear to God I did not," They then returned to where he stood. Mrs. James ran to the side of her husband and lifted up bis bead. Life was not yet extinct, and when she asked him If he were butt it teemed to her that be wanted to say something but could not She tried to wash away the blood that was coursing over his face from the hole in his forehead, but It seemed to her that the blood came faster than she oould wash It away, and In her arms Jesse James died. Mrs. Samuels, the mother of the dead outlaw, arrived here at 9:48 this morning from her home la Clay County. Sae is a lanre woman, 67 years of aire, with black balr well sprinkled with gray. She - was inoredulous, upon her arrival, about the dead - man being ber son Jesse, and was not fully couvtnced until she was driven to bis late residence, where she met his widow, who embraced the old lady. Both meat- gesiea Kroui emotion, jars, samuols. aeooiapaaied by Mrs. James and her children, was driven to the ti ndertaker's, where they viewed the body of Jesse. 1 lie scene was very affecting, the mother, widow and children all Jolnimr la lamentations. Mrs. Samuels sutd that tbe body was that of ber son. and with great emotion exclaimed : Would to God It was not." The mother re-entered the carriage knd was driven to the Court house, where she was to testify at the Coroner's Inquest whioh was then la procrress. The Coroner's lury assembled agalu at 0 o'clock this morning. Tbe court-room was crowded to tuQootttlon, there belnt no steading room Inside, aud crowds stood in the corridors outside unable to gain admission. Tbe most Intense interest was manifested and the closest attention paid to the testimony. II. IL. Craig. Police Commissioner of Kansas City, was the first witness. Being iworu. be said: "The body corresponds with the - description of Jesse James; I know the Fords; Robert Ford assisted Sheriff Tim ber lake and myself: he was not commissioned; he acted under our Instructions: Charles Ford was not acting under our Instructions." Sheriff Timberlake testified that he was acquainted with Jesse James and recognized the body; they were personally acquainted: saw aim last in 1870; knew his face; lie had a finger off. The witness told Ford to get hli brother to asMst him. Dick Little was sworn and testified: " I have seen the body and recognize It as tbe body of Jesse James; I have no doubt of it; the general appearance Is that of Jesse James; tbe finger is off. as James's was, and 1 recognize the sears on tbe side and thigh." Jame Flnley testified: "I was not acquainted With Jesse James; I went to the house after the tliooting, and found two horses; I sent two offloer after the Johnsons, as they were then called; Ford oame and acknowledged the shooting; he described the wounds on the body, and claimed that tiie nan was Jesse James; Ford told me that there were watches and Jewelry at the house: I found watches, Jewelry, pistol, cartridges, and a purse: . J gave the purse to Mrs. James; it had some small Fli4?.? Jb "i a oarf-pln was feund with tbe letters S.W.J.'" Mrs. Samuels was then called. As she entered the room all eyes were turned upon ber, and men stood on the seats, craned their necks, and used very endeavor to rain a view of the womas,' who, although the mother of an outlaw, bad the resneot of every one In the room. She moved with a slow step and bowed bead to o wllness tuD(l- She was a large woman, with kindly face and eyes and a somewhat prominent bose. Her hair is black, sprinkled with ;gray. She was dressed In black, with a black straw hat and blaok veil, tbe latter partly covering her ace. when she took the stand ber faoe bad a resolute appearance, but as the examination went on that disappeared, and she - was very much affected. She testified that she was the mother of Jesse James, and that she had seen the body but a moment before. "Is that the body of your son?" asked tbe Cor oner. " It ' is," she answered, and then sobbed out, I would to God It was not." - Placing her hands upon the beads of the little son aid daughter of Jesse James, who were standing Just In frent of her, she continued, "and these are his orphan children." As she said this oho was poved to tears. Mrs. James was asked to raise ber veil, and as she did so Mrs. Samuels was asked If she recognized her. She answered that she Old. and that it was the widow of Jesse James. Mrs. James testified that she recognized tbe preceding witness as Mrs. Samuels. When Mrs. Samuels retired from the court-room a thrilling incident occurred. Dick Little was standing by the door, and as she Beared the opening she saw bim. Her eyes rested on htm for a moment, then she turned upon him with the fierceness of a tigress. "Traitor! traitor! traitor!" she excitedly ex-claimed; "God will send vengeanoe on you for this. Yon are the cause of all this. Oh, you villain I I Would rather be in my poor boy's place than In yours." Little cowered like a whipped dog before - tbe bereaved mother, and turned pale and red by turns. "I did not hurt him," he answered. "I thought you knew who killed bim." Mrs. Samuels's only reply was, "Oh, God 1 my poor boy 1 my poor toy 1" Sbe then left the room. The lury retired, and subsequently returned the following verdlot: " We, the Jurv. find that the deceased is Jesse James, and that be came to his teeth by a pistol shot at the bands of Robert Ford." The two Ford brothers are oonflned in jail charged with murder on a warrant sworn out by - Mr. James. They will not be Interviewed, and tbe Sheriff refuses admittance to all comers. Robert Ford, who did the shooting. Is 24 years old, and Charlesla 0. . Kansas City. Ma, April 4. The Inquest at St. Joseph was concluded at noon to-dav. Mrs. Samuels, mother of Jesse James; his wife. Dick Little, and Sheriff Timberlake Identified the body, aud during the proceedings Mrs. James and Mrs. Samuels made a highly sensational scene, attack-lug Little and calling all manner of earoes down upou hitn for having conspired to betray his leader. The Coroner's Jury returned a verdict of murder In the first degree against Ford, and the authorities of Buchanan Couuty refuse to give him - no. Tbe Governor has ordered tie officers at Bt. Joseph to turn over tbe body of James to his wife and mother, as It has been fully Identified as that of Jesse James. The body will probaby be taken to the old farm, near Kearney, Clay County, for burial. The cenQrmatlon of James's death has oreated a firofound suusatlon in Western Missouri, and amiers near this place and Independence who have not been in either place for years, rode hi to town this morning In the rain to Investigate tbe rumor. Some denounoe Ford as an assassin, whose pnly object was blood-money, while others exouse him upon tbe ground of expediency. Tbe Governor will not go to Hi. Joseph, but will return to Jefferson City to-night, where some steps will be taken to protect Ford, who Is thought to be In danger from the friends of tbe dead robber. All"Craoker Neck" was np on horseback this morning, and omo threats of revenge are said to have been made against the lives of Ford and Little. The Hannibal and St. Joseph Railroad Company have tendered courtesies to Mn. James and her mother-in-law. St. Louis, April 4. A special dispatch to the Po$t. from Kansas City, says: "It la now known that the taking off of Jesse James was the fulfillment of an arrangement between Gov. Crittenden and Bob Ford, and that Ford was to receive - one-fourth of tbe reward and Immunity. In an Interview with Diok Little, on Sunday night, the loheme was foreshadowed, but he said it was not to bave been accomplished before Wednesday or Thursday, and only then If It was found Impossible for Timberlake to capture tbe bandit leader alive. Gov. Crittenden stated hereto-day that his first meeting with Ford, at the St. James Hotel, In this city, was on Feb. 22. when the arrangement by which Jesse James was to be either raptured or killed was consummated. He met Little a few days later. He was noncommittal as to tbe disposition to be made of Ford and Little, but ad mitted that their ultimate pardon was not improbable. The double confession of Dlek Little Is still a mystery, and theoffloera are endeavoring to solve it and ascertain which is correct. . The trial of the Bine Out robbers Is still in progress at Independence, and the utmost efforts of counsel are directed toward proving an alibi. Mattle Collins, wife ofTHok Little, recently showed av JutrJUUpateh wnsaso&doat a Jetter receiyed.

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  1. The New York Times,
  2. 05 Apr 1882, Wed,
  3. Page 5

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