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Santa-Syr Post0Std_airplane_1909-12-20 - THE POST STANDATlft flTRACTTRR K. Y. TUESDAY...
THE POST STANDATlft flTRACTTRR K. Y. TUESDAY DECEMBER 21, 1909. IN Y Men, Including Late Republican deih n[ lha Cwnnull Stale Senate 4t- mitt-eft or ttly Assembly, Imt it tho fu. present were memtiTS who hi a veus, the members Corarjilttw »»3 dlitnel Present perEMUteu % slate ab sstretary «t state, Q[ the and R A. Commit- represented ty John bctuwwlt were many snd pteoee. ware c.icisr ct QrvmuK Siaie Senate; a of -violets anfl ct mhlla KiLlarner an Immense roios ?i-ero nil 11 eg, anil a earn all mis. lilies Irom the inv Dipnrttnent Lafay the Senate, sent leaves ThcLe VTEI E tut SMiatora m»mbtis ol Assembly replied Cana. IcCt 9.1 coyrtisy «I the Com pony 111* of naj over Central nd tht made in a. feii fiom the west and of d l E l I n PABTT HERE other tlal; Seiialoi HalneE cJwfc } nliri^ taoaidecl th« iralii lionet S ti olden, 1«»- Mayoi'-EleEt Ed- nil Co 111 dl IS Hint r nia.n J. H^iiT the Assembly Bay B Cobb o-t Wfitcr- T i a n k L Emllh of Sundeinian at ot Jeffeiwn »inl Colonel J)hTl T 1 ^hp^g^pniftiF T Our Ol E- HAVE TOD HlUftD AM* t (-im; ( I* -rcm* h., lit t ClOU TALKIXe 4i! upliB Tltior ruffr itru oTM upJc Ca. Jl« S -*EKt COLtECTjaS JnOj wir II BD.IW OB M,p oUtiln ilx iwt it C'pKi st f rL HAIR ME. ihfiT, Ac, »i4n ImnDj k '. 5)dniiii. LI \\ is FLREiducc CliM, SHTTOtsli H'lr 5"a:h, guLlcf ". » nl Bttsaa Uulw JiiUtt tlfelbh^lht'illH. · V -in. ot Holt DlWf EtVUBrtbtf o4 ill* ^^^^^^^^^^·^"^^^^·^^^·""^"·"·^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^WWP^^^M Christmas week is a time for social calls. Be ready- have a case of FEIGENSPAN XXX AMBER ALE on hand. Made us the largest producers of Ale m the United States. Made necessary a larger bottling POPULARITY de P artment » *« Urgest in New Jersey, to meet the demands for our Brewery Bottled Ale, You can tell the genuine by the labels on the bottle and neck. On draught where draught goods are sold. Dealer and Diitributor, E. M. HIGGINS 226 EL Washington St, Syracuse PHOENIX MAN TAKES SECOND to hivr i Siiort neld at p£B£ and and wlitn tit aie liable aa of either, TO son a ^ PLHSUAKCB J.r P 01 11.. i U1 1(91. Nl« Voik n l«r. ra all IT" J. HlOrjfiMl, 1H [ounij. ^ Atilbli iht In thy [uburllir ~ N i [ha Lfliit? ol be iitn fc Dalei H K* MJAH (04 . COURT Counu B i OB [I p till K or luutf Or outBcrilwr imlj Gduuir r tliill ~tqt Tor uui mtun lo tilt he itourt HrUM in tin !3U JiJ n il« fJ"j^mo naildJioj cnmltti u^ia bs ion br All thtj Liicfgr Cl^ st itriiiu Il ^m Torh h n jet N^ 1 of Clock u 4 t u i, ili« Mrlli line «( l£ie \\t-t HIM ar ulth Btkcr lllti'l »r[r nlnng- rli^ fin iioai Hold mcunrlDE fiom lei it Idiim itrrtt ,1i?im vi«t va tin Stn to DIE slice DiUd JXJinh.f BT fttrl'll F ft STOVE, o tMTai 9-1 111 BnlldlDE. SUPSKJIE (jm A ULiphi C*ir([nt T. BT Tim? lid lorrrlciurt md n |] e Kboro im, and Cluk or Iho caimtT rrinur Giirwilnlt Hlikiy. l)v.

Clipped from The Post-Standard21 Dec 1909, TuePage 16

The Post-Standard (Syracuse, New York)21 Dec 1909, TuePage 16
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