1944 Pierre J Huss Patton Army article New Castle News PA December 30

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1944 Pierre J Huss Patton Army article New Castle News PA December 30 - UCIIlldllMCdl ration s Army G-en. G-en. G-en....
UCIIlldllMCdl ration s Army G-en. G-en. G-en. Patton's Forces Are Again Battling Nazis At Range Close In Belgium was cracking him in the ribs with heavy armor on a line running from ' east, and wei ihrcugh Arlon, 22 miles south of Kastognc. He is al-; al-; al-; ready clawing to pieces the German : south shoulder on the Luxembourg j area, where ihe keypoint Echter-1 Echter-1 Echter-1 nacli is .slipping from ihe Hitler1 Qra.;p. j That passes the buck back to the! Nazis, who now have to figure out ; what they can do to stem any Pat- Pat- j ton break-through break-through break-through at the base of; the salient. Tf he can carve a divkl- divkl- j incr channel ihrouch the hard won; bukc created by the German drive MAY BE DECISIVE BATTLE OF WAR (Pierre J. Huss, ace Interna lional 'News Service war correspondent, has just returned to this country following two years of service with American armies in North Africa. ; Italy and France. i Uy I' IKK UK 1. HUSS NEW YORK. Dec. 30. A bricht jign for New Year shines today ifrom the south flank or the German German offensive as leport-s leport-s leport-s indicate "that Lieut. General George S. Pat-ton Pat-ton Pat-ton is on the rampage lustily cracking cracking Nazi ribs. To jistol-packing jistol-packing jistol-packing 'Gcoripe" this is a golden opportunity to get at the Nazis and wade in for a gory kill. He firmly believes and preaches 'thai flic only way to win the war properlv is to slaughter the enemy, '.in droves, and he cues in with guns . blazing. i ,nv, rr ioshine' snirit the; isrevoi.-, isrevoi.-, isrevoi.-, hi::-,!::, hi::-,!::, hi::-,!::, rci m-1 m-1 m-1 k: .g wi:.'. wink that after all "its our blood ikI ins guts. But tnc ioaci u;v guns nnu pun nd therewith isolate the enemy for:es In Belgium and Luxembourg! from Germany, then he will be in ! a position once more to engage in , his favorite outdoor pastime name- name- ' ly. the job of killing Germans in droves, chopping them in repetition, of the Palaise Gap slaughter, where; Nazi bodies were Uackcd tip like j corciwood after Patton's crusher j called the turn. The Nazis know this, and Von j Rundstedt best of all. From Hitler oown through the generals, they . hate and fear Patlon. He has been their nemesis: lie mav again be the man who will fight the decisive battle of the war. At the moment, it looks as if Patton moved faster than Von Kunristedt had estimated that he could move. Nazi uneasiness already has be come evident, and if it comes to a ; showdown on this battle as to who ! will come out on top. leave it to j Patton to .swing' away with both barrels so hard that in the final j analysis Hitler and his armed might will be blasted asunder. When the moment for that knock- knock- out comes. George Patton won't: even bother to say that he is ready. He'll just snatch up his guns and ; : us oil lie 1! go HKc a n afire to Berlin or points south. them over taking things, and lying about it afterwards, to recover from this deceitful practice. I can imagine that many a very conscientious mother would have been so distressed and wrought up over this innocent lie as to lose balance and lecture the child on how terrible it is lo lie. even to spank Die youngster then. Very wisely this particular mother made no reference to the falsehood, except except to me alone afterwards. She and I agreed that from now on we would be more watchful of the little tyke while she is exposed to flowers, and especially on guard against tempting- tempting- her lo lie Almost as surely as Die sun rises, every first lie in a child has been brought, forth by unwise questioning questioning or treatment by some older person, person, usually the mother. REPORT HITLER'S FINAL WORD IS SAID TO GERMANS NEW YORK. Dec. 30. (INS) Adolf Hitler has decided on one final all-out all-out all-out effort like that of Frederik the Great and if this effort effort fails it will be Hitler's last word lo his countrymen. National Broadcasting Company's reporter Merrill Mueller, broadcasting from the Western Front, said today. Mueller added that a German prisoner reported that before his division participated in the initial attack, a letter with the statement, above, signed by Himmler on behalf of Hitler, was read to all assembled German troops. j ! sion By conquer enough council more jfits nical pretense the powers abiding world. The monument that frustrates good loflv may lessons with in able of the supreme dead brood Here's heading than Slates. Call i,l :thc situation went out from Allied 'h-'i-idquai 'h-'i-idquai 'h-'i-idquai 'h-'i-idquai 'h-'i-idquai ters very shortly after Von -Rundstedt -Rundstedt struck like a belt out of "the blue, and before the Wehr-"maeht's Wehr-"maeht's Wehr-"maeht's Royal Tigers had made a score of 'uu'es. Patten's own powerhouse, powerhouse, of tanks was rolling at racing speed towards the north into Lux- Lux- I will not be surprised to hear later on that an aimored division was moved into lin? overnight in a feat hitherto never equalled. That's the sort of stuff Patton likes I followed in the tracks of Pat-ton's Pat-ton's Pat-ton's tanks throughout France and clear info Germany, where he was punching away at the Siegfried line easy to imagine what hn; -pen-ui -pen-ui -pen-ui -pen-ui vlN; -::::.!. -::::.!. '-"'cc '-"'cc '-"'cc Wiv: Bpdley summoned Pitt ton to pitch "I'm On Ylv Way" In 'he best military etiquette, it is'alwavs customary to ask Ihe com manding general of THE PARENT t PROBLEM ! ! Citv. enclosing a self -addressed, -addressed, i stamped envelope. Those who will read it carefully may be able to i avoid, to a high degree at least, ! causing the young child to lie. and to help the enna wno nets umi.u he i his i ha forces so' for action at a giver, no;:.;. O'.u.r.arily the answer is picv.d-. picv.d-. picv.d-. 'alter due consultation among the iVtaff officers of the outfit involved "But. Patton, from past experience Jaixl knowledge of his two-fisted two-fisted two-fisted vmanner;:. probably took just long; "chough to remove Ihe cigar from: his mouth, blow a smoke ring, and say: "How long? Hell. I'm on the The saving is that when a division Commander rolling towards the !M.'Sclle last September asked for, Instructions as to the next pause ., 'Patton's snappy reply was: "Just don't go nasi Berlin until you hear from me " ; Takes But Five Days J -The -The reports from the front show that within five days of the start frf Von Rundstcdt's cyclone, Patton The TOWN PUMP HAPPY NEW YEAR Dancing 8:30 to 12:30 Mon., Wed., Fri., Sat. CHUCK and HIS CASTLITES Don't Forget Our New Years Dance Monday, Jan. 1 No Cover Charge. Popular Prices. PARKING IN REAR. RUSCO All-Weather All-Weather All-Weather f TripleService Combination Screen and Storm Sash W W. F. 121 W. SOUTH ST.

Clipped from New Castle News30 Dec 1944, SatPage 7

New Castle News (New Castle, Pennsylvania)30 Dec 1944, SatPage 7
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  • 1944 Pierre J Huss Patton Army article New Castle News PA December 30

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