1945 Pierre J Huss Hitler Bunker Russia withholds facts Connellsville Daily Courier PA October 22

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1945 Pierre J Huss Hitler Bunker Russia withholds facts Connellsville Daily Courier PA October 22 - MONDAY OCTOBER 22, 1945. Russia Continues To...
MONDAY OCTOBER 22, 1945. Russia Continues To Conceal Facts About Adolf Hitler's Death By PIERRE J. HUSS I. N. S. Staff Correspondent. BERCHTESGADEN, Oct. 22. --With interest in the death or «scapes of top Nazis like Adolf Hitler and Martin Bormann quich- ,enlng among Alhed authority as trial time approaches in Nuremberg, the fact stands out that rumors and reports which cropped up about them in recent months have not been able to disprove the Nazi leader's suicide as disclosed by this coi respondent June 20. Todcy the only real evidence of Hitler's death is in the hands o: Moscow, which quietly and obviously for political reasons has continued to sponsor the legenc that der fuehrer slipped away from his Berlin garden bunker sometime during April. According io that version, the Nazi fugitive is lying low in a foreign hideou' until the storm blows over, enjoying his strings honeymoon #ith his bride and ex-mistress Eva Braun. The implication is, of cours? that Hitler ond those who sneaked oft 7/ith him are hiding with the collusion of Fascist elements in the foreign land concerned. Complete silence is maintained aboul the five to six witnesses concerned in the death and burning of Hitler's body who were subsequently taken to Mosco-v. Final admission of evidence of Goebbel's death was made only after long delay when the chaired body of the Nazi propaganda minister was shown In a Russian-documented Aim depicting the capture of Ber- 1'n by the Red Army. The story told by Hitler's chauf- leur, Erick Kompka, on his capture near here and corroborated by some others who escaped from the chancellory the first days o. May, still stands unshaken. Briefly put, he described how Hitler and Eva Braun shot themselves in their bunker apartment on the afternoon of April 30 as Russian shells plowed up the chancellory garden overhead. Sitting on a sofa, Hitler shot himself in the temple and Eva through the heart According to Kempka, they musl have died Instantly. In carefully examining the sofa in the bunker room while I was la Berlin e ght weeks after the suicide, I found large stains arse splashes of blood where Eva had sat. Kempka said he carried ou: her body, while others carried oui that of Hitler in an Army brariket. He slipped forward after he sho 'himself in the temple. According to additional evidence secured by American Army interrogators from the chauffeur, the blood coursed, down along Hitler's neck over his uniform to the thick cahpet on. the floor. By order ol the chief adjutant, Guensche, Kempka and two others took the dirpet that same afternoon and burned it. There were no blood stains where Hitler sat. Kempka claimed that Hitler gave speciic orders to Guensche on the afternoon of April 30 to burn his body and that of Eva immediate''y after his death. Der fuehrer said he did not wish to "become an exhibit in a Moscow showcase." But he added that the underground bi. nker was to be left intact insteid of being blown up, so that "tne Russians can see for themselves that I stayed here at my post to the last." Guenschn, like Kempka and others of the chancellory staff, set out the next night to escape from Berlin but up to now he has not been found or heard from. Next to Hitler, Martin Bormann ^ the bigshot Nazi most frequent- xy reported in Allied hands and '·wt'* ag un. The :apture of Albert Boi'fiann, his brother, by the Czechs caused some of the confusion. At the moment he' is not in any of the Nuernberg prison cells and Allied authorities claim they ha-ven't got hit*. Kempka said that during the night of May 2 Bormann and several others of his clique tried to get through the Russian lines by following a Mark 4 panzer across the bridge near Friedrichstrasse station. Forty yards beyond the last German barricade, according to Kempk i, a panzerfaust fired by Russians at close range blew the Mark 4 apart and Bormann with his core panions fell to the ground. Kempka maintains that only a freak chance could have saved Bormann from instant death, as the forie of the explosion tore the heavy panzer into pieces. Early in July, while in Berlin, I went to the spot described by Kempka. Somewhat rusted but atop the debris on the right side of the street forty yards across the bridge I saw the undercarriage of a lUark 4 and some yards away the tu ret. There was no imagination .ibout the Mark 4 in Kempka's rund, and it is more than proba ))e that he witnessed the death of Martin Bormann as claimitl. -r NEWS OF M EN w IN UNIFORM Family allowances are being authorised for dependents of all men now enlisting or being inducted into the Army, it was announced today by Brig. Gen. Leonard H. S ms, USA, Director of the War Department Office of Dependency LenefUs. That ac'iv- ity of the Office oi the Fiscal Director, Headquarters, Army Service Forces, located in Newark, J., adniimstfejs soldiers' benefits for the entire Army. "The Servicemen's Dependents, Allowance Act of 1942, as amended is still m (fleet," General stated.* "Unt er this law, wives, children, dependent parents and other dependents of all enlisted men and women and aviation cadets are enti'led to family allowances. "Tr is appl es of course to and women now entering the Army as wdl as to those who were inducted before the war ended," he explained. The wife and children of an enlisted man are eligible to family allowance payments as Class A dependents, the ODB Director said. Parents, also brothers and sis.ers (under certain conditions) are eligible only if they rely on the soldier for chief or substant-al suppoit. The ODB administers Class allotments as well as family allowances, he pointed out. These allotments are voluntary assignments from soldiers' pay; nothing is added by the government. The cost of administering dependency benefits for the Army was reducd by $1,300,000 during the past fscai year, even while the volume of business was substantially increased. This saving in operating expenditures is revealed by Brig. Gen. Leonard Sims, USA, Director of the War Department Office of Dependency Benefits i i Newark, N. J., jfJEJiE you see a car · · tvreen "scare talk" he'll be using his car a available...but he realizes expert care, in time, y° ur car needs complete to help keep it going Your Esso Dealer knows He knows what troubles to to help protect vital car to a Be care saves wear

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  • 1945 Pierre J Huss Hitler Bunker Russia withholds facts Connellsville Daily Courier PA October 22

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