1945 Pierre J Huss Hans Jeschonnek Ernst Udet mysterious deaths Connellsville Daily Courier June 15

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1945 Pierre J Huss Hans Jeschonnek Ernst Udet mysterious deaths Connellsville Daily Courier June 15 - Mystery Deaths Come Into Limelight With...
Mystery Deaths Come Into Limelight With Germany's Collapse By PIERRE J. HUSS I. N. S. stall Correspondent. BERCHTESGADEN, June 35.-Two mystery deaths in Adolf Hitler's merciless regime li;u-e come back inlo the limelight. According to my i n f o r m a n t s , the LufUvall'e's ace general, Hans Jeschonnek, and German air expert, Celonei General Ernst Udet, shot themselves after affronts from Hitler. The otticial Berlin announcement issued la::e in 1941 stating next day by Ihe deadly attack which wiped out practically all laboratories and was an almost irreparable blow to the Reich's war research. "I remember," said Goernnert. "How the Luftwaffe start members debated how to break the news to Goering who was sure raise hell Goering certainly die: blow his top. He cursed Jeschon- nok and everyone else. Next we got a message that Jcschonnel: had shot himself. At the samr time Goering received orders took his when an ifriated Hitler saddled him with the blame- for the terrific success of two American Fortress raids on Peenemuende. The raids laid waste to acres o£ the Ketch's key laboratories cradling numerous inventions, particularly V-wcap- ons, resulting in months of delay on this work. The rise and -fall of Jeschonnek is a striking illustration ol how the whims, fancies, and sudden temper of Hitler dominated thc Reich's best military minds, making or breaking them overnight. Goernnert had access to sheaves ol records. Hitler took a liking to Jeschonnek and in 1943 appointed him as the Luftwaffe's chief ot staff. In those days. Hitler's headquarters were at Wolf- schanzi:, East Prussia, out ol harm's way. Goering's command was maintained about 20 miles away at Rominter Heide, where he utilized the former imperial hunting lodge and his own personal 'rain. The Luftwaffe's h under Jeschonnek Goernnert related that afte raid Hitler had summoned chormek and in a furious directly accused him of neglU in thc Pcencmuedc defense l: Jes- ent come to Hitler's command am when we got there the atmos- that Udet had died testing a new phere was still plenty sour." German weapon was a bare-faced lie, nor was the announcement about Jeschonnek much i-.carec the truth, The statement issued about Jeschonnek'.; death said h; had died ns a result of a "stomach hemorrhage" but failed tc add ihat this had been caused by self- inflicted bullet wounds. According to Fritz Goernnert, who managed Heichsmarshal Hermann "VVilhelm Goering's private headquarters t r a i n , Joschonnck urea. "As got it and from those Goering, Hitle.' thought the flak was badly handled, and he also was mad cause after the lirst raid nobody replenished the artificial fog sys · tern." After this scene, Goernnert sc: there was no choice except Jeschonnek to take his own in keeping w i t h the tradition,-. 13ut vain code of honor. Goernnert declared Jcschonn died unhonorcd Hitler denied the funeral, raving that too many fenders were evading responsible- ity by quick suicide. j Goering, jr. a cold fury, his hands of the whole altai-, J utrvi ii L;3^iiui:inj nd unsung, aviator a s t al,. Goernnert He added dealt with Udet directly. sadquarters · Udet, although of easy-goii g insisted of Americanized habits, was the cot;four trains with camouflaged tents|structional father of the Luf- wsiie, but by JD41 Milch begi.n successfully to undermine Udet timely remarks to Goering minimizing Udet's achievements. Milch expressed the opinion, for instance, that while Udet w adept at presenting 'beautiful 10 miles from Wolfschnnze in thc vicinity of Goldap. The open rift between Hitler and Goering was then still in the formative stage. The fat boy liked lc play soldier by visiting various ironts where he bestowed numc.rous decorations in gala pa- grains," they never resulted his rades instead of staying headquarters attending to business. Goernnert told me: "It was during such absences that Goering's enemies at Hitler's head- quartt-rs did their work. They did everything possible to cause difTorcnces between Hitler and Goering and I heard . Goering frequently make pointed remarks to that effect, I don't know whether Jeschonnek a c t u a l l y joineU the anti-Goering crowd but at least Goering took it that way." Ono Jeschonnek lo quarters from Wolfschanze and had Jeschonnek establish himself in new barracks on the grounds. "This placed Jeschonnek right under Hitler's thumb," said Goern- nert , "and in eftect it was the fuehrer's first open s'.ep to take personal control of thu Luftwaffe. From thnt day on Hitler muscled Goering out, step by step, to a point where Hitler issued his own direct orders to the Luftwaffe. Goenng, I remember, was very bitter, and he also assumed that Jeschonnek was being disloyal to him. Three months later came the first of the long-expected air raids on Pcenemuende, .followed the day, Goernnert ordered move his hcad- Goldan close to anything concrete. Although, Goering knew this be untrue, a basis for Mitch's allegations was provided wlvn Hitler suddenly demanded to know what had happened to order that high-flying long-d stance heavy bomber be constructed. However, said Goern- nert, nobody seemed to recall an order, and the buck was to Udet. The Prussian career officers in Luftwaffe, who regarded Udet as an upstart, also were aligned Milch against Udet. The showdown came in August, 1941, when Hitler began shout again, demanding information about his high-flying bomber, Goering then yielded to Milch officially giving him Udet's job boss of the Luftwaffe's construction and production. When Udet, upset by ihis change and regarding it as a demotion for him, began to and became moody, Goering into a deer h u n t vited Udet Romiatcr. Udet returned to Berlin a jew days later and in his home on Hcorstrasse shot himself. One result of Udet's suicide that Goering subsequently split with Milch, accusing him of disloyalty. the affair had a lasting effect oa the Hitler-Goering relations arid they both sulked for weeks. Udet's death was an entirely different circumstance, however, and for him Hitler ordered a ceremony while Goering professed deep shock and even went so as to state t h n t he regretted had treated Udet so shabbily ..n the years before. According to Goernnert, Udel's nemesis was the Luftwaffe's Stale Secretary Field Marshal Milch who actually outranked Colon-;1 General Udet but who was of the fact that Goering always

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  • 1945 Pierre J Huss Hans Jeschonnek Ernst Udet mysterious deaths Connellsville Daily Courier June 15

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