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Wednesday, August 30, 1876 - Page 2 - L Clan na gael. Annual Picnic at Myrtle Avenue...
L Clan na gael. Annual Picnic at Myrtle Avenue Park. A Splendid Day's Entertainment Large Attendance of Brooklyn Nolabilities - Tho Escaped Australian Fenians The Games and who were Distinguished in Them. The annual picnic and games of the Clan na Gaels took placo yesterday at Myrtlo avenue Park. To say that the festivities wero in keeping with, and as euooessf ul as any of the previous ones given under tho ausplcies of this well known organization would bo an unuooossary statemout, but that everything passed off as happily and as satisfactorily as the moat hopeful could wish was, without doubt, the case. The organization organization Is composed of the various Celtic societies throughout the city, and their united members make a formidable array. Each clan was represented In almost almost thoir full numbers aud, as a consequence, tho Park was vory muoh crowded. Not less than soven thousand porsona wero present, and this number of people roaming gaily among tho woods and danolng on the platforms and participating in tho numerous games and athletlo sports, produocd a scene animated - as It was pleasant. i The Park gates wore thrown opon at an early hour, bnt not too soon for the crowd which began to pour m in a steady stream. The vigilant gato keepers were kept busy reoelvlng tickets, allowing and passing through such as had qualified themselves by presenting presenting tho necessary ticket of admlSBlon. At three o'clock the crowd was larger than at any other timo during the day. Nearly every ono who had any intention of attending attending the picnlo and participating in tho festivities was there by that time, bent upon enjoying himself to the greatest possible extent, whilo keeping within the boucds of good order and decorum. The scone partook of everything of a joyouB, rollicking good na - tatured spirit. Every ono know everybody elso, so that tho orowd becamo as one vaat family, bound togother by the ties of good fellowship and sociability. Among THOSE PEEBSHT were Polloa Justtco Andrew Walah, Rev. Father Rellly, Colonel James Cavanagh, James Shevlin, Keeper Keeper of tho Penitentiary ; ex - SuporviBor Thomas Shevlin, Daniel P. Farroll, Charles H. Foley, JamoB O'Connor, Supervisor Tiorney, ex - Supervisor James Naughton, Frank White, Augustus Maverick, Philip Casey, James G. Olanoy, P. McCann, James Campbell, James Leavey, Supervisor Moran, T. Williams, John Frost, P. Collins, ox - Superylsor Dobbin, Property Olork William H. Huldoon, Hon.' William E. Robinson, J. O'Donovan Rossa, Thomas Fleming, Charles Gurney, Patrick Ford, David Roche, John Gallagher, J. . Solly, Supervisor Supervisor Byrne, Edward Foley, James Connor, John Demp - sey, L. J. McAIpine, P. Keenan, Timothy Desmond, Mr. O'Keefe, Austin Ford, publisher of ths Trish World ; Philip Clare, James Dunne, James A. Terry, John B. Riley, Alderman Donovan, John Maguiro, Daniel Gerrily, M. I. Dady, James Brush, Tnomaa CahlM, Henry P. Smith, Robert Devlno, John Moore, John Campbell, James Casey, Martin Shea and Dr. Boll. A great deal of the order and quiet onjoymont which characterised the day was due to the watchfulness and care of Dctoctiros Corr, Looney, Butts and Daloy. A squad of polico from tho Ninth sub - Prcclnct was also on tho grounds. With the exception of onco, nothing occurred to disturb the HARMONY AND GOOD FEELING which exlstod. In this case a vory fresh looking young fellow who, having got a couplo of glasses of boer iu imagined imagined himsoll a man, undertook to insult some ladioa on tho dancing platform. Dotectives Corr, Looney and Daley were near by, and lie:r!s the fellow's remarks, and judiug lruin bis actions that ho meant to create a disturbance, told him that he had either to behave or leave tho grounds. Then tho boy said he proposed to do neither, and recommenced his remarks, when ho was quickly soized by the officers and hurried toward tho eutranoe. He manifested a spirit of resistance by throwing himself on the ground and roaring liko a maddoned bull ; but that didn't help his caso auy, as ho was picked up and carried bodily out of tho Park and taken to the Ninth sub - Precinct Station, whoro ho was locked np on a charge of drunken and disorderly conduct. This summary action on tho part of the police bad a salutary efioot upon several other young mon who wero inclined to follow his oxamplo. A ploasant incident took placo soon after this, whioh made ovcryono forget the littlo unploasantncss which had just occurrod. Shortly after four o'clock dancing was discontinued, and O'Donovan Rossa ascended tho platform, accomponiod by throo woathor boatou men. Their appearance attracted univorsal attontion, and when ho came to tho edge of tho platform a largo crowd had gathered. In a short Bpoech he introduced to his surprised audience four of IDE IBISH FENIAN PBISONEBS, who had escaped from the English prisons in Aus - ralia Martin Hogan, James Wilson, William Foley and Michael Harrington. Each as ho waa introduced was cheered and callod upon for a speech, but thoy merely bowed their acknowledgments and retire!, as the band played "Iho. Exiles of Erin." Tho escaped Fenians remained on tho 'grounds all the afternoon, and dined at tho hotel near the entranco to the Park. Dancing was again commenced and kept up until evening. The comfort and oonvenionoo of the dancers was attended to by D. P. Rooho, asBtatod by tho following following Floor Committee : Supervisor Byrno, Mr. Harra - han, Jss. Farrell, F. Duffy, J. McCann, L. J, McAIpine, T. Nolan, D. Walsh, J. Shehan, J. Gallagher, P. Ward, E. Foley, T. Malone, T. Donohue, J. Connor, J. Dempsey, P. Coyne, J. Kelly and E. Connolly. THE GAMES were begun early in the afternoon and In them was manifested a great interest by the majority of tho persons persons on the grounds. The first and the ono which attracted attracted the greatest amount of attention was a shooting contest between twelve teams, picked from tho various societies of the organization, for a gold medal, to be held 'far one year by the winning toam. The medal was presented by David T, Lynch, and Is of gold, handsomely eagraved, and extremely neat In design. Tho judges were Supervisor Tierney, P. J. Kelly and John B. Carroll. The following Is tho score : HOHIOOMXKT. Soores. T'tl. oi 0i oi o o ol 10 lo I 131 o u; 13 James Flood James O'Connor.. Peter Fogsrty Total. I 23 MITCHELL. Mr. MoMahon. I 0,20, oi 20 Henry Hawk u 10 0! 10 Mr. K. McGregor I 0 I7 0 17 Total I COBEDIAN. G. MoHugh 0 0 01 Napoleon Daltoa 0 0 0 John Keenan I 01 10! 01 0 0 10 Total I IU BHAMBOCE. Thomas Clifford I 01 01 0i 0 James F. Smith 0 0 0 0 Mr. Slnnott I 01 o 01 0 Total 0 SIXER1DAX. Martin Doyle I 0 01 0 li v Thomas Douohuo 1 0 P. Murphy I 0 01 0 Total.... D. O'CONNELL. J. GUI M. Conroy M. J. Haman.. o o; o! o T. Kane 0! 5! 01 John RolUy F.Kelly I 01 20 la! 33 0 .0 Total. ... 46 WOLF TONE. N. O'Connor 01 0! 01 0 John Lyman 0 0 Ol 0 M. Henafly I 0 o Oj 0 Total o John Sheehan fit. SoannelL Thomaa McHugh Total 01 li 0 ill III 11 0 6 10 HENRY QBATTiH. James Larklns Jolm Donohue P.Ward. 01 0, 0! 0 0 0 22 2! 01 01 0 Total SMMETT. M. J. Harrinaton P. McDormott P. Kelly Total 0) 01 0! 6 Ol 0 OBEEN ISLE. T. O. Malone... P. Francis M. McManus. .. I Oi 01 0! a o o I 141 01 0 Total I 16 The Judges decided tho match to have boon won by the Mitchell team, as their ecore waa 47, ono higher than that of Catalpa's. The modal was accordingly awarded to it. THE OTHEB GAMES wore as follows: Throwing heavy stone Won by D. Lourigan. Distance Distance 21 feet, 3 inches. Three standing jumps Won by Thomas Lyall. Distance 33 feet, i Inches. Running hop, step and leap Won by G. Lamb. Distance 38 feet, 9 Inches. One mile walking match Won by William Hume, of New York - One mile running match Won by P. Fitzgerald. One - half mile hurdle raoe Won by James Daley. Baok race, four entries Won by Thomas Keegan. In each of the above matches a number of contestants entered, bnt the winners In the majority of cases showed showed their superiority to such an extent that there could be no doubting their victory. The games were concluded with A HUB LING MATCH between membors only of Brooklyn and New York teams, fifteen In each team. After a sharp contest tho Brooklyn boys came out victorious. The games did not conclude the festivities. Dancing was continued snd nearly every lady in the Park was waltzing with a partner. Darkness brought to a closo the most successful of the Clan - na - Gael picnics.

Clipped from The Brooklyn Daily Eagle30 Aug 1876, WedPage 2

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Brooklyn, New York)30 Aug 1876, WedPage 2
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  • Wednesday, August 30, 1876 - Page 2

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