Need to verify if sibling of Marcel Duheme & mother Helen Higgins

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Need to verify if sibling of Marcel Duheme & mother Helen Higgins - THE INTERMOUNTAIN AND COLORADO CATHOLIC Rev...
THE INTERMOUNTAIN AND COLORADO CATHOLIC Rev tranquil tranqui the babe kisses reels as encourage the heart brings to bear in se the mitre Ot ail known al comes up by St reveled in good n make it saw lit to reach You ana bish I bhl college I cOlege over seminarian priest over men en for the ray of with there group they I bishop large an1 I of a and over a day of and him with he died just with and in the choruses I like the lasting of lofty of like St Cheverus miracles miraces We con state of their with the and the waiting noble greatest every give one best to other i rank 3f I such a I death of when 3 forever beauty I does or bishop testimony first witnesses testi Christ heaven be consolation it from and is an pf lasts will in reverence gentle faithful God attendance Rapids D St Bluffs Cen I I Junction sHe Junc I assisted at a memory in great Wyoming the i recent the NewCastle Father Father Bryant organized Horn obtained bottling the company in Second home Trib Jesuit in the are vice roe I nati These ti missionaries are among the most prominent ministers of the gospel in the country and their pres ence here will doubtless call for great outpourings of the people Mrs Thomas Lavell gave a luncheon in honor of Miss Mary Scallon at her home on West Park street The table was decorated with a plateau of pink 1 carnations and white hyacinths in the center The name cards were Gibson heads in water colors by Miss Cora Sanders The guests were Misses Margaret and Mary Scallon Madge Marks Hattie I Young Florence Tuttle Mary Walker I Mrs W A Clark Mrs J B Leggat I j Mrs H O Wilson Mrs D J Hennessy Mrs J D Ryan Johnny OKeefe a 13yearold boy who lives at 486 East Broadway has started the McKinley memorial fund in Butte r Mrs J C McLaughlin and Miss Lillian lan McLaughlin left this week for Boise Ida where they will visit relatives for a month Miss Dora Hennessey of New York is in the city the guest of her brother Thomas HennesFoy of Walkerville She will remain several month MEAGHER GUARDS OF BUTTE Montanas Unique Organization Passes Out of Existence The Meagher Guards of Butte perhaps the most unique military organization of its kind l in the country has passed out of existence After years of training and discipline which made it an ornament in time of peace and an effective body of fighting men in time of war it has passed into history Deriving no sustenance either from the I state or the national government the guards succeeded in equipping and supporting a magnificent company composed chiefly of young men qf Irish birth or parentage loyal to the American Hag but ever ready to take awhirl at their ancient enemy a desire which they significantly expressed by offering their services to the United States government at the timp of Mr Clevelands famous message concern I I fig the Venesuiolan difficulty hays the j Intfrmountain I Intfllountall of But The Iiishman is by natural l instinct a I firtrate fighting man Some of the best soldiers the world has ever seen I have come from the little green isle across the sea The flower of the British army Kiplings heroes of a hundred battles the fighters of every grade from Private Mulvaney to CommanderiuChief General Roberts have hailed from the land that has no army of its own I has been stated and it certainly is a remarkable fact that at a time tme when the possibility of an Anglo American alliance was being discussed by statesmen of Europe were Eng lands Irishborn generals admirals i colonial governors and diplomats disposed all at once to rebel they could convert the British into an Irish empire and hoist the green flag not only over College Green but over the historic walls of Westminster i Wellington Woolsley Roberts Blood I Kitchener Kelly White and Gough whose services on many a bloody field blaze a bloody trail of glory into the British war ofllce were Irishmen everyone Rear Admiral Beresford of the I I I English navy comes from Waterford FOR THE STARS AND STRIPES I A glance over the pages of American history reveals the names of many 3 son of Erin in the roll of the army and na and includes I navy aim iiiuiuucs such names as I Montgomery Wayne Stark Knox Lewis Conway Sullivan Meade Sheri dan Kearney Shields Barry the father of the American navy Stewart MeDonough and Mahan the fighting McCooks McClellans and McDowells in the union army and Stonewall newal Jackson in the confederate ranks John Barry of AVexford once the first rank ing officer in the navy and Captain John OBrien The deathroll of the unfortunate battleship Maine now so historic was full of Murphys Sullivans and Kellys and when the war cry was sounded against tyrannous Spain Irishmen allover over the United States offered their services 4 I Here in Butte was a military organ ization known as the Meagher Guards composed chiefly of Irishmen 00 percent I of whom were mustered into the First Montana regiment at the out break of the Spanish warand more than a few of whom are now sleeping the honored sleep of the patriot dead over the sea in the faraway Philip pines Phip But the Meagher Guards as an organization is no more Their passing and the manner of it are matters of historic interest to many of the readers of the Inter Moun tain STORY OF THE MEAGHER GUARDS I was in January 1S93 that William Wiiam McGrath W E Deeney Steve Hol land Michael Joy and other prominent IrishAmericans of this city formed the idea of establishing an independent military organization Vounteers were called for and in a short time sixtytwo members answered to the call By a popular vote the company was given the name of the Meagher Guards after Thomas Francis Meagher the illustrious sol dier and oratoronce Montanas chief executive who was exiled from his native cause land for his advocacy of Irelands The first officers of the company were Captain William McGrath first lieutenant Steve Holland second lieutenant Michael Joy firbt sergeant W E Deeny I The muster roll included among others the names of tho following many of whom arc well known in the I city John Driscoll Michael McMahon Ed Mahoney William Hallinan Pete Hale Con Hayes John Conlin Con Maher James Kane John Powers Pat Kelly Austin OMalley Quinn Crowley Tom Duheme J Laven Pat Gallagher H McGarvey John Dempsey j I John R Murphy Tom Murphy Michael j Murphy James Murphy 1 Rogers John HaIsley Frank McManimon John Kelly James McCartin Phil Fogarty B Burns John Donovan T 1 Mc Auliffe Pat Browne James Connell Frank Murphy George Deeney J Fits gibbons T Holland Alex McCann P D McBride P S Brown J Munnen Ed Byrne J Gorman Dan Harrington Fred Martin Con Ryan Steve Parker Tony Matthews Tony Shovlin Jim Warren T Shannon P F Doyle 1 J Flavin Chiefly owing the capable training of Captain McGrath the company soon leach d a high standard of excellence in military drill Men of splendid physique and unusual intelligence every one the Meagher Guards attracted the attention of all by their soldierly bearing and fine app ° arance In the competitive drills held in various parts of the state I they always gave a good account of j I themselves and carried away the tro phtes in many a wellwon contest The uniforms were facsimiles of those of the commissioned officers of the regular army nmniWENT WEN AWAY TO WAR When the Spanish war broke out the guards were mustered in al company B of the First Montant regiment with Captain Gardiner in command Captain McGrath became first lieutenant of the company and Lieutenant Joy I first sergeant While thesecond regiment was being organized W E Deeney and others formed a new Meagher Guards out of which three companies for the new regiment were taken fcont Butte Captain Ahern of the gulhr army I was made colonel of the new regiment i and W E Deeney major After a cam j paign inthe Philippines h which with the rest of the Montana regiment it distinguished itself company B was mustered out and the organization I j known as the Meagher Guards passed I out of existence I A number of the old guards however I have since joined the local company of the National Guard which is known 11 officially as company B of the National Guard with Captain Jeans in comma ml I I ANACONDA I The muster roll of the new Anaconda i militia company is about completed and will soon be sent to the adjutant general of the state who will accept the same and name the date on which the company will meet and organize elect its officers and take the obligation of enlistment enlstment The company will contain about forty members and will be equipped with arms and uniforms at the expense of the state I S l Diocese of Denver DENVER Religious Social and Personal News of Colorado Special Correspondence The advance music pupils of the Immaculate Conception gave a musical on Friday evening Jan 31 A large number of persons responded to the invitations so that the spacious muoic hall was entirely fled A full account of the affair will be given in next weeks Intermountain V I The junior music class of the Immaculate Conception school will hold I its annual musical on Saturday afternoon Feb 1 The annual report of the receipts and expenditures of the Cathedral parish for the year 1901 will be published in these columns next week together with the recent subscriptions to the church building fund Mr and Mrs T J Brown of New York City formerly residents of Denver were in the city last week They arc about to start on a tour around the globe 0 Hereafter the childrens choir will chant the vesper on Sunday evenings in Logan avenue chapel The choir will in all probability be a great suc cess judging from the services on last Sunday evening Despite the inclement weather an unusual large number of people attended and the common opinion was that the Vespers had not been so well sung in that church for years Great V credit is clue the director Mr Nelson and the organist Mrs Hynes Rev Father Mooney of Buffalo who is visiting his brotherinlaw in the Highlands waf a visitor at the Cathedral rectory last week On next Sunday morning the Feast of the Purification candles will be blessed before the High Mass at 1 oclock in Logan avenue chapel They will be on sale in the vestibule on Saturday afternoon and evening Monday being the Feast of St Blaise i the regular blessing of throats will city take place in all the churches of the V r Miss Florence Mary Lamont of South Washington avenue left during the I week for Sl Louis where she will enter the novitiate at the Convent of St Joseph J At the banquet recently given in I honor of Bishop Matz the menu card were the finest ever printed in the west I Rev W J Malley preached a I strong sermonon Detracu < hMht High Mass in Logan avenue I chapel last Sunday I made a deep impression in the hearts of his auditors The Detractor said he is a vile low degrading specimen of human nature one who is universally abhorred and feared and destroys his own I character if such a being can be said to have a character I Y Bishop N C Mats and Father Brady spent last Monday in Boulder Where the former celebrated his feast day with Father Chrysostom O S B The fair for the benefit of Sl Leos church which opened in Coliseum hal on Thursday evening is so far a grand success The booths are the most artistic ever seen in Denver The contests are very lively particularly by the one in which Miss Margaret Hogan gaged and Miss Marie Duffy are en II I I New Residence for Bishop Matz The priests of the diocese of Denver have decided to erect a home for Bishop Mats The money will be raised by personal subscriptions of the priests and a tax on all churches in the diocese according to their means The structure will cost upwards of 10000 and will be erected either on Colfax and Logan Eighteenth and Logan or on six lots near Calvary cemetery the gift of the Catholic Loan Trust company The committee is composed of Very Rev Henry Robinson V G Rev Fathers Malone Callanan Carrigan I Morrue Francis and Brockbank Knights of St John The officers for the year 1902 of San I Juan commandery No 53 Knights of St John Durango Colo are as follows Rev James T Ilickey spiritual director for members other than in San Juan county Rev Cornelius ORourke spiritual director for San Juan county Cornelius Nolon president P F Cummins first vice president Dan J 1 McGinnis second vice president Richard McCloud corresponding and recording secretary James McNamara financial secretary Fred W Strater treasurer William Connell John Quinn James Conway William Knight and T F Murphy trustees John F Soens captain James Cummings first lieutenant Charles Knight and Ed moud White second lieutenants Alexander Carroll messenger W S Croke jr sergeantatarms E A Gottlieb guard Matt Harrington and P C Shannon sick visiting committee for La Plata county Rev C ORourke county sick visiting committee for San Juan Pioeese of Boise BOISE CITY Rev Father Hendricks of Montpelier Ida has been appointed by the Missionary union of New York of which Archbishop Corrigan is president as a member of the apostolate to preach missions to nonCatholics Bishop Glorious of Boise cheerfully gave his approval Father Hendricks will make use of the question box on all his missions There are some wicked people who would be less dangerous if they had no II good qualities La Rochefoucauld SENATOR TELLER ON THE WAR IN THE ISLANDS The debate on the Philippine bill in the senate the other day brought out these statements made by Senator Teller Mr Teller declared that the outrages and tortures committed in the Philippines by the Spaniards had been Increased since the advent of the Americans into the Islands as was also the case when the AngloSaxons succeeded the languid Latin in such an lantuId Latn undertaking Ho asserted that war was rife today In the Philippines as it had been since our forces opened fire on the Filipinos G I He was senator from I would call tejf men who I find in the I absolute was not a Islands he I an American i lo protection of of this that there while the ins for more I is i administration said it is goIng order In the has not got ought to Mr Teller what he In the camps and Philippines of the by Weyler from an army had been which an assaying with of concentration is to continue Vevler Another The time anolosrize to Mr Teller I questions the name of would not As he was censorship on Manila he aker who President Taft commission under there was dispatches now with reference meat of that only an been established out what aker said more barbaric establishment Cuba by senator to say established Philippines serious charge Mr Teller good authority press dispatches Manila when he eridge Indiana been stated the senate that censored in to make the personal observation was well Associated Manila and knew censorship had been Manifesting declared he the Impertinence interrupting proceeding to bad been some tesv which senate for the first time frst senator ask a question senator who liarMr Bevcride llr Bperdge intention of Teller but insisted at all other al they senators Well I very ery Teller Soon after Associated quoting General some utterances Boston speech Bostol There Is not the chamber side who did statements in that Instantly a I senators Icy and Mr entering protests senators That is not it to EJO lodge Then E I will Teller and say senator on that known that dispatch were true MINERS Decide to Commission V Indianapolis the first formal commission York under the National Civic of all labor Hanna is prominent I and prominent to serve will anthracite miners commission to assist conference with district in coming year it is understood the anthracite President MineWorkers union peace commission wage earners suggested the commission composed of and Fahey of appointed by the draw up a with the plan AGNOSTICS Atheists Organize Cincinnati 0 Liberal party today by of the country new constitution declared for the and state to chaplains in the legislative > bodies institutions the and abandonment observance The National amalgamation free thinkers in politics than union The free love admitted into the the women At the Thomas addresses were P follows The The known V V V equipment V I

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  • Need to verify if sibling of Marcel Duheme & mother Helen Higgins

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