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Kansas pensions - I . a car load of apples to Omaha, and was...
I . a car load of apples to Omaha, and was there making collections. The sad news waa conveyed to the family, and his brother at once etarted for Omaha and will bring home tho remains for interment. interment. Xo particulars have been received as to the cause of his death. Aa All 'Scran! Swinilsr Espajjd-Special Espajjd-Special Espajjd-Special to the Capital. Fort Scott, Kan., December "B. II C. Stevenson of Mound City, Kan., a few daB ago, visited this city and called upon several of the wholesale houses, representing himself engagad in the retail retail business in Mound City. He is a young man of prepossessing appearance, a slick talker and well connected. After making a statement 3 to his business Btanding, he secured credit from one of the houses to the extent of 100. The goods w;-ro w;-ro w;-ro shipped as directed directed to Mound City, the house remaining remaining in ignorance of their further disposition disposition for several days. A letter finally reached the house from Baldwin City, Kan., from an employe, detailing the fact that a quantity of gcod3 had been forwarded to a merchant at Baldwin City from Mound City, with instructions to sell them at whatever price they would bring, and describing the goods. An attorney wa3 sent to Mound City Monday morning to investigate II. C. Stevens. The young man was arrested and the whole scheme developed. As scon as the goods arrived in Mound City they were rshilied and shippol to other polnta. Through the intercession of friends the young man was permitted to pav the amount of tho bill received from "this one-house, one-house, one-house, together with tho entire costs, including the attorney's fee, when ho was discharged from custody. Up to the present time the owners cf the ether goods shipped to him and disposed disposed of in the eame manner, cannot be heard from. The same young fellow is now under the surveillance of a deputy United Slates marshal, who believes him to be the party who advertises a medicine for unmarried women, which is indecent, immoral and prohibited in the mails. - i;. . ... Leavanwortli Notes. Special Correspondence ol the CAriTAt.. Leavenworth, Kan., Decembar 8. Caleb Meyers, a young colored man, was arrested Saturday night on suspicion of Etealing a valuable watch from a lady-guest lady-guest lady-guest of the Planters house. At first he denied all knowledge of the theft, but after being in jflil several days witn poor prospects of getting out, ha broke down aud confessed to have taken the watch. He told where it was hid, and last night it was found and restored to the owner. Meyers will be held for trial in the district court. Deputy United States Marshal De-Uost De-Uost De-Uost came in from i'oueka last evening with live prisoners, who were recently sentenced to terms in tho state penitentiary. penitentiary. Their terms of confinement range from one to thr.e year3. There is much tidk in this city of organizing organizing a Lmee ball team for next year. It is understood a western association, comprising the principal cities of Kansas, Kansas, Colorado, -Nebraska -Nebraska and parts of Missouri will form a league for 18i Leavenworth will become a member in case an association is formed. The Casino club gave a very enjoyable party at Odd Fellows' hall last night. The party was largely attended and was a success in every way. The First M. II. church of this city i3 conducting a very successful revival meeting at present. Colonel Allen Bucknar of tho State Blind asylum, preached last night and Dr. J. A. Lip-pincott Lip-pincott Lip-pincott o" Lawrence, will preach tonight. tonight. Kai'.road iCoramissIonTa lDvestiat3 th3 Kan3as Central. Special to tho Cafitat.. O Leavx:kvoi:th, December 8 The Kansas board cf railroad commissioners were in this city today investigating the complaints against the Kansas Central Central road. Most of their time was taken up in hearing business men on the unsatisfactory unsatisfactory condition of the road and what should bo done to better it. This evening the commissioners went out to tho crossing, a few miles north of the city, where three persons were re cently Killed ana maao a thorough inspection inspection of tho place. They were unanimous in pronouncing the crossing in a dangerous condition, and they pro pose to order it changed at onco. 1 he commissioners did not give out their decision on any other of tho many complaints against the road, but it is understood thev will in a few da?e. They returned to tho state capital to night. Anther Hunting Accident. Special to the Cafital. Mekidex, Kan., December 8. A seri ous accident occurred today near Oaaw- Oaaw- kie. Two younsr men. Frank Corber and Newt Kein, were out hunting. Kein shot at a rabbit in a beJsre. Corber. beinsr opposite on the other side, ot me neuge, msiantiv ieit a Btmsrinfr Ecnsatfon in liis left eye, a glancing Blioi having struck him. Ihe young man im modiateiy hastened home aod placed lameeif uuder treatment of Dr. lucker of -Osawkie. -Osawkie. The doctor not having tho proper instrument lo enable turn to ascertain the nature of the injuries, sect the patient, in chargo of ilr. Abbott, pro pr.etor of the Oaswkie hotel, to Topeka to consult Dr. Minnev. It is feared the sight of tho boy's eye iS totally and permanently permanently destroyed. Lincoln County Not;s. Epeclt! Correspondence or tho Capital. Lincoln, Kan., December 9. A little enow fell on the night of the 5th instant enough to cover the gmund well. A young man named Skiles accidentally accidentally ehot himself while driving from here to his homo near Potters burg, this county. Deceased was 2t years old and had a vrifo and two children. The attendance of the alliance i3 decreasing decreasing considerably around here. Farmers generally are well eupliAtl with feed for their stock this winter. Kansas Christian college located here is becoming quite popular, as it well deserves deserves to be. It is undoubtedly one of the best schools of it3 kind in the state. K.anBss Peasions. Washington, D. C, December 7. The following ia the latest official iist from the pension office: James L. Meads, Joeiah Evans, Henry Foster, Howard Bazier, George R. I Pitt, Kenney Vest, Leonidas II. Oldneld, Martin Oehmsf, George Newton, Marcas D. Tenney, Disery Cherpitel, William Cordon, Joseph . Erewer. James Kush. i yuaiea o. j-ewis, j-ewis, j-ewis, uaniel W. fccott. Wil liam James, bamuel 2iurray, Lankford Humphrey, John S. Hanway, Calvin W. linfiin, Harrison llobbinson, lienjamia N right, Thomas Y. Corns, Malcolm Malcolm L. McCoiluE, Reuben Martin, Harvey S. Jennicgs, Thomas Mc-Kjddy, Mc-Kjddy, Mc-Kjddy, Levi X. llorea, Henry Bernard, Alrin Briggs, Harauel P. Keve, Thomas 11. Ortman, illiam Kelsey, James Mescal, Mescal, Jams i Turner, Malinda J.Wood, Peterellorr, the minor children of Eben ezer Bowman. Ida N. Smith, Sarah Williams, Sylvanus P. Bender, William R. Underwood, Henry G. Walrath, Franklin Waltermire, William P. Stales, Charles Higlev, John W. Dyer, Daniel King. John A. "Polley, Webster X. Wil-lingford. Wil-lingford. Wil-lingford. Thomas Martin, William H. Keys, Jasper Mix. Thomas T. Kelbler, William II. Stedraau. William Hammond, Hammond, William II. Kinton, Groan B. Hill, Thomas J. Chalmers, Edmond Yarrow, Yarrow, John Osborn, Eben C Hurd, George 1L Douglas, David Chamberlain, Ira M. Vauga. Moses Lawson, Franci3 M. Oakley, David Haw-kins, Haw-kins, Haw-kins, Kowr.rd Ross, John M. Williams, Williams, Sherman J. Seymour, Isaiah C. Murphy, Philander Hacerman, William D. Bell, John E. White, Mountford A. Jones, Edwin A. Rice, General W. Giles, the miner child of Henry Bererage, Sarah Ailiston, Rosa Landi3, William A. Kennedy, Yilli3 II. Minck, Robert E. McBride, -.James -.James Lewis, .George M. Pierce, William L. Chamber?, Joseph V. Showr.lter, George Andrews, Benjamin Benjamin N. Turk, George E. Mitchener, Jonathan D. Ward, Jonn Rimer, Francis A. Shinkle, Charles Hollow, John B. Davis, Daniel Davenport, Lewis C. Weekes, James L. Hosier, Benjamin Franklin Van Horn, Alien J. Berry, William II. Dryden, William F. Bras-ner, Bras-ner, Bras-ner, John Renfro. Thompson Young-man. Young-man. Young-man. Josenh W. Stone. John C. Van Gieson. John Wis?, John T. Burns, Mel-vm Mel-vm Mel-vm J. Hingler, Gsorge H. Allison and Joseph E. Dow. Foctpad3 in Olathe. Special Correspondence of the Capital. Olathf., December 8. Mr. John Wilkinson Wilkinson wao "held up' "by two men at the corner of Luiu and Willie streets ubout 8 o'clock last evening and robbed pf 820 aud a silver watch. The watch was found a short distance from the corner th:s morning. It ia supposed to, be done by footpads, several of whom have lately bean known to sleep in barns in the neighborhood. The ofuoers are making a diligent se:irch. A! OTHER Leaves a Delicate aitd LASTnca Odou For sal by all Irc sr ar.d I'ancy Ooofls Dealfirs or if tjnJible to profiire thi3 wonderful soap BPnd sjc la stamps and receive a cake by return mail. JAS. S. KiKK (k CO., Chicago. SlPKriAT-?han1an SlPKriAT-?han1an SlPKriAT-?han1an T5ell3WaUz (ffca popular 8or;iety ufint PKEE to anyone sending u mrea mapper. 01 cuunuou rsens jsoap. SEASON 1891-92. 1891-92. 1891-92. NOW ARE SHOWIHG- SHOWIHG- ALL THE BEff GOODS. Embossed Business Cards, lii3!ness Announcpments, Cnromo Cards, calendars. Jar anese Napkins, Menus, Society tmblem Cards, Fine Writing Papers, "Wedding and Visiting Cards, Children's Tarty Cards, Birth Announcements, Illuminated Placards. THE HAKES OMESTDALL PE08EAM8, CALL AKD SEE Tfie, 200. DOUGLASS-PniHTER DOUGLASS-PniHTER DOUGLASS-PniHTER 8th and Kau av RUBBER STAMPS, SEALS, M STENCILS ETC. Largest and Best Equipped Stamp Works in the Stats. Send for Circulars and Prices. J. G. DABLSMS. ToDcKa. Kansa?. Mil SHEAHAfi, CONTRACTOB FOS Steam anfl 4& rzzrW 3 Hot Water Ecatisg, 123 E. Eerenth St Agent for the Elclimond'i Victor Eoilera. Christmas for a box of Hopkins' Delicious Bou-Bon Bou-Bon Bou-Bon Candles; one pound box sent to any part of. the jstato ror O3o- O3o- HOPKiHS, Topaka, Kansas 12 pajres; fine AprlcuUural Dcpnrt-ment; Dcpnrt-ment; Dcpnrt-ment; cuir.piete lelegraphlc. State aud l oMtlcal News. The Deat tamlly paper ever made In Kansas. ONE DOLLA2 PEU YEAR. Aeents wanted. Serd for preml-um preml-um preml-um list. Sample copy free. TUE lOPKKA CAI ITALCO , Topeka, Kansas. El.! ffV bill's P A lull' gj ART PRINTING ,i,jHmiijLi u ni.),ni !1 li I THE KANSAS I en-fcj p gj I I but our ages sold S7.50, ' M 5 WILL F. A. James xrldeiT ti.an on tne Ask stamp. 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Clipped from The Topeka Daily Capital09 Dec 1891, WedPage 8

The Topeka Daily Capital (Topeka, Kansas)09 Dec 1891, WedPage 8
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