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 - Aew York High-School, High-School, High-School,...
Aew York High-School, High-School, High-School, for Boys and Girls. We have received from the Treasurer of the New York Hi:;h-Srhool, Hi:;h-Srhool, Hi:;h-Srhool, the Third Annual Report of the Trustees, Trustees, by which it appears, that (in No emlrtrr.'tSO?) in th' Boys School, the present number was 543. A committee of the trustees, on a visit to this school, found in the Introductory Department, 243 scholar, if which 184 were studying arithmetick tables, 04 ,'eograpliy and nearly all of them studying word. Ii finilions, and spelling lessons. The average number number ol scholars in the Junior Department, v.v 1S5, ol whom C5 were promoted to the Senior Department. The studies in tUe Junior Department are similar to hour embraced in the Prospectus of the Buffalo Hi;h School. In the Senior Department, the average number of scholars, was 148; of whom 3U are tauzht liouk-keepin, liouk-keepin, liouk-keepin, and an equal number geometry, tnjo-liometrv, tnjo-liometrv, tnjo-liometrv, mensuration, and practical mathrriwuicks. There are 100 wlio ate tatht ycoraphv, 30 Greek. 70 Latin, 80 French, 20 Spanish, and 40 taught in landscape drawing. The trustees have expressed their great satisfaction at the progress of the scholars, and of the capacity and diligencevof tiie piincipa's and a.s-istant5. a.s-istant5. a.s-istant5. In the Girls' School, tlnre was io Novenrin i I tt. 3.";9 srho!ars ; of whom 10 are taupht in the Introductory, Introductory, 100 in the Junior, and 105 in the Senior Dc- Dc- -J-partrnentp. -J-partrnentp. -J-partrnentp. The studies in the two fiist dpfSartinnubt are somowlnt similar to thoee pursued by the scholars in the Boys' School ; but in the Senior d partmcnt, 1 1 are taught book keepin'vO read Blair's Lecture?, 3 Alison on Taste, lb" classical Biography Astronomy Astronomy ; and a class of 20 have gone through a system system of Botany. The ti unices declare, that the success ol thi' youni: ladies in this department, in industry, a'ents and taste, is admirable: exhibiting a beautiful exhibition nf the powers of the female mind.

Clipped from Buffalo and Black Rock Gazette17 Jan 1828, ThuPage 4

Buffalo and Black Rock Gazette (Buffalo, New York)17 Jan 1828, ThuPage 4
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