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World Congress of Partisans of Peace - "Save America First" World Peace Confab Urged...
"Save America First" World Peace Confab Urged ESoIbesoirD, OylBoi s Coyse y pirooir alt Pocds Meet, - By P. L. PRATTIS (Courier Exec utive Kditor) PARIS "If the world is to be saved Africa must be saved first," Dr. W. E. B. DuBois, co - chairman of the American delegation to the World Congress of Partisans of Peace, told the 1,800 delegates from sixty - nine countries in the Salle Pleyel here Friday. DuBois struck a staunchly dif - 1 ' fent, if not discordant, note wheni he discarded the theme of criticising criticising the United States for its special special activities in Europe and pro - to - are NEW YORK Paul Robeson's statement, as reported from Paris that Negro Americans would never fight against the Soviet Union in the event of war with that vountry, was challenged today today by Walter White, secretary of the NAACP. Construction Tex Ky.; Engineer Fort the recommend - Jl .v. being - ceeded to impress upon the dele gates that the basic cause of world conflict is the continuous and planned exploitation of millions of blacks in Africa and other parts of the world. BLACK SERFS He described colonialism as an inescapable result of capitalistic in dustrialism which left especially in America "millions of black serfs who could not be removed to col onies and yet could be held in forced labor only by nullifying the democratic Constitution on which the United States is founded." a Today in the United States. continued Dr. DuBois, "fifteen mil lion such citizens are still in semi - slavery and form part of an in ternal colonial system." Almost indifferent to the speeches of other delegates who denounced the Atlantic Pact and pictured the United States as an aggressor preparing preparing to attack Russia. DuBois warned "war may be threatening in Europe and America, but its seeds are being sown in Africa where British, American, French and Belgian Belgian wealth is trying to rebuild an Old World economy on slave labor, which will continue to compete with the best paid !' in the world. HYPOCRITICAL DEMOCRACIES "Foremost in the right to re - enslave human labor are two 'democracies,' 'democracies,' .the Union of South Africa and the United States." he asserted. "Nowhere on earth since the birth of Christ." he declared heatedly, "has a nation expressed a more repulsive plan to degrade human beings than has the Union of South Africa today." After categoriizng the faults of the United States, he poignantly noted that they happened to exist because the United States "is too new to be wise; to impatient to be intelligent, too rich to be humble and too boastful to have good man ners. Also appearing on the program have been Paul Kobeson. singer, and Shirley Graham, writer. Mr. Robeson flew to Paris the opening day of the Congress. He was forced to the platform by the applause of the delegates. In a short speech he denounced the treatment of Ne groes in the United States and declared declared that he labored for their freedom. The only time he had ever felt like a real human being, said Robeson, was when he was in the Soviet Union. SHIRLEY GRAHAM SPEAKS In line with most of the speak ers who pledged that their people would not fight a war against Rus sia. Miss Graham told the dele gates that the black mothers of the United States occupying the most - depressed status in the Na tion were unwilling also that their sons should be fed to another war. Peace conference here is built along lines similar to those used by Communist and left - wing or ganizations in the United States. There is a long printed list of sponsors which seems to include most liberals among labor leaders, artists, musicians, actresses, writers, writers, college professors and other Intellectuals. Intellectuals. Negroes listed as sponsors are Dr. Charlotte Hawkins Brown. Du Bois, Mrs. Graham, Langs ton Huges. Aubrey Pankey. Robeson, Dr. Mary Church Terrell and Fredi Washington. One of the great and moving speeches of the Congress was made by Gabrield D. Arboussier, vice president of the French Union, representing French West Africa. He made an impassioned plea for the deliverance of Africa from all forms of colonials. OON'T MISS MARTNA STARK'S STORY Bridge fiends can pick up a lot of points by reading Porter Davis' regular column on the national national indoor pastime. ) - yfta - Realtor With Vision - AresWen ,f Lo? American Savings and Loan League and the Broadway Federal Savings and Loan Association there, H. A. Howard, left, receives an award from Joseph H. Greene, head of the Washington Real Estate Brokers Association, for his contribution to Negro home ownership, business leadership and .vision, at the Commerce Department's conference in Washington on the "Negro in Business." Harris Photo. Prattis Receives Haitian Natl Order DON'T MISS MARTHA STARK'S STORY - PARIS Haiti's national order of Honor and Merit with the - ink of an onicer was conferred on I. IV (VIEW GRAB HOLD OF YOUR YOUTHfulntss Courier. Charles revealed thij Pittsburgh Joseph D. week. Ambassador Charlos - snid that the honor was awarded Mr. Prattis Prattis "in testimony of t'.ie constant TV I that wam r Imiu ... Amoassaaoi , la aaaa. than tK Mattaaa n ml laMrtnui taTOU. M WANING VICOI daprivai yaa af Ikal Drla. Narva fotca. Pap. taargr. and Foil Htm CUP. t mar ba er want cartaia auant,ol alaH afta NEEDED in Man pat 40. A NEW FOIMUIA am mt ban COMPOUNDED end tat'ad. caliad PEP - TEX. Th.t DEPEN0AUE. NEW. Vita - Mia - ariiad TONIC interest which you have manifested; or aouits onit .k, want i,w,k, up tkair Pa in the Haitian people and in con - i tt'i - pep - iex con iota aHact aarnikt uii 3 sideration of your personal Menu"' - k p,; kr" - V " I IR ffr flaw naT rseu aal Name afra aaavdl a,ta FRONT ,aa that aacattorv Lit. PEP - tEX matt tatitly yaa DON'T MISS MARTHA STARK'S STORY camplataW a NO CHAICE - ill ba awKa. Ya Manar J will ba rafwndad with na awattiant atbad. il yaa aa ' d'ttatttliad la any rawtaa. Tnara ,b mm Mbttitwta Iwr taday. SEND NO MONEY UNLESS da'ivary pay tna pafaa anly S2.00 raa taad S2.00 wa will thip PtP - TtX I prapaid inaiadiataly. 1567 Prau. Ah.. Dept. - 3. Miaatf BAdl. fla. Davies Addresses iSHS: NAACP Conference WASHINGTON More than three hundred and fifty persons crowded into Rankin Memorial Chapel at Howard University last week to hear Dr. A. 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Clipped from The Pittsburgh Courier30 Apr 1949, SatPage 3

The Pittsburgh Courier (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)30 Apr 1949, SatPage 3
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