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Country Club lake stocked by Dad - THE OTTAWA HERALD, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 7,...
THE OTTAWA HERALD, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 7, 1921. Ottawa's Fine Country Club Site of Beauty and Pleasure From the veranda of a certain 1 cunningly been induced to thrive spacious bungalow "within' a mile of Ottawa town" one views a vista of varied ana rare beauty. The site is stately, just a nicely seclu-sive distance from the highway. To the south for miles ranges a panorama of urban and interurban scenery; the sky-line of green-banked city homes; curving hills, and far-flung valleys; emerald stretches of' verdure, and flanking lines of forestry- In the immediate foreground a gleaming, lakelet. To the east a great rolling lawn-like elevation, tree fringed. To the west the kaleidoscopic approaches of the city.. In fnore intimate relation, a wealth of floral beauty and fragrance. All of this in actuality is the re sult of a fervid, eloquent speech 5 th r associations. j ot but a few moments. A speech i that made certain the selection of, ! the site of the then contemplated I and now realized home of the Otta-j wa country club. A little more ! than two years ago following the J organization of a country club that j sought a location close to the : city, from . the numbers of sites j presenting,, by a process of elim-! ination choice was reduced to' two. One was the present site, property ' then owned hy Merton R. Harris, ; a ten-acre tract adjoining the leas- ed grounds of the golf club. The club members was about evenly divided as between the two. A. P. Elder, president of the lub favored the Harris tract. At the crucial moment he made a talk in support of his choice. It was more than a talk; it was an appeal seductive "with the flowers of eloquence, powerful with the force of i rhetoncj convincing with the pow-j er of argument. It carried the j vote. The Harris place was se- lected. ; The original club idea was ex-! tended. Many of the members were golf enthusiasts, a number had sport leanings toward shoot-t ing contests. The adjoining golf grounds of fifty acres, under a soon to expire lease was released by the new club, and space was : assigned for a gun club head-; quarters and shooting range. A ; bungalow style club house was 'constructed, the plan ingeniously merging the former Harris house ss an adjunct.' That a more com- in an alien clime The pleasures and comforts of a visit to this chief beauty spot of the city are in very measurable extent due to the service rendered by Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Hazen, resident superintendent and chef," who are purveyors of pleasure and entertainment par excellence. And in no slight degree contributory to the comfort of visiting club people are the efforts of Chief Porter "Jimmie" M. Stokes, who at command is on hand with refreshments be it at parlor chair or wide-stretched reach afiefd. : "Through the happy selection of this site it has been possible to combine the original club idea with the golfing and gun-club interests, to the infinite advantage of all said , C. M. Porter, who is an enthusiastic golfer as well as charter member of the country club. "And thanks to the benificences of Mr. Cook, i our club is enjoying the maximum of class distinction and very su- ! perior club facilities at the mini- ' mum of individual outlay." j The official roster of the club is: A. P. Elder, president; M. A. j Wolf, secretary; Mrs. J. G. Foote, j chairman entertainment . commit- j tee; W. A. Swift, chairman golf I grounds committee; A. J. Broder-'I son, chairman handicap committee; Ottawa Country Club Building F. R. Bennett and H. W. Fessenden, committee on house buildings and i grounds. j The entertainment committee has completed the following pro-.' gram for the fall season, ,, com-j mencing this month: ' Sept. 16, dinner and dance. I Sept. 18, mus'cale. Sept. 22, Ladies' day at house, 2 to 5:30 p. m. Sept. 30, dinner and dance club ii ... ,. . ii eiiL. limner nni niece, attractive, ornateiy set ciuo i , . ' rv .v . , , r r , WrfArfrc i,'t-,-n K-n i day during the month is to be set . dance. i: f u,,;,, ' t ! apart as ladies' golf One' Dec. furnishings and equipment it is i suPPer is v, inr.t. . j : i j t teiuuer. - iiiv; last Kuiu in cicgaiiLC aim lujii- pleteness. Every necessary requis- ite and luxury required x for the convenience and pleasure t of the i ladies and gentlemen of the club j is provided.." lhese include a spacious assembly room, dininjr and dancing hall, an elaborately equipped kitchenette, dressing rooms, hot and cold baths. A recent axquisition in the mechanical division of the equipment are golf accessories, which , .include an I electric power buffer" and automatic ball name- markers. Due to the enthusiastic interest of A. L; Cook, of the membership, the grounds have bffen elaborately and expensively improved and beautified, Mr. Cook generously providing the rather considerable funds for the purpose. Mr. Cook's Deneticences m this direction in-1 eluded the creation of a lake that covers considerably over two acres, j of a generous depth, that is thc-j gem of the ensemble. It is span- : ned by a rustic bridge., is utilized by bathing groups, and is to be I made .the home of varieties of j fishes , under the competent ef- I forts of W. H. (Dad) Martin, who ! has been - given carte blanche in ! the matter of varieties to be be "planted" and kind and extent of submarine gardening. . Mr. Cook also provided for a very extensive system , of landscape gardening, which he has placed in the competent hands of J- H. Gray, floriculturist who devotes his time to the care and culture of the great variety of plants, shrufcs and flowers that are so delightful a. feature of the grounds. The approach to the . bungalow from the street along the border of the lake is through a maze of floral beauty, the genius of the florist shown in the admirable creation of bed designs and arrangement of varieties. Adjacent . to the building and adjoining the well-equipped children's play ground is the "garden" source of floral supplies for festive occasions. Here are in infinite variety flowers and foliage i plants that range from the "old fashioned" of childhood memory beloved, to rare exotics that have golf day. A box also planned for Sep- Oct. 9, musicale. - . During the second week in O '- j tober there will be a r eption to j all teachers and. college and high school students. . Oct. 10, dinner and dance. Oct. 13, Ladies' day. . j Oct. SO, Hallowe'en dance ( mas- ' querade.) . Nov. 6, musicale: Nov. 16. Ladies'- afternoon. Nov. 24, Thanksgiving dinner. Dec. 4, musicale, (evening.) Dec. 14, Ladies' afternoon. Dec. 21, Christmas tree party for i Dec. ment. Jan. Jan. Jan Jan .: All tDI? FOR PE-ORIA'S FAIR If phone mat-ket Globe aluminum Sir Walter You threw his cross was to her courteous attention. both way. Business before its most

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  1. The Ottawa Herald,
  2. 07 Sep 1921, Wed,
  3. Page 6

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