Troyer orange, AM Troyer, 1965

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Troyer orange, AM Troyer, 1965 - Entomologist Comments Perplexing Citrus...
Entomologist Comments Perplexing Citrus Industry Shows Growth, Profit, Problem Increases Ey NEIL MORGAN C«pleT N'ewt Scnice ifomia you'd have to buy the trees that didn't look worth tia culls because citrus can't be '"P- ~ ,,. . , "These are Troyer ciiranges. RIVERSIDE-A rancher in jimponed into Calltomia by state ^.^^ ^^.^^^ ^ They're.;:a his eighties was waiting ahead,law. Thai was changed. ^.,.^,^5 between the Navel orange of me to see Dean .\lfred M. Boyce at the University of California campus here. Bui Boyce and Poncirus, an ornamental "We've been in the middle of ^^.^^ that's related to the orange, the citrus industry here ai and grows around Marv-land and appeared fron an 'nner office. Riverside from almost tlie start, also in the north islands of Jse greeted us both and with a.^^-^^^.^ ^^.^^ ^^^^ pan. These were the only t^vo burst of fai-yland charm sent , , . in the world, so far as we know, the rancher axvay. ""'-^^e'-y- 1 he letter: and science ^^^^ ^^.^^^ j,^^ He 's got a citrus fertilizer college is built on the old exper- at. all was that a man naitied made of cactus juice and fish- imental walnut and citrus Tioyer with the Department t)f meal," Boyce explained. "He orchard. .Agriculture in Washinjrton knew comes hi all the time. He wants. -A lot of the ncu men rn the a man in .Alabama, where^tl me to endorse it. 1 won't, of luculiy used to think we were gets cokl. and lie wanted'<o course. There are taxpayers tractor drivers and cow milkers, grow oranges down tliere. '' who feel they own this place. | Yet we have a job here. .Agri-| "One of our men made the and they do. Call me .AI. T!ie culture is our bi?egs* industrj- i cross of tlie N .i \el with the janitor does." jin California and always will be. i Poncirus to impan coldhearted- 1 had read up on Boyce and j despite url)anization, which only ness to the top of the plant. He I was unprepared for his warm!makes it tougher on us to learn did. only the fi-uit was useless; the! up, the easiness. He is dean of the college of agriculture at *his University of California campus, which had its origins as a citrus experiment station. But he Is also one of the nation's most honoi'd entomologists, a long-time consultant on how to grow Increasiuf, > inti- ties on poorer land. "A lot of Califomians don't realize we export S500 million in a great abundance of seed^ ai^ a laughable amount of pulp and juice. So the citrus Industry never developed in Alabaroa, agricultural products each year|and we had these t "o no-gqod trees on the back lot named for a USDA man In Washington. ' to Europe alone. Now vontariff trade barriers are developing and that's part jf our fight.: There's an annual S3.5 billion I "They'd been there at least. 15 agriculture to the Rockefeller;valuation on agricultural prod-,years when the trisieza crisi? Foundation, and consultant to'ucts in California at what we hit California. We were readv the President's s^i^nce adviser, call the 'farm gate—that's the to try anything. We finally "That chap who just left i.< an value of piodiice at the sate, ^.-rafted rootstock from one.of organic gardener." Boyce sapl. But it creates S]2 billion in new tho>o Troyer eitranges anil that One of those that uses no wealth in Calilornia each >ear. did it. The roolstock 's not only chemicals exce|)t pesticides, and]One of three people in Calitor- resistant to cold weather, Jt'? nothing but natural fertilizer. Ijnia is employed in agriciiltme impervious lo t^^leza. always get Inquiries about the jin some way. ".Almost every orange tree planted in the last 10 years ha? health value of organically grown vegetables and fruits. I like to avoid the Lssue, but I have to admit there's no extra value whatever In them. "Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are present both in steer manure and synthetic fer- Troyer citrange rootstock. -About two-thirds of the two million citrus trees propagated each year are offspring of these two trees. You may wonder about Troyer. Just before \Vorld War 11. the Russians, asked foif.'.a USDA expert to go to th<?.Cai?- casus, where it's also cold, iand A a' I "You drive around and you don't see orchards any more. People think citrus groves have given way to subdivisions. But acreage in groves is the highest ever here in Riverside County, and statwide it's on the rise tlllzer, which Is more pure, if]after hitting a low In 1957. New anything." :plantings e.xceed removals now. [And each acre planted produces Dean Boycc 's scientific bent nearly twice as much citrus be- help develop a citrus Industry, is toward Insects, but he could'cau*e of improved varieties. Troyer went over, showed great pass at any Grange convention "That's a big part of our job interest in the Soviet society and for a tobaco farmer. He put here, dealing with citrus varie- took out Russian citizenship, his feet up on his desk and an- tics. In the mid-forties, orange His wife, who later came back swered my questions as U-is- tree< were mysteriously dying to the States, said there was a urely as though we were stand- in the summer, their fruit and,knock on the door one night ing the all-night watch at a to-,foliage still hanaing on. We|and they took him away and he bacco curing barn. .iiave a fund to study it. We did was never seen again." "Yes," he ..nid, "It's true not know what it was so we • about not being able lo get fresh squeezed orange Juice In Southern California. It's just too much trouble. People are getting lazy. I used to squeeze a dozen oranges off a tree In my back yard every morning myself. Now I use the frozen juice myself. It's not as good, but it's easier. named It 'quick decline.' which n| it certainlv was. It took twolMnpOpOre rlOCeS years to solve It We found aj ^^jf^ GOOdS virus, tristeza, transmitted by an aphid. It's a killer. "Tlien we started looking for a variety of citru.s that was resistant. Had a devil of a time. 1 finally remembereJ a couple SINGAPORE (;!P)—Singapore threw up a tariff wall agatast Malaysian products today In a sudden resumption of tradewar between the two countries. • Finance Minister LIm Kirh of old trees on the back lot. It's also tnie that Califomi-ICome on and I'll show them to San. announcing the tariffs, Iri- ans couldn't buy good oranges |you." Idicated that they were Intended in the old days. But almost 20 years ago this policy was as a countermove to Malav-slan efforts to create a common We drove over to the back turnwl around. The premise was side of the Riverside campus market excluding the new ,Is- that if you wanted citrus In Call- and he showed me two orange land state.

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  1. The Bakersfield Californian,
  2. 12 Oct 1965, Tue,
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  • Troyer orange, AM Troyer, 1965

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