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PAGE TWELVE WABASH MAN NAMED CORN KING OF U. S. I. E. TROYER OF LAFONTAINE, WINS SWEEPSTAKES RIBBON AT INTERNATIONAL SHOW. ISTORIA MAUNQTHER WINNER Many Other Indiana Winners, Which Include North and South Half of the State. CHICAGO, Dec. 2.--C. E. Troyor of LaFontaine. Wabash county, Indiana, Indiana, la the new corn king o£ the United States. winninK this honor yesterday afternoon when the judges tied tho grand sweepstakes ribbon on his ten ear sample of Johnson county white com at the International International hay and grain fihow. He won the laurels obtained last year by Peter Peter J. Lux, Shelbyville, on the same kind of corn. J. E. Mummert, As- torJm. won the sweepstakes honors in the single ear class with Reids yellow dent com. Mr Troyer competed for the nign- e?t honors with another Indiana man. Thomas Owens of Franklin, whose ten ear sample of Reid's yellow yellow dent won sweepstakes honors in Region 4, over a ten ear sample or Johnson county white corn shown by J C Tsley of Shelby county. Before winning the final honor Mr. Troyer's sample of corn won sweepstakes in Region 3 over a sample of Reid's yellow yellow dent corn show,n by V. L. Manuel Manuel of Crawfordsville. Ear Measured 10 Inches. The winning sample of corn measured measured ten inches in length, seven and one-half inches in-'circumference, and r weighed about twenty ounces apiece. The field from which it was picked average 100 busbels to an acre and it was entered In the Indiana Indiana five-acre corn-growing contest. Sauerman Brothers, Crown Point, took first place today in the soft red winter wheat class. Troyer took fifteenth fifteenth place in the same class and W. A. Willard of Middletown, sixteenth. sixteenth. W. W. eMans, Shelbyville, showed a sample of sweet clover seed which won fifth place. ®- This Apartment Has Insurance a-Plenty! ./»** + J tf j£lV J A. F. Troyer, a brother of the corn king, who took a large number cf com prizes, was first on oats in Region Region 3 with Joseph Neff. Marion, second, second, and the new corn king fourth. William Tritch. Corunna, was eleventh. eleventh. Sauerman Brothers, Crown Point, sixteenth: Jacob Mundell, Frankfort, seventeenth; J. 0. Mundell. Mundell. Frankfort, twenty-second: W. E. Tollman. West Point, twenty-ninth; J. C. Crouth Son, Lafayette, thirty- third. In the oatg class of Region 4, W. W. Means, Shelbyville, won third, and J. C. Isley, fourth, with Walter Fox. New Canton, filth, and Webb Isley, Flat Rock, eighth. Ray W. Shuffleba'ush, Waverly, was third in the single ear corn class of Region 4. with Roy Clore, FranR- lin. fifth, and Harry ""ilson. of the same place, tenth. J. C. Isley was fourteenth: M. M. Carter, Greensburg, Greensburg, twenty-second, and Peter Schoeppel, Shelbyville, twenty-fifth. Hoosiers Corn Winners. Indiana winners and the rank of (heir awards on ten ear samples of co'-n in Regions 3 and 4, which include include the north and south halves of the state, are as follows: White Corn, Region 3.--C. K. J roy- er Lafontaine, 1; A. F. Trover, Lafontaine,2; Lafontaine,2; John Ellis, Hillsboro.3: Pave Conger, Anderson, 4; Ernest Tbornburg Son. Winchester, 6; Byron L. Troyer, Lafontaine, r. Charles R. Troyer. Lafontame, 8; Eugene Troyer, I.afontaine. 10: Paul Long, Hillsboro. Jl: J- C. Mundell. Frankfort, 13: Homer W. Dice. Crawfordsville. Crawfordsville. 16; W. B. Henry. Wina-j mac. 18: Fred Wilson, HUlsboro 20; David Troyer, Lafontaine, 23; Tully Anson. Huntington, 27; Joseph Neff, Marion, 30; William Shade, Hillsboro Hillsboro 31: W- D. Littlejohn, Kentland Kentland 36: Allan Anson, Huntington, 39: Winfred Shade, Hillsboro, 44. Yellow Ccr-2, Region 3.--\. L,. Manuel. Crawfordsville, 1: Ernest ThornhTg Son, Winchester, 2; \\. T Ulrey, Attica. 3; C. W. Troyer, Lafontaine, Lafontaine, 4; Mills Braton, Wingate, 5; Roy Snoeberger, Rock.field, 6; George W. Lewis, Wingate, 8; R. O. Ulrey, Attica. 9; Claude Rudy, Greentown, Greentown, 10; W. E. Wellman, West Point, 11:- Tohn W. Johnson, Goodland. Goodland. 13: Keith Johnson, Goodland, 13; J. S- Campbell, Crawfordsville, 1-!; John E. Wlison. Wingate, 15; Troy H. Keener. Winchester, 16; W. D Littlejohn. Kentland, 17; Herman L" Miller, Bluffton. 20; John E. Keener, Winchester, 32; Merlin J. Wan 1 , Brook, 25, Ray Richards. Kentland. 2S; David Troyer, LaFont LaFont a i n t , 32; G. W. Moorman, Pendleton, Pendleton, 33. A. E. Troyer, Lafontaine, 34; Joseph Neff. Marlon, 35; Dave Conger. Conger. Anderson. 43; E. E. Byers. Lafayette. Lafayette. 45; James M. Corbin, Kentland. Kentland. 45: Jethro Mattox, Kentland, ·17; Ashfword Rodger, Hartford City, 49. White Corn, Region 4.--Joseph C. Isley, Shelbyville. 1; L. M. Vogler, Hope. 2; Frank Lux, Shelbyville, 3; Roy D. Clore, Franklin, 4; L. A. Vogle/, Vogle/, Hope, 5; Ed N. Lux, Waldron, 6; Webb Isley. Flat Rock. S; Paul J. Tilson, Franklin, 9; Frank Cortelyou, Shelbyville. 14; Harry'Tilson, Franklin, Franklin, 15; John Adams, Shelbyville, 16; Hannibal Arnold. Shelbyville, 17; George Hazlett.'Grencastle, 18; Peter Peter Schoeppel, Shelbyville. 22; John A. Stainbrook. Franklin, 24; E. H. Norman Russellville, 25. Yellow Corn. Region 4.--Thomas Owens, Franklin, 1: Edward N. Lux, Waldron, 21; M. M. Carter, Greens- YVJion Uncle Sam Iraflt the above pictured apartment for Ws tenant. Admiral Hngii Rodman, commanding officer of the Pacific Fleet, lie In- snred him a permanent marine flew. Inset, Captain Zlegemeler, who will have command of the U. S- S- California, which' has been rebuilt for use n« RndniHTi'si flnfrQhin. KOKOMO IS Loganport conference, day meting Grace attended counties who Every county was Among taking Rev. C. church; Broadway Martin of churches, Twelve MEXICO Candio the late cabinet, was into effort to revolutionary states of Chiapas. patrolling border to revolutionary LAVORTE as Hodman's burg, 5; L. M. Vogler, Hope, 6; Frank Rux, Shelbyville, 7; L. A. Vogler. Vogler. Hope, 10: Albert Luther, Fair- lani!, 12; Edward Andrews, 'Shelbyville, 'Shelbyville, 19; Harry Tilson, Franklin, 24; SAN FRANCISCO--Many . landlords landlords will guarantee to remodel their building to suit the' wishes of an incoming tenant, but it is not often that a battleship is rebuilt to! vine, ±y, rutrrv uisuu, r ictun-im, --t, i . John F. Stainbrook. Franklin, 25; J . j sult tlle convenience of one man.! S. Helms. Richmond, 31: Chestser F. I However .that is what is happening j Helms. Richmond, 33; Paul J. Tilson,! to the U. S. S. California ,the largest) Franklin. 34; A. N. Veuner, Harts- j and most powerful battleship In the LAPORTE, county official In in. special appointment er Spore G. Kimbel ·vllle, 39; Roy W. Shufflebaugh, Waverly, Waverly, 40; w'illia rnN. Main, Shelbyville. Shelbyville. 41; B. H. Norman. Russellville, 4-1; Harry Fuller, Shelbyvilte, 49. Single Ear, Region 3.--Len Cole, Kentland, 2; C. E. Troyer, Lafon- i^entiana, 2; (J. JU. Troyer, i^aton- roandln g otl i cer O f the Pacific bati taine. 3: John E. Wilson, Wingate, I fleet iSudden i y decided he needed -1: Joseph Neff, Marion. 9; Paul new flagship and that he would : United States Navy, to be commis-j sioned next February. Everything was proceeding j smoothly according to plans and the i sea monster was nearing completion | when Admiral Hugh Rodman, com- i of the Pacific battle | a , . Long. Hillsboro. 10; V, L. Manuel, Crawfordsville, 12; David Troyer, Lafontaine. IS: A. F. Troyer, Lafontaine, Lafontaine, 13; W. E. Wellman. Westpoiiit, 16: George W. Lewis, Wingate. 18; Tully Anson, Huntington. 22; Troy H. Keener, Winchester, 23. e.,. i CAME OVER TO MAKE "TOUCH" B-- -® UK** 1 "" ROMAN RY8ARSKI WASHINGTON".--Roman Rybarski Poland's vice minister of finance, is in Washington to negotiate a loan for his country. . new flagship and that he would re-1 side-after February in the California,. Now, when an Admiral takes up his residence on a ship he brings with him a staff of some forty to, fifty officers and enlisted men. There { was no place arranged for them o n ' the California, so one of the high fighting towers peculiar to the U, 3. Navy was taken down. A three- story structure was built in its place, with the tower surmounting it. The new building, which proruc.es high into the sky makes a fair mark for enemy shells, has elevators, dumbwaiters and every convenience of a first-class apartment house. But, although insured with twelve 14-inch guns, it is not armored, and if it should ever be shelled. Admiral Rodman and. his staff would have to scuttle quickly to the depths of the ship. The new snper-drcadnaught, which is nearing completion at the Mare Island Navy Yard here, will be under the direct command of Captain H. J- Ziegemeier, Captain Ziegermeier is a graduate of the Naval -Academy in 1900, and during the World War was in command of the U. S. S. Virginia, engaged in Trans-Atlantic troop escorting. Says It First and Says It Last. Carrie G. Harrel. 319 Ni'-hn'.son ·St., Norfolk, Va,, writes: 'Til tell anybody that Foley's Honey ami Tar is 'all right. It did' me all the Rood. I said it first and I'll say it la-st." Thousands of bottles of this reliable remedy were bought last week by careful mothers so as to be prepared to check coughs, colds and croni at the beginning. It acts a!mo.n . i n - j stantly, cuts phlegm, soothes raw, i r - . rltated membranes, stops tickling in throat. W. H. Porter . Co.--Adv. 'Kill That Cold With QUININE FOR Colds, Coughs AND La G r i p p e Neglected Cdds are Dangerous Take no chances. Keep '*"'" standard remedy handy for the first sneen. Breaks np B cold in 24 houra -- Relieves Grippe in 3 days--Excellent for Heodacba Quinine in this form does not affect ths bead--Cascan is best Tonic Laxative--No Opiate in Hill's. ALL DRUGGISTS SELL IT PATENT FLOUR »f * idtcl jlmr -fat ertrj furfeu. Atwr/t Ai For delicious bread \

Clipped from Logansport Pharos-Tribune02 Dec 1920, ThuPage 12

Logansport Pharos-Tribune (Logansport, Indiana)02 Dec 1920, ThuPage 12
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