St Marys Wochner donation of bell 10 Oct 1948

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St Marys Wochner donation of bell 10 Oct 1948 - . mi ttttntt ncnr 1 Bells of St. Mary's '0 i's...
. mi ttttntt ncnr 1 Bells of St. Mary's '0 i's i ', V . - -. -. ' It ' ! I r ... j t I - , .jr..-. .jr..-. .jr..-. ;i . . : t I - ' , I' " i V' i. ,;- ,;- ; "- "- t ; i : - K- K- . , - 5 ; ' - I ' - ' ' - . - "-v "-v "-v - ' .11 - " . V . y ..- ..- : y - - ,;- ,;- . ., . - . ,-:rrf. ,-:rrf. ,-:rrf. y - - - .'A ' . s . . - '3 - i ' - 1 ! 1 - Y i - jr V "'L'te.. Il,'w'-;i,,"'f' Il,'w'-;i,,"'f' Il,'w'-;i,,"'f' y niiiii IIII.II IN TulK BhlJia of omall St. Man's atHlir rhurrh on Uk- Uk- wrt shir (Irft), w ic HlMniinton U1 rtiurrh b-ll b-ll b-ll lo ring the Angelus. rulling on heavy nprs (riflil ). the Rt. Fr. lYancin liofer. a.Nit&nt pa4r, and janitor Roland Hot h M-t M-t M-t tlie bit rlaprr (renter) swaying for the noonday Angeluk. Angelus Will Continue to Sound In Bloomington, But Rope Pulling Will Give Way to Electric Switch BY WILMA TOLLEY. The bells of St. Mary's are going to keep ringing in I Bloomington. The last remaining church bells in all Bloomington to peal the Angelus at 6 a. m., at noon, and 6 p. m. the great old bells in St. Mary's Catholic church are not headed for silence and the melting pot as have hundreds of other Bloomington church bells that once rocked the air. Instead, a project is in the making now by the brown-robed brown-robed brown-robed Franciscan priests of this small, stone German-Catholic German-Catholic German-Catholic German-Catholic church built in 18S7, to make sure St. Marv's bells will ring lor years yet. The Rev. Fr. Aloys Schweitzer, th" present priest-pastor, priest-pastor, priest-pastor, has announced announced that St. Mary's bells are to be wired for electric control. At a cost of about $1,800, a bell firm in Cincinnati, Ohio, will come to Bloomington in about 30 days to change the bells from a hand mechanism, pulled by great ropes dropping from the 170 foot belfry, to a push-button push-button push-button affair like a light switch. 'It would be a pity to take them drrwn now," said the big 6 feet priest of St. Mary's this week. WHETHER OK NOT it s good news for the west side folks, who we have been waking up to the 6 a. m. bell since birth, the project project has been a good thing for the church. In the old days, it was a BONG. BONG. Bong." because they lost little "Francis." the baby bell. The great rope that drops from the "Francis" bell apparent ly broke. And with the shift of priests over the years "Francis was forgotten. It was just discovered recently recently when the priests climbed uu the narrow, winding little stairs that lead to the seldom-visited seldom-visited seldom-visited belfry to test the bells for mod ernizing. "Here's a little one we didn't know we had,' It's only on important occasions like Christmas that they set Mary's clapper going. It takes two men on the rope. Ana it wakes up the whole neignborhood." Fr. Aloys said. When wired, the bells will operate operate a series of switches. They can be run separately, or all four at once. And the Angelus will ring auto matically, without the janitor rousing out of bed at 6 a. m every morning to swing on the ropes. An electric clock will be set for 6 a. m. for 12 noon and 6 p. m. -iney -iney can start setting their watcnes by the Angelus bell out here again," the priest said. Hospital Notes Brokaw. Patients admitted: Judson Lush er, 008 West Willow street. Normal, Normal, orthopedic Lester Schultze, 404 North Roosevelt avenue; Mrs. Elmer Keith, 416 North Madison street: Ronald Moore. Chenoa; Miss Lelia Owens, Urbana; Mrs! Jacob Hess. 15 Broadway place, medical. Mrs. Lawrence Meyer. 511 East Front street, surgical! Patients dismissed: Allen Brock, 1318 South Koch street; Erwin Trover. 612U F.nst WacKin-n,, WacKin-n,, WacKin-n,, said Fr. Alovs.! street- street- Mrs Jomoc 'Do'-,- 'Do'-,- 'Do'-,- 'Do'-,- i.7 pointing to where the 250 pound? worth; Miss Janet Rae ' Murrav" A 1 s : t j;i(iGliT. Serkled by birds and weathered 1 -Mary", -Mary", the 1S00 pound bell. KeT. Fr. Aloys Schweitzer reads letterings. . . v.;. - "; CS ( ( if .. i s w.1 " ! ! r " -'Aw -'Aw 11 -ys''l -ys''l i ' ' . y -if -if -J. -J. - . j , ... : .. 4 , f w ( THE IT TrarKis" the xmallr-t xmallr-t xmallr-t hr!L It a forrnttMi for j ear after rope broke In belfry. It rich ZuO pound. OUir.sT I the 10A4 fmnnd Ull. rat la !!. a4 ie4 fr Si- Si- Man' rbarrh. br the jri-w-nt jri-w-nt jri-w-nt jri-w-nt jri-w-nt I!t Iftt. bell, the smallest of them all swayed in a corner of the belfrv. .Robes and all. Fr. Aloys made the unsteady climb up the stairs. squeezing through the small ItV Janitor to the windy perch where the bells hang. And while he found "Francis" on the first trip up, this time Fr. Aloys made another valuable discovery. He found the names inscribed on the be? is. COMING I P through the belfry belfry floor, the first bell seen is a gigantic 1S0O pound bell, the! biggest of them all. It is speckled5 3 from years of swaying on a perch ' v where the pigeons make their home, too. It bears a long inscription this bell "Mary." On a floor above "Mary," hang the other three. The oldest one is 1VVQ pounder dated 18S0. which r. r. 1 Mennonite. Patients admitted: Mrs. Bailey, Lexington: Larrv 10 NEW VOLUMES DRAW PRAISE OF LIBRARIANS Of the new books now available: relates the arnealirc ?nv f at Withers Public library, staff (ideal marriage, full cf intimate ...i.wtti, Kaw.uoj iji-umtu iji-umtu iji-umtu uic.i i ueiaus aooui me man who was attention on 10 volumes which j chosen to be president cf the Con-cover Con-cover Con-cover fields as divergent as mux-! mux-! mux-! fedtracv and about his career der md psychology. which was helped immeasurably HAPPINESS STUDIED . . .! bv his wife. ' Albert Edward Wiggam. distin-j distin-j distin-j Tt e setting for "Roanoke Hun- Hun- guisnea science reporter, has goneidred" bv Inghs Fletcher is earlv EMDEN DWIGHT LONG POINT i!r- i!r- Le-:r.ari Le-:r.ari Le-:r.ari Saji ar.J!!! Wei-ely Wei-ely Wei-ely COLfAX Mr. and Mrs. John H. Hkllrr.anr. Dr. ar.d Mrs. A. E. Mar.t anS. left FndiT for Varhfiel.-l Varhfiel.-l Varhfiel.-l iv ?.!rf. Mattie s rrsc Mr. Gevrrr on rt'rr.t-i rt'rr.t-i rt'rr.t-i r ll.'f rf-rrej rf-rrej rf-rrej m jarrr.j. .r. r.3 . v r.ay- r.ay- :: h-rre h-rre h-rre rr.Ur frr-i frr-i frr-i St. Miry i rt IZtlUitun. lt.n V.tV.rtrm It is the tale cf Sir over a great amount of material j Virginia i?r me Dasis or his ".New Tech-i Tech-i Tech-i Charles'lc'f Trr'i'inn tn Amwjuuw oi nappmess.- nappmess.- tnereoy America, his rivalry with Drake.! Davis. (giving the reader the advantace'r'maT.H tv. jl iaar van. i ui au uiai nas neen eisenvpren f "T,-. "T,-. "T,-. a T tU.ntiU 1 , : , - mu. uiiuui,,! y (.ziuiufcitai experiment j TJVT'PHIVP for a week's viit with Mr Mrs. Victor Hallmar.n and Nanry Hallmann. The Rev. and Mrs. Jc-hn Jc-hn Jc-hn Dct- Dct- jen and and Jackie Detjen of Emcen and Orville; Meeker of Green Va Wednesday far Fre where the Rev. Detjen is attend ing a meeting cf tr.e American ! Briggs is asstir.g at the Wiebcrs't dry goods store m the absence cf Miss Detjen. morning ky autorr.otile f. Green: turg. Ky, .ere they w; Ma I rry s ee 1!H Alton Friday a tn otT.'.Va iti I rr remain M on lay rtlatives. vis.'ur.s with p.tal. S treat ;r. treatment. af.rr several dayi .a a rriu'.e r -rw -rw t Ver.!-e',t Ver.!-e',t Ver.!-e',t ana urvi..e r 'alley left on j rmont, Ohio j j wo west Empire str-et; str-et; str-et; Mrs. through psychological experiments LALTHINT" vattth s'o " farTi .' SfeS3 ASnaM tShaSt dCCade 85 11 relat" Jerceys' feer" recommended volume, ' ' lid Sea1S - Ed-' Ed-' Ed-' -rd -rd Hosteer i C IFRTfT TinnTf ta-Do" ta-Do" ta-Do" is Mtted. "A b-ck b-ck b-ck of are: "I Love My Doctor." Eark;r.5; 1513 wS MSeTt f MrsJTo ml ? thSids Shhave1 e entertainment It w.H pro- pro- lence for t..e Murder Crof.s. Lnwrenrp Wh;akpr roTa-i- roTa-i- roTa-i- roTa-i- c-ir c-ir c-ir ar, x- x- m u'u . . , .A : "Je the reaner with many hours ! " our.g Doctor" De Leeuw; Larence uaker- uaker- CoLax' sjr"j enjoyed U i;Ia Ca her s bcks. mis, of enjoyment ar.d stimulating ! "The Semi-Attached Semi-Attached Semi-Attached House." gp;;flnk w n n . m !i rt ? 0d ?ti!Ut J' ' mental exercises. Youll find here ! Fletch ; -Any' -Any' -Any' -Any' But Love",. Corked TavfV- TavfV- R I cohection of three This-n-Thaf This-n-Thaf This-n-Thaf This-n-Thaf This-n-Thaf which contains all Hawes; -Contract -Contract Bridge t, U S'JPc1"- S'JPc1"- IhJl SJ? r!s.v!d , kinds of tricks and tricky ques-1 ques-1 ques-1 Everyone." Culbertson: "Long , ass .Margaret carter, 91 Norh ; looKed-for looKed-for looKed-for gift a last living im-. im-. im-. ,,,-... ,,,-... ,,,-... c-- c-- c-- t,.,j f,--- f,--- f,--- f,--- -r-, -r-, -r-, -r-, C ,1am street: Mrs. Anna Lott Hex-; Hex-; Hex-; pression of her personality and;"- and;"- n!et. far "LfinTer 'e" Tober: f IWT . V - J ."I V . A 1 1 iljr-VI iljr-VI iljr-VI - - V - 1 West Mulberry street. St. Joseph's. Patients admitted: Miss Beverly James. 1001 West Front street: Mrs. Golda Corman. 413 East Washington street: Kenneth ; genius. GLAMOUR GUIDANCE Feminine readers, seeking the an I Kansas Ci!v was a crea vjr.r?:nn ' ; f or pioneer streams from other; "Spectre Spread.' Flaming Car yen." Tcmpk.r.. and West. w-as w-as w-as moved from the origin.-?!1 origin.-?!1 origin.-?!1 x-i. x-i. x-i. -t,-. -t,-. -t,-. -t,-. t--.i t--.i t--.i t--.i T i ino women of stare and screen church. It has no name. Next is; Smith Main trret- trret- Cleave Wheel- Wheel- HISTORICAL FICTION Anthony the third one in size.jer, LeRoy; Chester Compher. 607 weighing 500 pounds. Then comes !Vv-th !Vv-th !Vv-th Limber street- street- Jrne: 'fil ler, 303 Willard avenue; Lewis Robasco. 1102 West Monroe street. swers to individual beautv prob-M-flia prob-M-flia prob-M-flia prob-M-flia prob-M-flia Vo .wM"j - v ,:'"r-':-lems. ,:'"r-':-lems. ,:'"r-':-lems. ,:'"r-':-lems. ,:'"r-':-lems. will be intrigued with piarc of S:,uth ard Ncrth- Ncrth- a ar; "Glorifv Yourself bv Eleanore'of V ; ste 5 Par in the CivL King, charm espert and person-1 person-1 person-1 Ia "Crossroads cT America; to coach many glamorous the lost "Francis. Scrubbing off dust with his brown sleeve. Fr. Al read the inscription inscription on "Mary." "Bells are one of the very sacred sacred and important parts "cf a church," he said. "Dedicating the bUs is about like baptism for a; child. The bells are blessed by! the bishop and each is given a name." Also, on the big bell, is the name "Francis Xavier Wochner Sr." donor of the bells, FE. ALOYS said the expert who investigated the bells for wiring reported that the giant old tollers could not be replaced today. They contain an ingredient of tin no longer available for bells. They're toned for harmony, regardless regardless cf how they're rung. tor years now, the janitor has medical. Mrs. Harold Rhodes, Downs: Walter Stilie, Ellsworth, surgical Patients dismissed: Mrs. Brittle Moran. 204 North Allm street: Mrs. Thomas Holmes. 811 North Roosevelt avenue: Mrs. Ben Gay, Midland. Tex.: Mrs. Frank Jabba. Garwood has written realistically and well cf all the city's phases The reader who prefers life-in- life-in- life-in- life-in- .1 G- G- av'n-on av'n-on av'n-on l0" re.a America in early times will wel-i"1 wel-i"1 wel-i"1 L,e c:ly " "jona evenjL come three new novels in this! MURDER! MURDER! ... A week's collection. j Mrst rate Nero Wolfe tale about "River to the West" br John a woman broadcaster and her Jennings presen' tional acccun! jenn jarco Asror s i-a i-a i-a .-! .-! .-! . r tvi' on the Columbia. This adventure Stout has the usual excellent (La is a highlv c- c- i tuny sponsors is among the docks ; cf the fou"d'r o which went into circulation Sat- Sat- packed, historically accurate novel is especially recommended for boys and men. 907 South Main street; William "ride cf Fortune" by Harnett McBroom. Savbrook; Ralph Sex- Sex- ane gives a sympathetic picture ton. 603 North Mason street; Ste- Ste- of te South and Washington and ven Landers. Lincoln: Mrs. William William Brice and baby boy. 901 East Chestnut street; Mrs. Edward Buss and baby girl. LeRoy; Mrs. Albert Tackett and baby boy. Mirier; Mirier; Mrs. John O'Rourke and baby boy. 1504 North East street; Mrs. Dale Kirk and baby boy. Farmer City. logue. the usual wonderful menus, and the usual brcezier-than-ever brcezier-than-ever brcezier-than-ever brcezier-than-ever brcezier-than-ever HALL0YE'ET Jut Amaitd the Comer! MASKS. Dozens of Faces. HORNS. So Noisy! LANTERNS 10c. lie, 20c SKELETONS PUMPKINS, and So Many More Items. W. B. READ & (0. i ' I h ; - , ; j - "if ' i YOUNG WIFE BIG FUTURE Marriage Licenses used mainly the two middle sized coiJN-.PNi.v-a coiJN-.PNi.v-a coiJN-.PNi.v-a coiJN-.PNi.v-a coiJN-.PNi.v-a mrrias icnse v.--. v.--. v.--. v.--. t x ,.o.7. - j w" Friday to Elmer Lee Muefcani it W AnjeiUi and masses, land ua sctuia. bota at i Electric Clocks A new shipment attractire electric electric mahogany clocks as low as $14.33 cp to J25.00. W. B. READ & (0. I 1 t s End Tables 8 to 12 MONDAY SPECIAL! WAIHUT FINISH ST1.IO JL It's the best value ANYWHERE in a pood end table at a ridiculously ridiculously LOW price. Order Monday Monday between 8 and 12! limit Yes. this wife has a EIG future. husband is your.? . . . full cf ambition. And in her husband's will, the Tru?l of the Corn Kelt Kar.k ia named Exi-cutcr. Exi-cutcr. Exi-cutcr. This young" wife ar.d her husband know she will be well taken care cf should disaster strike their r.- r.- heme. Start married life eff rijrht by protecting your future heme. Inquire, tomorrow, about efficient tru.t management at the Trust Department of the Corn Kelt Eank. m - r lis tftuc? 1 3nii GHin Q2CLTJ rcUM ItUWI srSTtja tui ruuAi cucsT KiviAHa cxKtAnoM

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  • St Marys Wochner donation of bell 10 Oct 1948

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