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THE OTTAWA, EVENING JOURNAL. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 17, 1914. Automobiles Two body styles: Klve-PaMf Klve-PaMf Klve-PaMf nser and Seven- Seven- PtiMnim Touring; Wheelbase 121 Inches. Len-8troke Len-8troke Len-8troke (5-lnch), (5-lnch), (5-lnch), Small-Bore Small-Bore Small-Bore 3S-ln-h 3S-ln-h 3S-ln-h 3S-ln-h 3S-ln-h Motor: Six Cylinder. n HI.kx Rmokeleu. Non-Lewklrvj. Non-Lewklrvj. Non-Lewklrvj. Lubrication System. System. T writer Valve Oieri!njrs. New. Eihuit.Silnoln- Eihuit.Silnoln- Muffler Annular Piston King. tHuWr Radiator Lighter RctDrocatma' Parti. Crowned Fenders. $1250 Unhtened Clutch Operation, 160 Pounda Li-.liter. Li-.liter. Li-.liter. IS x 1W in. brake ' 34 x 4- 4- In. Tires On Q. D. Demountable Rims: Safety Tread on Rear. Roomier Front and Raar Com Dart menta. Continuous Aluminum Foot Board. one-Man one-Man one-Man Type Tod. flullt-ln-Raln flullt-ln-Raln flullt-ln-Raln flullt-ln-Raln flullt-ln-Raln and Clear Vision Ventllat-Injr Ventllat-Injr Ventllat-Injr Windshield. Attaching- Attaching- Klffldly to Tor Scientific A ntl-Rumble ntl-Rumble ntl-Rumble OasoHne Tank In Cowl. Magnetic Noti-Lakln Noti-Lakln Noti-Lakln OaaoliTve Gauge, (he only One Approved by Insurance Underwriters. Full -Kloa -Kloa ting Rear Axle, Shaft Shaft Lacking Into Taper at Hub. Full Koulpment of IS Ttmken Roller Bearings. Iri-Mvrslbla Iri-Mvrslbla Iri-Mvrslbla fttr1na. Inter-Locking Inter-Locking Inter-Locking Ignition and Lighting Switches. 24 Finishing Operations In Painting; Bodies Bodies Studebaker Blue. New FOUR Touring Car EX T Bodv Slvlr: Five-Passenger Five-Passenger Five-Passenger TV.ir- TV.ir- r'ruwnrd Fender. Init: Three-l'aieniter Three-l'aieniter Three-l'aieniter Roadster. Siecll ntmminK Heiitlllghl. Whfelbase luS inrhes. in) 'vunde i-mntei i-mntei i-mntei . Ixing SJroKe .1-inch. .1-inch. .1-inch. Hmall Bore j; x In. lira km. Inch) Motor: Four Cylinder, en Bloc. ll.tt-JtrketttJ ll.tt-JtrketttJ ll.tt-JtrketttJ he birr Cirburetor l.olt-d l.olt-d l.olt-d Kxhauyt. Manifold t-aM t-aM t-aM H-parate. H-parate. H-parate. i, iMlmtcm. Smokeless. Non-Leaking Non-Leaking Non-Leaking l.ubrlratmii Maan l ie. Non-laklnK Non-laklnK Non-laklnK ;ollii Cause. svstm. the mlv One Approved hy Insurant Tenter Valve Onenlnxa t:nderwntrr. Pressed FteH PuaM-Kod PuaM-Kod PuaM-Kod t:nerous Footrom In' Roth Comoart- Comoart- AmiuUr Piston Rlnue. miiti. Tul.iiUr Hd1ator with Auxiliary ttsttt-r ttsttt-r ttsttt-r 33 x 4 in. Tlrt-x Tlrt-x Tlrt-x nn Q. t nmmii.tt.M' T.tnk. Rims. S.f.-tv S.f.-tv S.f.-tv T.-eid T.-eid T.-eid on Itfr. New FOUR Roadster One-Man One-Man One-Man Type Top. Built-in Built-in Built-in Rain and Clear Vision VentlUt in Windshield. Attaching Rigidly U Full Floating Rear Axle. Shaft Locking Full KaulDmeiit of 13 Ttmken Roller Bearing. Irreversible Steering KIiimH Iaeh Equipment. t'rira (Jim unri Currlur 24 Flnlshlnx Operations in Pulntllut Bod- Bod- Htudebaker Hlue. $1250 i A lhree-feat?d lhree-feat?d lhree-feat?d Rtwdster that a-t a-t a-t um) W. ciets thre ri)n persons In Derfect .wnforl. Driver's seal w ttllrrliilv forward. A nncHal top. baggage ruin uartnvsnt at rear. etc. Hume gene-nil gene-nil gene-nil snertftoatlons as FoI'R Tourlnx Car. J One-Profit One-Profit One-Profit Cars Because They are Studebaker Manufactured Gars To-day To-day To-day or to-morrow to-morrow to-morrow go to the Studebaker store and see the new Studebaker models, FOUR and SIX. Two types of each five-passenger five-passenger five-passenger SIX and seven-passenger seven-passenger seven-passenger SIX; FOUR Touring Car and FOUR Roadster. You will find thepi competing with cars that sell at prices $500 higher; and you will also find them showing higher quality throughout. Studebaker prices are lower because these cars are completely completely manufactured in Studebaker plants, carry but one profit, and impose no middleman's tax on the buyer. But we do not want or ask you to consider Studebaker Cars solely on price. If you ask why they are better why they give and always have given thorough satisfaction consider the aims, ideals and honesty of purpose behind them ; the quality of Studebaker materials ; the vast extent and intensiveness of Studebaker manufacturing manufacturing methods; the excellence of their engineering design ; and the fact that in each and every important important or vital particular these cars welcome comparison comparison with the highest priced. There is only one way by which Studebaker quality can be put into a "Four" or a "Six, to sell at Studebaker price That is the Studebaker way, which meanB complete manufacturing and the elimination of the parts middlemen and their extra profit; not the aH-sembled aH-sembled aH-sembled of semi-manufactured semi-manufactured semi-manufactured way. Complete manufacturing, its economies and the excess value it puts into the cars represent the Studebaker ideal In the raw of th Studebaker. million of dollars are invested invested in plants, machinery and special equipment. Our huge production and sales turn our Investments Into mamifaoturins; economies we can well afford equipment equipment the coat of which muat be prohibitive to any producer whose output Is smaller than Htudebaker. For example, we maintain the largest and most completely equipped laboratories In the automobile Industry, which not only work out the special formulae for Studebaker steels, but tent and analyze the steels to be certain they are up to spec in cat tons. We mulntatn huge heat-treating heat-treating heat-treating plants for the heat-treatment heat-treatment heat-treatment heat-treatment ' of vital parts, like sears, axle shafts, front axles, etc. We make our drop forging in our own forge shops. We cast and machine and build complete every Studebaker motor. We make our springs In our own spring plant. We make our bodies and tops In our own body and top factories. Jn short, we make a greater proportion of the parts for Studebaker cars than other producers make for their cars. - And being complete manufacturers, we can and do make the parts of Htudebaker cars of better value Into longer-wearing longer-wearing longer-wearing materials; and put better value Into the cars at a stated price. Ride In the new Studebaker and you will see the result of Studebaker complete manufacturing. If you are not expert enough to appreciate this value, ask the advice of some man who la expert. Ho will tell you that the way the Studebaker sticks to the road Is due to Us perfert balance, and that. In turn. Is due to scientific design complete manufacturing. He will tell you that the lack of vibration Is due to perfect perfect fit and alignment of parts- parts- again the resuR of complete manufacturing. You will learn that heat-treatment heat-treatment heat-treatment of parts makes them stronger and last longer. And you know that light weight means economy of gasoline and oil and tires. Through motor refinements and up-to-date up-to-date up-to-date up-to-date up-to-date designing, these cars have power In excess of all requirements. You will be delighted with the clean simplicity of the motors; their perfect accessibility; and yon will see that you can care for a Studebaker with the least time and effort. We would advise you to wasto no time In seeing- seeing- the new cars. Delivery can be had at once of either model; and the best motoring season Is before yon. When you shop around, keep your mental Impressions of Htudebaker value always before yon for comparison; and remember that this value la the great result of Studebaker volume and Studebaker oomplete manufacturing manufacturing STUDEBAKER, Walkerville, Ont. The Gilpin-McKenney Gilpin-McKenney Gilpin-McKenney Company, of Ottawa Distributors for Ottawa Valley. Agents Wanted. Write Gilpin-McKenney Gilpin-McKenney Gilpin-McKenney Company, or this Office. "MADE IN CANADA."

Clipped from The Ottawa Journal17 Oct 1914, SatPage 19

The Ottawa Journal (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)17 Oct 1914, SatPage 19
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