The Charlotte Observer Sept. 3, 1910

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The Charlotte Observer Sept. 3, 1910 - WILL IIAETIB QN EAMPAGE UAKIXU ).VNCEI10U...
WILL IIAETIB QN EAMPAGE UAKIXU ).VNCEI10U THREATS Blajer of Hobort glmpaoo Last Fall, ; ' 16 Statu of Thorough , atoxlcailoa, MakeW.4 Threat, mid -Glfea -Glfea ' ; Officer TrouMe-"-6ald TrouMe-"-6ald TrouMe-"-6ald TrouMe-"-6ald TrouMe-"-6ald w . llAve 1 Been fader TreaUneai For E ' ceMdvo L' of Narcotic and to De v .) Victim of the Clfarett Officer j Found ""Mlm oit East ,,Trde Streot 'S&ldng a KpeitaHo -at -at . Jilmaclf - ' Ittted Arrest by Sergeant P1U T end Officer Malcolnv " , v 1 VXkniel n;'inini X m olnf to kill another." ."'V" - Will Hartls,' slayer of Robert - Simpson t 'Mint Hill oia months to and later acquitted or tne cnarie, . U mumbling thla threat la cell at tbf police atatlon la it night, wber lis wri lylm in a thorouih tat of Intoxication. - It lav Intimated that Hartls' mind haa teen affected of lata . anath officer !-will !-will !-will not t;ly-hlm t;ly-hlm t;ly-hlm ' freedom aitain until they are eertaln that ha haa totally retained him ;Micv.:rr;,v.4':v--:-v-i'' ;Micv.:rr;,v.4':v--:-v-i'' ;Micv.:rr;,v.4':v--:-v-i'' ;Micv.:rr;,v.4':v--:-v-i'' ;Micv.:rr;,v.4':v--:-v-i'' ;Micv.:rr;,v.4':v--:-v-i'' ' When fiartla. wa arrested ha was wild and danaeroua In demeanor,' He hkd been drinking heavily durtsc tne lay and ma pnyaioan aia inai uvaa the- the- first time Hartls had touched Phlskey lately and that In hi Jud- Jud- fellow . too too much and became erased v under lt Influepee, ' !r,' 8. M. Crowell was the physician ,,,who appeared to have -Hart: . In hand and from tha police officers It 1 aa learnipd that -Hartls -Hartls haa been under the treatment of Dr. Crowell ;; for aoma tiro. 'haRTIS HAS tfOT BEEN RIGHT. Hartls haa not been himself lately. It waaaald last night that his father ha(l sent him to the city for the purpose purpose of getting him away from the Immediate scene of the tragedy last fall. The killing of tha lata Robert Simpson and. his subsequent acquittal seemed to bo. photographing Its lurid pictures upon the mind of the young meji for aoma weeks past and It was his fathers thought that a removal from the scene .might have the effect of . getting him atralght again. An! officer said that Hartls wa . being treated for the cigarette habit. At any rate, he was making the, wails of the prison corridors resound last night with unspeakable oaths and threats. His first stage of pure Intoxication during which ha was uttering Ms threats and the profanity wae succeeded by a period of severe Blcknesa. , after which he became in a measure better, but he soon lapsed back Into a wild, unnatural condition condition and again repeated the threat over and over; "I killed ona man: I am going to kill another." OAVB OFFICERS TROUBLE. Hartls was found early In the evening down on East Trade street near the negro vaudeville house. He was trying to take possession of that place when Officer Malcolm came up about 1:30 o'clock and undertook to arrest him. Hartls was obstinate and resisted the attempt of the officer, who then summoned Sergeant Pitta to his aid. It required the services of both, these men to take him to the station, all along the way his efforts to resist being- being- powerful and In a measure difficult to overcome. After being put In a cell he commenced commenced his wild ravings and kept It up a good part of the night ; MAY BE USING NARCOTICS. There la-some la-some la-some speculation being Indulged Indulged ' how as , to whether Hartls la', a victim of the excessive use of narcotic of some sort and that he la being treated for this weakness at4he sanatorium of Dr. Crowell. who specializes In -this -this department of medicine. It Is a fact that he has been using cigarettes excessively for a long number of years, his pallid complexion and unnatural glare of the eye indicating that something has aeized his constitution at a vital spot. Dr. Crowell said nothing last night Except that Hartls had met with some friends, according to his own notion, and had communed with them over the cups for too long a period, absorbing more than he could take care of. The statement of the officers, would indicate that whiskey wax the . immediate cause of his carousal of ; the evening. The history of the crime In which Harll, was a -leading -leading participant is BtlU fresh la tha mlnas, of the people of this county. Hants and his father, , Henry Hartls, were both tried 'for the murder of Robert. Simpson at a little BtoreUn Mint Hill one night last fall, following a quarrel which they had the day before. Both men remained In jail until d few months agp when their Case came to trial coth being abqatitted ' 'of th- th- char; of murder.. At the time the verdict created considerable considerable talk, the acquittal being criticised in some sections right severely, severely, particularly by those, how-aver, how-aver, how-aver, who did not follow the case from start to finish. V Nothing has baen heard -of -of Hartls, tha younger, or his father since their eVtentful experience experience in the courts of the county, but both have frequently been seen In. the : city and have moved along as if Nothing out of the ordinary had happened. The preying of the tragedy upon the mind of tha son aeems to. have first come to the notice of his father, according to statements Inoident to the present trouble, and he was sent to the cfty for the pur . pose of , receiving attention from an experienced physician. -It -It is expected that Harti will be thoroughly examined, before he la again ,turned from prison. Hla jon-dition jon-dition jon-dition last night Indicates beyond, all question that he was a distance from av normal temperament and whether . whiskey la at the bottom , of . tha whole trouble remains , cause for . speculation, and Investigation. - : feaaobali Fellow Fetlcllated. v.The members of the Charlotte and Bpartanbur; abll clubs nd

Clipped from The Charlotte Observer03 Sep 1910, SatPage 7

The Charlotte Observer (Charlotte, North Carolina)03 Sep 1910, SatPage 7
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