Red cross ladies wochners 20 Mar 1917

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last the the the to to is the of to the the Is our his a can in the he It if in W. the the the it. for got A. R. con-lined Jack-quemln, of Sommer-set, a of of the to at Mlddcl-steadt, RED CROSS ROUNDUP ROUNDUP ON WEDNESDAY CAMPAIGN IN UPTOWN DISTRICT. DISTRICT. Sidney Morgan Putting In a Strenu out Three Days li Speaking Here Lilt of New Members. Wednesday of . this week will see the round-up round-up round-up of the memtaership campaign In the interest of the Bloomlngton branch of the Ameri can Red Cross. On that day, and possibly Thursday, a special committee committee will make the tour of the stores and offices of the up-town up-town up-town district, and secure the enlistment of several hundred people to me list of members for the local chapter. chapter. This week will wind up the membership campaign. The number of names secured is about SOU to date, and it u expected to get a total of at least 1,KIU members. This will be a good showing for a city of the size of Bloomlngton, and will give this city a real live, working working chapter of the Red Cross ready for any emergency. Luncheon Wednesday Noon. Chairman Paul F. Belch of the membership committee will meet the members of the special committee at a luncheon at the Woman's Exchange at noon on Wednesday. They will have as their guest Mr. Sidney Morgan, Morgan, the national society representative representative who delivered a strong ad dress on Sunday, and who is speak ing at several private gatherings today and tomorrow. The members of the special committee committee assisting Air. Beicb in the final round-up round-up round-up of tire campaign will consist of Dr. Mammen, Mrs. E. Brock, Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Bent, HeTman Bacbenbeimer, Mrs. Wun-derlich, Wun-derlich, Wun-derlich, Mrs. Kate Donahue Welch, J. J. Condon, Charles O'Malley, Frank Oberkoetter, Walter Arra-bruster, Arra-bruster, Arra-bruster, George Zinn, Mrs. Emma Bryant, Mrs. E. H. Black, Mrs. John C. Hurst and Mrs. Wigman. Mr, Morgan's Busy Daya Mr. Morgan, the national Red Cros representative now in the city, haa engagements 'or speaking st several different places today and tomorrow, and he delivered several short talks yesterday. Tire schedule schedule of his speaking dates for the three days so far as settled is as follows: Yesterday morning At the rninis-teral rninis-teral rninis-teral association. Yesterday afternoon Talk to a sewing circle at the home of Mrs. Mark Evans In Normal. Last evening at 7:30 Address Christian Business women's council. council. Iast night at 8 o'clock Addressed directors of the Association of Commerce. Commerce. Today st o'clock Talk to Wesleyan Wesleyan students at chapel. 12 noon today Address Young Business Men's club at noon luncheon. luncheon. 3 p. m. Speech at Soldiers' Orphans' Orphans' Home. 630 p. m. Talk at dinner given by Eastern Stars at Masonic temple. temple. Wednesday at :30 Address at the jNormal university. Wednesday 12:30 Talk at workers' workers' luncheon. Pleased With Work Here. Mr. Morgan In speaking of the Tied Cross situation in Blooming-ton, Blooming-ton, Blooming-ton, said yesterday that the showing showing of 6 '0 members at this time was a record to be proud of. He said that the committee had the campaign campaign so well organised at before his arrival that he thought his coming coming was really not needed. But since he is here, he will gladly give every aid ho can. Mr, Morgan leaves on Wednesday night for New York, where he has been summoned to a session of Red Cross people for special instruction. instruction. After that his program of work is not determined. Many New Members. . The following Is the list of new members added since the last report: report: T. J. Cox. Ben Sumner, Mrs. G. W. Heller, Mrs. J. H. Leyonmarck, Miss Margaret Leach, Miss Bernad-dtne Bernad-dtne Bernad-dtne Stevenson, Mrs. C. H. Ellis, Jason Wilson, Mrs. Alice White, Mrs. T H. Rosenberg, Mrs. M. H. Wood, Mrs. Thomas Williams, Mrs.'W. &L. Galbraith, Mrs. W. K. Engle, Miss Daisv Chad band, Miss Laura McCurdy, Mrs. W. W. Hall, Mrs. N. A. Kenney, Mrs. R W. Woodworth, Sigmund Livingston, Miss Alice Fell, Miss Lillian Spreen, Mrs. Mary V. Sutherland, Mrs. T. J. Salmon. Mrs. John H. Cunningham, Cunningham, Mrs. Grace Kumler, Mrs. A. O. Dunlap. Mrs. Phillip Strain, Mrs. George F. Marker, Mrs. E. F. Bottcnberg, Mrs. T. K. Hays, Mrs. William ghorthose, Mrs. Charles Charles O'Malley, Mrs. Sage Kin ale, Mrs. R. L. Perry, H. W. Funk of Normal, Mrs. Estella Wochner, Mrs. Emma Maurer, Mrs. O. P. Snyder. Mrs. J. H. Shaw, Mrs. Edward Hensel, Miss Pauline Wochner, Miss Olive and Miss Amelia Wochner, Mrs. t. F. Wochner, Mfa Mary Werner, Miss Ellen Werner, Mrs. c. P. Wlkoff. F. W. J. Pride, Mrs. N. H. Marina Brown Piano Co, Mrs. Roy Cost I iran, Miss Anna Griffin, Mrs. George Monroe, Mrs. B. L. Stevens, Mrs. Anna P. Lyon, Mrs. E. B. Jones, Mrs. Christina Herti-age, Herti-age, Herti-age, Mrs. F. M. Jones, Mrs. Herman Herman Bachenhetmer, Fred B. Capen. Henry W. Capen. Miss Marie Lloyd, Mrs. A. S. V. Lloyd. Helena Ogle-vee, Ogle-vee, Ogle-vee, Mr, and Mrs. C. W. Klemm, Mrs. J. C. Mace, Everett Oglyevee, Miss Bessie Leeeman, Mrs. J. W. Wyckoff, Mrs. E. M. Hcafer, Mrs. J. C. Riley, Miss Mildred Warner, Mrs. B. I.. Hamill, Mrs. John T. Hileman, Mrs. Edward Kingston, Mrs. A. L. Rhodes, Carl Seeger, William R. Bach. Mrs. John R. Stone, Mrs. Helen B. Russell, Mrs. Mrs. J. D. Wigman. Mrs. Flora Campbell. Mrs. R. B., McCarroll, Mrs. J. Ray Martin, Mrs. Dr. Ritchie, Mrs. I. K. Campbell, Mrs. Elaeanor Elfstrand, Mrs. Ella F. Brown, Mrs. H. O. Stone, Miss Jennie Jennie B. Rayburn, Mrs. F. R. Bean, Mrs. T. J. Story, Mrs. Burke, Mrs. M. Evans, Mrs. Bach, Rev. Nela W. Bard, DcLoea Funk, Catherine Kel-ley, Kel-ley, Kel-ley, Mra J. C. Douglas. Mrs. D. D. Leary, Mrs. Helen Marn, Mra G. E. Wilhoit, Mrs. Grace Ptetsch, Mrs. Dora Weaver, Mrs. A. O, Edes, Mrs. John Hoppe, Mrs. J. H. Ross, Mrs. R. D. Cook, Mrs. W. T. Williams. Williams. Miss Kate O. Carpenter, Mrs. M. W. Hlnen, Miss E. A. Marsh, Mrs. J. L. Bon net t, J. W, Harber. Heyworlh Man's Cattle. Albert Oelxe, of Heyworth, had a Two for and were and was H. yesterday and a of a is of yesterday intent made on Four was came the on Louis tn a Center of E. was G. was U&3 The uable Home

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The Pantagraph (Bloomington, Illinois)20 Mar 1917, TuePage 7
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