Obituary Column for John Tempest Leffen

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Obituary Column for John Tempest Leffen - nl-'fta'tyd Ma'e-nix, 4 - - 1,01;!'";.'' '" ' C...
nl-'fta'tyd Ma'e-nix, 4 - - 1,01;!'";.'' '" ' C v' - I fr(n tor-itiiyr tor-itiiyr tor-itiiyr fyftri. rSdr the dc-flte-affalr'was dc-flte-affalr'was -. -. .t.." .lI x'ir.t- x'ir.t- .ei . . . .je i-'jr- i-'jr- i-'jr- i-'jr- '-' '-' '-' , , UDBsquio top vie l-aie l-aie l-aie junn itmuw .ietfeirt targelyv Attended by Friends' of the Family. Interesting Sketch i o( Hrt Uffflk 'Imostl'SOJ Year jrt I T. ,, ,.ia in),n T ijf. i J--, J--, J--, J--, r . , , r ; "ri . 1 the family home In C street and' was vory laidy attftnde4 by friends 01 the i tlerrasPtL and ht family, who came, V) ' I'liliMt last isv&1M 1 W.; ' rfoaer, whom they had known as a citizen and, ceiised was or. of the Etaunch cany rusitii'' tot 4b,yaHe,;Vwho have' helpfi M ilwW ih'li; portion of the Golden State what It is today. :Th' Tutjeral-i Tutjeral-i Tutjeral-i acrvWl was,' conducted fiy'lhe' Ruv. Mask B." jBhaW of the Flntt Haptlst church, appropriitte hymps beln Jfcderf .D3e;the Baptist church cliolr. John'" ilrown, Jr., secretary secretary -of. -of. the Piorreer society, read a sketch of the life of the'deceased, and Hev.' ShaV sjoke flttlwly of tire many commendable trait ot. tho old pioneer. The following anted- anted- attx pall-oearers: pall-oearers: pall-oearers: Jflmw Heap. 0, B. Fish, O. Newberg. J." S. Jonaa, Jamtse Cblei" and-'M. and-'M. and-'M. M. Brook ' The remains were -jJaced -jJaced bu-Blde bu-Blde bu-Blde thtst of hie 'departed wife in the I.cffen family - lot In.-the In.-the In.-the old emc-torjrt emc-torjrt emc-torjrt n-) n-) n-) -' -' .';. ; 1 ' si -'OBITUARY. -'OBITUARY. -- -- V. : John Tempest Ifft-n Ifft-n Ifft-n ' was born- born- in l.oadon, England, June 1. 1833. His father was' a sea captain and Mr. Lef-fen Lef-fen Lef-fen was Hh-"only Hh-"only Hh-"only son in a family of fan children -He -He was aiborn ma- ma- chlnisr.'adoptlnK such oe'npatlon' in earrj' life -anti -anti -serving -serving seven years. In pertecMng nimseil in ni irane. 'tome. of his early work'',aiv.lone on the rrrrtsiilve hrldfto over th river Thame , ' H mad several trips acTrats- acTrats- tne Atlantic-and Atlantic-and Atlantic-and Atlantic-and also to Cuba. in his last voyftge to the" United States, about the year 1848, he was accompanied' by-the by-the by-the well-known- well-known- well-known- well-known- cltlxnn, Geolvre M. -Cooley. -Cooley. Mr.' Ijeffon, sailed' oi and down the Mississippi' river a number of'tlmN,. then -cortclixled -cortclixled to come weut to California; California; hy Oonm.ll Bltiffa and-' and-' and-' Salt Lake, 'and arrived at Fan rrandscoihe day of the hAn-fting hAn-fting hAn-fting of Casey 'and Co rey by the VlgilAiioe coniiniitec. He at onco' found, work hi the steamboats In- In- Sea f'randaoo bay and on the Sacramento Tiver, and beewme acquainted with that well known and former resident of Sao Bernardino, Jack Ruffcn.. He made several voyages voyages dowB.the uoattt to San Pedro, and went to .work -on -on the Chino ranch for John Rair.s 'and Bob Carlisle, and about .the year 18o7 earn to this city, where he settled nnd has made JL his home continuously to. tho time uf his death. '..' .... : - , .: - ' !- !- '. During his kin residence, here-he. here-he. here-he. hod won ami maintained the resect of ail hlt r(iaalntaneen. .r. .- .- . Ilia tekivea wife, Mr. Hannah Lef-feiiv Lef-feiiv Lef-feiiv prnowled him, to' tho other-shore other-shore other-shore about itinffcyears oro. . He was blessed VllllJ' the rollti'Alne children: Tempest, Satnint.i bo'tlt (lecengedv and Frederirk. by a former mdrrlege;. and Isabel, William,' Caroline,.! John, . Kdward. George, An,nie mid Waller. ' -.-Aj. -.-Aj. -.-Aj. -.-Aj. 12:31) SiimUty niocnlDK-Novomber niocnlDK-Novomber niocnlDK-Novomber 8..iS04, his spirit-took spirit-took spirit-took Ms' lllgnt, 1,0 realma alHive, being (he rewilt-.ot.a rewilt-.ot.a rewilt-.ot.a stroke cf .apoplexy, 'And thus -another -another ot the ploueerjs'ol Sun ilenuti'diuo has pashed beyond morhtl vision. .1 .1 i ,1 , JOHN UKOVVN. Jr.. . ,-. ,-. ,-. . Sxriry. for (he J'ioua'rtav' 1 ... r I

Clipped from The San Bernardino County Sun11 Nov 1904, FriPage 2

The San Bernardino County Sun (San Bernardino, California)11 Nov 1904, FriPage 2
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  • Obituary Column for John Tempest Leffen

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