1947 Cosmic Rays Reproduced after Roswell UP full article Nevada State Journal July 12

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1947 Cosmic Rays Reproduced after Roswell UP full article Nevada State Journal July 12 - jury, into from ward the the A. was precincts...
jury, into from ward the the A. was precincts indicted STANFORD UNIVERSITY, Calif., July 11. (UP)--Th« University of California's new 4,000-ton cyclotron has produced the first man-made replicas of the mysterious interstellar cosmic rays, the force from space of which so little known, America's leading nuclear physicists were told today. Dr. Glenn T. Seaborg, one of the Berkeley, Calif., university's leading atomic scientists, told the 280th meeting of the American Physical Society, Pacific coast section, here that with the huge new atom-smasher the I - university had probed further than ever before into the unknown. For the first time in history, the immense range of the cosmic and the i n v i s i b l e sub-atomic world had been brought within the reach of man, made visible by p h o t o g r a p h s taken in "cloud chambers" while the cyclotron was bombarding the atom. The U. C. cyclotron, put into operation Nov. 1, 1946 after six years of construction hampered by the war, is believed to be the world's l a r g e s t atom-smasher. Russia is known to be working with similar cyclotrons. More than 200 scientists from all parts of the United States, meeting here in a two-day session, heard Drs. Seaborg and Isadore Perlan describe the results of experiments -- pure research -- conducted by eight U. C. physicists, including themselves. What It Does Seaborg said that bombardments by the giant machine with 200,000,000 electron volt deuterons and 400,000,000 electron volt alpha particles--10 times more energetic than produced by any other known atom smasher--had resulted in: 1. Blasting from the atomic nucleus of 22 and possibly as many as 30 particles compared to I a pre-war record of two or three with the outdated 235-ton University of California cyclotron No. 2. 2. The prospect that well over 100 new radio-active isotopes of the common elements -- valuable in biological and medical research --will be produced. 3. Entirely new nuclear processes of greater complexity than the relatively simple patterns of the lower energy range. 4. The "leap frog" transmutation of one element to another HERE'S STORY OF CYCLOTRON Huge Machine Cost $1,150,000 SAN FRANCISCO, July 11. U.» --The University of California's 4,000-ton cyclotron, the most powerful yet announced in the world, was t h e "baby" of Professor Ernest O. Lawrence, cyclotron inventor, Nobel prize winner, former director of the university's radiation laboratory and a key scientist in America's war-time atomic bomb project. It was originally financed by gift of $1,150,000 from the Rockefeller Foundation, a grant later augmented by the research corporation, the John and Mary Markle Foundation and the University of California. Ground was broken for the huge structure in August, 1940. Its first successful 200,000,000 electron volt deuteron production came on th« evening of November 1, 1946. Th« press first saw it November 13. Its electric magnet weighs 4,000 tons--3,700 tons of steel and 300 tons of copper winding. Pole faces of the magnet are slightly more than 15 feet in diameter, separated by a 20 inch space. In order that the atomic bullet* thrown out of the machine will | have free space to operate in--free- j dom from collision with air mole- j cyles--a pumping system creates a vacuum of a millionth of a millimeter of mercury--as close as science can c o m e to a perfect ' vacuum. Long research went into experi- j . . . . . . . I ments to find a suitable shield to ^ g .^^^rul h \* ra ^!! P^ect humans outside the giant chemists vainly tried to turn lead into gold. Bombardment of arsenic with alpha particles, for instance, brought a transmuted product of far lighter chlorine, the scientists were told. Photographs of the most complete disintegration of atomic nuclei yet achieved by man in a t o m i c experiments were exhibited. Water, paraffin, graphite, aluminum and lead were tested and found to be less effective than concrete. Wrong Luggage Business Man Halted In Nick of Time

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  • 1947 Cosmic Rays Reproduced after Roswell UP full article Nevada State Journal July 12

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