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salt lake herald 27 oct 1907 - Negro NegroDowie Dowie > ie Says Sun Moves...
Negro NegroDowie Dowie > ie Says Sun Moves Earth IsSqu Is Square IsSquareBV SquareBY re reBY BY WILLIAM T ELLIS Beneath Beneaththe the conventional surface s iface of ofAmerican ormerlcan ofAmerican American < life exist many strange relitous reli religious reUIous ¬ gious Ious cults which link the twentieth twentiethcentury tvenUethcantur twentiethcentury century cantur with the dark ages One of the themost 1nemost < he hemost most curious of these and noteworthy noteworthyfor noteworthtor for its widespread hold upon negroes negroesis is the sect created creat < < d by a man ma sometimes sometimescalled sometimescalled ometlmescalled called the Negro Dowlebecause Dowle because he heWilliam heW heWilliam William W 1IIam S Crowdy claimstobe claUnst ctaitns tobe be Elijah ElijahII II and the th > latterday prophet pr pti t of the theAlmighty theAlmlght theAlmighty Almighty The name givenlifa gveai glv r hl < follow following tollowIn following ¬ ing In is the sweeping sweeplnganll ant andnog nqp n ia very eery io mod modest modest modest ¬ est est one of Church of t GQd JpaanCl atitl nO Saints SaintsIn Saln s shi In Christ ChristLess ChristLess r v vLess Less formidable and respectful la the thedesignation theJeslgnatlo thedeslgnation designation apptfed alpf 1 by v thpse h ls outside outsidethe outsidethe outsidethe the pale who call the Crqwdyltes CrqwdyltesIfoly CtQwdrltestlroly CrowdyitesHoly Holy Jumpers because bec i e I of o their theirfrenzied theirtrenzled theirfrenzied frenzied performances at their meetIngs meet meetIngs meetIngs Ings and Feet Washers because of ofthelrvobseryance otth ofthelrobseryance thelrvobseryance th of this thl + t practice > In Instead Instead Instead ¬ stead of being confined to the rural ruralparts ruralparts ruralparts parts of the south as mfght be expect expected ¬ ed this thl queer body bod flourishes tlo rishes chiefly chlel1 In Inmetropolitan Inh1etropoUtan inhtetropolitan metropolitan centers havlhg havlnjfritaber havlnjfritabernacles havlngttabernaclesthe taber tabernaclesthe nacles naclesthe the Jewish nomenclature nomencl ture Is Isfollowed IsfollowellIn IsfollowedIn followed followellIn in Boston Washington Phil Philadelphia Philadelphia Philadelphia ¬ adelphia Baltimore New York Jersey JerseyCity Jerse JerseClt JerseyCity City Clt Chicago Cleveland Cleel nd Cincinnati CincinnatiColumbus CincinnatiColumbu CincinnatiColumbus Columbus Kansas KanR s City Clt Topeka Atlanta At Atlanta Atlanta ¬ lanta Jacksonville Richmond Va VaNewport Vaeport VaNewport Newport eport News Bridgeport Conn and andNewport andNewport I Newport Ne port It I IGeography IGeography IGeography Geography by Revelation RevelationAs As Joseph Smith discovered In establiehing estab establishing establIshlng ¬ lishing Mormonism present day revq revqlatlon rev revlatlon revqfatlon latlon is a convenient cloak for many manyteachings manyteachlngs manyteachings teachings and practices Thus Prophet ProphetCrowdy ProphetCrowd Prophetrowdy rowdy Crowd says with Brother Johp Jas Jasrper Jasper Jasper per that the Sun do move he knows knowsit it because the Bible says so and be becauae beause because > cause it has been revealed to him himSimilarly hlrlSlmllarl hlrnSimilarly Similarly Slmllarl he knows that the earth Is Isflat Isfiat isflat flat and square Also that Adam was wada a black man manDld Did you you ou ever see any anyTvhite anywhite anywhite white earth God made Adam of ofearth otearthas ofearthas earth earthas as were also the patriarchs and andJews andJews andJews Jews Jews There is ludicrously ludlcrousl fearful and andwonderful andwondertul andwonderful wonderful exegesis of scripture in all allrtf allor allmf rtf the Crowdylte addresses addressesCrowdy addressesCrowd addressesCrowdy Crowdy Crowd and his people are Jews he hedeclares heleclares hedeclares declares for the trve Jews are negroes negroesTherefore negroesTheretore negroesTherefore Therefore they the keep the Jewish Sabbath Sab Sabbath Sabbath ¬ bath use the Jewish calendar observe observeimitations observeImltatlonsot observeImitations imitations Imltatlonsot of Jewish feasts practice practicewhat practicewhat practicewhat what they the believe to be Jewish rites ritesand ritesand ritesand and decorate themselves In a regalia regaliathat regaliathat regaliathat that Is brilliant beyond the Hebrew Hebrewhigh Hebrewhlgh Hebrewfilgh high priests robes robesLike robesLike robesLike Like Solomon In His Glory GloryThe GloryThe GloryThe The procession and feasts of the theCrowdyltes theCrowdyltes theCrowdyites Crowdyltes with their vivid dress ef effects et1ects effects ¬ fects are a strong card In attracting attractingmembers attracUngmembers attractingmembers members Here is a glimpse of the re recent recent recent ¬ cent Assembly Assembl in Richmond given givenby givenly givenby by ly a Tinr TimsDspalch sDspatch reporter reporterFor reporterFor reporterFor For weird w lrd and dazzling perform performances pertormances performances ¬ ances the sessions outclass anything of ofthe otthe ofthe the kind ever seen here before Grouped Groupedaround Groupedaround Groupedaround around the preacher on the stage In Ina Ina inI inIa a semicircle 100 men In evening eveningclothes eveningclothes clothes almost concealed behind rain rainbow ralnbO rainbow ¬ bow bO ribbon streamers shouted and andclapped andclapped I Iclapped clapped hands laughing frequently frequentlyBut frequentlyi i iBut But the main accessory of these Holy HolyJumpers HolyJumpers Jumpers was the choir sitting just be below below below ¬ low the footlights and facing the con congregation congregation congregation ¬ gregation There were probably 100 Inthe in inthe inthe the body most of whom were women womenThey womenThey i iThey They wore crowns topped off with blood bloodred bloodred bloodred red silk Choristers in white withwhite with withwhite withwhite white bows In each members hair hairfaced hairfaced hairfaced faced the choir The leader of the thechoir thechoir thechoir choir cut wide circles in the thick air airof allot airof of the hall and the dance began The 100 voices changed quickly from an an andante andante andante ¬ dante to an allegro and as the women womensang womensang womensang sang they danced not however mov mo moIng moving j jIng Ing from the spot on which they stood stoodNear stoodear stoodNear Near ear the end of the row rown a woman womanweighing womanweighing womanweighing weighing more than 250 2 00 O pounds could couldbe couldbe couldbe be heard above the rest She required requiredmore requiredmore requiredmore more room for she swayed to the theright theright theright right and then to the left keeping keepingtime keepingtime keepingtime time with the baton that was never neverstill neverstill I Istill still Dancing by b her side was a a small smallnegro smallnegro smallnegro negro boy who screamed in falsetto falsettotones talsettotones falsettotones tones and from whose face streams of ofperspiration otperspiration ofperspiration perspiration poured as he worked mad madly madly madly ¬ ly to keep in line with his heavy heavyweight hea heaweight heavyweight ¬ weight partner Several Sev ral times he hedropped hedropped liedropped dropped out of step and once he hechanged hechanged hechanged changed from the scheduled perform performance pertonnnnce performance ¬ ance and ran to the verge of an old oldfaslhoned old1asthoned oldfasthoned faslhoned country breakdown breakdownThe The comment of the Weekly Week Prophet Prophetupon Prophetupon Prophetupon upon the Assembly Assemb reminds one of ofDowies otDowies ofDowies Dowies reports of his famous New NewYork NewYork NewYork York visit It says The historic city cityof cityot cityof of Richmond the hotbed of the Bap Baptists Baptists Baptists ¬ tists has received a blow that was so soterrific 50terrific soterrific terrific that they can never recover recoverfrom recoverfrom recoverfrom from It The Prophet and the Shekels ShekelsWith ShekelsVYlth ShekelsWith With delicious frankness this sect sectemphasizes sectemphaal2es sectemphasizes emphasizes the money side The proph prophet ¬ et does not hesitate to lift up his voice voicefor voicetor voicefor for cash cahor or did when he had a voice voiceHis voiceHis voiceHis His organ The Weekly Prophetoutdoes Prophet Prophetoutdoes Prophetoutdoes outdoes Dowies best efforts In first firstIts firstIts firstits Its laudation of the prophet and second sacondly s secondly Cond Condly ly In Its appeals for PIe tithes Un Under Under Under ¬ der the caption Special Notices from fromtha tromthe fromthe the Man of God there are in one is issue IslIue issue sue six notices of this sortDear sort sortDear BortDear Dear Brethren You are hereby notified no notified notitled ¬ tified to send in half of all tithes and andalso andalso andalso also half of all freewill offerings to the theProphet theProphet Prophet of God at his address 113 U Ustreet Uatreet Ustreet street Northwest Washington D C Conce Conce Conce once every two months Please do this thisat thisat thisat at once Mal 38 Peace be unto thee theeDone theeDone theeDone Done by order of the Prophet of God GodWilliam GodWilliam GodWlUtam William S Crowdy CrowdyEvery CrowdyEery CrowdyEvery Every body must pay a tenth of his hisincome hisIncome hisincome income Still another column on the thefirst thefirst thefirst first page of this particular issue of ofthe otthe ofthe the organ Is designated Our Rates Ratesfrom Ratesfrom Ratesfrom from the Prophet It tells the tax taxthat taxthat taxthat that every individual and enterprise enterpriseconnected enterpriseconnected enterpriseconnected connected with the church must for forward torward forward ¬ ward of the prophet Secretaries are arerequired arerequired arerequired required to furnish reports to the pa paper paper paper ¬ per and then to pay for having them thempublished thempublished thempublished published In this respect The TheWeekly TheWeekly TheWeekly Weekly Prophet has reached a goal goaloften goalotten goaloften often coveted by despairing editors editorsContributors editorsContributors editorsContributors Contributors have to furnish hard cash cashfor cashfor cashfor for having their pieces appear and andthere andthere andthere there Is a fixed rate for the publica publication publication pubilcation ¬ tion of photographs 2 for three threemonths threemonths threemonths months successive publication which whichIs Is surely cheap enough enoughHere enoushHere enoughHere Here Is an Important notice from fromthe tromthe fromthe the late Issue of The Weekly prophet prophetUnto prophetUnto prophetUnto Unto the Elders of the Church of ofGod ofGod ofGod God and Saints of Christ everywhere everywhereI I now write unto thee to send the themoney themoney themoney money for the Minutes as ye all vowed vowedto to do at the Assembly I want ye c all allto allto allto to send It in by the 5th of Elul and not notlater notlater notlater later than the 10th Done by b order of ofChief ofChle ofChief Chief Evangelist Joseph W Crowds CrowdyChairman Crowd CrowdChaJnnan CrowdsChairman Chairman of Presbytery Board BoardImitation BoardImitation BoardImitation Imitation of Dowie sticks out all allover allover allover over Crowdyl Crowdy1m m A master stroke of ofthe ofthe ofthe the tetters for Illustration was the theestablishment theestablishment theestablishment establishment of business enterprises enterprisesby t > nterprlst8by by the faithful In the name of the thechurch thecbulCh thechurch church Thus I find a record of ofChurch otChurch ofChurch Church of God Cash Grocery Grocer Stores Storesin StoresSn Storesn in n Washington Boston Richmond RichmondPhiladelphia Richmondhl1a RichmondPhiladelphia Philadelphia hl1a elphla Newark and several oth other other other er cities There are also The Church Churchof of God Shaving Parlors The Daugh Daughters Daughters Daughters ¬ ters of Jerusalem 1 Noahs Ark Store StoreThe StoreThe StoreThe The Church of God Cafe The TheChurch TheChurch TheChurch Church of God Express Wagon etc etcA eteA etcA A Paralyzed Prophet ProphetAt At present the dusky duskyprophet prophet is not notIssuing notssu notfasutng Issuing ssu any proclamations as former ¬ ly although frequent communications communicationsappear communicationsapppar communicationsappear appear In his name The reason is isprobably isprobably probably not known to all the faithiut faithiutBut talthiutBut faithiutBut But this faithhealin Elijah who whoclaims wholalms whoclaims claims powers over heaven and earth earthhe earthhe earththe the he was run out of Philadelphia by bythe bythe bythe the authorities because hcT he harbored harboreda a nest of smallpox which hlch he was wastreating wastreating wastreating treating by b faith is at present speech speechless 1 peecnless peechless ¬ less and helpless from paralysis paralysisI I discovered this when I called at atthe atthe atthe the little house at 113 U street Wash Washington WashIngton ash ashIngton ¬ ington which whlchls Is the home of these thesehighsounding th thesehighsounding se sehighsounding highsounding dignitaries and officers officersThere officersThere officersThere There were three or four pickaninnies pickaninnieshi plckt nlnnle8 nlnnle8in in evidence The front ldoor door of the thehouse thehouse thehouse house contains along with some cheap cheapparlor cheapparlor cheapparlor parlor furniture a rolltop roll top desk and a asafe asate asafe safe There were a few books espe especially esp espdally espedally ¬ dally a big ledger but not a Bible Biblewas BIblewas Biblewas was to be seen seenOne seenOne seenOne One of the young women told me methat methat methat that I could not understand the theprophet therophet theprophet prophet when I met him Why People Peoplesay Peoplesay Peoplesay say he is paralyzed paralyzedWhat paralyzedhat paralyzedWhat What hat do you say sayFor sayOl sayFor For Ol my part I believe the scrip scriptures scripture scriptures ¬ tures You know the Bible says a aprophet aprophet I Iprophfot prophet shall be dumb Zacharias was wasdumb wasdumb I dumb Christ was dumb dumbI dumbIcould I Icould could not recall the exai exact t passage passageI passa I confessed < humbly humblyWhy humbl humblVhy humblyVhy l Vhy you ou know the Bible says h hI I one of the sisters Is it an ecclesiastical ecclesiastical ecclesias ecclesiastical ¬ tical office or Is it merely a subtle subtlecompliment subtlecompliment subtlecompliment compliment to a personality personalityEvidently personalityEvidently personalityEvidently Evidently the prophets strong right rightbower rightbower rightbower bower Is The Daughters of Jerusalem Jerusalemand and the Sisters of Mercy They are aremore aremore aremore more In evidence than the men The TheSoliciting TheSoliciting TheSoliciting Soliciting Sisters are an important importantchannel Importantchannel importantchannel channel of revenue Most Iost of the no notices notices notices ¬ tices concern the female saints saintsThus saintsThus saintsThus Thus one news item reads Saint SaintSophie Sa SaintSophie nt ntSophie Sophie Brown who has been absent absentfrom absentfrom absentfrom from Zion from several months has hasreturned hasreturned hasreturned returned to Zion from from Jerusalem and andthe andthe andthe the saints are welcoming her with withmuch withmuch withmuch much joy Which hlch being interpreted interpretedmeans Interpretedmeans interpretedmeans means that Sophie Brown has removed removedthe remooothe removedthe the light of her countenance from some someWashington someashlnton someWashington Washington ashlnton kitchen and has tempo temporarily temporarily temporarily ¬ rarily at least solved the servant servantproblem senantproblem servantproblem problem for some S < lme Philadelphia house household housfhold household ¬ hold For Zion you know Is i none noneother Iloneother one oneother other than Philadelphia and Jerusalem Jerusalemte te fl as one paragraph naively remarks remarksbetter remarksbetter remarksbetter better known as Washington D C CI CI CI I havent studied my Crowdylte geog geography g geography og ography ¬ raphy thoroughly but I know that thatPlainfield thatPlalntt thatPlainfield Plainfield Plalntt > ld N J is Gilgal I hope the thedesignations the11cllgmlions thecsigntons designations of Chicago and New York Yorkare Yorlare Yorkare are sufficiently exalted to make amends amendsfor amendstor amendsfor for some ornE of the > names which the white whiteDowle whittDowie whiteDowie Dowie applied < 1 to these cities citiesMuch clUesIuch citiesMuck Much is made of the race question William S Crowdy y the colored Elijah was dumb arid opened not his mouth mouthThere mouthThere mouthThere There was no answering this scrip scriptural SCriltural scriptural ¬ tural interpretation interpretationalthough although I have haveheard haveheard haveheard heard more pretentious authoritiesthan authorities authoritiesthan authoralthan than an unlettered negro cloak equally equallyabsurd equallyabsurd equallyabsurd absurd propositions under the vaguestatement vague vaguestatement vaguestatement statement The scripture says I Ipressed Ipressed Ipressed pressed the point of seeing the proph prophet ¬ et the chance to meet the latest re revealer revealer revealer vealer of hidden things was not to be beallowed beallowed beallowed allowed to pass easily In a few fewminutes Cawminutes fewminutes minutes he came tottering In borne by bytwo bytwo bytwo two young women and supporting him himself hlmselt himself ¬ self by the wall His left eye is pro protruding protruding protruding ¬ truding and staring his features show showthe shawthe showthe the genial vacuity of an ordinary plan plantation ¬ tation negro A mumbling sound came camefrom camefrom camefrom from between his lips It was as the theyoungwoman tI tIyoungwoman theyoung young youngwoman woman said The prophet could couldnot couldnot couldnot not be understood Nor could those thosenearest thofenearest thosenearest nearest him Interpret for me The Theprophet Theprophet Iheprophet prophet will no more fulminate against againstthe agalnMtthe againstthe the faithless and unbelieving His Hisnephew Hisnephew Hisnephew nephew John W V Crowdy Crowd of philadelphia Philadelphia Philadel Philadelphia phia Is II > now the real power in Un Unchurch th thchurch thechurch ¬ church Promiscuous Osculation OsculationAll All the saluting with the holy kiss kissthat kissthat kissthat that goes on among the Crowdyites is isbound Isbound isbound bound to ma make ke e trouble The prophet prophethimself prophethlmselt prophethimself himself was divorced from his wife a acouple acouple acouple couple of years ago Serious charges chargeshave chargeshave chargeshave have repeatedly been made against the themorals themorals themorals morals of the th sect and Crowdys utter utterances utterances utterances ¬ ances were alternately alternatel exhortations exhorta lons to tolove tolove tolove love one another and to quit their too tooloose tooloose tooloose loose loving Thus ThusLet ThusLet ThusLet Let brotherly love continue from from one oneto oneto oneto to the other and I want you to send sendin sendIn sendin in all the tenth part of the tithes and andI I will come to see you when hen I can canNow canXow canNow Now sisters be good to the brothers brothersand brothersand brothersand and brothers be good to you youAgain youAgain ou ouAgain Again In exact reproduction of the thetext thetext thetext text textHear Hear to the general order hereaft hereafter er no one can growel rowel against the proph prophet ¬ et what Is good for one Is good for all allAll allAll allAll All brothers and sisters Inth In the thoChurch theChurch theChurch Church of God and Saints of Christ Christinus ChrlRtI Christmnus inus I 1us get their first wives and husbands husbandsat at once or get their consent to go in inwriting Inwriting inwriting writing You must have a certificate certificateto to show that you are clear I dont dontcare dontcare 1011tcare care if you ou have got children Forty Fortyyears Fortyears Fortyyears years ears old you ou must go back and get getthem Jttt getthem them t em first wives and husbands In elgnt elgntdays elgntdays etgntdays days from the time the that you ou receive receiveEplsthistle rtceiveEplstlilstle receiveEpisthistle Eplsthistle or eleven days at the long longest longest ¬ est The husbands and wives must be betogether b btogether betogether together or lose within thirty days daysnow dasnow daysnow now if you all are good children and andwant andwant want ant to go to heaven you will do what whatI I say sa Now may the first love cleave cleaveunto clt cleaveunto > avc avcunto I unto you OU says Jesus Christ the right righteous righteous righteous ¬ eous this Includes Evangelists Elders Eldersand Eldrsand Eldersand and everybddy everyb dy Jude 24 I 25 25A 25A 25A A Whift Bishop of a Black Black Church ChurchAmong ChurchAmong ChurchAmong Among Crowdyites highflown titles titlesare titlesare titlesare are as a thick as flies In a Church of ofGod ofGod ofGod God Cash Grocery Grocer That the prophet prophethimself prophethlmsel prophethimself himself Is Elijah and also king and andhigh andhigh andhigh high priest etc is quite plain Youn Young Joe Crowdy who Is now the real boss of the enterprise is a prince princeas as well as chief evangelist But Just how many Grandfather Abrahams Abrahamsthere Abrahamsthere Abrahamsthere there are and their Relationship to toUnited toUnited toUnited United States Grandmother Sarah I Tcannot Icannot Icannot cannot fathom Whether the United States exhorting elder Is a great greatman greatman greatman man or a small man I cannot tell And I am at a loss as to what Crowdy Crowdymeant Crowdymeant Crowdymeant meant by the title Chief Singer Sln er of tho World which he conferred upon uponU by the Jrowdyites Yet they never neverfail neverfail neverfail fail to print In An every issue of their or organ orgdtl organ ¬ gan the portrait of their ono white whitemember whitemember whitemember member Bishop Bl hop J M 1 Grove of Em Emporia Emporia Emperia poria Kan and they exalt over his hisrelationship hisrelationship hisrelationship relationship to their body Here is iswhat Iswhat iswhat what The Weekly Prophet says of ofhim othim ofhim him Although a member of the white or orCaucasian orCaucasian orCaucasian Caucasian race he does not in il any anyway an anwa anyway way wa feel out of place among the thegathering thegathering thegathering gathering of th the black race as It was wasmany wasmany wasmany many years ago gO In the far west that his eyes were opened by Prophet Wil ViI ¬ liam S Crowdy Cro < y teaching him the tru trugospel trugospel true truegospel gospel as he had never heard It before beforeThis beforeThis This faithful son has never wavered waveredto to the right or left having one of the thefinest thefinest thefinest finest and most businesslike grocery grocerystores grocerstores grocerystores stores in Emporla which cater to the thobest th thbest thebest best trade that this western town affrds af affffrds atf fffrds f rds but as the sun sinks In the thewestern thewestern thewestern western horizon on the beginning of ofthe ofthe ofthe the seventh day ay his doors close clo an1 an his business cares cease until th thBun th6un the thesun Bun sets on the beginning of another anotherfirst anotherfirst anotherfirst first day da lIe also possesses a fine finehome finehome finehome home and enjoys all the comforts of ofHe life In z t modest and unassuming way He wllPtell will tell you that Prophet William WilliamS S Crowdy Crowd made him the man that he heis heis heis is today and to him he owes his great greatprosperity greatprosperit greatprosperity prosperity prosperitDespite prosperityDespite v Despite their white bishop and andtheir andtheir their other grounds for boasting there thereare thereare thereare are not lacking signs that the Crowdy ites are going the way of the > Dowieiles Dowie Dowieites Dowleilea ilea and unnumbered other fantastic fantasticreligious fantasfIcreligious fantasticreligious religious sects sectsCopyright sectsCopyright sectsCopyright Copyright 1907 by Joseph B Bowles BowlesONE BowlesONE BowlesONE ONE ACCOUNTED FOR FORBrooklyn FORBrooltlyn FORBrooklyn Brooklyn Life LifeThere LiteThere LifeThere There are a couple of awful bores at atmy atmy atmy my club clubIndeed clubIndeed clubIndeed Indeed Who Is the other one i L1 I I I it I i i j I I i as 1 or in I I i i I is I r l j I i i j or as i I j of p n1l I a a at a in w 5200 G Collected from a abankrupt abankrupt abankrupt bankrupt working workingunder workingunder workingunder under an assumed assumedname assumedname assume name nameWe We Ve collected this amount for the theUnion thornlon theInion Union Meat Grocery company of 674 South State from a dead beat who whowent whowent whowent went into bankruptcy at one time and andafterwards andafterwards andafterwards afterwards changed his name to beat beathis beathis his creditors creditorsi We i We r uiu can iuii collect i Mjuie some money lor for youit youIf you youif if you turn in your claims They cer certainly < er ertainly ¬ tainly cant be any a worse than this thisone thisone oneMER one MER 1RCANTS UA TSf SCIENTIFIC COLLECT COLLECTORS OES 7759394979899 and 100 Commercial FRANCIS G LUKE Some People Dont I

Clipped from The Salt Lake Herald27 Oct 1907, SunPage 20

The Salt Lake Herald (Salt Lake City, Utah)27 Oct 1907, SunPage 20
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