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Appomatox p.9 - 1- 1- : ,'.:. i i ! I i - " .i: H ! t : ! ., '...
1- 1- : ,'.:. i i ! I i - " .i: H ! t : ! ., ' I . . f j North Carolina and Virginia Meet Brotherhood to unveil w : i. i s I! olina's Heroic Sons. , ; T 1 WELCOME TO CAROLINA! : . .. i Governor Montague Delivers' the Ad . dress, Paying Eloquent Tribute to the Valor of tbe Soldiers of , Both States. He is Followed By uovernor Glenn, Who i Reply to the racious Words of Virginia's Governor Aakes . ! - i . -i -i I'll i li . the Speech of His Life. Amid Thun dering Cheers the Two Executives Then Clasp Hands, the Old Rebel Yell Rising From Virginians and i Hi - F. f North Carolinians in Unison. Simple But Striking Ceremonies Character 1 ize the Unveiling.: (SDeci&r to News and Observer.) Lynchburg, Va.. April Ib.-fThe Ib.-fThe Ib.-fThe Sun-, Sun-, Sun-, day forty years ago when! the last' charge was made here was Just such a, day as .ihlg, clear and rlgM Inj the? mornlnir with.v warm weathlr " In s the; niiddle of. the day.; .Th4sih4s been a perfect, day under rf ar pky In the spirit of brotherhood between Virginians and North Carolinians, in the tactful and eloquent .speeches and in the simple and beauuful ceremony of i unveiling the. monument Jby u Mr&i Mary Grimes SmitH.hiughter lateaen.''Bryan;rGiimefe'!wh plailine: ihe last battle fought jbyftht Confed ratfiiJft.the War Between Oie Stated The old rebel yell from bth Nortnx CaroltnidrM and Vlrfirinians efeautinar la unison, often rent the fair, id itfwaij; ! difficult to te whetheffthe Jirginlian .were more apiauaing Governor "Mon Vague" p ' Governor Glenn, and the North CaroliAiana were quite captlfated by Virjtlnia'S eloquent, t governor whUe Governor GlehiKwalke; right fntathfe hearts of ihe Vlrglnlana? r Nobody who, witnessed thei enmax oi the day, When 6overnfr Gjenn ian ; Governor Montague; tpod vflth hjCuid clasped pledging .the permairient conjf; tinued menusnip or tn people oi met two States- States- while Ui; Itwo) thousand. - and more patriotic pons, of lijoth State: cheered till the, pine groye echoed; and rerechoed with the Bhouts. b!ut felt hit; heart Bwell wftii s prid anfl JoyJ If was a beautiful picture, r symbol of the friendship that has subsisted be tween the people sinoei thef love tht; characterized John Randolph Nathaniel Macon In J the iarly of the republic. . iT I v . . A Dramatic nimak. I and day i ai Oovernor Montague's brtef addreih of welcome was in excellent! taste. It4 referred to the common Interests ot North Carolina and virglrylA. Pa tribute tribute to the valor of the soldiers froifl both States, declared that with n spirit of distention thV yirgbilans wer as glad, to welcome North Carolinian as they were in 181. wnennney pour ed into iVirgtnia to defend t Richmond from capture. He was truly eloquent In portravlne the Ufty fplifit that actu ated the men of 186f andiln holding their devotion to high. Ideals up for the emulation of this jrenertitton. Governor CJlenn j followeU In' the speech of his life. :The gracious wel come of Virginia's: governor made hfp task one calling for tact and delicacy. The duty he Owed to the Stite to makp good the claim to Writ theirnscrlption on the monument waa imperative. . Thd duty he. .owed W his hospitable hosts forbade that h!shoiild say one word that i would grate? harshly on the cars of.thla kindly and gracious people. people. He was equal 1 th4 occ&slott, Ills tribute to Virginia and his mur-rhulllng mur-rhulllng mur-rhulllng of the great; fuctit of history where Virginia was easily tfie first, wki mavterly. 4:qMy happy .R his lay lug tribute to the thvifbf hU uwn 8tAt snd the marshalling of, thti evvnta thfit mwv North CaruiliuOl pr nucy Mu vpiniiUgo, IU did liotirall l provs (hat Nirth tUrolina w Jrm at IMhl, furthest at U front at Ut ywourir and Ul l. ApimnmUon, u, dht R In w way lluii no Viriliiti . lVnfMiii4fc t'oil. t h vmlVIga; lna huitrl from N'lmlnU'a hra w In nrws IVuivlulun ulili ViMMt HHMlMl itf tit urtnt tutlkm .iiHimur illM lHnil U nitMniurHMui'tivu;j Htil ' Nhit-: Nhit-: Nhit-: . V - . ,m i- i- Iff I - a . mu. YMwm Imir hAn" thpy mttiil hitum imhh twuk '-rhrMit '-rhrMit Mint Huvni'inir iiumn stthli'l .. I'tiPr un iileiiii ntirfpivpn In sUit fof ths Hlory iwl hdnnr 4f nur tuin tnnhWPrtithBanil to irtik Ihem tenli Kltttrs in th Union ill Wei cement the long stnndtng fikiHlphIp between our people." ill I Prior to thai before reaching this dramatic conclusion! ;jaomnorGIjnn had turned to : OoV'rnorl Montague and addressing himi said) -4 -4 f p . . "You , gave us genuine (and cOrdtal welcome.; I knew bu would jljpur State was invaded fand you heefted to keep all your soldiers jand to ;, have f the help of sixty jNoj-th jNoj-th jNoj-th Carolina Irigl-tnents Irigl-tnents Irigl-tnents to protect th Confederate cAd- cAd- ; itai In Virginia, butj lf yem, shall ever erect a. monument to a single hum.ble soldier who is burled in ssorthi Caro lina soil we will bid' you welcome and e it a i 'r: a u the Spirit of in the Monument to Car- Car- 4- 4- tiay to you, 'Write upon that monu hient any inscription of ,he valor or your dead that you proper a!nd we will unite with" yu In the exfrciseg with Which you ufivejl that monument.' 1 will say to the people of North. Cam Una when I retufn home that wre met as brave men hefe today si we met In ;i861,"65, who rave us the hand of fellowship todays as in the war! when we stood shduldjer to shojulder ; under Iee and Jadkscin. the tivo greatest men the world has known In all Its history. j j j ' j " "Governor Montague, we leaVe that monument on the soil of j Virginia, to your care an protection. ;Let no vandal vandal chisel cut! oft! one word or syllable. If 'any vandal should be guilty of that crime let tM sverVst penalty jof the law be visited upon him, and never let the -pardoning -pardoning power be j Invoked for the man guilty of bo dastardly a deed." . As the crdwd applauded. Governor Montague biwed -and -and I the "people cneered and j cheered again i. I Tle Detailed Story It was ex,actly It. 40 o'clock when MajDr jHenry j A. London, London, chalrmat of th committee. committee. dressed ; in ja handsome Confederate Confederate suit of griay and lkking every inch the dldiej". arrested the attention attention of the ljirge concourse of people by the military command, -: -: I "Attention " ) i ' He called jupm Rev. Jf. A. Weston. D.D., of Hickory, to lead In prayer, saying of the gallant chaplain! "We will be led In prayer by one who served forty years into gallantly as a Confederate soldier and since the close of the! war has ; been equally gallant as a soldier of the cross. Rev. J. A. Weston, major of 4he ? Third ,North Carolina; Regiment-" Regiment-" Regiment-" 1 Rev. J. I A. sWeston's IPruveir, ! I t :i Dr. Western then advanced afcd rais ing his hands, as heads bent lit rever- rever- nce. prayed; i f ! . O. uod, wnose days areiwunout end. arid whose mercies cannojt'be" niimber-ed. niimber-ed. niimber-ed. we com lefore thee confessing that we have: sinned against thfe. But. u uod, wnose nature anu property is ever to have! ratercy and i to forgive. pardon our manifold and , grievous transgressions, knd grant that we may eyer hereafter show our fgratltUde for all thy mercies by an humble, holy. and; obedient Walking before thee ail our days. ! S I And we most humbly beseech thee. O jLord, to ook graciously upon this whole land Est, West,! North and South. Bestow thy richest blessings upon everyr part of our common coun- coun- try. Help us to love the Union of th deathless affection. these statesi w and to be reajdy and Willing; at all times. to protect and defend it with ur heart's waVmest. purest best blood. May we be a Goq-feartng Goq-feartng Goq-feartng people, people, hating the; wrong ajid loving the right, that peace and happiness, truth and justice, religion and piety Jmay be. establlshei imong us for all generations. generations. And ucqept, O Lord, our intercessions intercessions for ajll mankind. Let the Hgit of hy gospel shlnel uporv all na-tlor.y,, na-tlor.y,, na-tlor.y,, and may the time soon come when righteousness and peace shall cover the Whole earth is the; waters cover the sea. Be merciful to all who are in any trouble, sorrow, need, sickness, sickness, or any other adversity. J And of thy Infinite mercies, we beseech thee to be with us this day In our work of love. M,ay we here rear on this consecrated j spot on enduring monument monument that shall teach all peoples, in all ages, and in all climes, the! highest devotion to (ruth, and honor, and freedom, freedom, and home and country, j O God, the Holy Qhost. the Lord and Giver of Life, bre'athe.i we pray thee, upon every Confederate grave thj world over, ard make It hallowed ground from generation until time shall be no more. And of thy almighty good-iit.v. good-iit.v. good-iit.v. ci ant that our noble dead and other C'iif0frate marfTH. of whom the wovl l asinot worthy, m4y sit on thy right hand. If it be thy gracious will. In th1 f Ijernal ami everlasting Blory. W coimmlt. O Jovlngf father. i thy tenfleivm core nd bove, the f tUhful kuivlvoi of our mw lhtt ou iMUH-t. iMUH-t. iMUH-t. (Ilyv them all thing nn. fti' fvn ((Hljj- ((Hljj- a uV mind and soul, K rep t'rt'in vmlM tli shadow uf tlvy wlna, nut nn ihciuppU if Ihlna o, And, r.nmiv, ti i,rd, hadawa litHlhrn, aMiih nlghl of; tfiawa surl uf wH l iloivr. r t t'lvt m vw vliv omtaMtoM mnHioin MHi;i.Mll iy uinl mw inl il. M'I tlbhl Hlit!uV. Thp Mitm nt a"!!. Th IM litilv ili frtfi tttrhtnpjutnn mm Mini be r ttUM unlit 'fltf tiofvl lilt 1111 hi tomtit t.rtiH'p nml tlv un pyuiH'i itout now and evvi inoi-!, inoi-!, inoi-!, Amen. 11 s 1 Major uortfoii1 Attitrrkc The operilnir addren Was then made by Major Henry A, Uxldon, chairman of, the committee For forty year and more Henry A. London tats served North Carolina With distinguished fidelity fidelity und lability and made i a record that wilt give him a. lasting! place In the regard of his fellows. bit he has done nothing that will jbrtngUo him a larger measure of gratitude than his conspicuous service in ereetlng the monument! here and 1 the? splendid management which have Praise of hjis of the exercises today been sSgnklly successful superb "management Is on every tongue III speech was as wise as it was briet. I can land patriotic ffive no synapsis, It was a jremfrm the heart, youth took made by one whu as a an honorable tart irv the thrilling eienls commemorated here today He announced that the exercises are held here today by authority of the General Assembly of North Carolina. This State has erected the first monument monument on this" battlefield to commemorate commemorate and hold in perpetual recollection recollection the valor and courage of North Carolina soldiers, and in grateful ap preciation pf their endurance. He referred graphically to the hard ships of the soldiers and their devo tion and fidelity. He paid a handsome tribute to SGen. Hrvan Grimes. Gen. W. K.- K.- Cox; Gen. V. H. Roberts and CudL Wilson T. Jenkins, to whwe memory and the honor of theli; brave men the monuments and tablets erected erected today hive been erected. Continuing Major London graphically graphically told the storv of the plans and movements of General Grimes on that notable day. When General L?fc sent Grimes word to retreat. Gen. Grime! sent back jword: "I havt cleared the road to L.ynchbure. Coifie on." Major London wis on the stjt of General Grimes and spoke out i)f a full heart In the warm tribute he )iaid that brave Carolina general who planned the last charge of the War Hetween the States. He touched briellv on the claims jf North Carolina put oiij the incrlptioa and said: ; North Carolina nrouJly boasts that she was THE LAST AT APPOMAT TOX, 1. A North Carolinian. Major-Gen Major-Gen Major-Gen eral Bryan Grimes, planned the last battle fought there and commanded tho Infantry engaged therein, the greater part of which were North Carolina troops. A North Carolina brigade, com : S- S- V 1 - f4"y. l - MS s'i. GOVERT ROBERT R. GLENN. manded by General W. R. Cox. made the last charge and fired the last vol ley of any organized body of Confed erates immediately preceding the sur render. S. A detachment of North Carolina troops from the Fourth tand Fourteenth Fourteenth Regiments did the last fitrhtinjr of any Infantry after the withdrawal of the main body of the infantry. 4. North Carolina troops (Roberts Brigade of cavalrv) captured the last cannon that were captured by the army of! Northern Virginia at Appo mattox. Concluding. Mator London, whose address was warmly applauded, said:' "We do not boast ourselves better than others. We had the opportunity. We went at the critical place at the critical time and we did our duty. That Is the measure of our claims and the! world will accord It to us." Pnf, StiKkurtl'M Itm. Th iNoem of Mr. Stockurd wai heunl with deep Interest and elU-lted elU-lted elU-lted genuine avplnuxe, II will kIv that Mllftvd poet lumllna K'milallon nnd rank anlioivg the iuutor epln of ih hlNtory f th war. 1 Noncr'l IIoIh iu Kjicuk, GuriMl Wllli.un P, liohi-il., liohi-il., liohi-il., of llali', th ouimi'! u'ii'tnl In : lh lSnfvJi't0 unnv, ami vlm lnk lh liM imllnify rinni lh, l'V(uiil iHn.v Aitt1IHiilliit, Wil n1l llilliiiHtlil iMI'l PIHikf IjHMty, pvtna lMtilnnn : III IHIIPM III Sli'lti VtlMllil WiMUlllN ittt-l ittt-l ittt-l vlnulK 11 litittuiirul ulnav of Him lirtl t IhM Wninnii ImiI I tUMt In lh S t The si4erh tr Uptt. UibiU will ln Print ed I In roll In Humluy's c nml tHtnt"irl Major Annr'a Trihuto. Next jMiiJor tnndon Introduced MJ. Armes, bf the Federal army, the owner of the Appomattox battle ground, who had donated to North Carolina the three site upon which the monument and thej tablets have beeen erected. As a Federal soldier he spoke In eloquent eloquent tjerims of the bravery of North Carolina' soldiers, and eloquently touched Upon the devotion of North Carolina nnd the South to the- the- indestructibly indestructibly union. A pleasant and agreeable agreeable gentlemen, he made friends of all Norths Carolina and the Daughters' ot (Continued on Page Eleven.) (THIS TO GOVERNMENT? Acceptance From the Railroads of Rebates. RATHER WAitM LETTER The Comptroller of the Currency Asks Why Uncle Sam May Violate One of the Provisions of the Interstate Interstate Commerce Act. (By the Associated Press.) Washington. April 10. The Comp troller of the Treasury has rendered a decision in which he criticised the proposed action of the Secretary of the Interior In accepting rebates from the Southern Pacific Railroad freight of contractors engaged in work In the west in the irrigation and re 'I ' 7 ." J i j'" M ? X n. clamatlon act. The Comptroller, in thei course of his. reply to a communication communication from the Secretary on the subr Ject says: 'lt I may be permitted to express an! opinion as to the legality of such transactions when considered In relation relation to sections 2 and 22 of the Inter-State Inter-State Inter-State Commerce Acts of February 4. 1897. arfid 1889, I would say that it Is extremely doubtful If either can be maintsxlncd. By what authority the government can contract with a railroad railroad that a contractors plant shall receive receive a rebate in freights not applicable applicable to other shippers Is beyond my comprehension. If this right exists it might as well extend to flour, hay. and other commodities, and the vehicles vehicles ured y a contractor In making delivery to the government. But granting granting such right exists, when covered by contract' and such rebate taken Into consideration when the contract Is made, by what stretch of authority can the government step in where the contract between it and the contractor htut hewn entered into und the amount to In paid for the work, or or the work and the material, la nxd ana UijuMrttvd, and "receive ur taka from lht price, hecauan f rnllrmnl rehaU I he-viHul he-viHul he-viHul toy comprohvnMon, "Tliti nninni, ahova all othra IiomM iioi he a puny In a violation of Milioi' ih hUrr or mlrlt of in lntMfNiain CiiinmeiTtt An an rmmM dm iuiklliin of i lHthM, II aliinihl iml ruaaud lit inirllnnaltii liaiitillliiitN hi mnter lluil a mnIiis uf a fnw iinl In I'M inav if hl. ,iiptlav whan ihl nxlHH iifnilia in llva latilntf down of it law W'hh'h efcptllrm'p proven vr-ry vr-ry vr-ry ilirthull, If mil MhiMiluMy imi)iwlbln to ehfott'Pi" The Interior leprtMmnt replied to the letter Insisting on ihe legality of their nrnpnsed octinn and stating that the rebates in question probably would amount to a million dollars In the next seven years. In the course of his response to this letter the Comp troller nays that the amount of there rebates being large Is a cogent rea son why the government should make no mistake by being a party or;a beneficiary of the violation of the law prohibiting the giving of discriminat ing rebates. He then says: "For the above reasons, and many others which might be urged. If you will pardon the suggestion. I advise that before you . take rebates from PERM tors them all General to grant the to of made to now trict notice to the the be -and Squad-to ture next all was and and to in or dur-pus and 01 left of sel , Juror I j 11:

Clipped from News and Observer11 Apr 1905, TuePage 9

News and Observer (Raleigh, North Carolina)11 Apr 1905, TuePage 9
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